Forced Fluoridation is Hard for Some to Swallow


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There is a persistent and growing movement in the United States to stop adding sodium fluoride  (NaF) to public water supplies. Supporters are as avid as opponents, and both cite science to back their views. Who’s right and who’s wrong?

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Most Americans today have grown up with public water supplies that have been treated with low concentrations of fluoride. Our parents and dentists told us it would prevent cavities.

Before bottled water (most of which is also fluoridated, by the way), we never thought twice about getting a glass of water at the sink, and even drank out of the garden hose when it was inconvenient to go inside.

Then critics began to question the cost of community water fluoridation, its actual effectiveness in combatting tooth decay, and that, overall, it does more harm than good.

Did you know that sodium fluoride, the same chemical used in American tap water, is an industrial byproduct that has many industrial uses? A Natural News article explains that fluoride is:

“…a pickling (preservative) agent and inorganic poison and therefore commonly used in pesticides, fungicides and insecticides (this is because sodium fluoride prevents the growth of fungi, bacteria and mold). Sodium fluoride is used in the manufacturing of steel and aluminum metals. It’s also used as a metal surface treatment and cleaning agent, for glass frosting, as a wood preservative, and for pH adjustment in industrial textile processing.”

The ADA (American Dental Association) recommends:

“For community water systems that add fluoride to their water, PHS recommends a fluoride concentration of 0.7 mg/L (parts per million [ppm]) to maintain caries prevention benefits and reduce the risk of dental fluorosis.”

Advocates for public water fluoridation claim that the low levels cited above create no lasting health hazard to humans.

After all, we use other toxins safely with water, like bleach. A couple of drops of Clorox in a gallon container will kill bacteria and make the liquid safe for drinking.

Why, then, the absolute horror some associate with the municipal water fluoridation program?

One big reason is that the Nanny State has eliminated the choice of whether or not to consume, or merely be exposed to, fluoridated water. This is the time-old conflict between individual rights and the common good. “Big Brother says fluoride is good, m’kay?”

Another factor behind the anti-fluoride movement is the negative association fluoride has with Nazi Germany. Although there is no hard evidence, Nazis supposedly used it to subdue people in concentration camps.

It turns out that fluoride accumulates in the pineal gland over the course of a lifetime. An ICNR (International Center for Nutritional Research) study “presented evidence that fluoride readily accumulates in the aged pineal.” Is it prudent to ingest a toxic substance that the body can’t eliminate?

A new theory is making the rounds on Conspiracy Street: metaphysicists (people who “journey inward” in consciousness, through meditation and other spiritual practices) claim that fluoride calcifies – hardens – the pineal gland and renders it inoperable.

In case you weren’t aware, the pineal gland is so named because of its pine-cone shape. It is located smack dab in the middle of the head and near its more famous neighbor, the pituitary gland.

Mainstream scientists don’t fully understand what exactly the pineal gland does. But, according to Healthline:

“Researchers do know that it produces and regulates some hormones, including melatonin. Melatonin is best known for the role it plays in regulating sleep patterns. Sleep patterns are also called circadian rhythms. The pineal gland also plays a role in the regulation of female hormone levels, and it may affect fertility and the menstrual cycle.”

Metaphysically, the pineal gland is distinct from the pineal chakra – and they are not in exactly the same location. Termed by some the “third eye,” the sixth pineal chakra (just below the highest “crown” chakra on the top of the head) is the functional gateway to higher consciousness. The hardening effects of fluoride are thought to reduce psi (psychic abilities) and keep people from achieving “higher planes of consciousness” leading to “enlightenment” – notions straight out of zen Buddhism.

Gaia summarizes this idea very nicely:

“It’s through the awakening of the third eye and its corresponding pineal gland that we’re able to attain supernatural feats of telepathy, psychic vision and an intimate connection with God.”

The conspiracy theory at play here is that the US federal government – or, more likely, the cabal which runs it – is pushing pineal-reducing fluoride knowingly, in order to keep “visionaries” from developing their full potentials.

After all, the CIA wants to keep their mind control programs going without competition from other organized groups of psychics. Why not impose a physical handicap as a supplement to the prevailing propaganda line that “there is no such thing as psychic phenomena.”

