QAnon’s Clinton-Lynch Deal Spells Conspiracy


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Star Trek’s character named Q is all-powerful and a bit of an arrogant dastard. He now has a real-life rival known as QAnon. You say you’ve never heard of this “anonymous Q” person? Very likely, soon you will.

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As explained in New York Magazine:

“On October 28, [2017] someone calling themselves Q began posting a series of cryptic messages in a /pol/ thread titled “Calm Before the Storm” (assumedly in reference to that creepy Trump quote from early October). Q claimed to be a high-level government insider with Q clearance (hence the name) tasked with posting intel drops — which he, for some reason, called “crumbs” — straight to 4chan in order to covertly inform the public about POTUS’s master plan to stage a countercoup against members of the deep state.”

Despite initial skepticism regarding the truth of these messages, due to Q’s anonymity and seemingly fantastic predictions and warnings, the QAnon hashtag (#QAnon) became popular. Decoded messages have proved true enough to be taken more and more seriously.

In breaking news, QAnon posted this cryptic message on February 6, 2018, just after 1:30am Eastern Time:

SC/LL deal > AS 187.

What does this gobbledegook this mean? Dr. Jerome Corsi of Infowars thinks he has the answer:

In late June 2016, during a secret meeting on Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport tarmac, Bill Clinton offered then-attorney general Loretta Lynch [LL] the Supreme Court [SC] seat formerly occupied by the late Associate Justice Antonin Scalia [AS].

Newsweek and other sources covered the Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting last year. Mr. Clinton boarded the Attorney General’s plane for a private meeting. Townhall opined:

“This meeting was not accidental, as Clinton purposely delayed the takeoff of his aircraft to arrange the supposedly impromptu encounter with the Attorney General.”

Former US President and Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton

Former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch

If Dr. Corsi’s interpretation is correct, the latest “crumb” from QAnon reveals that Bill Clinton, acting on behalf of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and his wife, the Democratic presidential front-runner, offered an irresistible deal to AG Lynch: trade a Supreme Court seat for recommending dropping the Hillary email server FBI investigation.

Observers continue to question the death of Antonin Scalia on February 13, 2016, attributed officially to natural causes. For reasons still unknown, as reported by The Atlantic and Washington, DC police criminal investigator William O. Ritchie, Scalia’s body was never autopsied, raising suspicions of conspiratorial wrongdoing and a high-level cover-up.

The late Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia

Then-President Obama had nominated Judge Merrick Garland to replace Scalia, but the position was still vacant four months later. According to Dr. Corsi:

“Clinton reasoned Obama’s nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to replace Scalia would go nowhere with Republicans in the Senate wanting to reserve the nomination for the next president. With Scalia’s seat still open, Hillary as president could nominate Lynch.”

As for QAnon’s cryptic reference to “187” at the end of the first message cited above, the Urban Dictionary says the number is a code “used in law enforcement for a killing/murder.”

To sum up, QAnon’s first message “SC/LL deal > AS 187” means:

“Supreme Court / Loretta Lynch deal after Antonin Scalia was murdered.”

That’s quite a shocking statement, do you agree?

After someone posted the clarifying question, “Lynch offered a SC position if Hillary got through?” – meaning, if Hillary won the election, would she offer a Supreme Court position to Loretta Lynch? – QAnon replied with more abbreviated codes in a listed order:

Build timeline.
AS 187.
HRC investigation pivot points.
JC dismiss letter.
WL comms.

The timeline Corsi constructed includes these important dates:

  • Feb. 2, 2016: Podesta [head of Hillary’s election campaign] email re: “Wet-works,” slang for murder
  • Feb. 13, 2016: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia [died/murdered]
  • Feb. 13, 2016: Podesta email regarding Scalia replacement
  • June 27, 2016: Bill Clinton’s tarmac meeting with Loretta Lynch
  • July 1, 2016: Loretta Lynch announces she will accept FBI findings
  • July 2, 2016: FBI interviews Hillary Clinton
  • July 5, 2016: James Comey dismisses Clinton email investigation

From QAnon’s message:

HRC are the initials of Hillary Rodham Clinton (Democratic presidential front-runner).

JC are the initials of James Comey (FBI Director fired by Trump in May 2016).

#2 might indicate FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

PS are the initials of FBI agent Peter Strzok (who investigated the Clinton email server case, suggested rewording Comey’s acquittal letter to water down the legal language  “mishandled classified information,” and most recently, was mentioned in the MEMO).

WL comms could well stand for WikiLeaks communications.

An interesting note is that, after the Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting, Lynch proposed downgrading the Hillary “federal investigation” to an “ordinary matter of inquiry” – a linguistic manipulation and legal dodge which Mrs. Clinton was busy spinning on national TV, radio and on tour.

It is a matter of historical fact that the US Department of Justice, on FBI recommendation, ignored Hillary Clinton’s crimes against the nation.

Remember, too, that in June and July 2016 the Democrats were telling themselves – and the world – that Hillary was a sure win for the 2016 presidential election. Having a bribed Supreme Court judge puppet in Loretta Lynch would help protect the Clinton conspiracy.

Except Hillary lost. Oops.

Still, this story might never have surfaced without the help of this unidentified QAnon person and Julian Assange’s Wikileaks.

Pretty heady stuff, isn’t it, if we suppose that Lynch was motivated to exonerate Hillary’s “little matter of private email servers” by the tempting, juicy career plum of a seat on the highest court of the land, offered by the Democrats’ top leaders, the Clintons?

But where is the proof? QAnon hints that WikiLeaks has recordings and/or transcripts of Clinton-Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting.

Something tells me we’ll be hearing more about this story.

