California Wildfires Are Manmade By DEW: Agenda 21

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The California wildfires are just another item checked off the “to do” list on the New World Order agenda, and another normal day at the office for globalists. 

With the ultimate goal to completely own and manage all natural and human resources on planet Earth, as well to control the weather around the globe—24/7, the wildfires gets them an inch closer to completing their plan.

Many are recognizing that the California fires don’t resemble any of the fires from the past, but rather a destruction of homes with no frames, glass or metal left in the aftermath.  Trees left somehow untouched, while cars are melted, rubber tires destroyed, strange reported winds just before the onset of the fires, along with people reporting some of their electronics were malfunctioning before the fires hit.

At this time, it’s speculated California was attacked by a DEW and used its lasers to start fires in the forest.  Further evidence highly suggests the surprise record firestorm was created to re-purpose zoning developments towards Agenda 21 mandates.

Directed-energy weapons are on the cusp of replacing chemical-powered weapons on the battlefield. DEWs (directed energy weapon) use the electromagnetic spectrum (light and radio energy) to attack pin­point targets at the speed of light. When a laser beam strikes a target, the energy from the photons in the beam heats the target to the point of combustion or melting.

Videos have been released showing that large swaths of land appear to be selectively burned.  In the drone footage, nearly all of the houses are burned to the ground while the surrounding landscape and vegetation appears to be untouched by burning flames.  “We have specific areas being burned, almost like energy was being directed at certain things,” a narrator says.

These fires seem to coincide with the mapping regions of Agenda 21 Wildlands Project and their creation of areas which are restricted and off limit to humans; these would be Buffer Zones and Core Reserves.  These firestorms could be a product of a multi-year strategy to set California up for a full-scale implementation of the UN’s Agenda 21 and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

The globalists usually like to get the biggest bang for their buck when they deliberately create chaos and destruction.  With no concern of how many lives are lost in the process or the damage and destruction that’s been done to Mother Earth.

When you look at the totality of what is happening to and around us, it becomes clear that we are not dealing with raging incompetence but rather a very well-orchestrated effort to undermine our Constitution and bring America to its knees.

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    And the Antichrist was able to bring fire down from the heaven’s and those around him thought it was a miracle…….and Christ returned and threw him and ALL those who followed him into the lake of fire and they were burned up. Revelation.

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      Not sure how you can refer to Antichrist and new world order but still refer to “Mother Earth”.

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      The pope is the antichrist, he is a Jesuit. Al things which happen in the Vatikan are
      satanic. Look for infomations

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    Interesting claim, but you need to show us the evidence.

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    Geeeez, has someone finally woke up to the obvious?

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      If anyone would take the time to look up every reference to “antichrist” they would find that none of them are from Revelation where this imaginary meanie is supposed to be doing his evil deeds. While reading those scriptures, one would also notice that not a single reference alluded to an individual. ANYONE who says that Jesus is not Who He claims is of the “spirit of antichrist.” And many were already present [when this was written].

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    I’ve always said the CA fires of this decade were arson.

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    Where’s the video/photographic proof?

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    Get out the tin foil hats

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    I wonder how many in the US political Deep State have any connection to these events.

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      With the blatant lying and corruption in our Federal and even State Governments that have taken the Government of the people and made it self and special interest of their own….I would believe it rather than not. How easily it seems the American people, continue to be asleep? How do you get proper and quality change for all instead of special interest. I think this is why President Trump is beat up by the Dems and the liberal lying media. In my Opinion.

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    GREED over GOD leads to IMPLOUSING

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    How about Feinstein and her husband Blum coordinating acquiring large amounts of land to the Federal Government?

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    To any astute observer I would think that it is rather strange how these infernos seemed to hop, skip and jump areas that seem the most logical to be set afire; the article describes to a tee how trees are left untouched while metal objects and material with much higher combustion rates are incinerated – GOOD VS EVIL, that is where we are in these End of Age days that the Bible prophesied! Get “RIGHT” with the Lord or be “Left” with the devil!

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    Interesting, to say the least, would this be the UN forces doing this? The ones we send billions to? Or from satelites, could it be Kim Jong Un up to no good? Let us hope it is being investigated. Look up, our redemption draws near.

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    This is just the beginning. I live in Bass Lake California. I received a notice from my homeowners insurance company. It states they will not renew any homeowners insurance on homes in the Sierras. Hmmmm I have been checking other insurance companies..All the same… Soon will be all of California. Just Watch! cj

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    California is under God’s Judgement for being a liberal state, society, and all their gay and lesbianism agendas, just like SODOM and GOMORRA, keep it up California see where it gets you, you need to repent and ask GOD for forgiveness, and that’s the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob.

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    The UN of course is involved working alongside these NWO mogels. When God moves against the AC than be sure these guys will end up in hell

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