Could 4chan’s “Q” Anon Be A Government Insider?

American Informer

There have been some interesting things said on 4chan by a user going by the user name “Q”.  

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Username: Q

Tripocode: ITPb.qbhqo 

Starting in early November, Q posted its first thread under the online community category “/pol/” (short for politically incorrect), a lengthy encrypted post, making almost no sense when quickly scanning through it.  It appears to be a long list of cryptic questions, abbreviations, different ways to think about past events, and choppy short sentences.   

For over six weeks Q has piqued the interest of many 4chan users, creating almost a circus around a variety of interpretations, with followers posting floods of videos and articles with their unique breakdown and interpretation of Q’s messages.  It’s widely believed Q is an inside person with government clearance who is trying to inform the public of deep government secrets in a way that will not reveal an identity.


Q is quoted to be “leaving bread crumbs,” releasing clues of information sporadically.  Because of the content, conspiracy interpreters are calling Q’s posts “The Storm.”  The Storm conspiracy includes information about George Soros, John Podesta and his brother Tony, secret groups, a child sex-trafficking ring led (in part) by the satanic Democratic Party, military intelligence, Donald Trump, just to mention a few. 

Posts from November reveal Q’s alleged secret knowledge and insight of Soros and Hitler.


Q shared information here on the NYC bombing. 


In this post, Q shared information about recent activity regarding planes landing at Guantanamo Bay detention camp.  The same camp Trump claimed during the 2016 election to keep open, and supported torture activities against enemies if needed.


Here are some of Q’s last posts from 2017.   

Who is “Q” and why does this person want to share this specific information with us….and why share all of this right now?  Is the information being shared actually true, or is Q just taking everyone for a ride?  More importantly what are Q’s intentions behind all of this?  Is it to publicly inform and warn us with riddles, could it be to eventually rat someone out without coming out as a public whistleblower, or could this person make accurate predictions about Donald Trump and his nemesis: The Deep State?

  1. Post Author

    It is in G-ds hands, nothing we can do, G-d will take care of “Q”,, vote for Jared Kushner in 2020 or Kim Jong Un.

  2. Post Author

    Interesting, sounds like “Q”is relaying information to the public, anonymously, to stay safe obviously. If detected, information would end abruptly. Perhaps taken altogether it will reveal the bigger picture. If indeed, 4 of the Clinton hit men have been detained, that’s great news! Deep state requires deep measures to unveil and eliminate. Carry on and best of all possible conclusions!

  3. Post Author

    Unless the information that is exposed is proven to be true we can largely ignore it as misinformation. In addition that the perpetators are all fitted for orange suits unless those by circumstances are locked up to be “the fall guys” and the true guilty ones escape to continue with the “Deep State” for whom will always remain invisible which l firmly believe is more to the truth than what we are allowed to be seen and heard.

  4. Post Author

    Is Comey “Q”?

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