Let Justice Prevail: Trump v. Comey


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“The moral arc of the universe bends at the elbow of justice” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Do you remember that little matter, just over a year ago, of FBI Director James Comey choosing not to investigate 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (D-NY) after compelling evidence surfaced that she had violated national security laws by using a federal email server off-site and for questionable purposes – resulting in a leak and subsequent investigation.

Naturally, an FBI conviction before the 2016 election would have eliminated the Democratic favorite with only a few weeks to muster up a new team of candidates.

With Obama (D-IL) in the Oval Office, the Dems didn’t have to worry about the public outcry for a proper inspection of the facts, with due consequences to all persons involved.

Comey undoubtedly took direction from his federal superiors. Notwithstanding this, presidential candidate Donald Trump (R-NY) promised that, if elected, he would see justice served.

Now, little over a year later, that justice may be coming.

On May 9, 2017, the New York Times reported that President Trump had fired Comey, thereby summarily stopping Comey’s investigation into allegations that Russia and Trump conspired to steer the 2016 presidential election outcome against Clinton.

The NYT article makes it very clear that Trump’s reason was linked to the FBI’s failure to prosecute Clinton over the email server incident.

On June 7, 2017, the FBI released a highly redacted (blacked out) draft memo, which had been prepared to announce publicly that Comey had decided to close their investigation against Clinton without pressing criminal charges.

The next day, June 8, 2017, before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Comey claimed that Trump and members of his administration had made comments about him and the FBI that were “lies, plain and simple.”

Among Comey’s complaints to Congress was that Trump told Comey more than once that Comey was doing a “great” job. How many jobs have you had where your boss lied to you about your employment status? Get in touch with the real world, Comey. Trump owed you nothing, especially if you yourself have obstructed justice.

Trump (left) and Comey (right) on January 22, 2017

Obstructing justice is a crime with penalties that range from simple fines to jail time of up to ten years.

Yet, a quick internet search pairs the phrase “obstructing justice” with articles about Trump, not Comey. Guess which political party still controls mainstream media?

The Democrats are busy slinging mud to the bitter end, of course. Notably, special counsel Robert Mueller continues to pursue alleged ties between Trump and Russia pre-election 2016.

In addition, recently, two of Trump’s top three staff members have been indicted on the charge of “conspiracy against the United States.”

This whole situation is reminiscent of a common childhood scenario.  One kid accuses a second kid of breaking a priceless vase, and the second responds by saying, “Well, he played hooky from school!” The two events have nothing in common, and the second child’s argument is intended to divert attention away from the original accusation.

Now that it really looks like the Democrats have made false accusations linking Trump to Russian intervention in the 2016 presidential election, has the beleaguered minority Party hammered another nail into its own political coffin?

Fake-out plays are great in football, but have no place in American politics.

On July 26, 2017, in a masterstroke of political maneuvering, House Republicans on the Judiciary Committee redirected a Democrat resolution (HRes.446), to question Trump’s firing of Comey, into an amended HRes.446, to look into the email server accusations against Clinton.

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We the People can thank our lucky stars that President Trump is a man of his word, a man of action, and a man with a plan.

For this first time in a long time, it appears that the CEO and Commanding Officer of the United States is genuinely interested in – and capable of – upholding the laws of our great nation. For that, let us count our blessings.

  1. Post Author

    You are being very partisan. You didn’t specifically say so but do you want to throw out all the allegations against Trump and concentrate on Clinton?

    • Post Author

      You raise a valid point, Robert. This article does reflect an editorial bias. However, the author believes in reviewing all allegations, from all sides and points of view. That is the backbone of the American justice system, isn’t it?

  2. Post Author

    You are deluded.. It is Trump, who when confronted with a truth that is abhorrent to him( see Don Jr and Russian contacts), spouts an untrue allegation to divert attention from himself. We 55% who disapprove of Trump see through him and you.

  3. Post Author


  4. Post Author


  5. Post Author

    You have to be a fool to believe the bull shit twisted article.
    A fucking moron can tell Trump lies more than any one politicaly person in US History.

  6. Post Author

    right on

  7. Post Author

    I pray ever day that our great president Mr Trump can stand strong because the swamp will never stop trying to overthrow the good he is doing!

  8. Post Author

    Isn’t it convenient that these ladies are coming out after Judge Roy Moore after all the years gone by? Have there be accusations against him prior to this election?

  9. Post Author


  10. Post Author

    Both have to be investigated (Trump and Crooked “Hilary Clinton”. We do not know who is the real crook. James Comey covered up for both of them!

  11. Post Author

    Guess to sway things from Hillary back comes Bill and all his women. These two and their party will do anything to cover up.

  12. Post Author

    We hope that President Trump can stay a full 4 year term and uphold the laws of this gr8 nation.

  13. Post Author


  14. Post Author

    At the end of the day, it is better that Mr. Trump packed in, and packed in well the presidency without kicking the sh.t out of Hillary before the election. However, she has to be sent to prison real quick now for she is trouble and deserved it largely.

