Trump No Chump on 9/11: Re-Open the Investigation!


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One of the greatest conspiracy theories in the U.S. today is that the 9/11 (2001) attacks were an “inside job” orchestrated by Dick Cheney and covered up by the false flag hijacker scenario promoted by Mainstream Media here and abroad – even before the first strike occurred.

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Almost two years ago, as reported by RealClear Politics, Donald Trump said, during a campaign event in Bluffton, South Carolina in February 2016:

“It wasn’t the Iraqis. You will find out find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center ’cause they have papers in there that are very secret.”

This statement can’t really be called a campaign promise to re-open the official, federal investigation into the truth behind 9/11, although some sources maintain that Trump did actually make this pledge.

In any case, this video, recorded soon after 9/11, tells everything anyone need know about Trumps’ position on this shocking event. As the owner of New York skyscrapers (think “Trump Tower”) he believed that airplanes could not, physically, penetrate the external steel framework around the Twin Towers. Trump said:

“It just seemed to me that to do that kind of destruction is even more than a big plane because you’re talking about taking out the heaviest caliber steel that was used on the building. These buildings were rock-solid. It’s an amazing thing.

“This country is…different today, and it’s going to be different than it ever was, for many years to come.”

How prophetic these words turned out to be.

Scientists did find thermite (explosive) residue in the WTC dust. WTC Tower 7 collapsed at near free-fall speed even though it wasn’t even hit by a plane.

Check out this video where Larry Silverstein explains why the order to “pull it” (bring it down by controlled detonation) was issued over a walkie-talkie, bringing the heavily insured building down with her sisters.

The WTC was publicly owned until July 24, 2001. At that time, major league property developer Larry Silverstein signed a 99-year lease for buildings 1, 2, 4 and 5. valued at $3.2 BILLION (capitalized for emphasis – that’s “Billion” with a “B” – or one thousand million) dollars. Silverstein promptly got insurance policies with 23 different carriers, for a total coverage of $3.55 BILLION dollars.

So far, so good – a wise investor protects the underlying assets. But shrewdly, Silverstein had amended the standard property insurance policies by adding clauses to the standard policy to cover the occurrence of a terrorist attack. Again, this might be purely coincidental. After all, the WTC had suffered a prior attack in 1993, when explosives placed in the basement garage killed six and and injured more than 1,000 people, but failed to bring down any structure.

After the 9/11/01 attacks, Silverstein filed insurance claims on his WTC holdings to the tune of $7.1 BILLION DOLLARS. He argued that there had been two separate attacks, and therefore, he deserved a double payment. That man has moxie, no doubt about it!

After years of legal wrangling, courts awarded Silverstein $4.55 BILLION dollars as pay-out for his “investment” (read “insurance scam”).

Any speculator would nod in approval over a 28% profit taken in 48 days. That annualizes to almost 213% – ‘way to go, Larry!!

I guess we all know it takes money to make money. But to profit from a criminal action like murdering thousands of innocent people is Just Plain Evil.

If this atrocity really was an inside job, then why did we need all those new government entities that arose from “the War on Terror” – itself fabricated to militarize the police and reduce our civil liberties? Organizations like the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) continue to consume vast resources while delivering questionable value.

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And shame on Us the People: why on earth do we keep authorizing funding for the National Security State to spy on us, tyrannize us, lie to us, and enslave us economically??

Social implications following a 9/11 disclosure aside, let’s not wait until 50 years after the fact to find out if the Bush-Cheney gang conspired to orchestrate the biggest false flag operation of modern time – like we waited for the JFK files.

President Trump, all this author wants for Christmas is for you to re-open the official federal examination into the Truth behind the horrific 2011 events on 9/11.

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    Since I have read and viewed just about everything on 9/11, including the Project for The New American Century, of which I have a copy, I 100% believe we were complicit in this event.

  3. Post Author

    Let’s reopen and get the truth

  4. Post Author

    Actually the World Trade Center buildings were NOT “rock solid”. They were build on a hanging joist design. Knock out one or two beams and the entire building is coming down. The building was a steel skeleton. The lower critical temperature steel is 1330 F which is the point is begins to bend. A jet aircraft carrying tons of Jet fuel is more than enough to collapse the upper floors which put too much stress on lower floors. It’s like a domino effect.

    • Post Author

      And which part of the Deep State do you belong to? The propaganda department…

    • Post Author

      Actually, if you look at what the core of the building, you would know that the lower 3rd of the building core would still be standing. The box beams were steel made specifically for the trade center to withstand any damage by aircraft, high winds, or pretty much anything else except the thermite used to cut them. They never found any pieces of the aircraft, including the engines which are partially made of titanium, and the the only pieces that might have survived. Keeping in mind that they ran airliners which are primarily made of aluminum into a steel and concrete building, it’s unlikely that the plane did much damage at all. The jet fuel was for the most part burned off in the fireballs that came out the other side of the building. All of this also does not explain the bombs going off heard by firemen, civilians, and police nor the bombs that injured a man in the sub-basement before the planes ever hit the buildings.

    • Post Author

      Amen! Finally someone looks at this properly!
      From one Engineer to (apparently) another.
      Thank you.

  5. Post Author

    Find out who the “paymaster” for the WTC attack and that will answer the question of who was behind this attack. My money is on Mossad [or the CIA – a distant second]

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    Since the technology behind the weapon(s) used on all of these buildings is even more occulted than the weapons themselves, and since these weapons are lumpped together with all aetheric weaponry under security so high, and departmentalization so deep, that even the Kennedy brothers could not get to it (and it got them killed, trying), why would anyone thing Trump is simply going to “reveal” anything? No, this christmas your presents will need to be ones that the retail department store-engineered, mythological Santa can bring you. For anything more substantial this country would have to be driven wide awake and leap screaming out of Maya. Only a spiritual people will be willing to pay the price to REGAIN their freedom: because freedom is never free, like Santa’s gifts.

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    This was also a test to see how much BS could be fed to the GP and how much wool could be pulled over our eyes. That’s why we have a an out of control deep state .

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    I concur.

  9. Post Author

    Regarding the comment above that the building was not rock solid and was built on a hanging joint design, I take issue with the fact that the building came straight down, exactly like a controlled, professional demolition. It should have toppled over because the main corner supports can’t have all collapsed at the same exact split second as a result of the hot fuel, as if the fuel spread equally across all the main support beams. No way. It came down too straight. It was a controlled demo.

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      I tend to believe you. Whoever is behind this tradegy had this all planned out. Deviant behavior takes a lot of smarts and energy. They really had to think this through. And have trusted followers, which I believe were few to keep this under hat. Now, my question is….. did our military, government know about this before hand…. or even suspect …..?……?.????? Why weren’t their red flags going up in these departments? On the other hand, our country is more together now than I have seen in years. God Bless the USA. I am so happy to be born in the USA.

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    I think some of you have been watching way too many Hollywood movies!

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