Beware of Sharia


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Sharia is coming to a country near you, but it isn’t as pretty as it sounds.

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Sharia is the Islamic religious creed that mixes in morality and law. The Sharia Courts have existed since the time of the Ottoman Empire when they functioned as the official court of the State.

Based on religious precepts of Islam, particularly the Quran and the Hadith, its interpretation has been a point of contention between traditional Muslims, and those who lobby for reform.

Classical sharia deals with many aspects of public and private life, including religious rituals, family life, business, crimes, and warfare. The detailed and all-encompassing rules for living life in accordance with God’s will relieve its followers from independent thought.

Sharia courts mete out brutal public punishments, including chopping off heads, hands, and other body parts, as punishments suiting the crimes. Death by stoning and other practices Westerners regard as “medieval” also persist.

Women are treated like second-class citizens, whether married or single. Girls, even before puberty, are used as sex slaves.

Just over a year ago, The Jordan Times revealed how sharia law deprives women of their inheritances:

“In what is considered an ‘audacious’ study, a new review of Jordanian legislation governing women’s inheritance proposes granting equal inheritance rights to both sexes.

“According to the Personal Status Law — which is based on Islamic Sharia in regulating individuals’ rights to inheritance — men inherit twice as much as women in several circumstances.”

Under traditional Sharia Law:

  • A non-Muslim man cannot marry a Muslim woman.
  • A woman’s testimony in court is worth only half that of a man’s.
  • Muslims cannot change their religion.
  • Other religions cannot proselytize Muslims. has listed the key rules of sharia law – check them out. You might be very surprised at what you read.

Did you know that Dearborn, MI holds the distinction of having the largest Muslim population in America? Pro-sharia police arrest Christians who hand out religious literature.

Perhaps the most famous hallmark of Sharia is the image of women wearing head coverings (hijabs) or full-body veils (burkas). There is a perfectly good reason why it is to the Muslim woman’s advantage to wrap herself up when leaving home, as the oxymoronic “Religion of Peace” website explains:

“The covering of cloth is supposed to keep the sexual appetites of passing men at bay when women travel outside the home. This might even save a woman’s life, since she is usually assumed to bear the responsibility of unlawful sexual encounters and thus subject to stoning.”

Oh those men! Always wanting to make the beast with two backs at the most inconvenient times. But these women learn at a young age to “put up and shut up” – or else Very Bad Things happen.

Not surprisingly, men in most African countries favor adopting Islam and, with it, sharia, even if the average guy doesn’t really understand it. It’s just part of the package, like local TV channels with the cable package.

But what about sharia spreading into the Western world? The Council on Foreign Relations shared, more than three years ago, information that mainstream media never covers:

“A movement to allow sharia to govern personal status law, a set of regulations that pertain to marriage, divorce, inheritance, and custody, is even expanding into the West.”

That movement continues, to the point of culture clash. In 2013, seven US states passed “foreign laws” bills to prohibit judges from considering sharia when deciding cases.

Contrast that number with these statistics from the Southern Poverty Law Center:

“One hundred twenty anti-Sharia law bills have been introduced in 42 states since 2010. This year alone, 13 states have introduced an anti-Sharia law bill, with Texas and Arkansas enacting the legislation.”

Cathy Camper, of Tacoma, WA at a Seattle rally June 10, 2017 (Ted S. Warren-AP)

Despite supporters of sharia who point out that Israel acknowledges it, so it must be okay, any American who’s done their homework understands that the problem with sharia lies in its interpretation and application.

Sharia law, in the hands of Muslim men, does not look at all appealing to most US citizens (especially women) – at least for now.

Will conflicts between national and sharia laws escalate to the point of civil unrest? Let’s hope not.

Education is vital to understanding – but knowledge is power.

So study up. There will be a test.

  1. Post Author

    Proud to be against it….Proud to stand for Christ and His Laws and Commandments! Humble to serve a LOVING and FORGIVING TRUE GOD!

    • Post Author

      The Muslims in Dearborn MI better adhere to the Laws of MI, and the Federal Laws along with our Constitution. If they don’t, arrest them for violation our rights. I’m not going to play their game if I’m driving through Dearborn. They can do what they want behind closed doors, but not on the streets of our country. Wake up Michigan.

      • Post Author

        I wish our government’s would follow our laws and constitution….Really!

    • Post Author

      I agree with you completely. Our Lord God has been my salvation my entire life. I would be nothing without Our Savior.

    • Post Author

      Sharia law is an abomination and a violent misogynist belief

    • Post Author

      Thank you so much for this article. It doesn’t go in as deep detail I. e. Honor killings in Pakistan. This 6th century horror ideology is NOT of a loving God. Rather a pedophile warrior. Please continue the education to us Westerners who were never taught or warned of this ideology of hate. Not love.

    • Post Author

      HIS laws and commandments? In the first place the laws and commandments are not his, in the second place you are doing the same thing as the Sharia followers, you promote the laws of YOUR religion, good or bad does not matter, regardless of how the rest feel or think about those laws, in other words, you are a fanatic.

  2. Post Author

    Canada and the US are Judeo-Christian societies and let’s keep it that way. We value human life and the equality of women. If the immigrants to both those countries are not prepared to assimilate then maybe they should reconsider their choice to immigrate to either one. At least they have the freedom to practice their own religion.

  3. Post Author

    Sharia LAW is a very PUNISHING LAW to somebody of NOT their faith if that person is accused of STEALING something by pickpocketing a persons pocket by cutting off a persons hand or a head if they shot somebody they liked they might cut OF that persons head.
    If a person of their faith they might get OFF with probation for cutting off their head because all they might just say is that it was warranted because they DISSED their wife or daughter.
    They do NOT dish out punishment EQUALLY to those of their faith the same as those NOT of their faith, any person NOT of their faith is punished by almost ALWAYS with DEATH for MOST offences just because they do not think their way.

