UFO Abductions: Fact or Fiction? The Travis Walton Story


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What you are about to read is perhaps the second best known selection from the annals of alien abduction cases. The scene opens innocently enough…

Born in Phoenix, AZ and living in the town of Snowflake, lumberman Travis Walton, then 22, was at work under a Forest Service contract in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest near Heber-Overgaard, AZ on Wednesday, November 5, 1975. His crew consisted of seven men: boss Mike Rogers, Travis, Dwayne Smith, John Goulette, Steve Pierce, Allen Dalis, and Ken Peterson.

After quitting as usual at 6pm, Mike drove the entire crew in his pickup truck back toward Heber, AZ. Travis Walton, sitting in the passenger front seat next to the window, noticed a bright light off in the woods to the right. He thought idly that it must be the sun – then realized that the sun had set an hour earlier. Before he could say anything, another guy asked, “What is that?” The rest chimed in, looking toward the bright light.

Someone in the truck shouted for Mike to stop the truck at a place where they could see through the dense trees.

Thirty yards away and twenty feet above the ground, a strange, 15-20 foot diameter, 8-10 foot thick, glowing, golden disc hovered silently near the road. Its sleek machined curvature seemed very out-of-place, deep in the forest. Travis got out of the truck. “I was curious. I just wanted to see it up close. I thought it would be gone before I even got any closer, let alone right up to it,” Travis said later in a HuffPost Weird News interview.

Like a hunter stalking its prey, Travis crouched and crept his way through the underbrush toward the craft. When he was about six feet from directly underneath it, he stood up. Travis now noticed a faint sound, which he described as a blend of low- and high-pitched frequencies. He had never heard any sound like this before.

Each of the seven men saw a blue-green beam of light shoot out from the bottom of the craft. In Walton’s own words, “I was hit by a blast of energy from it.” The rest of the crew watched from the truck, petrified, as the beam lifted Travis up and threw him back about twenty feet onto the ground. He landed on his shoulder and head before blacking out.

In complete panic, Mike put the truck in gear and headed as fast as possible toward the main road. The group of six frightened men stopped twice, and debated going back for Travis. Not all of them wanted to return to the place where they had seen the UFO. Finally, Mike announced they had been cowards to leave their buddy behind, and anyone who wanted to stay behind could, but he was going back. No one stayed behind in the dark on the lonely road to Heber.

After searching the area with the truck’s headlights and Mike’s flashlight, and calling Travis’ name, they realized that their buddy had vanished. In fact, there was no evidence that anything had happened: no broken branches, no depressed or discolored soil from landing gear, no burnt vegetation, and no clothing or torn fibers. There was certainly no sign of a struggle.

The crew, minus one, had no choice but to head back to town, resolved to file a missing person’s report with the authorities, which they did. Feeling guilty about abandoning their fallen comrade, the six foresters returned to work and their daily lives. Police suspected murder and a cover-up, but questioning found the six men innocent of wrong-doing. Still, Travis’ disappearance could not be explained.

Meanwhile, by his own account, Travis regained consciousness in a bright room which he thought must be a hospital. Doctors wearing orangey-brown surgical gowns, white masks and caps were leaning over him.

When his vision cleared, Travis was horrified: the doctor was humanoid, but not human! Three white-skinned beings stared with large, round, black eyes at Travis. They each had two arms, two legs, and heads similar to ours; they stood under five feet tall.

Travis summoned all his strength and pushed the entity nearest him away, knocking it into a second one. As they regrouped and reached out their arms toward him, Travis discovered he was not restrained on the table, and managed to stand up despite the extreme pain he was experiencing. He picked up a glass-like tube from a table full of unknown instruments and brandished it at his captors. They continued to approach, arms extended with hands out. Travis began to scream at them and threaten wildly.

Apparently, this worked because, all of a sudden, the three white beings left the room, turning right down the corridor.

“Once they found out they couldn’t control me, they split…I was absolutely terrified.” – Travis Walton

Travis had only one instinct: flee. He, too, left the room, but turned left down the corridor. He entered a room that had a single, central chair with a control stick and light panel. Not knowing what else to do, Travis sat in the chair, which activated a star map or navigational system. When he pushed buttons on the console, the star patterns changed.