And just who is this mysterious QAnon, anyway?

  1. Post Author

    Makes sense to me. No autopsy in this scenerii equals smoking gun. But just like everything else that has been/is being brought to light, no one at the top of this pile of crap will ever be held accountable

  2. Post Author

    I don’t know who this QAnon is; but Lynch diverted several hundred miles from her midwest destination to hold a tete a tete with slick Willie on a blistering Phoenix tarmac for SOME reason, other than talking about the kids and grandkids; and the whole Scalia death situation was SO in violation of laws regarding a sudden death of ANYONE, not under immediate medical care at the time of that death, on every level it was disgusting. There was clearly a lot there that needed to be hidden, in BOTH those instances. Just Lynch meeting with Clinton when both he and Hillary were under DoJ investigation was highly illegal, even if they had only talked about families. But she didn’t divert her flight for that.

    • Post Author

      How true

      • Post Author

        These are the people accusing President Trump for anything and everything to keep the attention off themselves long enough to TRY cover up their crimes. I believe Scalia was cremated too soon. There is a shot that can be given between his toes that would make it look like (e died of a heart attack.
        He knew too much and would go public. He was a threat to Hillary campaign..
        And as usual anyone gets in Hillary Political path gets a body bag. Maybe her first was JFK Jr. By His plane. Crashing she automatically won the election.
        Guilty dogs bark first and loudest.
        While Obama was President NINE TRILLION dollars was stolen from Taxpayers Federal Reserve… (social security) No accountability. No finger pointing. The Democrats are the real criminals and are wasting even more of taxpayers money on this witch hunt against the President of the United States. Put the blame where the blame goes.

    • Post Author

      the best part is Piano Leg’s Lynch doesnt even have grandkids

  3. Post Author

    Does ANYONE actually believe that Osama (not Obama; I get those two muslimes mixed up all the time, myself) is really dead? Does anyone believe that Vince Foster killed himself with two shots TO THE BACK OF HIS HEAD? Does anyone (except for wishful thinking Demwits) truly believe that Scalia died of “natural causes?”

    Don’t you know Obama & Hillary thought they had America all sewed up! It was “Hillary’s turn” to be elected after her abysmal tenure as SOS, and Scalia had “vacated” his seat on the SCOTUS. It would still be warm when Garland slid his rump onto that fine hand-tooled leather! But something gone wrong, Barry! Despite Pedo-sta’s Russian fairy tales, Trump was elected, Hillaroid LOST BIG TIME (despite for the millions of Illegoes voting in NY & CA, thanks to the wisdom of our Founding Fathers & the Electoral College), 20 states to Donald’s 30, and somehow the GOP barely managed to leverage their MAJORITY IN CONGRESS to appoint a conservative to fill Scalia’s robes.

    Trump…Sessions…SOMEONE…needs to start ARRESTING HRC, Pedo-sta, Rice, Holder, Lynch, Comey, Mueller, Obama & First Tranny, Michael, Brennan…and keep them dancing so hard & so fast that they don’t have an instant of spare time to molest President Trump EVER AGAIN.

  4. Post Author

    Patience, people. We are talking months or years, especially if a RICO case is being assembled. You can get squirrelly when the statute of limitations gets close. Remember, we must assemble proof “beyond a reasonable doubt” because there are going to be a lot of high priced lawyers working OT for these traitors. You don’t want any of them to skate because the prosecutors screwed up by taking people into custody prematurely, do you?

    The evidence is deep inside the NSA server farms because HRC did not want to bother with the “secure” channel. People can be reminded of how quickly Timothy McVeigh was dispatched after Oklahoma City. There will be people eager to talk like Evelyn Farkas on MSNBC last year.

    Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  5. Post Author

    Nothing will change,,so don’t get your panties in a wad.

  6. Post Author

    Giddy up.

  7. Post Author

    I have always been suspicious of Scalia death. No autopsy? That just didn’t make sense. My biggest question was; what blackmail evidence was threatened on Scalia family to force THEIR decision for no autopsy? Threat of FURTHER deaths in family?

  8. Post Author

    Hillary, Obama, Soros, McCain and may others will soon be arrested, given military trials, and, if convicted, imprisoned or worse at Gitmo.

  9. Post Author

    It still to this day looks like murder .A Supreme Court Judge that died mysteriously and a doctor declared him dead of natural causes who never seen his body and they never autopsied him .Not to forget he had a pillow over his face .And not one thing about his family has ever came out .And Obama was there and his official helicopter flew behind them while he rode with the judge . Wow why would anybody be suspect ? Gee ! This one is a well planned and botched murder .The ones who did it are like the Clinton’s still free !

  10. Post Author

    The mainstream media will never loosen its moronic grip on the now solidly disproven non-story over Russian collusion to examine or report upon this business, regardless of the evidence that this story is true. Not even proof that Scalia might have met with foul play would be enough to get into the spotlight. Not even PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence of Hillary planting a bullet into the brain of Vince Foster would be enough to tarnish the sacrosanct status the Clintons continue to enjoy.

  11. Post Author

    Clintons are the most corrupt and entitled politicians in America. An American version of the Borgias. We will be so much better off when both of the Clintons and their minions are not on this earth.

  12. Post Author

    I see nothing new here. I and others speculated at the time that Clinton offered Lynch either the SCOTUS seat OR a continuation of her job as AG. It is virtually certain that she was offered something of value.

  13. Post Author

    I believed that Judge Scalia was murdered from the first I heard of his death. I also did not believe the story of Clinton and Lynch. These people are so corrupt and evil, it is scary. It would be a total disaster if they are not all brought to justice, I think the death penalty would be appropriate for all of them starting with Obama down.

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