FBI Busted over Trumped-Up Dossier!


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Once upon a time, in the United States of America, not long ago, there was a hotly contended Presidential election between two arch rivals. A year after the outcome, a federal bureau charged with investigating domestic crimes used unsubstantiated reports concerning the personal and professional activities of one candidate as probable cause to start investigating certain persons impugned by this spurious document.

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Before reading further, know that this is no fairy tale – this is a horror story!

The election in question was, of course, 2016, between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. Turns out someone hired a former British M1-6 officer and Russia analyst, Christopher Steele, to investigate Mr. Trump during the summer and fall of 2016. The objective: dig up the dirt on Trump for Clinton’s smear campaign.

Christopher Steele, former British Intelligence Agent

We know this happened because BuzzFeed published Steele’s findings about President Trump on January 10, 2017, just 10 days before his inauguration.

The 35-page document, citing information from “unidentified sources,” made multiple accusations, notably that Russia made a deal with the Trump campaign to hack into the Democratic Party computers. The dossier described a wide range of unsavory activities, from shady business deals to sexual acts. And it named names.

Trump denounced the BuzzFeed report as a “failing pile of garbage.”

Despite the questionable validity of the leaked dossier, on March 20, 2017, FBI Director James B. Comey publicly announced an FBI investigation, based on BuzzFeed’s publication, into “the nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government, and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and Russia’s efforts.”

The document also said that Carter Page, an oil industry consultant and former Trump foreign policy adviser, had been offered ownership in Russia’s state oil company if he could help remove US sanctions on Russia.

Page responded by calling the dossier “completely false” and full of “mistake…so laughable and humorous they’re beyond words.”

The FBI’s questioning of Page in March 2017 came more than a month before Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III took over the Russian investigation. Mueller is questioning whether any Trumpsters actually did any of the things this condemnatory document alleges.

An article by Alice Greene published 04/21/17 by Punching Bag’s Post titled “FBI Used Fake Report to Obtain Warrant on Carter Page” leads with, “Last summer, the FBI obtained a court order to monitor then-Trump adviser Carter Page. We’ve just learned that the agency used the infamous Trump dossier, published last January, as proof in obtaining the warrant.”

Forget legal procedure: now the FBI can spend taxpayer money to check out anybody they like, on a suspicion. We knew the FBI were in Ms. Clinton’s back pocket when they pardoned her for felonious activities before the November 2016 election. Evidently, they still collect a nice paycheck from the Clinton campaign fund.

Even as the FBI was busy, without real probable cause, interrogating “trumped up” suspects during the spring of 2017, 83-year-old Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, (R-IA) began investigating what he terms the “Dodgy Dossier.”

Lo and behold: Grassley discovered that Steele was hired by Glenn Simpson, founder of Fusion GPS, a research firm run by former Wall Street Journal journalists, in Washington, D.C. with ties to the Democratic Party. Steele’s assignment: to compile opposition research (i.e., “muck rake”) in June 2016, after Trump won the Republican nomination.

Not everyone takes libel, defamation, and FBI investigation lightly:

Carter Page has stated his intention to sue former President Obama for civil rights violation.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney, is considering suing BuzzFeed and Christopher Steele because the dossier names Cohen as a conspirator with Russian agents. Quoting Cohen, both Christopher Steele and BuzzFeed created and spread “this fake dossier/information without a scintilla of fact checking.”

Aleksej Gubarev, CEO of XBT Holdings, is suing for defamation resulting from the dossier’s unproven accusations of several serious cyber crimes, including data theft and spreading viruses.

Steele himself admitted to a London court that many of the charges he documented are unverified. He blames BuzzFeed for publishing his secret anti-Trump work, saying it was never meant to go public.

Steele, in his own right, has also gone to court to file suit against Fusion for sharing his research when it had no authority to do so. “At all material times Fusion was subject to an obligation not to disclose to third parties confidential intelligence material provided” by Steele.

Senator Grassley initially concluded that Steele’s project was funded by Hillary Clinton supporters. The Senator’s committee is also now looking into the possibility that the FBI made arrangements to pay Steele. Seems that the former British secret agent is cozy with the FBI.

Recently, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence subpoenaed Fusion’s financial records to determine who funded Christopher Steele’s dossier during the summer and fall of 2016.

Fusion GPS filed a complaint Friday October 20, 2017, in federal court to prevent its bank from turning over records.

In court filings, Fusion’s lawyers said the broad subpoena for all Fusion banking records violates financial privacy laws inasmuch as it reveals the identities of all Fusion’s clients over the past two years, including any who might have financed Secret Agent Steele.

Fusion’s company officials invoked the Fifth Amendment this week to avoid testifying in the House of Representatives about Fusion’s role in the dodgy dossier. The company has also invoked its First Amendment rights to justify refusing to hand over certain documents to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Enter the general counsel for the House of Representatives, which filed a motion to intervene in the Fusion dispute, seeking to understand “all facets of the ‘dossier,'” including who paid for it. General Counsel Thomas G. Hungar wrote, “Did the FBI rely on this dossier as part of its own investigation into Russian interference?”

To date, the House Intelligence Committee has not verified any of Steele’s major allegations against Trump and his associates.

Naturally, House Democrats are fighting all Republican efforts to find out who financed this sordid black operation.

Fusion had circulated the contents of the dossier among liberal reporters during the campaign (before November 2016). Among the recipients was Peter Fritsch. In a classic defensive legal maneuver, Fritsch signed a court declaration that said, “As a result of the publicity around the Trump Dossier, Fusion GPS has been the subject of extensive and inflammatory media coverage. It has been maligned in the media as ‘a disinformation firm,’ as improperly receiving money from Russians, as a professional smear organization, as partisan operatives, and far worse. The organization and its principals have received threatening communications, including death threats.”

Death threats, is it? My, my. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, as they old saying goes.

The chilling and unsavory truth is that the FBI used a false report to get a court order to launch an investigation on a US citizen, who also happened to be associated with Donald Trump. Is the fox guarding the hen house?

One thing is for sure: if Fusion’s bank does reveal their records, we may be able to find out how much a secret government fiction writer can make in his or her spare time.

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