Crisis Actors aka DHS Theater on the Air


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What if they gave a riot and nobody came?

Such is the dilemma faced by every good CIA false flag event organizer.

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Necessity is the mother of invention, so the saying goes, and furthermore, nature abhors a vacuum.

Recent news stories have revealed companies which hire actors to portray all the various roles required at a crisis: victims, responders, and witnesses. advertises “Award-winning role-play actors and filmmakers specially trained in disaster and crisis management.”

Another such outfit called Crowds on Demand may well have engaged the services of Las Vegas crisis actors such as easy-on-the-eyes identical twin sisters Natalia and Gianna Baca. They made the ABC News show on November 3, 2017, which has to look really good on their acting resumes. But it really does sound like they are reading from scripts, and their high-fivin’ jivin’ is completely out of the question for anyone who suffered any genuine high-caliber rifle trauma.

In fact, there is not a single Las Vegas shooting victim who acts or sounds convincing about having just been rampaged and shot with the liquid lightning delivered by a high-caliber rifle.

If you compare news coverage of the recent, tragic Texas church shooting to that of any alleged false flag event (Texas school tower, Sandy Hook school, Aurora theater, Boston Marathon, San Bernadino conference center, to name a few), you notice distinct differences, notably: the “honest” tragedy names the hospital where victims are taken rather than cite “area facilities” or other vague location; honest reporting mentions the fact that the death toll will probably mount as people die from their wounds, and this never happened in any Las Vegas shooting reports – because no one was actually injured; and videos of real events show victims with credible bleeding and bandaging on gurneys being loaded into ambulances, whereas there were no such images at either Sandy Hook or Las Vegas.

The CIA uses false flag events as part of their propaganda campaign, and to test public willingness to surrender our constitutional rights regarding gun ownership, public security systems, and martial law.

Among the list of demonstrated actors on the scene – literally – of false flag events:

Luis Burbano – alleged Las Vegas shooting victim (actor) has a social media page promoting his theater credits.


Christine Leinonen – alleged mother (aspiring actor) of alleged Orlando nightclub shooting victim Drew Leinonen and applicant to the popular TV game show “Wheel of Fortune.”


– “Katey Foley/Alex Israel” (real name unknown) Katey Foley is supposed to be James Foley’s sister. James was allegedly beheaded by Isis agents. Alex Israel is allegedly a former classmate of Adam Lanza, alleged Sandy Hook shooter.


Nick Pugh (actor) – on-the-scene witness at both 9/11 and the LAX shooting

Robbie Parker (actor) – alleged father of an alleged deceased Sandy Hook student caught on video laughing before he composes himself to conduct the “interview” – truly creepy.

The list goes on and on and on. Even when a CIA operative posts a debunking story or video, it appears they are using Photoshop – badly – to convince those who are not particularly curious or suspicious that everything is just fine.

Sandy Hook is an interesting case where a DHS drill went live – either accidentally or per plan. How could an entire school be hushed up, you ask? Your disbelief is understood, but consider what kind of theater you could put on with unlimited, untraceable black ops budget funding?

Orson Welles, Actor/Writer/Director

It is well worth remembering the late, great actor Orson Welles and his Mercury Theater on the Air. In 1938, the day before Halloween, the Columbia Broadcasting System aired this live radio group as they brought to life Orson’s version of another Welles’ horrifying science fiction story. That story was H. G. Welles’ “The War of the Worlds,” which features monstrous “Martians” who invade New England and begin a national rampage of death and destruction.

Although this radio broadcast began with Orson Welles’ reading a disclosure he wrote to assure the audience across America that what they were about to hear was a new art form, pure fiction, and no matter how real it seemed, there were, in fact, no Martians actually attacking Earth. What no one could foretell was that viewers who tuned in late, having missed the introductory reassurance, panicked. Police phone lines were jammed with horrified callers who were convinced that mechanical machines of destruction were in the neighborhood.

Shortly after discovering the broadcast’s negative impact on the American consciousness, Orson Welles prepared a public apology which appeared on national television, assuring his fame as a modern dramatist.

The CIA must have been paying attention to the Mercury Theater on the Air because the evidence is overwhelming that actors, scripts, and sets have become the normal accompaniment for so many present-day atrocities.

Therefore, be vigilant for false flag events and question what you see and hear.

And if you’re an aspiring thespian, perhaps you, too, can get your big break as a crisis actor with the Department of Homeland Security.

  1. Post Author

    “War of the Worlds” broadcast was set in New Jersey, not New England.
    There was no “national television” for Welles to appear on in 1938. What network did he appear on? “National television” is as vague as the “area facilities” you criticize.

    • Post Author

      Good eyes, Mikeyl! – and appreciate your fact checking that New Jersey is not included in the New England states. Furthermore, you are correct that RCA/NBC and CBS first provided national, commercial television in 1941. However, various experimental broadcast systems had been developed throughout the 1930s. Orson Wells called his own press conference the day after creating national panic. The press conference was filmed, and aired on an independent station. See for yourself:

    • Post Author

      The story said it was a live radio broadcast. Maybe you need to re-read. As far as New Jersey not being part of so-called New England, who cares?

    • Post Author

      The CIA was established in 1947. If you’re going to spread conspiracy theories can’t you do some homework first?

      • Post Author

        Not sure what your accusation concerns? No one denies the fact that the CIA dates back to 1947.

    • Post Author

      I would add Luis Barbano was in the Orlando hoax NOT Vegas. Unless he was in Vegas too. I haven’t seen any crisis actor videos on YouTube yet.

  2. Post Author

    All The World Is A Stage

  3. Post Author

    I think your a little crazy. From what I just read you think the government has created all of these mass tragedies.. If you think they are do I g this to take guns back than your more than a little crazy.

    • Post Author

      Certainly, in this Great Nation, you have the right to your opinion, even if your grammar needs a little boost, when questioning my sanity (the word you wanted was “you’re” = “you are” rather than “your” = “belongs to you”). Have you actually looked into any of this research? Because, you know, you might open your mind and learn something new. Just a serving suggestion.

    • Post Author

      If he’s crazy then I am too. I started watching the Orlando alleged shooting crisis actors, and I agree with the conspiracy theorists after that research. In my opinion there were indeed a lot of people acting injuries etc. Many more than were listed in this article. I would emphasize they were really lousy actors. As for Vegas I haven’t seen any videos of crisis actors, but I will tell you this,…..What the authorities are saying makes absolutely no sense AT ALL!

  4. Post Author

    I live in New England, and many here consider New Jersey a part of New England. Why, beats me. I wouldn’t claim it, but many Yankees do.

  5. Post Author

    People have NO idea how screwed up the USA is….POLICE STATE!!!

  6. Post Author

    Hampshire, York, & Jersey are obviously provinces in England, early on, those same states in the US were considered New England…and I don’t think the writer was suggesting that the CIA perpetrated that broadcast.

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