UFO Abductions: Fact or Fiction? The Betty and Barney Hill Story


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Betty and Barney Hill, and their dog, Desley

Unless you’re an extremely rare breed of Reader, you’ve undoubtedly seen tabloid headlines, History channel shows, or online accounts by everyday people who claim to have been abducted by ETs – extraterrestrials – in UFOs – Unidentified Flying Objects.

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So you probably wouldn’t do much more than raise an eyebrow if you saw this headline over your morning latte:

“UFO Chiller: Did THEY Seize Couple?”

But this is 2017. Let’s go back… back in time… to October 25, 1965… when page 3 of the Boston Traveller newspaper ran the above header. In 1965, the soundtrack to the musical hit “Mary Poppins,” starring Julie Andrews, made Billboard’s #1 Album of the Year. There were only three major television station networks: ABC, CBS and NBC. We got our news from Walter Cronkite and our jokes from Johnny Carson. Our tv sets were probably black and white, and got lousy reception with either roof-top or wire antennas we called “rabbit ears” and fussed around with to sharpen the grainy image and regain the vertical hold. We the People had one phone company: Ma Bell – the Bell Telephone System. Cell phones? Personal computers? Forget about it – the fax machine hadn’t even been dreamed up yet.

In the first five years of the 1960s, nobody had heard much of anything about UFO abductions in the mainstream media. The 1947 Roswell crash had been denied and covered up by the military, but other than a few niche publications (like the “Flying Saucer Review,” published quarterly since 1955), ETs and UFOs were not hot topics around the water cooler at work. So imagine the heightened public reaction when details emerged about a New Hampshire couple’s encounter with a UFO: it was like a real-life episode of The Twilight Zone!

As reported, on September 19, 1961 Barney and Betty Hill, a married, middle class couple, were driving south through woodlands on US Route 3 from Canada toward their home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. At about 10:15pm Betty noticed a bright light in the sky which she pointed out to Barney. She commented that the light did not behave like any airplane she had ever seen. Betty told Barney, half-jokingly, that she was going to “call a UFO” – just for fun – but Barney was not amused. He told her not to. But Betty went ahead and concentrated on communicating with a UFO.

To get a better look at the brightening light, Barney pulled the car over into a picnic area, and Betty got his binoculars from the glove compartment. To her surprise, the light was a circular craft with flashing, multi-colored lights. Barney got his gun out of the trunk and the two continued to observe the craft as it darted around. Then it zoomed toward them. Both Hills jumped in their car and Barney drove slowly away so they could watch the craft’s uneven motions.

Not far away, along a lonely stretch of forested side road, the craft swooped in low, noiselessly, above and in front of the Hills’ car. Barney stopped the car, pocketed his gun, grabbed the binoculars, got out of the car, looked up – and could see a small group of occupants staring down at him! They seemed to be wearing uniforms (“like Nazi’s,” Barney said later) and one of them telepathed to Barney, “Stay where you are and keep looking.”

Completely spooked and fearing for his life, sensing that these beings meant only harm and not good, Barney broke his gaze, hustled back to the car, and drove away at high speed. Betty kept watch on the UFO, which had disappeared. However, Betty couldn’t see any stars above their speeding car, even though the night was clear with a crescent moon.

The Hills then heard a rhythmic sound drumming on the trunk of their 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. The sound repeated, and both realized they were traveling 35 miles south of where they had just been.

The Hills made it home safely, but exhausted. Their watches were broken, they had lost two hours of time, and Betty’s dress had a strange pink substance on it. When they woke up the next day, Betty’s sister told her to report the event to the Pease Air Force Base. Major Paul W. Henderson filed a report with the Air Force’s Project Blue Book (UFO investigation) that confirmed the UFO sighting on their radar!

It wasn’t long – only a few weeks after this event – that both Betty and Barney began remembering nightmares. They finally sought relief through regressive hypnosis with renowned psychiatrist and Neurologist Dr. Benjamin Simon.

Both told the same story, at times weeping and fearful, the story we know today as classic UFO abduction. In its day, however, this was the first widely publicized UFO abduction case in the United States:

As revealed under hypnosis, after hearing the rhythmic sound drumming on the trunk of their car, the UFO hovered near the Hills who were sitting in their car with the engine turned off. Several occupants appeared from the craft and gathered in the road. Two groups of luminous ETs approached the car, one to levitate Betty and one for Barney, took them to their waiting craft, performed sometimes-painful physical exams, including collecting ova and sperm, and then released them “unharmed” back to their car.

