Hawaii False Flag to Start WWIII?


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In breaking news, on the evening of January 13, 2018, Shawn Ching of Hawaii News Now announced, very emphatically, that “there is no ballistic missile threat test. That was a false alarm.” Perhaps he misread the cue card for surely he meant to say, “there is no ballistic missile TEST THREAT.”

But hey, one good DHS drill gone bad – after so many successes (Sandy Hook springs readily to mind, for example) – still leaves a very impressive winning track record for the Department of Homeland Security, the ultimate oxymoronic agency.

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Hawaiians remained terrified for some 38 minutes. Isn’t that a nice validation that our government is behind their own special creation, the unending War on Terror? If those enemies of ours won’t cooperate, why heck, Big Brother will just trump up a fake catastrophe – and blame Trump.

Listening to televised interviews makes it clear that our state- and federal-level elected representatives – just like most of the rest of us – have no clue at all about what’s going on at the highest levels of government in terms of military plots to foment war – say, with Korea.

Hawaiian senator Brian Shatz blamed the hair-raising incident on “human error” or “a hack” or “administrative error,” and termed it “totally unacceptable.” Goodness, sir, is that the strongest word you know? You used it twice. Perhaps someone (a CIA handler, for example) told you to repeat that word, in order to assuage public outrage over this stupid blunder?

Daily life in Hawaii was interrupted immediately after hearing the impending alert. Students sheltered in place, business offices shut down, and residents prepared for the worst – possibly the end of their lives.

North Korean Leader Kim John Un, second from right, inspects the Hwasong-14 missile launch on – coincidentally? – July 4, 2017 (Photo: Korean Central News Agency & Korea News Service via AP)

However, three days later, Alex Jones of InfoWars.com, broadcasting live on January 16, 2018, said his CIA and high-level military sources had contacted him, and all agreed that “there is no way this is an accident because there are five fail-safe switches to manually activate the alerts.”

In other words, one person’s finger did not push a button. Any such report is a big, fat lie.

According to Jones’ sources, motives for the incident were to embarrass trump, destabilize things, distract from yesterday’s news confirming indictments of people connected to the Clintons, evidence in the FBI search warrants of a second shooter in Las Vegas at a failed arms deal.

Interestingly enough, it was only last November that NBC News correspondent Heidi Chang reported that Hawaii had installed air raid warning sirens – in case of a possible attack from North Korea. The Aloha State is also going to “educate its 1.4 million residents, as well as its visitors, on how to prepare for a nuclear attack.”

The above mainstream media article (read: mind control propaganda) makes an immediate connection between the Japanese “sneak” attack of WWII – itself a false flag event to propel American sentiment into the war, which it did quite nicely indeed – and current affairs in Hawaii.

Are We the People being prepped for the next Big Lie: a fake (or allowed) North Korean attack on Hawaii? It certainly seems that the national security state preaches more than it practices.

Here’s a chilling sample of “emergency management” to consider:

Last July 2017, the Boston Herald interviewed the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HEMA) on incoming threats, including a North Korean ballistic missile attack. The photo below – without the red circle – went unnoticed, at the time:

After this recent snafu in Hawaii, the Gateway Pundit revealed a horrifying testament to the deplorably laughable farce that is “Homeland Security” in all its faces and forms.

Closer examination of the photo above shows HEMA operations officer Jeff Wong standing in front of an array of computer screens. Nothing wrong with that – except that you can zoom in and make out very clearly a yellow post-it note on one of the monitors that reads:

“Password Warningpoint2”

Keeping sensitive passwords safe by memorizing them and never writing them down – certainly never posting them for passers-by to see, is Lesson #1 in cybersecurity class.

Clearly, restricted computer network security is not included under the umbrage of Homeland Security. Thank goodness, because unless someone did a quick password reset, we might be staring down the barrel of World War III.

Or perhaps that’s been the idea all along?

Emergency Management is fun!
(Vern Miyagi, Administrator at HEMA, who said Hawaiians have 15 minutes before a direct missile strike after an alert – Photo: Heidi Chang, NBCNews)

  1. Post Author

    so what is the “Down Side”?

    • Post Author

      My guess is that the Pentagon was acutely aware there was no threat. If not, then why all the monitoring satellites? More wasted taxpayer spending from previous Administrations, huh? Bet Trump was told no launch occurred within 5 minutes of Hawaii’s bogus alert. With that being said odds are he said, “let them figure it out for themselves”. They want to play games with their citizens, let them.

  2. Post Author

    Previously worked in the airline industry which built military aircraft. Passwords were changed on a directed basis & they were not allowed to be written down…anywhere. What are the officials in HI thinking?

  3. Post Author

    Deep State needs flushed. Terminate all 20yr or more employees. Forced retirement or severence in the name of national security. It isnt everyone but you have to get the bad ones out to renew faith in the USA. Better vetting and watchdog tactics for future employees of national security. “Get tuff” NOT fair.

  4. Post Author

    The DHS had nothing to do with this. It was a state test.

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