Vaccines: A Shot in the Dark?


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Controversy has surrounded the practice of vaccination, from the earliest 19th-century smallpox inoculations to the present day’s smorgasbord of vaccinations  – even though medical experts regard it as one of the Top Ten public health achievements of the 20th century.

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Most of us remember getting vaccines – and crying from the fear and pain, when we were children. But how do they work, and why would anyone oppose getting or giving them?

The answer requires a basic understanding of the human immune system, the body’s natural defense mechanism. A healthy immune system is resilient and prepared to ward off invading bacteria and viruses. several types of cells that defend against and remove harmful pathogens comprise the immune system. However, to fight against illness, these protective cells have to determine that an invader is dangerous.

Healthline explains that a vaccine both “teaches” the body to recognize a new disease and stimulates the production of antibodies. Vaccinated cells become “immunized” and thereby more resistant to, and capable of recovering more quickly from, future occurrences of that disease.

According to Science Clarified, “Antibodies, also called immunoglobulins, are proteins manufactured by the body that help fight against foreign substances called antigens. Antigens can be bacteria, viruses, or fungi that cause infection and disease.

When an antigen enters the body, it stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies.”

By adulthood, every healthy person has survived many colds and other ailments. Consequently, the healthy body has created an arsenal of small amounts of thousands of different antibodies. However, each disease-fighting protein is highly specialized to recognize just one kind of foreign substance.

This targeting is useful when the disease is polio or mumps. But what about influenza? There are many strains going around at any given time. It would be impossible to vaccinate against them all, and a flue shot target Influenza X is useful to fight Influenza Y when it comes to town.

If you’ve ever had a vaccination, you may have experienced a minor version of the illness. This is a typical reaction, and one reason people will deny a flu shot. Some vaccine recipients report symptoms worse than getting the disease itself.

Again, from Science Clarified: “When the body responds to the vaccine, it builds an adaptive immune response. This helps equip the body to fight off an actual infection.”

But, of course, contracting the actual illness also creates antibodies to kill the infection, thereby building the immune system.

Furthermore, when an antigen enters the body for the first time, symptoms of the disease may arise while the immune system is still producing antibodies to neutralize it.

An organization called Immunize for Good assures us that a child:

“Vaccinated following the CDC recommended vaccine schedule will have immunity to 14 diseases by the age of two in as little as 18 shots if using combination vaccines, or as many as 26 shots if using individual antigens.

“And while children today receive more vaccines, today’s vaccines contain fewer antigens. This is important because our immune system sees antigens, not shots. The combination of vaccines given today in early childhood are much less of a challenge to a child’s immune system than the combination of vaccines given in the 1980s and 1990s.”

A writer for Mercola takes a less positive view:

“If you follow the CDC’s recommended vaccination schedule, your child will receive 49 doses of 14 vaccines by the time he/she is 6 years of age. And by the age of 18, the CDC recommends that children should have gotten 69 doses of 16 vaccines.”

The cost of all these additional shots has driven the cost from $80 per child, in 1985, to $2200 today.

Among the many problems identified with the slew of today’s vaccines, they have not been adequately tested for safety, and their long-term health effects are unknown.

Quantity Vs. Quality

A September 26, 2017 article titled “Worse than Nothing” points out that, according to the CDC, more cases of both mumps and pertussis (whooping cough) are being reported, despite the administration of childhood vaccinations.

Weak, low-quality, cheap vaccines don’t work. Who would have ever suspected? The article continues:

“It’s clear that some vaccines don’t work as well as advertised. And yet, instead of first making a vaccine with better effectiveness, the solution is to use the force of law to make everyone get more shots of the failing vaccine.”

Being charged money for an immunizing injection that fails to do its job really does add insult to injury. Small wonder that so many people refuse their doctors’ admonitions to go right down and get a flu shot.

Certainly, the case can be made that people who work in positions vital to the public well-being need vaccines so that they can soldier on while the rest of us fall, ill and useless.

Or is this “bad thinking?” Are we wise to build systems where a police captain is so critical to daily operations that two weeks of severe illness would catapult a crime spree? Have you ever met anyone who went back to work, still sick, from the fear of being fired for too much absenteeism?

Is it also “bad thinking” that it is desirable to eliminate all illnesses by getting more and more shots to build our immune systems?

