California Mudslides and Agenda 2030


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California just can’t get a break. After two sets of fires ravaged the central winery and more southernly Santa Barbara areas, heavy rains before dawn on January 9, 2018 – perhaps the strongest in seven years – have produced devastating mudslides.

(Photo: Mike Eliason – Santa Barbara County Fire Department via AP)

The Golden State has seen this pattern before: unseasonably dry weather strengthening fire damage followed by unseasonably high rainfall.

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In both scenarios, homes and property are destroyed, residents are forced to evacuate, and “green” county commissions plot and plat (map) new urban “pack and stack” high-density housing and urban renewal projects.

CNBC headline from October 2017 paints a somber picture:

“Claims losses from California’s wildfires top $3 billion; state says some insurers may exit”

House buried by January 2018 California mudslide (Photo: AP)

As for the extensive damage being sustained on the west coast after torrential rains caused topsoil, exposed by expansive burning zones, to flow downhill, flooding and burying everything in their path, the Intelligent Insurer estimates “an economic loss of more than $100 million and insured losses of tens of millions of dollars, according to Impact Forecasting, part of Aon Benfield.”

What does all this have to do with Agenda 2030, you ask? What is Agenda 2030, you may well ask?

The United Nations (UN) claims that their continuing agenda to “level the global economic playing field” – by lowering the standard of living in the most affluent of the world’s countries via forced immigration and “resettlement” programs.

Of course, the UN would never be that candid. Here’s their spin on this new international power play to underwrite all civil development, everywhere in the world:

“This Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity.”

In the words of comedian Dana Carvey’s Church Lady:

“Well, isn’t that special?”

In the words of The New American:

“The United Nations and its mostly autocratic member regimes have big plans for your life, your children, your country, and your world.”

Agenda 2030 is the next iteration of the little-known, but insidious, Agenda 21. Adopted by more than 178 Governments at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 3-14, 1992, The Post Sustainability Institute summarizes Agenda 21 quite succinctly:

“UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the action plan implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world. INVENTORY AND CONTROL.”

The UN has been pushing “sustainable development” for over 20 years. The underlying premise – which is itself debatable – is that there are too many people living on earth for the resources available to them in their specific localities.

To “solve” this completely hypothetical “problem” requires shuffling large populations around the globe, and replacing low-density housing with multi-family complexes. We used to call them “the Projects” and you surely didn’t want to live there.

Even the Republican party’s 2012 platform stated:

“We strongly reject the UN Agenda 21 as erosive of American sovereignty.”

This is Big News, but have you heard anything in the mainstream media lately about the UN’s plan to take over the world?

Today, Agenda 2030 is a continuation of the last 15-year UN plan, eight “Millennium Development Goals,” or MDGs, “which range from halving extreme poverty rates to halting the spread of HIV/AIDS and providing universal primary education, all by the target date of 2015.”

Despite critics who question the ulterior motives of a global consortium (the UN) that wants to micro-manage our daily affairs, effective January 1, 2016, the 17 “Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) of UN Agenda 2030 went into force.

Many analysts agree that Agenda 2030 is leading the world toward the One World Government envisioned by fascist corporations.

Using DEWs and other weather control mechanisms is certainly well within the capability of a totalitarian organization with a reach as broad as the United Nations.

As of January 12, 2018, ABC News reported that 10,000 residents, “almost the entirely of Montecito,” were ordered to evacuate.

Just like the California wildfires, those displaced from their homes far outnumber those actually killed. Our hearts go out to all victims of actual weather disasters and possible NWO power-mad machinations.

California Evacuation Center (Photo: Gabrielle Lurie)

What can you do about it?

Look into your city and county commissions. Attend a few meetings. Get to know your local commissioners. Question and challenge all policy decisions that mention the words “green” or “sustainable.” Don’t let the utility companies install “Smart” meters and other untested sources of radiation.

If not Us, whom? If not now, when?

  1. Post Author

    Had gorgeous blue clear skies this morning here in South Dakota over our farm. Weather was cold and crisp on our 8 1/2 acre farm surrounded by the 3,00 acres of cropland. As I looked up into the vast blue skies, I knew it was too good to last….7 jets began to fly their chemicals into the familiar checkered board pattern and yup, there went the pretty blue sky. All we have now is an overcast day with clouds and high winds as usual. Bummer.

