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Speaking of UFO disclosure, did you hear the one about the Pentagon admitting to spending annually, from 2007 to 2012, over $22 million of taxpayer money on a little-known project called The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program? Yeah, they investigated Unidentified Flying Objects, while denying publicly the remote possibility they could even exist! Isn’t that a laugh riot?

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Regarding the touchy subject of High Strangeness and Things Extraterrestrial, our federal government would much prefer some armchair chuckling, or even a raised eyebrow or two, over mass hysteria and pandemonium in the streets, à la the movie “Mars Attacks!”

Although claiming that the AATIP program, designed to get to the bottom of the question about ETs and UFOs, closed in 2012, some believe it is still operational, at a much higher level of secrecy.

Business Insider reveals this intriguing information, from a New York Times report:

“Although government funding for the [AATIP] program was gutted in 2012, the program continued operating under the leadership of Luis Elizondo, a military intelligence official. Elizondo resigned from the position in October [2017] due to his frustration over the Pentagon’s lack of funding and attention to his efforts.”

Elizondo is a strong supporter of the for-profit company “To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences” – which was co-founded by Tom DeLonge, former guitarist and vocalist for the rock band Blink-182.

How did the Pentagon get hold of that much money, in the first place, you ask? Cleverly, they hid the allocations “in plain sight” – but buried in U.S. Defense Department budgets, themselves worth hundreds of billions of dollars. What’s a few million among cronies, after all?

Harry Reid (D-NV), Senate Majority Leader (Manuel Balce Ceneta-AP)

Harry Reid (D-NV), long-time space enthusiast and proponent of the possibility of other intelligent life forms, spearheaded the Pentagon initiative. It was actually Reid’s friend, UFO advocate, hotelier, and aerospace leader Bob Bigelow who helped convince Sen. Reid to lobby to re-open federal examination into the UFO phenomenon.

The first federal UFO investigation was Project Sign (1947), followed by Project Grudge (1949), and then the more famous Project Blue Book (1947-1969).

Reid had the support from Senators Daniel Inouye (D-HI) and Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), both World War II veterans concerned about the many credible UFO sightings reported by trained military observers.

These aircraft are so advanced, and behave so differently from anything known, that the US military decided, quite early on, that we were unprepared to defend the nation.

Politico article by Brian Bender says the Pentagon’s disclosure about AATIP “could fuel demands for increased transparency about the scope and findings of the Pentagon effort, which focused some of its inquiries into sci-fi sounding concepts like ‘wormholes’ and ‘warp drives.'”

While We the People watched “The X-Files,” the Pentagon began, again, to look into the possible negative effects this “paranormal” phenomenon poses to national security.

Alleged front page of Wright Patterson AFB UFO-related “Project ‘GRUDGE'” (1949)

This “news” from the Pentagon comes as absolutely no surprise whatsoever to any ufologist alive today. Evidence in the form of redacted (blacked-out) government documents that date back to the 1940s has been leaked into the popular American literature since almost the beginning of this incredible hoax.

Astonishment arising from this story comes from the fact that the Pentagon would admit anything related to their researching this taboo topic.

After all, this recent announcement is a far cry from the traditional federal deny/ridicule/discredit campaign aimed at serious ET/UFO researchers.

According to those “who Believe,” the ET/UFO story goes one of three ways: 1) President Truman signed The Grenada Treaty with gray aliens to trade their high tech for animal science subjects and land bases (and our government has been reverse engineering UFOs since the 1940s); 2) the advanced ETs “own” us, and created us to serve as their gold-mining slaves, which we continue to do (economically-speaking, that is); and 3) the ETs are benign and really do “mean us no harm” so they do their thing while we do ours, and occasionally they crash a ship and we retrieve.

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The question on everyone’s lips, down at the corner of Ufology Street and Disclosure Drive is no longer “Do You Believe?” but now:

“You Knew, Didn’t You?”

  1. Post Author

    I did a Term Paper for Junior English back in ’64-’65 school year on UFOs. the teacher told me I could not do it since he needed more references than would be available. I told him I would bring in a list and let him ok it, or not. My reference list was the longest in class, in fact he asked me to trim it down. Went from “wheel in a wheel” in the book of Ezekiel to Kenneth Arnold in 1947, then lots more. The result is, I am satisfied, We are NOT Alone.

  2. Post Author

    Never heard of “Project Blue Book”? That was what they called it in the ’50s and ’60s when they went chasing UFOS all over the skies. This isn’t something that “just cropped up” among those circles.

  3. Post Author

    Do you REALLY believe this bullsh*t ?????

  4. Post Author

    Read that, let me get some taxpayer money thrown your way ol buddy, Harry Reid

  5. Post Author

    Such a big universe and only the earth has intelligent beings; well some intelligent beings that is. Just the odds are astronomical that only the earth would have life on it. They are so advanced that they can hide in plain sight.

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