• October 3, 2017
  • CIA

Las Vegas Gamble: False Flag for Gun Grab?


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Police unsure which way to turn with casual on-lookers
in Las Vegas, NV – October 1, 2017

Once more, upon hearing about the Las Vegas concert massacre of October 1, 2017, many skeptical people’s first thought was, “Is this another inside job to justify a gun grab?”

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As always, the stakes for all U.S. citizens are high: Constitutional freedoms vs. Federal and State control.

Inconsistencies between mainstream media reporting and on-the-scene audio and video evidence are already suggesting that our federal government has staged yet another “Pearl Harbor” or, more recently, “Sandy Hook” mass murder event to polarize Americans’ attitudes toward gun violence rather than equally salient issues like mental health.

For example, on-the-scene cell phone videos show shots coming from the 4th floor – not the 32nd floor – of the unmistakable Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. A popping sound pattern matched the strobing light coming from the hotel.

Hard evidence also comes from police scanner audio reports which give detailed descriptions of shots heard and gunfire seen from half-way up; from the center of the hotel; from one-third of the way up; and shots fired from floors 29 and 32, as well as from the fairgrounds and from gate 7. During this communication, Las Vegas Police confirmed two shooters. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwD2pypWu-E&feature=youtu.be)

Police collected 16 guns and ammo in the perpetrator’s hotel room which faced the concert site. “Lone wolf” Stephen Paddock, 64 years old, was shot dead by police who burst into his hotel room – so we’ll never know the accused’s side of the story, or understand his motivation, if this was not a false flag event.

Negative social stigma and professional castigation from Questioning the Official Version of the Truth and exposing false flag events for what they are date back to the JFK “lone gunman” theory that the U.S. federal government insisted was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Anyone who disagreed with this story was labeled a “conspiracy theorist” and risked both career and reputation.

More current evidence suggests there were indeed multiple shooters on that tragic November 1963 day at Dealy Plaza in Dallas, TX, and that the accused perpetrator Lee Harvey Oswald, an ex-CIA agent, was either framed or had made a deal.

Conveniently (for our Controllers), two days later, Oswald was assassinated by Jack Ruby in front of national TV cameras. Oswald’s truths would never be told to Us the People.

Mainstream media still maintain that JFK’s life was ended by one man, and now the same media is feeding Us the People the same old line.

This time, they appear to have framed Stephen Paddock, someone emerging as a retired millionaire with no motive to go on a killing spree, leaving behind him shocked relatives who say they couldn’t imagine him doing something horrific like this.

You be the judge. Who is the likelier suspect? A man with no criminal record, no history of violence, financial means and family support – or a federal institution like DHS or the CIA with a known history of criminal activity, including multiple prior false flag events?

Not surprisingly, as described on GovEvents.com the Department of Homeland Security organizes preparedness training like the “Active Shooter Preparedness Workshop – Las Vegas, NV” held last year on June 24, 2016.

Federal false flag operations seem to correlate highly with DHS-scheduled training events like one held in Carson City, NV on September 13, 2017 called “TICP – Nevada Tactical Interoperability Communications Plan” – less than three weeks before the actual tactical operation deployed successfully (if  horrifically) on October 1, 2017.

There is plenty of documentation that there are companies that advertise openly and hire “crisis actors” to stage crowd events, like protests. The Cabal apparently finds the rest of us Sheeple to be laughingly stupid and easily led.

One of the same crisis actors we’ve seen in previous false flag events is pictured below:

Crisis Actor on the Scene in Las Vegas, NV – October 1, 2017

Why go to all this trouble, coordinating federal, state and local law enforcement teams to stage such an elaborate and deadly hoax, you ask?

The answer should not surprise you. Gun control is on the Democratic Nevada legislature’s mind – and agenda – on an ongoing basis. Already, mainstream media headlines are quoting loud-mouthed, self-righteous Nevada representatives, zealots who see this tragedy as a great opportunity to further limit their citizens’ 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

As is typical with alleged false flag events, principal witnesses are killed without giving testimony, evidence is falsified and covered up by the authorities, and the truth gets buried beneath an intricate labyrinth of deceit.

Are We the People going to allow a group of lying, highly organized criminals who are fully funded by Our tax money, to use sociopathic murder as an excuse to limit our Constitutional Rights under the 2nd Amendment?

Don’t let your genuine and heart-felt sympathy for the shooting victims and their families cloud your common sense and better judgment.


  1. Post Author

    Great article. Wow concerning the crisis actor photo. I’ve heard of that happening but you showed photo proof. She just happens to be at all of these tragic events. What could she be thinking if she’s seeing people dead and just plays her part in the news story?

    • Post Author

      Maybe the people aren’t dead. Maybe they are also paid actors?

  2. Post Author

    Good Job featuring the Crisis Actor . So many have been exposed, even if they just took an acting job, and didn’t know the big picture………..Good article………it gives a bunch of people something to think about…….hopefully

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