New Documents Complicate Clinton Investigation

Alice Greene

Early draft of Comey statement accuses Clinton of gross negligence 

 “Gross negligence” is a common legal phase that meaning “obviously broke the law.”

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The phrase appears in the Espionage Act, which deals with the mishandling of information related to national defense. Violations of this law are punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Documents received by the Senate confirm that Ex-FBI Director James Comey accused Clinton of gross negligence in an early copy of his final statement on the email investigation.

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Comey used the phrase twice in the draft, which was dated May 2nd, 2016.

“There is evidence to support a conclusion that Secretary Clinton, and others, used the private email server in a manner that was grossly negligent with respect to the handling of classified material,” wrote Comey.

“The sheer volume of information that was properly classified as Secret at the time it was discussed on email…supports an inference that the participants were grossly negligent in their handling of that information.”

The first and final drafts both recommend against prosecution, but the initial document sure seems to imply that Hillary committed a federal crime.

“Apparently, as of May 2016, then-Director Comey and other FBI officials believed the facts fit that gross negligence standard until later edits were made,” writes Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senator Judiciary Committee.

Shortly after the draft surfaced, Grassley wrote a letter to the FBI demanding more information, including who changed the phrasing in Comey’s statement.

On Monday, Grassley wrote a letter to the FBI demanding more information about who was involved in editing the draft.

Comey has ignored requests for comment.

Comey’s decision to exonerate Clinton, announced on July 5th, 2016, was shocking and unprecedented. In his final statement, Comey admitted that Clinton and her aides had run afoul of certain laws regarding classified information, but that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring such a case given the lack of criminal intent.

What he really means is that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring charges against Hillary Clinton, because she’s Hillary Clinton.

Comey told Congress last year that he never considered prosecuting Clinton without proof of criminal intent, but the early draft of his statement suggests there may have been disagreement within the FBI about that decision.

If the judgment was this close, Comey should have passed the final decision to a judge and jury.

President Trump accused Comey of protecting Hillary during the investigation and fired him the following May.

  1. Post Author

    Hillary Clinton should have been charged, tried, found guilty, and transported to prison.

  2. Post Author

    I think Hillary paid Comey off to protect her.

  3. Post Author

    The emails Sec’y Clinton would have read were National Security Information (NSI); NSI is Unclassified unless it has been reviewed by a Derivative Classifier and MARKED Classified Confidential (CNSI), Secret (SNSI), or Top Secret (TSNSI). If an email or State Cable is not so marked when it is read, it is UNCLASSIFIED, EVEN IF AN ORGANIZATION SUCH AS THE FBI OR CIA LATER DETERMINES IT TO BE CLASSIFIED. From everything I’ve heard and read, Sec’y Clinton’s emails were never so marked; therefore, she did not mishandle classified information. As a employee of Los Alamos National Laboratory and the DOE. I had to have a Q-Access-Clearance that gave me access to NSI of any level and Restricted Data (RD) that a holder of a Top-Secret-Accesss Clearance (TS) did not have access to. State Department and DOD personnel usually have TS clearances. Restricted Data refer to information related to nuclear weapons and materials and the production of such. Restricted Data is BORN CLASSIFIED and must be treated as such unless or until it is determined to be unclassified. I believe the US media have misinformed the public greatly regarding Sec’y Clinton’s handling of emails.

  4. Post Author

    Need a Clintons investigation. Someone be smart fire Mueller, fire top DOJ officers they all have conflicts and tarnish any investigation. Get one counsel approved by both sides and look at whatever facts there are. There appear to be more on Democratic side than Republican side.

  5. Post Author

    President Trump was absolutely on target in firing Comey. He and Loretta Lynch both should be in prison.

  6. Post Author

    I doubt very much that anything will ever come to a public indictment of the Clintons or any Democrat, even though the Rep. control congress. All this sexual harassment will be smoke green for doing anything on an investigation that will end in jail time for anyone. Mueller should step down over the Clinton money grab over the nuclear materials, but as is common, Dems ignore and obfuscate to the point that nothing ever gets done. And the Reps have no spine who it comes to these matters.