    • Post Author

      Omg, the electric Co here in la recently gave me a new “environmentally friendly” refrigerator. Do this mean it’s radioactive???

    • Post Author

      So sorry to hear that. I believe ya, and know exactly how you feel. I hate it, when I see them checkerboarding the sky in my state of SC. Last time I saw these spraying ALL OVER the sky (it was shocking how much), (in December), )it was 3 days before we had our first snow of the year, wasn’t but a 3 or 4 inches, but it stayed around for about 3 days (and I thought it strange that everything was “3). And usually, when I see them spraying heavily , it’s usually a few days, before we have a lot of rain. (I could almost tell ya the weather, when I see them!) And yeah, I try to stay in the house, as much as possible, to keep from breathing in those MANY chemicals, (as they are harmful to to our bodies), such as aluminum. It’s also nice to see, when other people are open minded, and know what’s going on, but so sad, when people fight it, and argue, that there’s no such thing! What they DON’T know, WILL hurt them, is one of my usual sayings. If someone can’t read the MANY articles, and watch the many videos, and see all the evidence, that it’s true…. But we try to tell and teach them all anyway, don’t we? But for some, you HAVE to give up, you know it’s a losing battle.

      • Post Author

        When I was in an air plane, traveling from Connecticut to Florida I noted that there were very heavy clouds over South Carolina. What made the chem trails so obvious was that they hung over the land only. There were no clouds over the ocean other than one small puff as if the planes poison cloud machine started too early and then was back in order. How can a state be completely covered as if it were a blanket and people refused to acknowledge it or are working with it?! One is stupid and the second is traitorous.

    • Post Author

      Let your elected officials know you are bummed out and want those clear blue skies, Fellow Citizen and Dear Reader!

  2. Post Author

    It’s just the creeping socialist agenda prevalent in european economies and now spreading around the world. In reality the US is not immune to its total corruption as it is now creeping thru this nation under the guise of liberalism. The fact is that there is no longer a democratic party – they have been taken over by socialist in government and almost all segments of our society and educational institutions. Remember the communists mantra in the 50’s and 60’s ” the end justifies the means? Well that’s the motto of the “damnocratic” Socialists in the US. If Donald Trump didn’t win over Lucifers she devil we would be calling eachother ” commrad”

    • Post Author

      Very well said

  3. Post Author

    EPA ….. hmmm …. Let’s see, EPA is also “thinning the herd.”
    1. outlawed offshore drilling based upon fraudulent claims of oil spills, forcing U.S. to buy from OPEC, perhaps with the motive of saving the U.S. dollar once it was taken off the gold standard (due to Federal Reserve looting of Ft. Knox gold).
    2. forces every vehicle since ’75 to emit hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, & phosgene (WWI poison gas), due to catalytic converter mandate. More expensive fuel, less mpg, less hp, more complexity, more expensive (rhodium reached $8,000/try oz in ’08).
    Yes, we don’t want to clean up the EPA.
    EPA has probably run 1/2 the U.S. businesses out of business since it’s disgraceful creation by Nixon. An earlier count was 17,000 EPA employees working to put U.S. businesses out of business.
    Scott Pruitt has promised to cut 25% of the EPA’s work force,
    25% of 17,000 EPA job destroyers, that’s 4,250 worthless government parasites looking for work. Or not.
    As far as I know only 18 of those 17,000 actually verified automaker emission compliance claims. That’s why VW & others were able to sell cars with rigged emissions.
    The reality is that we do NOT need/want catalytic converter madness (hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide and phosgene WWI poison gas emissions in our cities and around our homes).
    Catalytic converters produce hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide & phosgene WWI poison gas.
    You are trading fuel for poison. Emission testing equipment conveniently omit sensors for these poisons.

    In order to fuel the catalytic converters, with carbon monoxide, the air/fuel mixture is made richer in fuel, the ignition is retarded as are the intake and exhaust cam timing.
    In fact the CO output is increased 5X for converter equipped vehicles. Think about it, the cats have to be heated to about 1,400 degrees F in order to convert the most CO to HCN, HS & phosgene gases. Even in cold weather. Besides, the EPA wants them to “light off” more quickly upon cold start, so yes modern EPA engines emit tons of CO.
    But, once the CO (fuel) enters the cats, it is combined with NOx to form CN (cyanide) gas.
    Besides that CN is absorbed in water (rain, fog, spraying) dissolving lead, tin, arsenic, and other toxic metals in the soil, making them bio accumulate in plants (food), just for your delight. Yum. EPA veggies!
    Eat your EPA veggies.

