Facebook Bans Truther David Icke


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“There is no such thing as bad publicity.”
P.T. Barnum

In the world of news, entertainment and promotion, the famous circus owner’s words still ring true. If people are talking about it – or you – their attention has the desired focus.

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But what about when you get no publicity? Dictionary.com says the word means “extensive mention in the news media or by word of mouth or other means of communication.”

“Other means of communication” include social media – Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, for example.

The opposite of publicity is no media mention whatsoever, and constitutes a news blackout. Facebook is silencing those who challenge the mainstream news by shutting down their self-published information on that publicly traded social media website. (Shares of FB are currently trading for $187.58.)

Looks like censorship is good business.

Yes, Facebook believes in banishing (read: eliminating) anything they think isn’t good for us, their international user group. The underlying premise is that keeping opposing or offensive points of view makes us safer.

How does Facebook do this?

“We remove content, disable accounts, and work with law enforcement when we believe there is a genuine risk of physical harm or direct threats to public safety. Learn more about how Facebook handles abusive content.”

Facebook feels so responsible for the massive advertising revenue ($9.32 BILLION in Q2 2017!!) being generated through user posts of family members and cute kittens that they are playing judge and jury where “acceptable” content is concerned.

Move over, Nanny State. Nanny Social Media just entered the room.

David Icke

David Icke, renowned British activist, author, and politician is in the (alternative) news as the latest victim of Facebook’s “Community Standards” policy, a standard of conduct which is as arbitrary as it is whimsical:

“We want people to feel safe when using Facebook. For that reason, we’ve developed a set of Community Standards, outlined below. These policies will help you understand what type of sharing is allowed on Facebook, and what type of content may be reported to us and removed. Sometimes we will allow content if newsworthy, significant or important to the public interest – even if it might otherwise violate our standards. Because of the diversity of our global community, please keep in mind that something that may be disagreeable or disturbing to you may not violate our Community Standards.”

David Icke (pronounced “ike”) has retaliated by setting up a new Facebook page titled David Icke Ban. He explains:

“We have created this page for people to post their experiences of being unfairly censored or banned by Facebook. I am currently banned for five days in a blatant and extraordinary piece of censorship over a story that linked to an article in The Jerusalem Post and included an image and words reflecting that story and an opinion – an opinion – of what I thought about it.”

Here is an example of why Icke gets targeted for suppression, writing here about political media censorship on his Facebook “Ban” page:

“Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was caught on a live microphone at the United Nations recently discussing with German Chancellor Angela Merkel how to block posts from those criticising the number of migrants pouring into Europe.”

So, the “Book of Face” is in cahoots with NWO leader Merkel – who, incredibly, is being allowed by her own citizens to trash Germany by high-prioritizing the half a million Arabian outcasts (originally termed “migrants,” as you may recall, in classic doublespeak) she invited in 2015. No wonder the social media giant has a policy of “don’t tell.” So much for the First Amendment to the US Constitution (free speech).

Others Facebook has muzzled – “for our protection” are:

  1. Man-haters.

“Facebook has been suspending women for ‘hate speech’ against men after posting variations of the phrase ‘men are scum.'”

Who knew that the term “scum” was so hateful? Doesn’t it have to do with the way you say it? Oh wait, on social media, no one can hear you speak.

  1. Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Chechen Republic.

On December 20, 2017, the United States sanctioned Kadyrov, citing the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act. Okay, Mr. Kadyrov probably really is a Bad Guy. But, as he himself points out, don’t we have the right to judge for ourselves? In any case, Facebook is definitely taking sides and mirroring US international policy:

“Facebook said the deactivation of the account because of the list of ‘banned persons of the U.S.’ I’m very calm about this. But the question is to Facebook and the Ministry of Finance: Where is your vaunted democracy and the right of citizens to receive information? Or does the opinion of 4 million subscribers not mean anything?”

Also, it’s a great day when you can work the word “vaunted” into the conversation. Even if that conversation is banned on Facebook.

  1. A robin.

Headlines like “Facebook Bans Picture of Robin Redbreast for being ‘Sexual'” are hard to resist:

“Hilariously, Facebook has blocked my Christmas cards from becoming a product in my shop due to their shameful, sexual nature!”

  1. 15 photos.

Even the best computer program makes mistakes sometimes. These photos were simply misunderstood.


  1. Rapper Lil B.

Does anyone really like rap? The whole “gangsta” culture can be very alienating to the uninitiated. Still, if you don’t like the music, you can always turn it off. Same with the artist, apparently:

“Facebook said some of his posts violated its policies on hate speech. The posts…related to white people and gun violence.”

It isn’t all a bad Orwellian nightmare of doublespeak, propaganda, and censorship, though.

In a satisfying display of Instant Karma and turnabout-is-fair-play, China, Iran, Bangladesh, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Vietnam, and North Korea now ban Facebook access.

To quote a popular TV show:

“In your face, Facebook!”


  1. Post Author

    If we ban true freedom of speech the world’s manipulators who control the press and the world’s finances, will indoctrinate all of us into slavery. The ONLY way to take the heat out of a subject is to say it as it is provided it is a properly researched truth.

    • Post Author

      George Orwell said it decades ago. “In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act. The further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those who speak it.” What this means is that in a time of universal deceit the truth is labelled hate speech and those who speak it are smeared, reviled, and shunned. We are living in such a time and Facebook’s globalist leader Mark Zuckerberg is an active participant who disingenuously presents FB censorship as an act of altruism. In fact, Zuckerberg is censoring and scrubbing the truthful reporting of Islam’s expansionist movement to re-establish the caliphate and impose supremacist Islamic sharia law worldwide. Any criticism of the barbarity and savagery of the Islamic rape/murder culture being imported into the West through open-border policies is being labelled hate speech. Zuckerberg, like the rest of the mega-mogul globalist billionaires seeks an internationalized unrestricted marketplace for his business. Controlling content on the Internet is the most efficient way to implement their goals of one-world government. Consider his latest efforts with pal Bill Gates to “altruistically” offer “free” computer education to children in East Africa. The Bridge curriculum will indoctrinate generations of African youth in their radical left-wing liberal narrative just like Common Core in America. Whoever controls the curriculum content controls the future – the globalist dream – for your own good of course.

