Pentagon Never Hit by a 9/11 Plane


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One of the perplexing aspects about the 9/11/01 attacks in the United States concerns the official story that the Pentagon was targeted by “terrorists,” and struck by a commercial jet American Airlines Flight 77, a Boeing 757. We know it was AA Flight 77 because of this convenient piece of “wreckage” recovered at the site:

Good thing the plane’s ID tag survived intact – and still legible!

One of our sources sent over a video, purportedly from a Pentagon security camera facing the impact site. The frame paused at 5 seconds appears to show a fast-moving projectile slamming into one side of the Pentagon from the right. This object has no wings whatsoever. The logical conclusion is that the object is a missile.

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After the impact, a fireball quickly becomes thick, gray smoke. At 1:49 the video cuts to some live-action footage of the Pentagon. This footage was shot from a position opposite from the first film, but still facing the point of impact.

However, the first people on the scene who weren’t first responders (police, firefighters, medics) found no evidence that a plane actually struck the Pentagon. The wreckage did not make “forensic sense,” and raised questions immediately from objective witnesses.

The female CNN reporter begins this video by saying that a certain “Bob Franken and an eyewitness” had concluded that the plane landed “short of the Pentagon” – meaning it never made it that far.

The entire CNN breaking news segment, which includes the above video content, is shown in another YouTube video. CNN’s military affairs correspondent Jaime McIntyre said no plane even fell short of the mark. After walking up to the smoldering Pentagon, he observed:

“From my close-up inspection, there’s no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon…The only pieces left…are small enough to pick up in your hand. There are no large tail sections, wing sections, fuselage – nothing like that anywhere around which would indicate that the entire plane crashed into the side of the Pentagon and then caused the side to collapse.”

The demolished Pentagon floors didn’t collapse until 45 minutes after impact, and the burn marks were inconsistent with those seen at the WTC Twin Towers in NYC – also allegedly toppled by mere airplanes.

By the way, in terms of construction physics, the heat generated by the amount of jet fuel on a plane (based on fuel tank capacity, rate of consumption, and time from take-off) is not hot enough to “melt steel,” as the mainstream media repeated ad nauseum.

The damage seen at the Pentagon crash site is more consistent with that of a plane crash – but was there even a plane? Many investigators say the answer is no.

This video analyzes the damage done to the Pentagon. The affected area measured about 65 feet wide and 73 feet tall – the height of the building. The narrator informs:

“From wingtip to wingtip, a 757 is 124 feet, 10 inches. From nose to tail a 757 is 155 feet 3 inches in length, and the height is 44 feet 6 inches. How does a plane of those dimensions [size] fit into a hole only 65 feet across?”

Just to recap, we have first-hand reports that no significant plane wreckage was found at the Pentagon explosion site and the hole was too small to have been made by a 757 jet airplane. Both reports were buried while the mainstream media continued to bleat the cover story in order to launch the unending “War on Terror” under which we are currently oppressed.

Look, Ma – no wings!

Is there more evidence to weigh?

Try this on for size. This video reported that NO ONE DIED right after this alleged jet crashed into a busy office building during working hours. Just how is that supposed to happen, given the physical forces involved? Were the people shown being transported on stretchers actually paid, professional crisis actors?

Apparently, Bush, Cheney, and the other NWO leaders in charge of the US believed – and still believe – that We the People are dumb as stumps. We swallowed their incredibly evil lies and let them take away our civil rights under the oxymoronic Patriot Act.

Most people – or “sheeple” – who are either too busy or just not interested do believe that giving up our cherished freedoms is “the price we must pay” to ensure “national security.”

What a steaming load of horse hockey.

Occasionally, though, someone important admits the truth.

In this short video snippet from an interview with Neil Degrasse Tyson, former President Bill Clinton mentions the “Pentagon bomb.” Although lifted from its original context, Clinton seems to be answering a question about 9/11 being an inside job that was discussed by the US presidential candidates during the debates – before anything happened on 9/11.

A slip of the tongue? A guilty conscience? A mistake made while tired? You decide.

Now, consider this eye-witness testimony. A woman alleging to be a Pentagon employee inside the building during the explosion on 9/11 made this video. At 2:19, she says:

“As I was coming out of the Pentagon I didn’t see any evidence of metal, airplane seats, luggage – nothing that would give me any indication that it was a plane that had hit the building.” No one she encountered had any jet fuel on their bodies, and no one in her area.

This concerned citizen’s call to action is to open a federal grand jury to decide if We the People are the victims of highest-level perjury and obstruction of justice.

The “official story” is BUNK, plain and simple. Stop the fictional “War on Terror” forced on a nation still reeling from shock. Dismantle the pork-belly, boondoggle organizations thereby created, notably DHS and TSA.

