Is the Getty Center a Secret NWO Base?


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Is one of the world’s most opulent museum complexes – the J. Paul Getty Center in Los Angeles, California – actually a front for a key New World Order headquarters?

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And how could anyone possibly believe such an outrageous story? To answer this question, here are a few fun facts to know and tell:

The J. Paul Getty Center opened to the public on December 16, 1997. The “acropolis-like stature” sits atop a hill with a commanding 360-degree view of Los Angeles. Proclaimed by the New York Times as “one of the most ambitious art complexes in the world,” at a cost of $1 billion, the Getty was designed by architect Richard Meier.

Berkshire Fine Arts put the building cost closer to $1.3 billion, but those were 1997 dollars, after all.

The J. Paul Getty Museum holds one of the world’s most extensive and finest collection of ancient artifacts and priceless works of art.

According to an online biography:

“John Paul Getty (1892-1976) was an American billionaire oil tycoon who was also an avid collector of paintings, sculptures and antiquities. His art collection formed the foundation of the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California, to which he bequeathed a further $660 million, after his death.

“In 1953 he founded the J. Paul Getty Trust, which runs the Museum, and is reportedly – at least in terms of liquidity – the world’s wealthiest arts institution.” The collection includes “masterpieces by Van Gogh, Gauguin and Monet.” says that Getty began collecting art as a teenager and had “established a significant collection by the 1930s.”

The Getty Villa, Malibu, CA

The Getty Villa, Malibu, CAAs the size of Getty’s art and antiquities collections grew, so did his need for space to put it all. The philanthropical businessman decided to build a singularly spectacular solution: the ultimate Walk-In Art Closet!

The goal of the Getty Museum is:

“to inspire curiosity about, and enjoyment and understanding of, the visual arts by collecting, conserving, exhibiting and interpreting works of art of outstanding quality and historical importance.” The museum has “two renowned venues: the Getty Villa [in LA, CA] and the Getty Center [in Malibu, CA].”

It is worth noting that the front door of the Getty Museum is accessible only by the Getty Center Tram which transports visitors from the guest parking lot below the hilltop, at street level.

A “hidden world” at the Getty was described in detail by Carol Vogel almost 20 years ago for the New York Times. What she describes are six work buildings that are off limits to most tourists who view only impressive art collection.

Significantly, the NYT article states:

“These structures [the six buildings] are linked by underground blocklong corridors leading to a labyrinth of high-tech spaces where about 1,000 employees populate what is, in effect, a city beneath the hilltop.”

Another place that uses underground corridors is Area 51’s Dulce D.U.M.B. (Deep Underground Military Base), as detailed by insiders like Phil Schneider. These facilities (D.U.M.B.s) are allegedly being designed, built, and stocked to serve as underground, interlinked population centers (cities) that will ensure U.S. – and global elite? – Continuity of Government (COG) should life above ground become uninhabitable by humans, for whatever reason.

The Getty complex was built to withstand earthquakes, and now we find out, via the UK’s Daily Mail that the rare art repository was also designed to withstand wildfires:

“The Skirball Fire that burned through the plush LA neighborhood of Bel Air couldn’t touch the Getty Center…It is raised up on a high foundation, has thick walls, and has all surrounding grass cleared away regularly. It also has a complex AC system that uses pressure to keep smoke outside, and can suck fumes away from art.”

The Getty Center shrouded in smoke 12/06/17.  (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

A clever air conditioning system like that would be very useful for exhausting toxic carbon monoxide gases emitted by a human population – not only in a rich museum, but also in an underground city.

All that said, the reason why the Getty has been getting some extra attention down on Conspiracy Street is due to one man.

Lately, videos of lectures by Steven D Kelley have been making the alternative social media rounds. Kelley introduces himself as an inventor, laser pioneer, writer and public speaker who has worked in defense industries, founded his own company, produced laser-aiming systems used by law enforcement and the military, and been a private contractor for the NSA, CIA and other “Alphabet Companies,” as well as the Templars and Bilderbergs.

Kelley developed the ability to perform “remote viewing,” which is the psychic ability to see people, places or things from a different place and time. Kelley says that his (and others’) remote viewing has revealed a very deep and dark secret. What you are about to read is his summary to a question posed on Facebook. If his shocking claims are true, he is risking his life by exposing details of New World Order conquest:

“The Getty Center in Los Angeles is a multi billion dollar structure built to house the art collection of the Getty Foundation. J. P. Getty was given a knighthood by Queen Elizabeth when it was completed.

“The reality is that it is a front for a fortress protecting an elevator that goes down into a deep underground sanctuary, intended to house the royal family in the future.

“The entire structure, and the complete system of underground structures is also home to a Satanic empire that provides massive amounts of children to the caver’s that live there, for pedophilia, ritual abuse, and sacrifice, with consumption.

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“This is the bottom of the Iceberg that #pizzagate is the tip of.

“If you want to end this corruption on every level of our society, you must root out the evil heart of the monster, that we can get to if we force the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate, and arrest those people, and free the 100,000 child sex slaves held below.”

The above is quite an accusation and call to action indeed, Mr. Kelley. It will be interesting to see if other whistleblowers come forward to offer more tangible proof that the J. Paul Getty Center is, in fact, the opening of a rabbit hole down into the secret, subterranean world of the New World Order.

In the meantime, it’s comforting to know that, come the worst to the rest of us, at least the world’s finest art treasures will survive a holocaust. That’s more than can be said for the Library at Alexandria.

  1. Post Author

    Good God! Even if it turned out to a hoax, it has to be investigated. The alternative to doing nothing is unthinkable.

  2. Post Author

    The Godless, Satan worshipping, power-mad, NWO-elitist ghouls Hell Hole – sounds about right to me!

  3. Post Author

    I worked on the Getty Villa. Getty had a pay phone installed in the lobby for the workmen. But in his defense, he said that he had to as they would call relatives all over the world all day long.

    I just wish that the big museum would identify which art objects he himself selected and bought instead of mixing them in with art that the endowment money purchased. Would have been nice to see just how good his eye was.

    Of course the Villa was patterned after a nobleman house preserved in the Pompey ruins. It was a regular museum and then remodeled and used for antiquities after the new one was built.

    Getty loved dogs and once went to a dog show with a friend. They went to pay and the sign said admission dropped after 4:00 pm and it was 3:45. Getty suggested to the friend that they take a walk around the block before going in, which they did.

    • Post Author

      Much appreciation for sharing these insider details with us, Dear Reader!

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    genuinely amazing for people experience, well,
    keep up the nice work fellows.

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  6. Post Author

    The Library of Alexandria, and the Vatican archives have been relocated to the library under the Getty. I am free to talk about this… [email protected]

  7. Post Author

    Unfortunately Mr Kelly’s claims of NSA and CIA are pure fiction. By his own accounts he would have worked for CIA ‘building lasers’ at 15 years old. He claims to worked for ‘Ollie North guys at NSA’ Ollie North actually worked for NSC out of the White House, not NSA in Maryland.
    In fact Mr Kelly ran a porn site called, a fetish of women farting in mens faces. Kelly would film the fart scenes himself. I suppose in between CIA/NSA missions.
    Everyone that knows Kelly, his estranged family of 6 adult sons and daughters, his transsexual twin , his fmr cohosts, station owners, managers, business partners are all of the same opinion. Mr Kelly is mentally unstable.
    By every first hand account. “he sits at home, unemployed, living rent free off an elderly woman, smoking pot, playing video games’.

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