Crop Circle Truths Arise – Part 1


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Perhaps the most intriguing of all unexplained mysteries here on Gaia (Earth) is the phenomenon we call crop circles. They are beautiful, sometimes complex, sometimes simple, and always mysterious.

Crop Circle (2001) at Milk Hill, Wiltshire, England – 780 feet, 409 circles

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In case you didn’t know, a crop circle is a sizable pattern created by the flattening of a crop such as wheat or barley. More than 10,000 Crop Circle formations (termed agriglyphs) have been found or cataloged worldwide. Crop circles range in size from a few inches to hundreds of feet across and have been as large as 200,000 square feet. People who study crop circles are called cereologists, from the Greek goddess Ceres, who ruled agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships.

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The epicenter of worldwide crop circle activity is unquestionably the southwestern English countryside of county Wiltshire. This fertile farmland is also home to the most famous British sacred sites, including the stone rings at Avebury and Stonehenge.

Where these formations come from, and how they are made, has been a subject of great interest to Truth Seekers. One of the most notable – and puzzling – features about crop circles is that their patterns are only recognizable from the air, like the Nazca Lines in Peru. Just who is supposed to be viewing these patterns?

Although writers, as early as the 1700s, reported seeing “fairie rings” in the English countryside, crop circles weren’t much of a modern story until the late 1970s, when reports of crop circles began to appear in the mainstream media. The official causes for all crop circles were weather, other natural phenomena, or humans using planks with rope handles (hoaxers).

But are mainstream science and media correct? How about truthful?

Reports of crop circles increased during the 1980s, and the patterns became more elaborate.

Then, in 1991, after a notable crop circle investigator concluded that many circles throughout England could not have been human-made, two Brits – Doug Bower and Dave Chorley – told journalists they had planned making fake crop circles while sitting in a pub (bar). In front of journalists’ cameras, they demonstrated how they used only four-foot planks, rope, hats and wire to create flattened crop circles.

Doug and Dave hard at work debunking every crop circle ever made.

This story made international headlines, and many people still think that every, single crop circle is the product of a hoax.

Nothing could be further from the truth. “Real” (not faked) crop circles demonstrate some very odd features that just don’t fit the conventional explanations provided by mainstream science.

1. For starters, cereal grain plant stalks develop nodes (joints) as they grow. In a hoaxed crop formation, the plants’ stalks are broken about three feet up, from the wood plank used to flatten it.

But in a real crop circle, the stalks are neatly bent or folded over – not broken – onto the ground at a 90° angle about an inch off the ground, at the plant’s first node. The plants are laid in precise geometric swirl patterns with very little signs of physical damage. Close inspection reveals that the plants are interwoven and braided, sometimes for hundreds of feet. Some stalks spiral in a clockwise direction, while others in the same formation spiral in the opposite direction.

The nodes themselves are changed, physically. They swell and crack, very much like popcorn heated in a microwave oven:

2. Some analyzed crop circles have measured radiation levels higher than background, and many show altered electromagnetic fields when compared with the crop outside the circle. “MagnetoMeister” and researcher Collin Andrews announced almost 20 years ago, in August 2000:

Collin Andrews

“An estimated 20% of crop circles show no evidence of being made by people, while 80% do.”

3. Balls of light appear near and over crop circles, as filmed on YouTube. Military helicopters and jets often appear soon after, suggesting there is more to them than mere “swamp gas.”

But the most famous video shows “UFOs Making Crop Circles at Oliver’s Castle near Devizes, England – Aug 11, 1996” – truly amazing!!

These “balls of light” are rightly called “UFOs” because they are, in fact, unidentified flying objects. But are these lights actually alien spaceships, piloted by sentient beings?

Some truly astonishing first-hand accounts about crop circle formations appearing right in front of their eyes are available for those with the time and interest to look for them. Notably, check out this July 2000 eyewitness account from Polish farmer Jerzy Szpulecki. After watching a strange aerial craft touch down nearby his house, he mentions experiencing a “pressure” on his body, but none of the other physiological reactions associated with this strange phenomenon, like tingling on the skin. It was his neighbor who reported the resultant crop circle since Mr. Szpulecki had never heard of them, and didn’t even go look.

These days, reporting and documenting crop circles has never been easier, thanks to smartphone camera technology. Researchers continue to make astonishing discoveries about this geophysical reality.

Part 2 of this article on crop circles will explore some of the newest scientific findings, and examine the risks of getting too close to Crop Circle Truths. Stay tuned!


  1. Post Author

    There was a wonderful movie with Ray Milan and Gene Tierney about their dead daughter.
    One of the puzzling events was when there was a mold of the daughter’s hand. When the couple consulted a detective about it, he said, Don’t think about it. Think, instead, how can I recreate this. It was divulged that the wax hand had lines carved into the wax to make it seem as if there were fingerprints. These phony crop circles are from wise guys that have nothing better to do and are interested in increasing the tourism of the area. They can easily be made if one has a schematic and measures out the land by square acres or half acres. I am astounded that we are STILL bringing this up as a mystery. As a person in America did, they organized because their husband was in a scandal with a young intern.

    • Post Author

      With appreciation for your taking the time to comment, if you revisit the article, you find there are scientifically demonstrable differences between board-flattened grain crop and the “other” type of crop circle, which appears to have been heated – and swirled – in opposite directions – and braided – sometimes for miles.

  2. Post Author

    Very curious! I’m going out o a limb and suggesting that these phenoma are not man made and most of them are beautiful. I would guess that the reason that they are seen only from the air is that they are made from the air.

    • Post Author

      Made from the air is the standard thinking. What Levengood and Kelly found is completely unexpected: that the force comes from within the earth, rather than above. Weird, eh?

  3. Post Author

    Has anyone ever offered payment or other reward for anyone who could openly and publicly produce a crop circle with the scale and complexity and precision as seen in these photos?

  4. Post Author

    What I would like to know has anyone tried to decipher the crop circles to see if there is any kind of message that they are trying to send humanity? I have a theory that if you took the “confirmed” crop circles and put them on a giant grid that it’s some kind of a star map with the distances between them being a representation of the distance between the star systems.

  5. Post Author

    There is no evidence for alien origins of crop circles, they are all consistent with human causation. They started out as a prank or hoax, but fringe conspiracy theorists have clung to the unsupported wild beliefs.

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