  7. Post Author

    Comey did not have the power to EXONERATE Hillary. his job is to investigate then pass his findings to the department of justice. only the department of justice has the power to either exonerate or indict anyone. but, look who the DOJ was and that will answer the question of why the DOJ did not do as she shoud have. she should have took that power from Comey and announced that he did not have the power to exonerate and she was in charge of doing that. but, as i said, look who it was in the DOJ and that will answer why nothing was done. the DOJ was incompetent in performing her job as a professional!! there has been a lot of courts martial in the active military for less that what happened here of mishandling secret documents. Hillary should have went to prison for what she done. not just once, she done it thousands of times!!!

  8. Post Author

    I think Bill Clinton should be put in JAIL for having SEX IN THE OVAL OFFICE ON TAX PAYERS MONEY…. He is such a SCUM BAG. And Hilary is a LESBIAN that wants to run the country with her LESBIAN friend UMBA HER SECRETARY THEY MAKE A GOOD COUPLE.
    Just looking at the 2 of them turns my stomach… they both have 2 SICK HUSBANDS .

  9. Post Author

    I suspect that Mr Comey did not respond to the letters because he is no employed by the Government and therefore could not legally do so.Mr Trump should have kept him on he suspected anything amiss bit he clesarly could not contain himself and has therefore shot himself in the foot.

  10. Post Author

    The author has stated my opinion clearly. The Democrats have to morals, and the Republicans have no back bone. The only other conclusion I can draw from this mess is that the left wing and the right wing are attached to the same bird. There is the other idea I suppose that the Democrats have so much dirt on the Republicans they are hog tied and afraid to open their mouths.

  11. Post Author

    As a long time Rep. I am totally disgusted with the mass of
    wimpy members in Congress. Are many of these lazy folks
    being secretly paid by Soros & other big money people in
    order to save their asses out of fear that Trump will expose
    their trickery and fraud that is being foisted on us citizens.
    Thank goodness Trump at least has the guts to fight them in
    spite of all of the opposition he faces by both Dems and Rep.
    God Bless Trump!!!!!

  12. Post Author

    They will use Clinton as a trade off if the can show collusion with the Russians. Won’t go after Trump or his people if they let Clinton slide

  13. Post Author

    Comey needs to get some of Dr. Ben Carson’s “Memory Booster.”

  14. Post Author

    On the basic facts, she is guilty as sin. This case should be prosecuted without question . Any other citizen would be doing jail time. Comey was worthless.

  15. Post Author

    Bullshit, the truth has to come out to restore anything that even resembles faith in our elected officials! If anything, they should be held to a HIGHER standard not a DIFFERENT standard! When this subject is discussed all I hear people say is IF THAT WAS YOU OR ME WE’D BE IN JAIL. What is it going to take to change the culture? Term limits? When your done serving your done! No lobbying, go back to the job you had BEFORE you decided you wanted to SERVE the American people.

  16. Post Author

    Trump is a Blessing that American’s have needed for a very long time.

  17. Post Author

    Comey, as only an investigator, legally can not absolve Clinton of the charges of treason just because the AG was compromised by her meeting with Bill. Loretta Lynch happily forced Comey into the linchmans noose so she didn’t have to look bad letting Hillary off. Comey was glad to let Hillary off the hook, especially since he was the Clintons White Water defense lawyer ( an association which should require him to requese himself from the case).

  18. Post Author

    May God bless Trump !!!!!

  19. Post Author

    “Comey told Congress last year that he never considered prosecuting Clinton without proof of criminal intent, but the early draft of his statement suggests there may have been disagreement within the FBI about that decision”. It is not the FBI’s job to determine whether or not to prosecute Clinton. That is the Attorney General’s job. Comey fixed the problem and was on the Clinton pay off plan. He will write a book, go the public speaker route and make loads of money

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