Refocus the national narrative on the truth, and for pete’s sake, stop patronizing us.

We taxpayers funded the ridiculous “9/11 Commission Report” which concluded that the guilty party was – are you ready for this? – the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Even 9/11 Commissioner Tim Roemer spilled the beans when he told CNN, thinking back about the Pentagon attack:

“You were worried, especially when I was standing in front of the Pentagon that night, seeing one of our fortresses pried open by a missile – uh, airplane.”

Haven’t you had enough lies?

  1. Post Author

    We need to escort everyone of those lying politicians from our building , they are overpaid underworked liars who stand for nothing but linning their own pockets , there should be no pensions or percs of any kind and absolutely two term limits , then u would see the best of america

  2. Post Author

    So if there was no plane, where then is flight 77 and the people that were on board?

  3. Post Author

    Putin must have “Hacked” it. like he did the DNC.
    G-d Bless our troops, Jared Kushner in 2020

    • Post Author

      Just ask Rumsfeld where the missing two trillion dollars were

  4. Post Author

    What happened to the planes and passengers/crew that disappeared that day???????

  5. Post Author

    Sad that the globalist trash who posed as our leaders during that awful time would care so little for innocent Americans dying. A fellow citizen from my city in Macon,GA died in that destruction. His name was Major Cole Hogan and was a great soldier and a great man. Very sad.

  6. Post Author

    You are lying! I have a trusted friend who saw it happen when he was on his way to work that morning.

  7. Post Author

    What happened to AA flight 77 and its passengers?

    • Post Author

      I find it very difficult to believe this is some sort of conspiracy. O.T.O.H. where is the plane debris? And where are all the people supposedly killed in the crash? Why would it be necessary to fake an event of this magnitude? Certainly other measures could be taken to accomplish the alleged motive I.E. war on terror, war in Iraq, war everywhere. I understand that war is good for business in some capitalist corners but . . . I find all of this very hard to swallow. Landru! Help me!

  8. Post Author

    If there are people powerful enough to pull this off then they certainly have the ability to fix every Presidential election. So when the people think they elected someone who will stand with them and uncover this, instead they’ll get a guy (whose son-in-law is tied to Soros & Putin) that claims we’re in danger from invading Hispanic workers from the South and Muslims from the North and wall us in so we cant escape.

    • Post Author

      Americans ARE in danger from beaners from the south. Just ask any MS13 member or their victims, [not nice name]. These beaner parasites are stealing us blind. California American taxpayers foot out 25 BILLION dollars a year for welfare for these subhuman cockroaches to breed more brown cr*p. Enough is enough. Deport or enslave all illegals. Make them pray to leave OUR COUNTRY.

  9. Post Author

    If you look at the films of the twin towers smoking, you will notice orange molten metal spraying out of the corner of one tower. This can only be from an acetylene torch (which is not feasible) or a compound such as thermite which can melt steel such as railroad rails. This was an inside job and only very stupid people believe the government lies. Jet fuel cannot melt beams. Again…the NWO elitists at work trying to set up America for a takeover. MAGA ….back up President Trump. The swamp holds murderers.

  10. Post Author

    The only solution is to challenge all evidence and claims, to do this dispassionately regardless of the likely outcome and then decide for yourself. The official story on 9/11 is bunk by my assessment (on so many levels) though this does not tell me who did orchestrate it or why. I have my ideas but thats all they are.
    You only need the published material available from the major media and broadcast or printed by them and do not need to go into conspiracy stuff at all. This massive elephant is standing there in plain sight. Not in plain sight are the 4000+ cleanup workers who have died, most suffocating due to lung disease from the asbestos dust, in the years since.
    There are none so blind as those who will not see, so if you are alive open both your eyes and mind and see reality for what it is. What to do about it all is another matter.
    Two main engine shafts and the main gear trucks would have survived the impact so no 757 hit the Pentagon without that hard evidence.

  11. Post Author

    HEADS UP suggestion: [Please rectify this.]
    Frequently, i miss hyperlinked items (such a videos or articles) within your posts because they fail to show up with a line under them before they are clicked on AND because they are in the normal black color of the text instead of the normal blue. Also, they are not in bold font.

  12. Post Author

    Sick of liberal propaganda that always name America and it’s leaders as the criminals in any event. All those folks in the religion of peace have shown us how innocent they are and wish no harm to us, right? We watched with our own eyes jets fly into the towers but we are not to believe our eyes and if you do then the planes were sent by our own government so we could start a war to steal oil. So how much oil have we stolen so far? Come on. Get your heads out of your liberal asses and if this country and its leaders are so evil then get out! It’s s big world. Go try living somewhere else for a year and then come and tell us how awful It is to live in America.

