FDA Spurns Canadian Cancer Cure


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What if they gave a “cure for cancer party” and the US didn’t come? That is, basically, what is happening, in Canada and elsewhere in the world, right now.

Once again, the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has turned its back on the best interests of Us the People, in favor of reaping enormous profits.

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The FDA is a regulatory agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services for ensuring that most types of foods, dietary supplements, drugs, vaccines, biological medical products, blood products, medical devices, radiation-emitting devices, veterinary products, and cosmetics are safe for consumers to use.

Food & Drug Administration campus in Silver Spring, Md.(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)

Whenever new medical technology or products are developed, they must pass FDA approval before the patent owners – often a drug company – begins to manufacture, distribute and sell their highly marked-up wares.

Wikipedia says that “Numerous governmental and non-governmental organizations have criticized the U. S. Food and Drug Administration for alleged excessive and/or insufficient regulation.” No kidding. There are far too many FDA submissions for approval than the federal organization entrusted with this duty can handle.

Jessica Wapner blogged, in 2012: “The FDA said that without more money, there would never be enough staff support to churn out approvals at a rate that met with public and industry approval, and that met the needs of patients awaiting better treatments.”

What’s a federal agency to do? PASS ANOTHER LAW! Yes, that’s right. In 1992, the Prescription Drug User Fee Act was enacted to address complaints from consumers, the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA itself that drug approvals were taking too long.

Unfortunately, and ironically, PDUFA has created unwanted side effects, in the same way as the drugs covered by this legislation. Drugs companies have actually been found to have offered pay-offs (read: bribes) to FDA staffers in order to expedite their drug’s approval.

This practice has become Very Big Business for the FDA: in 2010, the grand total of PDUFA fees collected in was $529,276,543.

But you’d better be sitting down before you read this next shocker. An Avalere article reports [bolding added]:

“Since 1992, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has collected $7.67 billion in user fees from pharmaceutical manufacturers to fund drug reviews based on an Avalere analysis of FDA data.”

That’s over 7 BILLION (a thousand million) dollars. There is no question that the FDA is used to enjoying a lot of power and a lot of money. But are they really helping improve the health of the nation’s citizenry – or do they just pay lip service to the notion of “cure” since the bigger profits lie in perpetual treatment?

Case in point: you’ve probably seen those pink ribbons that represent the Fight Against Breast Cancer. You may know someone who has participated in a sponsorship “Race for the Cure” to raise money to find the elusive cure for this high-profile killer.

Dr. Mercola informs us that “nearly two million Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year—one person out of three will be hit with a cancer diagnosis at some time in their lives, in spite of the massive technological advances over the past half-century.” 

Well, turns out you can run as fast as humanly possible and still get nowhere. The FDA is a hurdle so big and vast that it is insurmountable.

Trending in the news now is Canadian Dr. Evangelos Michelakis and his research team at the University of Alberta. According to this YouTube video, Dr. Michelakis’ team has been able to shrink cancerous tumors in rats by administering an inexpensive powder called DCA (Dichloroacetate). DCA has been around for years, and tested successfully on humans in other drug compounds.

Reaching Utopia adds this remarkable characteristic of DCA:

“The drug, dichloroacetate (DCA) can alter the metabolism of cancer cells and thus causes them to age and be destroyed. It’s important to note that it kills the cancer cells but only the bad ones.”

Because DCA does not have a patent, anyone can manufacture it without paying a fee to the FDA. Plus, because it is so cheap – pennies a dose – that its sale would not be profitable.

Do you remember, two years ago, when Martin Shkreli raised drug prices from $13.50 to $750, an increase of 5,500 percent?

Apparently, ripping off the American public is an Industry Best Practice now, among pharmaceutical companies. Valeant Pharmaceuticals has been accused of raising drug prices by more than 5,000 percent. Another money-grubbing company identified by the Gizmodo was profiled earlier this month:

“Avondale Pharmaceuticals raised the price of Niacor, a prescription-only version of niacin [a VITAMIN], by 809 per cent last month, taking a bottle of 100 tablets from $32.46 to $295.”

