Satanic Cults Turn Victims Into Zombies Using Mind Control Drug

American Informer

Back in 1999 “the Franklin case” was a hot and touchy topic.  On February 5, 1999, in a U.S. District Court in Lincoln, Nebraska, Paul Bonacci claimed in a lawsuit he had been ritualistically abused by 90’s popular GOP politician Lawrence E. King, as part of a nationwide pedophile ring linked to powerful political figures in Washington, and to elements of the U.S. military and intelligence establishment.

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In a memo written by Judge Warren K. Urbom, stateing “King continually subjected the plaintiff to repeated sexual assaults, false imprisonment, infliction of extreme emotional distress, organized and directed satanic rituals, forced the plaintiff to ‘scavenge’ for children to be a part of the defendant King’s sexual abuse and pornography ring, forced the plaintiff to engage in numerous sexual contacts with the defendant King and others and participate in deviate sexual games and masochistic orgies with other minor children.”

On February 27, 1999, Judge Urbom ordered King to pay $1 million in damages to Bonacci and found guilty, and at the time, this was just the beginning of taking a closer look into horrid satanic and pedophilia cults surrounding political leaders and regular U.S. citizens.

In cases where someone is forced to do something unwillingly is often because the victim has some sort “mind control” over them, giving up resistance in fear for their life, hypnotized, or controlled with the help of drugs. Becoming popular back in the 1880’s, today’s trendy drug of choice for kidnappers and cult members,  is often referred to as “Devil’s Breath”, a flower grown widely in Columbia, called Scopolamine.  It’s frequently used by criminals around the world to rob innocent people, take advantage of travelers, kidnapping, and rape.  Scopolamine is seemingly untraceable in the bloodstream, and its effects last about 6 hours.  Once this drug is inhaled and is active in the bloodstream, it causes the victim to be “under a spell” essentially, and turns them into a real-life wide-awake zombie.

Scopolamine was previously used by both the Soviet intelligence and the CIA as a kind of truth serum. American police used it in the early 20th century, and the CIA experimented with it in the 1960’s.   The Nazis also had made use of the drug during their extensive interrogations and has for ages been a sacred plant for the Colombian community.

Many experts call scopolamine “the world’s most dangerous drug”, however, you can find small traces of scopolamine used today in over-the-counter medicines for motion sickness, treatments for tremors and even in general anesthesia.

Used by itself in a power form or added to a liquid (to spray in someone face or consumed in a drink) is used to put people into a zombie-like state where they lose their memory and free will, and can be convinced easily to do anything demanded of them.

Finding the drug in Colombia is easy. The flowering tree which naturally produces scopolamine grows wild and is famous in the countryside where mothers warn their children not to fall asleep below its yellow and white flowers.

This drug has become popular in Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Brazil, and Ecuador and is increasingly being smuggled on cruise ships and finding its way into America. The state of New York has reported hundreds of incidences of criminal activity involving scopolamine.  Columbian law enforcement sources say scopolamine attacks are on the rise, with 961 cases the first six months of 2017.

Fulcrum News founder, David Seaman, interviewed a young woman who recently escaped captivity from a satanic cult in Lincoln, Nebraska who openly shares her story of a month of pure and utter Hell.   After being lured by a man, whom she thought was her friend, to move to Lincoln and bunk with he and his best friend at their home, she immediately knew something was wrong when walked in and saw devil worshiping items in the house.   It was soon after that she was kidnapped and taken hostage by these two seemingly harmless men and was made to be part of their satanic cult.  She described cult members using the Devil’s Breath drug by blowing it into her face, forcing her breath it in.  It then took over her mind and body, turning her into a zombie, completely helpless, where she did everything her kidnappers and other cult members asked her to do.  Until the deep spell of the drug wore off, she would listen and do anything asked of her, barely remembering much from the vile incidents.

She recalls cult “handlers and grabbers” intently seeking out, and bringing in fresh new innocent victims frequently, then when at the cult grounds repeatedly abusing and hurting them.  She notes emotionally, while being held in captivity, victims are forcefully to be sexually abused by animals, like horses, while being filmed.   Luckily she escaped and is sharing her story to help get the news out that there is a satanic cult in Lincoln, Nebraska who will use any force necessary, whether through drugs or fear for their lives.  To hear David Seaman’s podcast and the full story of her satanic cult experience, click here.

Going back as far as the 1980’s, when the popular “Satanic Panic” began, Lincoln, Nebraska has been in and out of the spotlight regarding satanic cults and pedophilia rings, some linked to politicians.  Since then politicians have been more strongly tied pedophilia rings and satanic rituals, especially after WikiLeaks released over 20,000 emails from the former Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, John Podesta.

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    And, I believe it is being used on the “shooters” by government agencies who support the NWO/OWG under the UN.

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      I’ve bee saying the same thing……..

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        Me too….I don’t think ANY of these people that have gotten these guns, and went somewhere and shot up the people in these “places” (schools, churches, clubs, etc etc.) were under their own mind, but more than likely, under this same “drug”! I saw a video years ago, online, about a reporter who went with guy, while the guy told him ALL about this drug, in Columbia. It was the first time I’d heard about it, and it just FREAKED me OUT! (I never forgot it, and now THIS article on it!?) That is totally some scary “sh*t!! And to think it’s here in America! Well, that put’s all those “shooters” we had, (and will probably have in the future) in perspective, doesn’t it?

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      I’ve been saying that for decades, but people think I’m nuts. Mind control is the only reason for what is happening in the USA and the World.

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    This is horrendous, these people should be arrested immediately, tried and sentenced to worst possible punishment.

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      They should be hung in public and sent to their maser Satan

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    It is noteworthy that Barack Obama, an outspoken advocate of the “New World Order”, as is Hillary and Bill Clinton, BOTH Bushes and Biden , is said to have used “Psy-Ops” in his usurpation of the Presidency during wartime. See: “There is no ‘President’ Obama”-

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    Hello, its pleasant article on the topic of media print, we all know media is a fantastic source of data.

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    A respected researcher found there are trees growing in California and Florida. Yes it is used all over the world. The chinese being expert chemists have developed derivatives that are able to be delivered covertly. Keep track of your pocket money. I am not joking.

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