California Wildfires Unmasked


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Despite reports to the contrary, as of 10/20/17, no one has been arrested in relation to the fires that have killed 42 people and burned 245,000 acres in northern California since they began on 10/8/17.

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The official estimate for damage to insured property caused by the October 2017 wildfires is at least $1 billion, as of 10/19/17. The number of homes and other buildings destroyed has risen to 8,400.

Theories have been put forward that the California wildfires are part of the New World Order plan to depopulate the earth. However, many more people have been displaced than killed, so perhaps something else is going on?

Residents reported that there were no high-wind warnings of impending fire, and lightning-like  flashes unaccompanied by thunder appeared in otherwise clear skies. Some also noticed electrical devices malfunction before the fire. Garage doors opened spontaneously.

Furthermore, some fires seem to be directed intentionally at certain homes. These fires do not overcome everything, with air-borne ashes, typical of wildfires, spreading the fire here and there. It’s also downright creepy to see, right next door or across the street, houses untouched, just fine, and certainly not reduced to great rubble from high levels of heat.

In covering this story, there seems to be a lot more emphasis on showing pictures of houses burning and melted cars rather than wilderness. In fact, many photos show fires raging inside dwellings while leaving trees and shrubs on the outside of the wall intact and unscorched:

Many images show the wildfires and the wreckage they leave behind as you would expect – blackened structural remains and heaps of rubble:

But some fires still burning when investigators arrived on the scene earlier this week look like the strange fires documented after the Twin Towers came down on 9/11/01. Construction engineer with PhD Dr. Judy Wood observed that these fires can burn metal, but paper near them doesn’t ignite. Her video analysis shows steel I-beams turning into dust as they fall, a process she calls “dustification” and attributes to directed energy weapons (DEWs).

The California wine country properties that appear to have been scraped – or “dustified” – show a grayish-white residue where structures used to be, not the black carbon associated with lower-temperature house fires.

Consider these facts: An average house fire burns at about 1100F. Forest fires burn hotter, between 1400F-2200F. Aluminum melts at just over 1200F. Iron and steel (both carbon and stainless) melt between 2600F-2800F. Glass melts and pools at around 1600F. Porcelain melts at a whopping 3000F.

So what happened to all the toilets in these post-apocalyptic photos taken in California’s wine country? Even if we could allow for 3000F heat burning up these houses, how is it possible that highly flammable pine trees and shrubs nearby are still standing right next to cars with both aluminum and glass parts melted away? Some vegetation appears untouched, with no black scorching:

Aluminum wheels are melted and house blazes, but trees have green leaves.

It is now well established that the US military and defense contractors have developed Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) which use high-powered, focused lasers and microwaves to heat their targets. Is it possible that certain unknown agents, perhaps federal employees, took advantage of the California wildfires, regardless of how they started initially, and tested some DEW technology on the side?

There is a theory going around that chem trails are depositing aluminum and other fire accelerants into the soil and trees, increasing the temperature of any fire.

DEWs are designed to deliver high-energy laser or microwave bursts to targets using GPS. The notion that certain houses were selected for utter disintegration is neither far-fetched nor unrealistic. These deadly weapons of mass destruction operate, unseen, from platforms in the airspace above us, or from space.


Trees have been seen burning from the inside out. This can be explained by lightning strikes as well as crown fires, which spread through the root system from tree to tree, traveling up the sap until reaching the top where increased oxygen causes fire to flame up from the top, or crown, of the tree. A microwave burst of energy would achieve the same effect.

Is the US secretly testing to prepare for war with Korea and Iran? Are the citizens of California who have died or become homeless actually the innocent victims – termed “acceptable losses” – of a federal energy weapons testing program?

This is a horrible thought about evil deeds. Still, if these weapons are more tools to push through the globalization sought by the New World Order, We the People can expect to see more testing “in plain sight.”

When you read articles and see images of intense wildfires raging in far-flung parts of the world, take a good look at what is actually in flames – and at what isn’t. Does it seem like a normal fire, under the circumstances?

Many of Us the People have a “burning” curiosity to know the truth, and We will not rest until We reveal it.

  1. Post Author

    The Government or agency’s of some kind do all kinds of things without our knowledge, look at the Chem Trailing ! Experimenting on humans with or without their knowlege or consent has been going on for decades ! Look at the hush hush “ HAARP” that is never been in the public and what it does to Change the weather all over the world ! You don’t hear anyone talking about that ! If you can control the weather, as they say, you can rule the world !

  2. Post Author

    Do you ever cover up fake news?

    • Post Author

      Great question, Carl! Creating a fake news story and then covering it up would combine two CIA tactics, disinformation and distraction, wouldn’t it?

  3. Post Author

    are you kidding me with this garbage?

  4. Post Author

    I went over these photos extremely close for a very long period of time. We live in LARGE farming communities where we have what is called “controlled burns” where the fire department works with the farmer who owns the plot of land who wishes to clear it for planting due to weed overgrowth. They will set up the time and day due to weather, set out road signs, and the fire department will go out and burn the land right down to the ground. Flames and smoke can be seen for miles. When it’s all over and you can get a look at what they have done? You will see that the fires have ENDED right along the owner’s fence line. NO TREES or SHRUBS were involved in the burn and it was not harmful to any livestock or home buildings. We in the farming communities are USED to controlled burns and we have become USED to Chem-trails! Get a life! It wouldn’t surprise me now to know the government had done this. That first building shot alone with zero harm to the trees around it… and then that car melted with the tree with the GREEN LEAVES? Come now!

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