Some critics of mandatory vaccination programs correlate autism to the increased number of childhood shots administered today. For example, Dr. Lawrence Wilson offered his professional, medical opinion, without mincing words, in “Vaccination – A Medical Abomination:”

“One out of every 68 children in America is autistic today. I speak with many parents and am tired of hearing the same story: “My child was fine until he or she received vaccines. Then he or she slowly or rapidly became withdrawn, stopped speaking, and mental development slowed or stopped”.  When will our health authorities stop lying to the public about the problems of vaccines?”

For every Doctor Wilson, there is someone with the opposing viewpoint – like Autism Speaks, which states flatly that two decades of research have produced “clear” results: “Vaccines do not cause autism.”

And so the battle rages. States pass legislation forcing vaccination programs on public school systems. Parents and individuals who opt out of such programs risk expulsion from school or even the loss of a job.

There are even theories that vaccines contain seriously toxic substances, as designed by New World Order bio-engineers. The objective? To reduce global population to below 500 million, as inscribed on the Georgia Guidestones.

The Vaccination Debate article titled “Why Vaccines are Harmful” has a laundry list of lethal ingredients. Among the chemicals and elements identified in vaccines are formaldehyde, thiomersal (a derivative of mercury), aluminum phosphate, phenol (carbolic acid), alum, and acetone (nail polish remover). Of even more concern:

“Vaccines also contain foreign proteins (e.g., chick embryo, calf serum, rabbit brain tissue and monkey kidney cells) that can trigger any number of allergic and inflammatory reactions, including anaphylactic shock in susceptible infants.

For those people dead set against vaccinations, especially mandatory ones, the friendly folks over at the National Vaccine Information Center have published a map of “US State Vaccination Exemptions.” Eligible categories to justify a pass on vaccination are medical, religious, and philosophical.

You can bet your sweet bippy that the debate over vaccines will remain heated. A subject this complicated, with so many facets, will not be resolved quickly.

However, no one can deny that if We the People “follow the money” we find none other than Big Pharma standing over the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Yes, vaccination is big bucks, and getting much, much bigger.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported, rather gleefully, that the global vaccine market had “tripled in value from $5 billion in 2000 to almost $24 billion in 2013.”

Statista reports that, ” in 2015, the global vaccine market generated 41 billion U.S. dollars in revenue.”

Silent Crow News project that “pharmaceutical corporations who produce vaccines will reach an estimated $61 billion in profits by 2020.”

Let’s review: vaccines can prevent or reduce the severity of horrible diseases like polio. However, since newer vaccines haven’t been tested adequately, they may be causing childhood autism and other unhealthy side-effects. Big Pharma is raking in billions of dollars annually pushing vaccines. Big Government supports the Big Pharma initiative, to administer as many vaccines to as many people as possible, regardless of vaccine quality or effectiveness.

Where do you stand on the issue of State-mandated vaccine programs?

  1. Post Author

    How do you feel when someone coughs in your area?
    And do you have rosy feelings toward that person when you start coughing?
    How would the person whose child was vaccinated feel when her child developed measles
    after she played with her unvaccinated cousins who were sick. Is it the vaccines fault?
    Any immunity can be overwhelmed if the dose of pathogens is high enough, or if the strain
    is strong enough. I was vaccinated with vaccinia twice in four months. The second time I was
    sick. The strain I was vaccinated with was pretty hot. I was possibly be going to be messing
    with smallpox virus. I was pretty happy that I got a take. Should we outlaw tetanus shots?
    After all, we can be given tetanus antiserum if necessary. There is a slight risk of horse
    serum sickness even if you are a horse. Should we stop the polio vaccinations? Should we
    stop forget about flu shots? Few Americans are alive to remember the 1918 flu epidemic.
    There are too many of us on this planet for it to take care of, but I am not in favor of a Hitleristic final solution, or another world war, but many of us are not willing not to try to make it a
    a healthy planet that doesn’t need to breed to have a surviving population. In some places we have to control animal diseases. One method is to vaccinate, another is to depopulate the areas that surround a place where highly communicable disease occur. The african tribal cattleman does
    not understand why we slaughter cattle positive for Brucellosis in America when all it does is cause abortion. It also causes undulant fever in humans, but it does not kill the cows like rinderpest does.

  2. Post Author

    This is a highly biased blog that denies the very strong science behind vaccination.