  15. Post Author

    The power of Hillary and Bill may be eroding she now will be finding escape goats and one may be Bill and all his women, you know the ones the Democrats swept under the stained mat it’s coming alive again f the news will now tell all.
    Go President Trump don’t stop until you get our house clean of the rats.

    • Post Author

      You probably meant “scapegoat” (a person or animal which takes on the sins of others, or is unfairly blamed for problems) – but your term “escape goats” might be even better! (Thanks for sharing, Larry.)

  16. Post Author

    Surely you jest in stupidity.

  17. Post Author

    Read this and tossed my garbage – blatant BS

  18. Post Author

    This all sounds great however, let’s get the ball rolling and
    get some action against, Comey, Mueller, former AG under
    Obama and finally find Clinton completely guilty of fraud and
    lying. She deserves severe consequences for what crimes she
    and her instigator Soros played in fulfilling Linsky’s ruination of
    Lastly fire Sessions and inept and hire either Trey Goudy or Justice
    Jennine Pierro both of whom know the law and are true fighters
    and neither are wusses!!!!!

  19. Post Author

    I you trust Trump, you are a complete and total IDIOT.

  20. Post Author

    I am completely disgusted with the liberals and the Democratic Party for wasting time trying every way in the world to discredit Trump. The democrats who are doing this should be kicked out of office for wasting the country’s time and money instead of doing the job The were elected to do.

  21. Post Author

    Trump is the best.

  22. Post Author

    God bless and keep you and watch over you as you do what is honest, what is right and good for this nation. You are in God’s hands. Seek God trust him and He will direct your path. I will forever pray for you. Sincerely, Johnnette

  23. Post Author

    Good article, but what was next? I️ felt as if there was more but the article stopped!

  24. Post Author

    Trump will get all the scum bags in the Washington swamp and I hope they will be behind bars

  25. Post Author

    SO Now you are Pro Trump? At long last have you no decency? The Trumpster is a complusive liar. he probably has told a lie on average once a day. One Example is that he said the Tax Cuts he want will help the MIddle class and the He DONALD TRUMP will not benefit at all from them. But wait in the only Tax return of his we have seen and another Lie he said he would release his returns after his audit was done. Another lie he never released anything. But on thr single tax return we have seem he paid 32 Million in Taxes and 31 MIllion was due to the AMT which his proposal would do away with Without AMT His Tax bill that year would have been only 1 Million. NOt bad for a man who purportely makes Billions. Then there is the Estate Tax which currently begins with estates of over 5 MIllion Do we really believe Trumps estate will not be handsomely rewarded by this elimination? And the Corporate Tax cut from 35% to 20%? that will not help Trumps Corporation? And lets be clear very few if any US Corps. Pay 35% The proposed 20% Corporate tax is higher than the average paid which was in 2016 18% And a good many “middle Class taxpayers will in fact see their tax rates go up so Trump can give relief to his well heeled freinds and supporters. And His tax cut will raise our deficit increasing the National debt And since we will cause a little inflation with these cuts the FED will likely continue raising interest rates until payments on the debt exceed the Bloated Military Budget. Responsible? NO Way we collect only $2 for every $3 we spend. What we need is a tax increase og up to at least 50% at the top And a higher Cap Gains tax on people that make multi MIllions (like Mitt Romney and his 26 MIllion and his 13% taxrate. Less than I paid in Social security and medicaid when I had my own Corporation. That is just wrong!

  26. Post Author

    I earnestly pray to God that justice is truly served in the matter of Comey, Hillery, Obama, Lynch et al.

  27. Post Author

    I am greatly relieved now that we have a great man in office. I believe Mr. Trump will deliver on his promis o make America Great once again.

  28. Post Author

    it is going way to slow, indite both Clintons, Comey, and every sexual pervert.
    With FIA,disclose each sex pervert in Congress by name and remove them immediately.

    • Post Author

      You’re leading us a bit off topic here, Bob, but sex crimes are illegal, of course, and have no place in American politics.

  29. Post Author

    What a load of BULLSH*T. We have a PUSSY GRABBING PRESIDENT, that has NEVER honoured a contract in his life, not even a marriage contract. Total LIAR 24/7. How about him sharing info with Putin that he should not have. Just a big mouth AS*HOLE. Clinton was NOT an angel but, she never shared info with the enemy. This CLOWN is a joke to the rest of the world and the US now has little to none world status.

  30. Post Author

    Good luck with the investigation I’ll believe it
    When I see actual results
    Clintons R Teflon coated scoundrels and get
    away with murder, literally & figuratively

  31. Post Author

    A website with a genuine concern for seeking Truth and a courageous determination to find it!

  32. Post Author

    trump is doing a great job–when you compare him to
    obama; who did nothing for eight years.

  33. Post Author

    Could not agree with you more. Very refreshing to read media not in the tank for the Democrat machine. Kudos!

  34. Post Author

    We’ve all been waiting for someone to REALLY start doing things for us. Everyone thought it would be Obama – he was a dud! Clinton was under Obama’s admin and as far as I’m concerned, she lost all her creditability. Now we have a person in office that really might just come through for the common man and the politicians can do is spend money on lawyers trying to find dirt and wrongdoing. Let the Dems get “off the pot” and do something good for a change.

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