  4. Post Author

    Amen to the truth ! Thank you ! Too many blind sheeples
    that listen to MSM and have no idea what is going on here in USA plus Canada & Europe. Groups are being kicked off FB that are against Islam along with conservatives. Christians & Jewish. Thank the globalists elites that want all good peeps gone to be replaced with 3rd world barbarians. So damn fed up ! Peace to all of us that know what’s going on !

  5. Post Author

    Re: “Sharia is the Islamic religious creed that mixes in morality and law.” No, it doesn’t. Islam is immoral in that it holds subjective double might-makes-right and us-vs-them standards, and always attacks first. Sharia legalizes crime.

  6. Post Author

    As an atheist, I do not EVER want to see Sharia Law implemented in any Western country and shame on those who have allowed it.

    • Post Author

      Thank you for your support. Being an atheist is hard to live in a country that was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. I would never condemn you to hell, but in Sharia, you and I would equally be killed because of your non-belief and my total belief.

  7. Post Author

    It’s about time that “other” media opens up about the truth. Progressives insist that being anti-sharia is islamophobia. Nothing could be further than the truth. Sharia was, is, and will ever be for barbarians. This article does explain how those that do not agree are treated. Homosexuals are thrown off the highest buildings, Christians are burned alive, beheaded and stoned because they are Christians. Women are subjugated to the level of chattel. Something that has been corrected over time in the United States of America. Why would anyone want to go back to those times on purpose? I can go on and on about the restrictions imposed by this so-called religion of peace. Anyone that has read the kookie ran in its truest form knows that the world has battled against this takeover since time began. For example: The Spanish Inquisition has always been showed to be against Christians, barbarous and completely against the Word of God. In reality, the Spanish Inquisition was in retaliation of the influx of Moors/Islamic terrorists doing their best to take away everything Christian and replace with Sharia law. Those that were on the rack, hung upside down, etc was to combat sharia eye for an eye. Those people have no qualms of killing women, children, elderly, disabled, mentally challenged because they are looking for THEIR perfect world run by Sharia. WE can never let our guard down as long as this uncivilized, crude and savage form of life continues. Prayer has been taken out of our schools, yet many schools have set aside areas so these people without culture can pray to their so-called creator, which was nothing but a pedophile and believed in beastiality as a form of satisfying his lust. It needs to be stopped once and for all.

  8. Post Author

    Get some knowledge about Islam before putting long story. Islam is the only religion which support Muslim women in all manner and protect mostly. Islam is the only religion which got perfection in all manor of life. Hence lot of non Muslims coming to this religion after studying real Islam not media Islam as media is showing what they want to show

  9. Post Author

    It is entirely WRONG to use “God” as if it is a title for “ALLAH”. Because the two are actually, in western terms, the antithesis of one another.
    Allla followers, espeially the militant, actually espouse
    EVERYTHING the antinthesis of traditional JUDEAO=CHRISTIAN beliefs and teachings of charity, love and non violence., FAITH over FEAR, and the dominance of LIFE and Faith over Fear and death. J

  10. Post Author

    Separation of church and State..
    Why has not the Fedral government sent in the fed to oust the head of government in Dearborn,

  11. Post Author

    One of the greatest attributes of American Government is our separation of church and state. This came from hundreds of years of bad experiences from having intermingled the two. Man’s law is objective, based on rules, evidence, testimony and a sense of fair play. God’s law is subjective, based on whomever claims to have knowledge of what “an entity” wants. While we do have very tiny ethnic courts, examples; Catholic Church, Native American, Hassidic Judaism, Humanism, Mormonism and Islamic courts, only the followers of Sharia Islam don’t accept the fact they are subservient to American Common Law–the law of the land. All courts (tribunals), and for that matter “immigrants,” temporary residents, foreigners–tourists, must set the implementation of their beliefs and practices aside in favor of our laws and customs. Any contravening practice, such as Sharia Law needs to be prohibited with the greatest will and force of our system, otherwise it defeats (subverts) everything modern man has worked so hard to accomplish. One example: the justification by religious zealousy to assist a foreign enemy to overthrow our country. For those who don’t agree–now is the time to emigrate from America in favor of a land where their defective–subjective views are practiced. Otherwise, they could be facing the phenomenon of the “pogrom,” where regular law abiding citizens become so angry and motivated to protect our way of life, however justified or misguided, go to these folks towns, ghettos, schools, business and houses of worship and burn them down. God Bless America and Americans for never allowing a foreign force (enemy-from-within) to dictate to us.

  12. Post Author

    The US was founded on the principles of Freedom and Liberty. We will never be dragged back under the yoke. Self rule will prevail forever.

  13. Post Author

    If anyone who is not against Sharia will face God’s wraith and it will not be a good thing. I have faith God and Jesus will face this evil once again in the war again.

  14. Post Author

    When they are in large enough numbers they will begin electing the officials who make the laws. They will be enacting their laws and doing away with ours. Takes time but they are patient.

  15. Post Author

    I just finished Kurt Anderson’s Fantasyland. in the last 20 years enough people have embraced a weird love of being corporate brainwashed to elect the current psychopath and watch the bribed legislature drop the whole country into deep depression in the name of “trickle down” which means we get to pay all the taxes and repair the roads and take care of the poor and sick on our own. Sharia fear is one of their brainwash tools…don’t fall for it.

  16. Post Author

    All you need to know about Sharia Law can be found in Chapter 9,paragragh 5 of the Koran

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