    • Post Author

      As you, I don’t believe 9/11 was an inside job but all of the Dems are corrupt and many establishment Republicans are too. We have a great country and we need to keep it that way and vote the bums out.

  13. Post Author

    So here is the problem with the swamp…who can you trust with information and now video editing, certainly not the media or AP. This is why we NEED TERM LIMITS, because when you don’t, they all learn how they can personally benefit from their positions and then it’s no longer for the people. So here is a question… how many of these swamp rats have Foundations? I’ll bet you can find issues with everyone who has a foundation if anyone dares to look. All this resistance POTUS is receiving is nothing more than the swamp not wanting to let go of a good thing THEY HAVE and that’s Dem’s and Rep’s. and all politicians alike. 6 YEAR terms AND OUT. Reading this article does not surprise me, but it is appalling that the media is not doing their job and it’s acceptable. FCC should revoke their broadcasting credentials if any broadcast announces fake news or information that has not been verified. News should be fact, not a commentators opinion. This is crazy, what has happened to our country and how have we allowed it to get this bad? . I can go on, but again hearing this provoked these comments. Simply AMAZING!!!

    • Post Author

      I thought elections were the term limits????

  14. Post Author

    I have seen so many videos, witnesses, and professionals contradicting this bald faced lie that the MSM (fake news) put out yet Still no indictments! Its rediculous, this is why the Govt is now called the SWAMP!

  15. Post Author

    I think this story is horse manure but I enjoy getting these types of stories and being able to decide which ones I believe.

    • Post Author

      I appreciate your using a euphemism, Dear Reader, to evaluate the article. Belief is optional. Congratulations on thinking for yourself!

  16. Post Author

    So are you telling me that it was NOT Muslims that destroyed the World Trade Center, and killed 3000 people ? I don’t believe that for one minute !

    • Post Author

      They were NOT muslims – they were Saudis – arabs to you….

  17. Post Author

    My mantra is right on: REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION – guaranteed; or subject yourselves to being subjects of the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls living a life of misery, squalor and serfdom as they party hearty as kings and queens as they currently are on your and my dimes!

  18. Post Author

    How else do you convince sheeple 1) to allow/finance CIA Afghanistan drug operation, lasting now almost 18 yrs, 2) for U.S. to borrow money from the banksters & to sacrifice U.S. troops for the Greater Israel Project (weapons to ISIS, Iraq oil to israel), 3) terminate Defense Dept investigation of over $1.4T, as per Rumsfeld’s 9/10/01 speech (@ precise location of this missile strike), & 4) expand military aid to Zionists?

  19. Post Author

    “So you’re telling me it was not Muslims?” That’s probably right; they’re are the scapegoats to the Government machinations. Some time ago there was a team of Construction Specialists ( Engineers & Architects, etc) who debunked the Media account of 9/11. Given the months & years that have passed and various intelligent people have had time to assess the disaster; it was a demolition job with the use of Thermite. If you watch film footage carefully you can see molten metal streaming from points on the towers. There seem to be many indicators that suggest Muslims had little to do with it, except take the blame. It’s a strange situation about the Flight that supposedly crashed in the countryside. Fortunately for you Americans God caused Trump to become President and threw the Globalists plans asunder. The Democrats are hopping mad, while many Republicans have questionable loyalties.

    • Post Author

      Hopefully God will cause the American people to elect Trump supporting politicians to bring “liberty and justice for all (Americans)” back to our country again. We need to pray “believing” every time this comes to mind!! Read why in the Bible, 2 Chronicles 7:14.

  20. Post Author

    Good Lord, time to put on the aluminum hats. If you dip sticks have hard evidence, trot it out. Otherwise let’s start stringing up the Greys, we all know them dang aliens are behind 9/11. 😜

    • Post Author

      Oh, you mean aluminum foil skinned air craft can cut through the 4″ thick walls of the tubular steel facia on the outside of both twin towers? Even the wing tips made clean cuts (see the photo shopped video of people waving through the opening cut by one aluminum air craft? You must be a physicist!
      And Building 7 just collapsed out of fright, after NOT being hit.
      And that Pa crash, where there were no bodies, engines, not even an airplane!
      Sounds like you need the tin hat, Tin Head.

  21. Post Author

    Our problem is not the people who cannot add, or the people who have their brains wash every evening by concerned networks. Our problem is who or what is going to call these swamp people to justice! We can talk of all these things until no one remembers. We can call those who do not see the truth names and argue far into the future, but until this putrid
    section of so called humanity is put on trail and exicuted for one of the worst crimes in history, we are not changing anything! Does anyone have the ability to do this? If not, we are waisting our time!

  22. FBI Sued For Withholding 9/11 Evidence From Congress – DimWit Politics

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