      – Linda Goudsmit at JihadWatch –

      • Post Author

        So true🎅

    • Post Author

      What a great article. I am 100% behind you on this.
      However, as a Constitutional Conservative, my own personal outlook is that whenever ANYONE believes that the media, in any form, is there to be fair, honest, unbiased and true – 99% are not. But with their “right” to edit anything (especially Christians, that is their right. People need to realize that, support it, and just like the MSM – don’t watch, view, participate or support them! Choose where you think it’s fair, and go with that!
      Keep up the great work!

  2. Post Author

    I got slapped one day from FB over my commenting on my Christian beliefs. When that happened, I got out of there as fast as I could. I knew they were becoming too controlling. LOVE YOU GUYS! One might say as they feel. Hope and pray it keeps up!

  3. Post Author

    Facebook is owned and largely staffed with elitist Liberals and progressives, who vote Democratic. They do not like people who are offended or disapprove of Biblical values and beliefs, sexually confused transsexuals or homoxexuals. And if you express your first amendment rights by daring to go against Facebook’s politically-correct policies, you might be banned. Personally I think Facebook is in need of regulation, and Google and Twitter are also biased.

  4. Post Author

    People say the American Constitution’s First Amendment only protects individual citizens (and corporations) from the government, but that private companies can enforce whatever rules they want to within their own domains.

    But … hey, guess what! NOT when their rules amount to CRIMES (say, of slander)!

    See, whenever FASCBOOK (And Twatter and ScrewYouRube, and GO-OGLE et al) humiliates people in public by censoring them and posting (slanderous, libelous) warnings, they are actually breaking the LAW.

    Slander (and it’s written form, libel) are sub-categories of criminal FRAUD.

    Further, if (as can be easily demonstrated in these cases) they committed their fraudulent, defamatory slanders and libels as part of an orchestrated conspiracy to suppress and destroy evidence of the crimes of the holy-mobster “muslim” gang members of the world’s oldest and largest ongoing extortion racket and crime-syndicate (“ISLAM”) then they are also guilty of endorsing those same crimes (many of which amount to mass-murders, if not to actual genocide) and since islam itself is openly hostile to any and all sovereign nations (which it regards as temporary and man-made false idols, all of which are to be eventually destroyed and replaced with their own one-world muslim Ummah Nation, to be ruled over by their global theocratic caliphate government) it is also a clear case of sedition and treason, of aiding and abetting an existential threat to the United States and Western world in general.

    Zuckerturd and his globalist minions should be arrested indicted tried convicted jailed *** for their treason to rationality and civilization and their ongoing crimes against humanity.

    Beyond that, Twitter et al’s lately-revealed “shadow-banning” practices really only amount to cases of de-monetizing “reverse” defamation, and so should be subject to massive penalties in class-action lawsuits as well.

  5. Post Author

    You are exactly right. Couldn’t have been said better !! My bible speaks of a time coming where there will be blood to the horses bridle. That’s a lot of blood ! And if that time comes while I’m still here, I would rather be dead than live in a world of domination by self proclaimed rulers. And I know I’m not the only one !!!!

  6. Post Author

    The problem is that Youtube has no real competition. Vimeo is starting but still small potatoes. If Icke moved to Vimeo it would give me something to read.

  7. Post Author

    Facebook needs competition, soneone out there, please launch a viable alternative that does not censor. I don’t and never have used it, I’m a private person and do not care to share myself with the world, but for those who would, they should be free to do so. Having watched the movie about Z and Facebook startup, I decided I would never use it. The guy is a first class ass.

  8. Post Author

    I have never trusted Face Book but have used it from time to time because of lack of computer skills. Objecting to references of David Icke demonstrates their devious intent. David Icke will outlive FB, watch for it. The public had better get themselves informed and fight back, now. This is war.

  9. Post Author

    I have never commented here before.
    I have never trusted Face Book but have used it from time to time because of lack of computer skills. Objecting to references of David Icke demonstrates their devious intent. David Icke will outlive FB, watch for it. The public had better get themselves informed and fight back, now. This is war.

  10. Post Author

    Anyone who would want to know how bad Facebook is should read THESE articles:
    And as THIS site, is right on the money about muslims and Facebook….here’s the article! (You really gotta read the whole thing! It’s mindblowing!

    Facebook: Championing Blasphemy Laws


    Facebook wins dismissal of U.S. lawsuits linked to terrorism


    AND…..you’ll really be shocked, at THIS one!!

    Where Do All Those Facebook Photos Go?


    And if anyone reads the many news articles on the web, as I do, could NOT have missed EVERYONE talking about THIS about Twitter. It’s EVERYWHERE!

    Twitter Engineer: ‘Everything You Send Is Stored on My Server’ Even ‘Sex Messages’



    HIDDEN CAMERA: HUNDREDS of Twitter Employees Paid to View “Everything You Post Online” Including Private “Sex Messages”

    (There’s an interesting article there, but you just WON’T BELIEVE the video of them admitting this stuff!)

    And if these employees joke and laugh about what the people’s pictures show, then how bad are they for LOOKING at them, and STORING them too?? That’s just as sick and perverted TOO!

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