Even if you aren’t the mystical type, how do you feel about being forced to consume a known toxin that the body can’t ever eliminate, building up to higher and higher levels the longer you live?

If you could try life without fluoridated tap water, would you?

  1. Post Author

    I came down with a serious case of memory loss a few years back and assumed my days were numbered. The disease I had (altz-etc) (spelling?) that big pharm was allegedly spending billions to cure took me all of 30 minutes to find the solution for on the internet. I stand in line with my jugs at a famous artisian well in Lynnwood, WA. regularly for free drinking water. My brain corrected in about 10 days and I now live a normal life. Fluoride causes brain disorders too numerous to list. To elderly and to children. READ; Fluoridation….The crime of the century.

  2. Post Author

    I most certainly would.

    • Post Author

      It is interesting to note that l checked the ingredients on bottled water for infants…l read everything…there on the label eas “fluoride”. No better way to begin a child’s life becoming docile to the whims of the (deep) state. It is indeed true that the Nazis used fluoride in the public water supply, mainly because only one third the population supported the Nazi party. The remainder were fearful.

  3. Post Author

    Flouride is rat poison, Used in puck form in grain silos to kill rats.

  4. Post Author

    I drink bottled spring water (Deer Park) because I know that fluoride destroys bone tissue. I already have osteoporosis and I don’t need more of it. I checked with the Deer Park company to make sure that the water contains no fluoride. I would like to see someone sue the water department for drugging them without informed consent. I can’t believe they sell fluoridated water in grocery stores.

  5. Post Author

    Your column is appropriately titled (i.e., conspiracy theory). Fluoride has been studied extensively by the EPA. People who don’t consume fluoridated water may, as the ADA says, may develop dental caries and eventually have mottled or discolored teeth. There is no conspiracy here.

    With regard to “toxins,” there are many, many natural toxins in food. That doesn’t mean they are “toxic” or “carcinogenic.” Find a good technical paper by Dr. Bruce Ames, who developed the Ames Test for carcinogens, and you can begin to understand that “toxicity” and “carcinogencity” depend on concentration and prolonged exposure, not a one-time ingestion or multiple ingestions of a food or liquid that contains a trace amount of a chemical branded as toxic.

    The leading causes of death in the U.S. are auto accidents, lung cancer, heart disease, falling down stairs, etc. Fluoride in drinking water (or any chemical in drinking water) wouldn’t make the top 1000. Lots of other things to worry about, such as opioids, obesity, the $20 trillion deficit, a dysfunctional federal government, North Korea, cybersecurity, etc., etc.

    • Post Author

      Nope, it has NOT been extensively studied by the EPA.

      The people responsible for this unapproved drug being added to drinking water– WITHOUT INFORMED CONSENT that any other medication requires– have NEVER done the studies because they KNOW it is a poison. What other drug has EVER been prescribed en masse with NO informed consent, no taking into account the recipients’ health status, the dosage which CANNOT be controlled, age, gender, and drug history? Any drug prescribed is done so for ONE person with supposedly appropriate followup and assessment. You are so wrong and I strongly suspect that you are a shill for the criminals who push this unconscionable practice on unknowing, gullible people.

      • Post Author

        I agree with your observations

    • Post Author

      I think you have been drinking Kool-Aid as opposed to water.

  6. Post Author

    Fluoride in community water supplies generally is a bad idea. The cons outweigh the pros. Almost everyone now gets enough fluoride from other sources to promote tooth cavity prevention the benefit for adding fluoride to the water. Toothpaste, bottled water, vitamins, vegetables, water before additional chemicals are added… provide enough fluoride for most people/communities. Fluoride is hazardous to fish, plants, and the environment even in small amounts. Why are we watering our plants with fluoridated water? There is an added cost that all consumers pay to add the fluoride to all tap water.
    The benefits to most people/communities there is none. Some communities with almost no naturally occurring fluoride in their water, where people eat a diet lacking vegetables and do not take any vitamins or drink bottled water may benefit.

  7. Post Author

    To the best of my knowledge, NOBODY adds Sodium Fluoride to their water supplies – they’d quickly go broke.

    • Post Author

      60-70% of the U.S. fluoridates drinking water. No, they do not use SODIUM FLUORIDE. However, what they DO use is an extremely toxic waste from the aluminum and fertilizer industries. It would be nice if you told the whole truth.