Profits like these make the 10% average gain for the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) pale in comparison. Frankly, there is no comparison.

The FDA and its dependent Big Pharma spawn have set themselves up to run the business of national health treatment – and cure – as they see fit.

Never forget that all corporations are accountable to their shareholders (people who own stock, bonds, or have some other stake in the company’s success, as defined by profit or loss).

Periodic fiscal accountability is a condition inherent to a capitalistic economic system like ours. Yet, if healthcare warrants national administration (think: Obamacare), then don’t consumers deserve some protection from price rigging and FDA refusal to approve cures for terminal illnesses like cancer?

By the way, other doctors have been treating cancer with strong positive results. Notable among them is Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski whose practice is in Texas. For decades now, the FDA has been persecuting this noble doctor, despite courtroom testimony that his treatments actually did cure cancer, even in “hopeless cases.”

Other ground-breaking cancer research and discoveries that the FDA can ignore, in the future, come from the UK, Switzerlandnaturopaths worldwide, and medical marijuana advocates – to name a few.

Marijuana Plant

Dear Readers, it is difficult to write this, but there will be NO CURE FOR CANCER IN THE UNITED STATES unless or until the FDA rearranges their priorities, away from greed and toward genuine need.

Don’t hold your breath for that to happen. You might turn blue in the face and fall down. Fortunately, the FDA has approved treatment for that.

  1. Post Author

    I kept waiting for the sales pitch in this article but it appears to be on the up n up. Not surprising that big pharma is tamping down cancer cures via the FDA or whatever means necessary. Prolonged treatment is much more lucrative than any cure.

  2. Post Author

    If I personally were to poison the air, water, food, personal hygiene products, soaps, toothpaste etc. I would be in jail for an eternity……. but, big Ag, Monsanto, Proctor &Gamble, Johnson and Johnson etc. can poison us with their products and food and lie with healthy commercials on Television.
    The FDA and the government don’t want us to live a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy foods, use safe products, they want to keep us sick it it very profitable !
    I have been a Vegan for years, holistic with products and live as close to nature as possible. All my friends are sick, fat, on every medication imaginable, riddled with diseases, over weight and suffering everyday ! What you put in your mouth, rub on your body, drink and use in your house will determin your health !

    • Post Author

      Those that are enlightened by the Holy Spirit realize that the Godless, Satan worshipping, power-mad NWO elitist ghouls are out to cull the dumb-(m)asses; they are accomplishing this though drugs, illegal and legal pharmaceuticals – a new one every day – food and water supply, chem trails, abortion, euthanasia, gay faux-marriage and war! Until the stiff necked sheeple have an epiphany and return to God it is lights out for civilization – that simple and true!

    • Post Author

      My nephew would totally agree with you as he got off all diabetic, cholesterol and BP meds when he went on a plant based lifestyle.

    • Post Author

      Big Gov is FARRRRRR WORSE than you present!
      EPA ….. hmmm …. Let’s see, EPA
      1. outlawed offshore drilling based upon fraudulent claims of oil spills, forcing U.S. to buy from OPEC, perhaps with the motive of saving the U.S. dollar once it was taken off the gold standard (due to Federal Reserve looting of Ft. Knox gold).
      2. forces every vehicle since ’75 to emit hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, & phosgene (WWI poison gas), due to catalytic converter mandate. More expensive fuel, less mpg, less hp, more complexity, more expensive (rhodium reached $8,000/try oz in ’08).
      Yes, we don’t want to clean up the EPA.
      EPA has probably run 1/2 the U.S. businesses out of business since it’s disgraceful creation by Nixon. An earlier count was 17,000 EPA employees working to put U.S. businesses out of business.
      Scott Pruitt has promised to cut 25% of the EPA’s work force,
      25% of 17,000 EPA job destroyers, that’s 4,250 worthless government parasites looking for work. Or not.
      As far as I know only 18 of those 17,000 actually verified automaker emission compliance claims. That’s why VW & others were able to sell cars with rigged emissions.
      The reality is that we do NOT need/want catalytic converter madness (hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide and phosgene WWI poison gas emissions in our cities and around our homes).
      Catalytic converters produce hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide & phosgene WWI poison gas.
      You are trading fuel for poison. Emission testing equipment conveniently omit sensors for these poisons.