    1. Cars/trucks do NOT produce hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, nor phosgene poison gas W/O a catalytic converter.
    2. Obviously, the more poison gas emitted, the more toxic that gas becomes.
    3. What may not be obvious is that when 2 poison gases are mixed, is the toxicity the same, or doubled?
    Actually, the toxicity is 100 times as much as either single poison gas.
    So, you tell me, when 3 poison gases are intentionally, knowingly, created by the EPA, is that exhaust stream now 1000 times as toxic as any one single gas of the same concentration?

    Remember, your greatest exposure is in the city and during rush hour, twice each day. Why would the EPA knowingly do this to you and your family?

    But it gets even worse.
    Take San Francisco. These poison gases blow inland from the city, to farm land. Cyanide is water soluable and is used to refine metals, because it has the unique ability to dissolve them. So, when it rains, fogs, or even when the crops are watered, cyanide is dissolved in the ground water, allowing it to now leach lead, tin, arsenic, and other toxic metals from the soil, into the water.
    As if that is not bad enough, plants must use that water, where the heavy metals bio-accumulate, forming a concentration of toxic metals in your food, killing you, and the wild life who also have to eat and drink there.

    Is any of this worth the false promise of reducing smog?
    Are you happy that your government is knowingly poisoning you?
    Can you imagine how much more dangerous the roads are now that drivers are actively being poisoned, in many different ways, all at once.

    Why does the EPA get away with making vehicles MORE expensive (to buy, to drive, to maintain, to sell), less fuel efficient, use more expensive fuel, require yearly smog testing (due to complexity & lack of reliability)?
    To poison Americans into submission!
    Catalytic converters (cats) don’t “clean up” “smog.”
    They don’t improve mpg, nor hp.
    They don’t reduce carbon emissions, in fact they increase carbon emissions.
    They don’t allow less expensive fuel.
    They don’t make cars more reliable.
    You can’t buy used cats. Only new ones. So that the S. African mining interests can use hydrogen cyanide to remove the precious metals from the old cats, to put into new cats, that cost from $1,600 & up.

    • Post Author

      The EPA is another parasite and needs to be shut down. All of these groups, NEA, TSA and the others that are NOT voted in by citizens need to be shut down. The money gained from these parasites would cover SS and Medicare for decades. Also, we citizens are the ones that should be returned ALL of our money at age 65. Would you like someone to hold your money for years promising to pay you back, only to find that you are being paid pennies on your hundreds of thousands of dollars?! No way. Is there a statue to Lyndon Johnson, the stealing president? Tear it down now. Arrest the ones in the EPA, TSA, NEA etc.

      • Post Author

        Please share your passion with your elected officials and demand accountability, transparency, and positive change. Without our votes, they are powerless.

  4. Post Author

    This information should be published in BOLD PRINT nationally so that the average individual is totally aware of it. Our participation in the UN, which has lead to surrendering many of our sovereign national rights, has been published in a limited fashion. We do not know what to refute since we are ignorant of what has taken place. We do not know what our elected officials have committed us to. We should withdraw totally from the UN.

    • Post Author

      You are so right. And I’ve been saying to myself and others, that we need to get out of the UN…for years.
      Wow, wouldn’t I (and many others) celebrate, if Trump would do THAT!

  5. Post Author

    I have advocated leaving the U.N. for years and if someone as dumb as I am can figure it out then any smart person should see it! Get us out of the United Nations!!

    • Post Author

      Not to be a “know it all”, but my father wanted that building in New York to be torn down in 1950- the year it was finished being built. By the way, it is a start to cut off funds to the UN, thank- you President Trump and Miss. Haley, our ambassador, yet, we need to do more. I say, Let’s start charging RENT on the property. Make all these communists pay rent for using the property. If they do not pay the rent kick them out.

  6. Post Author

    Most of these comments are probably correct, but how many of you know what Gods word teaches & warns. God gave us volition, so He has to respect that His creation make good & bad decisions & choices; but penalties & rewards apply. God is in full control, and He has told us what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen in our world. Believe & accept it! The NWO says the world can only support 500 million people; so a lot of us are going to have to die or be aborted. Nationalism can’t exist in a centrally controlled NWO. The future world Leader – the AntiChrist. Why is he called that? Do some reading & save your life.

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