  8. Post Author

    No need to get into conspiracy theories at all. Fluoride is a toxin and most of Europe does not use it in drinking water at all. In fact most likely the majority of the world do not get fluoride in their water. Are their teeth worse as a result.
    Where is the evidence as opposed to empty claims and statements that Fluoride helps with dental health? It is an industrial waste product that is extremely toxic in concentration and so simple a solution for an extremely expensive problem is to add and dispose of it through ALL the water used from municipal supplies.
    Now a potentially serious cost item becomes a profitable product to sell. Neat!! Nothing to do with dental health or anything else.

  9. Post Author

    Thanks for the question marks. I’ve always wondered about Flouride & because of that we usually use rainwater for drinking. One of our friends will not have coffee with us because we use rainwater. His comment ‘ what about all the bird droppings ‘ but I’ve read comments from health experts ‘ they won’t hurt you, they’ve got stuff in them that’s good for your health’ eg lime. So ?????????

  10. Post Author

    It is not sodium fluoride; that’s the purified form of this poison that dentists use. What’s put in municipal water supplies is hexofluorosilicic acid, extremely toxic waste from the aluminum & fertilizer industries.

  11. Post Author

    I bet these folks believe that immunizations cause awful things also. There are parts of the country where fluoride is naturally in th water. The only side effect found in th people who live with even high level flouride is a mottling of the color of the teeth. And since many of these community’s are located in Texas, the most combative people in our country, I question the belief that a little in the water makes people passive. Though Texas being what Texas is a little gentling down probably wouldn’t be noticed. Rain water can contin really bad viruses and bacteria. Bird flu is real and will show up. I wouldn’t touch it. In Kansas where my grandparents lived they had cisterns where they collected rain water to do their laundry. Never ever drank it. I’m 77 and I remember a lot of silly ideas being promulgated over all the years. I think this one will wear out too.

  12. Post Author

    Sodium fluoride ionizes in water to yield Na+ and F- in concentrations that would probably be less than the natural F- ions from minerals in the soil.

    • Post Author

      No argument there, Dear Reader, but it does appear that the lifetime accumulation is a problem, as lifespans increase over 100 years. What do you think?

  13. Post Author

    Those who wish to avoid fluoride should not drink tea, or if you do, don’t swallow it.

    • Post Author

      Or Starbucks, or beer, or any consumables containing water. Do you think producers first erase fluoride from their water source?

  14. Post Author

    I believe that San Antonio was the last major city to add flouride to their water. Has anyone bothered to do research on the dental problems prior to that date and since? I haven’t heard of an indicated rise in ALZ. Like global warming, it would be nice to get the TRUE facts before going into hysteria.

  15. Post Author

    Last comment…… Why is there a poison warning alert on every tube of tooth paste and mouth wash to call the poison control center if swallowed? Look for it.

  16. Post Author

    Don’t drink tea if you want to avoid fluoride.

  17. Post Author

    I believe there is research that demonstrates Flouride interferes with the Thyroid gland.

  18. Post Author

    Thank you for sharing your positive support, Dear Reader!

  19. Post Author

    I feel the fluoride or aluminum-fertilizer
    Chemicals should not be put in our water supplies. I Think the immunization shots that our babies are getting are actually making them sick with diseases like autism. Too many mothers have noticed a change in their children the day after they’ve had the shots. Which by the way they say there are 32 different meds in these few shots the kids get. I saw a film where a congresswoman was interviewing a woman from the drug companies about these immunization shots. The woman side-stepped every question the congresswoman asked her. Then she questioned the woman on why so many meds had to be put in these few shots that these kids are getting. The woman’s answer was that there were people who wouldn’t make it back for the rest of the Children’s shots, so that’s why they put all these drugs in one or two shots. Is that what you want for your children? My children are in their early 40s and they never got these massive doses in their immunizations. Also Check Sweden to see what they found in their study on fluoride. I’m pretty sure it was Sweden but you can check other countries to see what their fluoride studies have found. Conspiracy theories, I think not. People have their heads in the sand. We need to be more attentive and vigilant in fighting back with the government. #OneWorldOrder, #OneWorldReligion.

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