      In order to fuel the catalytic converters, with carbon monoxide, the air/fuel mixture is made richer in fuel, the ignition is retarded as are the intake and exhaust cam timing.
      In fact the CO output is increased 5X for converter equipped vehicles. Think about it, the cats have to be heated to about 1,400 degrees F in order to convert the most CO to HCN, HS & phosgene gases. Even in cold weather. Besides, the EPA wants them to “light off” more quickly upon cold start, so yes modern EPA engines emit tons of CO.
      But, once the CO (fuel) enters the cats, it is combined with NOx to form CN (cyanide) gas.
      Besides that CN is absorbed in water (rain, fog, spraying) dissolving lead, tin, arsenic, and other toxic metals in the soil, making them bio accumulate in plants (food), just for your delight. Yum. EPA veggies!
      Eat your EPA veggies.

      1. Cars/trucks do NOT produce hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, nor phosgene poison gas W/O a catalytic converter.
      2. Obviously, the more poison gas emitted, the more toxic that gas becomes.
      3. What may not be obvious is that when 2 poison gases are mixed, is the toxicity the same, or doubled?
      Actually, the toxicity is 100 times as much as either single poison gas.
      So, you tell me, when 3 poison gases are intentionally, knowingly, created by the EPA, is that exhaust stream now 1000 times as toxic as any one single gas of the same concentration?

      Remember, your greatest exposure is in the city and during rush hour, twice each day. Why would the EPA knowingly do this to you and your family?

      But it gets even worse.
      Take San Francisco. These poison gases blow inland from the city, to farm land. Cyanide is water soluable and is used to refine metals, because it has the unique ability to dissolve them. So, when it rains, fogs, or even when the crops are watered, cyanide is dissolved in the ground water, allowing it to now leach lead, tin, arsenic, and other toxic metals from the soil, into the water.
      As if that is not bad enough, plants must use that water, where the heavy metals bio-accumulate, forming a concentration of toxic metals in your food, killing you, and the wild life who also have to eat and drink there.

      Is any of this worth the false promise of reducing smog?
      Are you happy that your government is knowingly poisoning you?
      Can you imagine how much more dangerous the roads are now that drivers are actively being poisoned, in many different ways, all at once.

      Why does the EPA get away with making vehicles MORE expensive (to buy, to drive, to maintain, to sell), less fuel efficient, use more expensive fuel, require yearly smog testing (due to complexity & lack of reliability)?
      To poison Americans into submission!
      Catalytic converters (cats) don’t “clean up” “smog.”
      They don’t improve mpg, nor hp.
      They don’t reduce carbon emissions, in fact they increase carbon emissions.
      They don’t allow less expensive fuel.
      They don’t make cars more reliable.
      You can’t buy used cats. Only new ones. So that the S. African mining interests can use hydrogen cyanide to remove the precious metals from the old cats, to put into new cats, that cost from $1,600 & up.

    • Post Author

      I know many meat eaters ( including me) who are very healthy so please don’t paint everyone with the same broad brush.

    • Post Author

      I sold insurance for a while, in the education side of it. I realized then that Big Government is a corrupt business, especially the Organizations that “Regulate” right to their back pockets, FDA included.