Fearing he might, unwittingly, be steering the craft into danger, Travis got up from the chair as the map and room lights dimmed behind him. But he couldn’t see any way out, and was just about desperate enough to go push more buttons when…

…Travis spotted a human being in the doorway! Well-built and tall – about 6’2″ – the man wore a skin-tight suit resembling blue velour with a round “space man” helmet over his head. Travis rushed up to the man, reassured, and began to ask questions. Ignoring them, the man led Travis outside the craft – and into another, larger craft – the mother ship?

The tall man directed Travis down hallways into a room occupied by three other people dressed in blue uniforms, but without helmets. Two were men and one was a woman, all beautiful/handsome and fit. None of them answered Travis’ frantic questions about where he was and what was going on.

Silently, one of the men and the woman walked up to Travis and guided him toward a table in the room. It was only after they lifted him easily up onto the table and were pushing him down that Travis began to resist. However, he was outnumbered and overpowered.

The woman pressed something that looked like a tubeless, clear plastic, oxygen mask over Travis’ mouth and nose. He blacked out again.

Travis regained consciousness for the second time to find he was lying on his stomach in the cold roadway west of Heber. Looking up, he saw a silver disc which he estimated to be about forty feet in diameter, rise suddenly, swiftly and silently into the night sky before it disappeared.

Travis stumbled to a gas station and phoned his sister’s house. It was just past midnight. Brother-in-law Grant answered the phone, listened to the hysterical Travis, told him not to make crank calls, and was about to hang up when Travis convinced him to come get him, some thirty miles away. Grant stopped to pick up Travis’ brother Duane from their mother’s house and both went to collect the shaken Travis.

“They were awful — white skin — great big eyes…those eyes, those horrible eyes! They just kept looking at me!” Travis sobbed.

The twist? Travis remembered being on the craft for about an hour and a half. He thought he had been unconscious for a few hours. Much to his surprise, Duane told him he had been missing for FIVE DAYS.

Here we have another alien abduction story, famous because of the six eye witnesses, and the fact that the abductee reappeared five days later.

Although this story shares features of the first widely publicized such account, that of Betty and Barney Hill (1961) – see this author’s article – here are some notable differences:

1) There are no gray aliens, short or tall, as are often reported. There were, in fact, two very different types of creatures: short, chalky, staring beings and tall, handsome humanoids.

2) Although James Harder performed hypnotic regression on Travis Walton after the event, Travis had no further recollections or recovered memories. This is highly unusual in such cases. Travis claimed at the time – and still claims – that he is too fearful to remember what happened on the craft during his missing time.

3) No aliens of either type ever communicated with their captive. Seems like these little buggers always have something important to say to people, but not in this case.

Furthermore and interestingly enough, physical evidence was reported about 15 years after the fact when it was discovered that the trees nearest where the craft hovered had been producing wood fiber at 36 times the rate it had in the 85 years before that. The thickened growth was only on the side of the trees in the direction where the craft had been. This hyper-productivity has been identified in crop circle seeds as well.

Like the Hills, Travis Walton and his co-workers have all been accused of being fraudulent publicity seekers.

In fact, Travis published his book in 1978, The Walton Experience, which was made into a 1993 movie with the groovier title Fire in the Sky, written by Tracy Tormé. Like other made-for-broadcast films, “Fire in the Sky” is not completely accurate; for example, the number of participants shrank from seven to six men.

To this day, Travis Walton maintains the truth of his story. He says that neither fame nor fortune motivated him, and that the second has eluded him. He does appear occasionally at UFO conventions and on paranormal radio talk shows, but seems to want to put the past behind him and return to a normal life – a life he himself says he can never experience, since this bizarre event changed his life forever.

We may never know the truth behind the Walton Experience, but… Do You Believe?

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From the 1960s to the present day, alien abduction stories continue…and continue to get almost no serious mainstream media coverage. What does this mean to our society? Our past? Our future?

UFO Abductions: Fact or Fiction? is an ongoing series of prominent alien abduction cases by ufologician LightWorker 111 that you will “encounter” at The Daily Conspiracy.


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