    • Post Author

      Apparently you have never read the NVIC or Vaccine Reaction newsletter content. Trolls unite in defense of the biggest scam in medical history; vaccinations. We’re opting out until they can prove it without bullying the opposition, forcing socialistic mandates, and lying about research. In a free market the product retains viability because people want and voluntarily pay for it. In a socialistic market you have to buy it because it’s the law. What’s in your wallet? It’s not liberty if you are pro mandatory vaccination. Our daughters have no vacs and are currently several grades ahead of their peers. They’re more healthy, more energetic and basically have higher iq’s. Most adults would be surprised to learn their effective immunity has long since waned. If they believe in the power of vaccines they should go get boosters right away. But considering they’re living a lie, being effectively non immunized themselves 30 years later, they should come to realize effective vaccination is temporary at best and it’s not the vaccines that keep them healthy, it’s their life and food choices primarily. Sanitation is vastly more important than vaccines.

  3. Post Author


  4. Post Author

    There are probably a few vaccines that need to be given in early childhood, but to give an array of vaccines in one shot is a lot for a baby’s immune system. Diphtheria, smallpox and a few others are probably needed after birth. When I was young, all we got was the smallpox shot and one other that I can not remember. We did not get the hepatitis vaccine. I play in a yard of dirt and alley full of all kinds of trash, later living on a farm. I get ill only occasionally. My wife gets the flu and pneumonia shots and she gets both the flu a couple of times a year whereas I have not had the flu for over six years. And she is a school nurse who carries some of the germs on her.

    • Post Author

      TOTALLY agree with your statements. Now in my 60’s and among the healthiest people in my age group whom I know, including my brother, 4 years my elder, who ALWAYS gets his flu shots and ALWAYS seems to be sick. This guy LIVED for fishing all his life- his natural immunities have to have been epic until he swallowed Big Pharma’s …er…”pill”. Now my own daughter works in the field of immunology, is just married, she and her husband want a family, and they’re already trying to figure out how to keep Big Brother’s hypodermic the hell AWAY from their children.

  5. Post Author

    And don’t forget: Big Pharma is protected by US laws from liability with vaccine injuries!

  6. Post Author

    It is crap started by big government on the take from big pharmacy! Their plan has always been to kill off many so the remaining rich can survive!

  7. Post Author

    Stop Big Pharma from getting rich on the expense of our precious children. It can cause their brains to swell and autism develops because they use inferior product to get richer.

  8. Post Author

    What happened to “informed choice?” What happened to our freedom? I have no problem with vaccines, but I don’t understand why they should become mandatory. Let’s get the facts out there — Do the appropriate safety studies and let the people decide what they wish to do. Almost everyone gets vaccinated today — If someone doesn’t want to be vaccinated, what’s the big deal? We already know that vaccinations don’t provide herd immunity and that they can, indeed, cause harm — that is why we can’t sue the doctor or the pharmaceutical company or anybody else if there’s a known problem with a vaccine (even, if they knew it wasn’t tested and put it out). We also know that those vaccinated, can still carry and pass along the disease — so, it isn’t protecting others. Again, “Informed Consent.”

  9. Post Author

    Were did you get your facts from, Big Pharma!!, Maybe the FDA same as big Pharma. Go to Web site Vaxed for the real story before you hurt more inocents.

  10. Post Author

    You are so wrong .Is this why Bill Gates is spending a great deal of money to wipe out all the bad things that can be stopped by these shots or is he just stupid!!!? And nut jobs like u know more. Do not understand 21 century meds? Or care about the balance of mankind.

    • Post Author

      Depopulation. You just can’t get your mind around an unlimited slush fund, and all the deception which is possible to come with that.

  11. Post Author

    So – IF we accept as fact that the body’s immune system will produce antigens when exposed to pathogens, THEN we must also consider the benefit/drawbacks of intentionally introducing a pathogen via inoculations (vaccines).
    The premise that has not been discussed to my satisfaction is the one that says a person inoculated with a vaccine will suffer a lowered severity of a disease IF a person contracts it.

    Physician, do no harm …Your cure may be worse than the disease.

  12. Post Author

    I am 65 and have been getting the recommended vaccines since birth, as have my three siblings, with nothing attributable to the vaccines. Who else would you rather trust, the Taliban?

    • Post Author

      An irrelevant association. Go home, try again later when you have a real argument. I’m from the government. You can trust me, I’m here to help and will put your best interests ahead of mine. If you believe that I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

  13. Post Author

    Thimerisol, a stabilizer in vaccines to give them longer shelf life, may be the culprit in producing cancer at the vaccination site.
    This happened to my Siamese cat. My vet threw all his remaining vials of vaccine in the trash. Thimerisol needs to be investigated.

    • Post Author

      It has been investigated, thoroughly. Pop this into your browser: The Vaccine Reaction Newsletter.

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