Ron Brown Told No Tales, Part 1/2


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Ronald “Ron” Harmon Brown (1941-1996) was Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) from February 11, 1989 until January 21, 1993. He was succeeded by David Wilheim.

Brown was also the 30th United States Secretary of Commerce during William “Bill” Clinton’s first term as US President. He was the first black American to serve his country in this top federal position, from January 22, 1993 until his untimely demise on April 3, 1996. Mickey Kantor succeeded him as 31st US Commerce Secretary.

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Brown was “a civil rights activist before he became one of Washington’s best-paid and most well-known lawyer/lobbyists,” according to a PBS Frontline article. “He worked as a young lawyer for the Urban League and as chief counsel to the US Senate Judiciary Committee. He was also involved in the 1980 Presidential bid of Senator Edward Kennedy.”

In 1981, Brown became one of the first black partners at Patton, Boggs & Blow, a top law firm in Washington, D.C. One of the Hill’s top lobbyists, name partner Tommy Boggs was also a close, personal “Friend of Bill” (FOB) Clinton. Brown began to get rich quick, by pressuring corporations to donate generously to the DNC in exchange for lucrative contracts or other perks.

Accompanying Brown on an official international trade mission to China in August 1994 were 25 business executives. More than 70 percent of the business delegates on that trip had made sizeable donations to Bill Clinton and the DNC, according to the Frontline article.

These trips resulted in big-money deals between the Chinese Communist hosts and their Western Democratic guests. However, Brown maintained until the end of his life that he never let a little thing like money influence his selection of traveling companions.

A revealing article from Hennessy’s View minces no words:

“Ron Brown ran the Clintons’ extortion racket in the 1990s… [He] used his position to raise illegal donations for the Clintons. Brown turned the Commerce Department into a shakedown machine, just the way the Mafia shakes down businesses. Commerce under Clinton was a protection racket. Donate to the Clintons or something bad might happen to your company. Or your kids.”

The circumstances which surround Ron Brown’s death are unsettling, to say the least.

The world learned, 1996, that Brown and 34 others had died in a plane crash in Croatia attributed to stormy weather which obscured the pilots’ view of the airport. All aboard the Air Force CT-43 executive transport (a military Boeing 737) were reported dead on impact after their aircraft crashed into the side of a mountain near Dubrovnik. 33 of the 35 passengers were Americans.

Brown and his companions – those fortunate few business executives and government officials selected for this plum duty – were heading into, basically, a war zone for the sake of future profits in the country formerly known as Yugoslavia.

The Dubrovnik airport has a high degree of difficulty for inbound traffic, so much so that Croatia Airlines will not let its own crews land there unless either the pilot or co-pilot has this experience. The US Air Force trained American pilots “never to land there in anything but clear weather. But the Air Force commanders in Europe – the captains’ superiors – decided to ignore that,” as reported by the New York Times.

The problem is that the Dubrovnik airport weather office, located a scant two miles from the crash site, could not confirm that any such storm actually happened during the night of the wreck, nor did any other pilots in the area. According to the April 8, 1996 issue of “Aviation Week & Space Technology,” three separate radio links to the aircraft all quit while Brown’s plane was still seven miles from the crash, evidence that the plane suffered a total electrical failure in flight which was never investigated.

In fact, the official Air Force Details Results of CT-43 Accident Investigation, Reference No. 342-96 said:

“The weather was not a substantially contributing factor in this mishap.”

For whatever reason, the pilots flew straight into the tallest peak in the neighborhood. Had the plane been flying 98 feet higher, it would have cleared the mountain.

First responders to the crash site discovered Sergeant Kelly, 36, of Zanesville, Ohio, the lone survivor. She was in the tail of the plane and had been crushed by galley equipment. When she tried to stand up, she lost consciousness. Kelly died during transport to a local hospital. According to multiple reports given to journalist/editor Joe L. Jordan, an autopsy later revealed a neat three-inch incision over her main femoral artery – that was made at least three hours after all her other cuts and bruises. It sounds like this eye-witness needed some help keeping her eyes – and mouth – shut, doesn’t it?

The rest of the people aboard the downed plane were pronounced dead on the arrival of police, who had been led to the remote disaster site by a helpful villager.

Immediate investigation into the disaster suggested that a malfunctioning navigational beacon (not weather) caused the pilots to stray off course. Coincidentally, only three days after the crash, Niko Jerkic, chief of maintenance at the Dubrovnik Airport -and the man responsible for maintaining the airport’s navigational aids – died by a gunshot wound to his chest, ruled a suicide.

Now, with all the direct witnesses dead, the world could never know what actually transpired that night on that ill-fated flight.

The plane evidently did experience a systems failure. After reviewing the case, the Pentagon opined:

“The pilots were navigating with a compass and a radio receiver. Air Force generals called that equipment ‘primitive’ and ‘rudimentary.’ A member of the unit that flies V.I.P.’s compared it to working with a typewriter in the computer age.”

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The cause of the plane’s malfunctioning is still unknown. Incredibly, we are supposed to believe that the Air Force had failed to equip this particular plane with voice or cockpit recorders! Despite Croatian Ministry of Transport reports, issued within hours after the crash, that they had recovered the “black box” recorders that are standard equipment on a CT-43, the Pentagon insisted that there were no black boxes aboard. This federal denial strains one’s credibility to the breaking point.

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This is the end of Part 1 of this two-part article on the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Department of Commerce Chair Ron Brown in 1996. Stay tuned for Part 2 in a future edition of The Daily Conspiracy!

  1. Post Author

    One more case of Arkancide?

    • Post Author

      I remember this incident quite well, and there were significant details left out of this account. The plane was making an instrument approach into that airport. The navigational beacon is normally close to and in-line with the runway. In this case, that navigational beacon had been moved to the side of the mountain where the plane crashed. And there may have been a second survivor of the crash, Ron Brown himself. When his body was first found, there was a neat little .45 caliber hole in the top of his head. Brown was coming under pressure for his illegal activities as Commerce Secretary. There were reports that Brown was ready to give evidence against Clinton. Like so many others, he had to be eliminated.

  2. Post Author

    This story was told to me years ago by a man who had knowledge about the death of Vince Foster. This is the very first time I have heard about this since. And so far this mirrors what I was told.

  3. Post Author

    Write a whole new definition to “shakedown cruise”!

  4. Post Author

    More suspicious deaths by the Clintons ?

  5. Post Author

    The Clintons may appear to be untouchable by US “law” at present, but the Creator of this universe has His own ways and means. Bigger people than Bill & Hilary have received their penalty in history. In the meantime keep clear of their influence.

  6. Post Author

    Vince Foster missed that flight?

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