  3. Post Author

    Shouldn’t this be broadcasted on the Tv Media? This is big. I mean if my family or myself ever gets cancer I will just make an appointment with Dr BurZynski in Texas. Or is there a reason why this is not wide public news. Because The FDA will block it? I’m sure there has to be some journalist willing to put his balls on the line and tell the truth to the public. I mean you always hear that there is a cure for cancer. And I know in my heart that there is but why is an out there offered to us? My mother just last year had to have a lump removed from her breast. A woman that lives a healthy life and that does not smoke. Why did she get that lump maybe it’s from drinking water out of plastic bottles. But they actually put her through chemo and a little bit of radiation after they remove the lump. The side effects were uncomfortable for my mother and thankfully she didn’t lose her hair. But why did she have to go through that if there something out there that will cure cancer so it will come backThat does not have bad side effects? Why has there been so many beautiful lives taken early from cancer if there’s a cure? Really, is the government and the FDA and the FBI and the CIA are they all that Corrupt? We have a right to our lives as they do. It s very mind boggling and depressing.

    • Post Author

      Because they don’t want people to know there is a cure. They (the medical establishment run at the higher eschelons by Illuminati and the like) prefer to keep you (and everyone) in the dark. (Are you going to seek info beyond what your doctor tells you? No? Then why do you wonder why you don’t know?). The media is owned by the vested interests that want to sell more stuff (possessions, drugs etc) to you. Why would they want you enlightened about what is going on? It won’t suit them. And when you do do your research, you’ll join the rest of us “crazies” who are waking up to what is going on and all your friends you want to wake up will call YOU “crazy” – see how it goes? The hardest (and loneliest) place is being awake and not able to tell anyone as you’ll be dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist” or just “crazy”. This is the way we all find it. You’re welcome.

  4. Post Author

    How can I share this article via Messanger? Or even post on Facebook?

  5. Post Author

    Thanks for speaking truth to power. We desperately need a Universal Healthcare system so every American can get the help they need. To do that will require political change and decoupling private insurance companies from healthcare. Medicare for All or any name.

  6. Post Author

    As long as the money keeps rolling in, there will NEVER be a cure for cancer or any other disease. Drugs that “manage” one’s disease is the only thing that will be marketed, and the price will continue to escalate until the people refuse to pay those prices through their medical insurance. Insurance prices will also escalate and as long as they can bill the government, nothing will decrease in price. The market would not allow this if there weren’t so many middle men. They have duped most of the populace with continuous commercials, into thinking drugs are the norm, they are not. Properly treated, as in healthy diet, moderate exercise and 8 hours of sleep, the body heals itself. Big pharma, med, and insurance are killing people slowly in some cases, quickly in others, when insurance runs out.

  7. Post Author

    I am the current (9) organic chemical formulas which stops cancer’s food mechanism, glycolysis. Our organic chemical protocol, for 1 month, saturates the body with organic chemicals which stop glycolysis. If glycolysis stops then any Cancer feeding from it’s production, will die. Metabolic, we have discovered (9) organic chemicals on the periodic table, when used in the “Exact Sequences I spell out in my Formula”, studies have shown cancer to die in six (6) hours. You need back check on one chemical, ok, fair enough, Dichloroacetate mixed with my two other secret use of two from the periodic table, in a Trans Dermal Recipe I also innovated, another patent is the process for water, with Gravity and Alchemy. Ok, let’s say it out Loud, I have organic chemicals like DCA mentioned above which stops cancers. I stop cancer, with Trans Dermal Formulas prescribed by a License Doctor. I stop cancer. Enough Said!

  8. Post Author

    I refuse to bake a cake for anyone involved in the poison-for-profit cartels. I hope Trump is quietly behind the scenes accumulating lethal evidence to destroy their iron grip on our lives. A legacy to end all.

  9. Post Author

    It’s not about Health curing, it’s about “Health management” for the maximum profit, this is one of many story’s along this road, If you eat the cow you will have no more milk or meat but if you milk it and eat it’s offspring you will have profit for a long time, think about it people…

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