Betty stated that, while waiting for the ETs to complete Barney’s exam, she chatted with “the Leader” and asked him where They were from. According to Betty, the Leader showed her a 3-D holographic star map which hovered in front of her. After this hypnotic session – and six years before astronomers discovered it – Betty drew a 2-D star map which appears to match the binary star system of Zeta Reticuli 1 and Zeta Reticuli 2:

Betty Hill’s sketch after hypnotic regression

Betty Hill’s sketch analysis by Marjorie Fish

Betty asked the Leader for a book she could take as a souvenir, and proof of their encounter. The Leader gave her the book to hold while onboard, but took it back before the Hills were escorted off the craft.

Welcome back to 2017. Taken at face value – assuming the Hills were telling the truth – there are many interesting aspects to this first-reported UFO abduction case. Among them:

1. Did Betty actually summon a UFO by communicating telepathically with its occupants?

2. The Hills were an inter-racial couple at a time when this was not prevalent in our society – he black, she white. Was this of particular interest to the ETs?

3. Betty recounted that, during her physical examination, an ET rushed in excitedly and tugged on her teeth until she cried out in pain. Barney’s false teeth were the cause of this scene: the ET wanted to know why Betty’s teeth wouldn’t come out like her husband’s. So They are smart… but not that smart?

If, however, the Hills were not telling the truth, were they merely publicity hounds, seeking their “15 minutes of fame?”

Barney Hill shows his UFO sketch as Betty looks on

Many critics have accused Betty Hill of embellishing, and even changing details of, her story. The Hill UFO abduction case did produce the 1966 best-seller The Interrupted Journey and a 1975 made-for-television movie The UFO Incident in 1975.

Barney Hill did not live long enough to enjoy his new-found celebrity. The stresses of his daily life plus those added from the “Zeta Reticuli Incident” (as it came to be called) are thought to have led to Barney’s early death at age 46 when, in 1969, he died of a sudden stroke.

Betty Hill spent the rest of her long life touring the ufology circuit as a speaker and experiencer. Her notoriety remained stellar even as her credibility waned in later years. The second witness to the first famous U.S. UFO case, Betty Hill, died from cancer, at age 85, in 2004.

From the Hill Abduction in the 1960s to the present day, alien abduction stories continue…and continue to get almost no serious mainstream media coverage. What do these human abduction stories this mean to our society? How do they impact our ancestral past? Our collective future?

We may never know the truth behind the Hill Abduction, but… Do You Believe?

— —

From the 1960s to the present day, abduction stories continue. What does this mean to our society? Our past? Our future?

UFO Abductions: Fact or Fiction? is the first in a series of prominent UFO abduction cases by ufologician LightWorker 111 that you will “encounter” at The Daily Conspiracy.

  1. Post Author

    Seriously, how would a couple in 1965 make something like this up, unless they were somehow connected to a group pushing a weird narrative……Doesn’t matter…..there are too many people claiming alien abduction, even though they risk their reputations in doing so. Personally, I would keep my mouth shut and buy a pallet of tin foil, or whatever tool I deemed necessary to avoid a similar encounter.

    Do I believe? Sure! I believe something is abducting people—-too many people say so. Do I believe it’s abduction from Good Samaritan Other Worldly Advanced Beings interested in the preservation of humanity? Not so much.

    Ufologists have been investigating for YEARS. I am no expert, but I believe Ufologists fail in being definitive because most humble humans cannot experience higher dimensions past three.

    Nice article LightWorker…..look forward to more.

  2. Post Author

    There seems to be no corroboration to these stories. so I’m inclined to believe they were halucinations.
    I don’t believe in UFO’s.

  3. Post Author

    I used to be interested in what UFO, were about, many years ago, but I finally read a book ( out of a UFO club library ) called ” The Trojan Horse. ” That put it all in perspective. Study Demon ( fallen angels ) manifestation coupled with classified technology world wide.

  4. Post Author

    Whether one believes or not, simply they exist.
    Believe is a word for not very deep people either open or closed mindedness. Zeta Reticuli truly exist.

  5. Post Author

    As I was watching my weekly episode of Ancient Aliens, I came across your article. Not sure how much I believe, but I feel there is some truth in all of this, how much remains to be seen.

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