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Secret Meetings of the Elite at Bohemian Grove

The Bohemian Club, shrouded in mystery, attended only by the elites.

Bohemian Grove is a private 2,700 acre campground for the elites in Monte Rio, California, also known as the Bohemian Club. You may never have even heard of it much less been there. But it has been believed that earth shaking decisions are made on this highly restricted playground.

In mid-July every year it hosts a two to three-week encampment of some of the most prominent men in the world. Some say it rivals the Bilderberger Group and the more secretive gatherings of the founders of the Davos economic conference.

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When it doesn’t host the annual event, attendees like dignitaries from around the world, athletes, government officials, comedians and other elite that want to get away from the “real world” will retreat here for complete isolation. If you are not “elite,” you don’t get in.

This year’s gathering began Saturday, July 15th where activist groups like Resist the Grove and Bohemian Grove Action Network (BGAN) showed up to protest the annual event. The heavily guarded campground is armed with snipers and canine units and has been reported to take necessary physical action to remove anyone from getting close to the grounds.
According to one report, Google Maps does not show the complete 2,700 acre campground, which seems odd, but so does not allowing any local police, sheriffs or state troopers inside the compound unless there is an emergency call. It’s unclear exactly what this campground is hiding and what really goes on behind the front gate. What happens in Bohemian Grove, stays in Bohemian Grove.

U.S. presidents like Eisenhower, Nixon, and Reagan have attended the annual meeting, and to this day the Bush family maintains a strong involvement. Alex Jones of Infowars has been the closest so far to record video and expose the bizarre “satanic rituals,” like the ceremony Cremation of Care. It’s been argued this is the most well-known ritual where a human effigy is burned and sacrificed to a 40ft owl. The sacrifice represents club members (like high ranking business men and politicians) who will be involved in unethical business deals and corrupt political decisions in the coming year, and want to rid themselves of any internal guilt. Or so it is said.

But with the caliber of attendees, the potential for collaboration and collusion in deals to the detriment of the common man and the enrichment of the fortunate few is vast.

So far no information has been leaked and no named attendees have been confirmed. On our own we are consipiring to gather resources to have one of our operatives, or perhaps even Co-conspirator from our readership gain entry next year to find out what deals are being made. Volunteers?


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