Oakland Mayor is Protecting Illegal Immigrants

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The world is nothing like you thought it was..

Although the Trump administration is cracking down on illegal immigrants, politicians in sanctuary cities are continuing to protect these criminals.

In fact, one mayor in California issued a warning before a raid last weekend.

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In all, authorities arrested more than 150 illegal immigrants during a 3-day operation in the San Francisco Bay Area.

They would have caught far more had it not been for a warning issued on Saturday by Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf.

“What she did is no better than a gang lookout yelling ‘police’ when a police cruiser comes in the neighborhood, except she did it to a whole community,” complains ICE Deputy Director Thomas Homan.

“There’s over 800 significant public safety threat criminals…that we are unable to locate because of that warning, so that community’s a lot less safe than it would have been.”

Schaaf defended herself in stating that the city of Oakland has a “legal right to be a sanctuary city,” which is ironic considering the very definition of ‘sanctuary city’ means that it breaks federal law.

“We have to fight against the racist myth that the Trump Administration is trying to perpetuate – that immigrants are dangerous criminals,” insists Schaaf.

Unfortunately, this is not a “racist myth.” Fully half of the 150+ illegal immigrants apprehended last weekend had criminal records. As many as 864 are still at large.

Of the 20,201 illegals arrested in California during FY 2017, 81% had criminal convictions.

“The Oakland mayor’s decision to publicize her suspicions about ICE operations further increased that risk for my officers and alerted criminal aliens – making clear that this reckless decision was based on her political agenda,” added Homan.

“Sanctuary jurisdictions like San Francisco and Oakland shield dangerous criminal aliens from federal law enforcement at the expense of public safety. Because these jurisdictions prevent ICE from arresting criminal aliens in the secure confines of a jail, they also force ICE officers to make more arrests out in the community, which poses increased risks for law enforcement and the public.”

During a Wednesday interview with Fox News, Homan said the DOJ is looking into whether Schaaf’s warning constitutes obstruction of justice. He also made a stark promise to Schaaf and the state of California: “I’ll say this to the mayor and every other politician that wants to vilify the men and woman of ICE: We’re not going away, we’re going to keep enforcing the law.”

The recent raids on California are part of the Trump Administration’s effort to pressure sanctuary cities into complying with ICE and are also a response to a new California law which prohibits state and local cops from assisting ICE agents.

Sending Schaaf to jail on obstruction charges would send a clear sign that the Trump Administration isn’t backing down.

  1. Post Author

    As with Hillary – Lock her up…!

    • Post Author

      I’m sick of these people in political office or the so called elite getting away with breaking the law

  2. Post Author

    Surely, obstruction of justice, interfering with the police in the course of their duty and, perhaps, conspiracy to remain in the country, having entered it, illegally.

  3. Post Author

    Lock her up!

  4. Post Author

    If I break Federal Law, as many times I’ve been tempted especially in the TAX CODE, I fully expect to be arrested and serve hard time ( Hell, I’m gonna cheat a lot!!!!). But I will bet all the gold in Californication she will never even be charged. And despite Potus’ swaggering threats,CA will continue to receive Federal Funds!
    This CA Mayor be the one holding Little Jeff Sessions’ gonads in a jar! Or vice!
    At Jeffie’s age they’re probably just for aesthetics anyway!

  5. Post Author

    Absolutely send her to jail for the illegal activity. Then prosecute all mayors that are harboring so called sanctuary cities in violation of Federal Law and the protection of our country against enemies foreign and domestic.

  6. Post Author

    I hope law enforcement makes an example out of her. Maybe then these people will stop breaking our federal laws.

  7. Post Author

    Have ICE issue a warrant for her arrest. Send in the US Marshall, arrest her, cuff her perp walk her to a paddy wagon. Deny her bail because she is a risk to civil society. Convict her. Put in jail for the maximum sentence for obstruction of justice.
    Lock her up, yupp.

  8. Post Author

    put her in jail with her friends

  9. Post Author

    Jail her now.

  10. Post Author

    She should be in jail for siding and abetting criminals!!

  11. Post Author

    “Lock Her Up”

  12. Post Author

    I say arrest the bitch, put her in jail with the people she is protecting, Then ship her to mexico strip her of her as a american resident, the make her go thru proper channels to become an american again, Now I say arrest them all, then sort out the legal ones, Lets not play with the stupid people who are in office if they are caught helping illegals, strip them of their jobs send them to mexico I for one am tired of paying for them to be here period,Lets take our country back and get our jobs back and lets get rid of the people who dont respect our national anthem , send them else where, any one who wants to change our way of life needs to be gone, it’s that simple, anyone who doesn’t agree can kiss the fattest part of my white ass

  13. Post Author

    Sending her to jail would let them know that there is a country here besides California, New York and Washington. I travel the entire country for work and never hear anyone agree with these people. This government needs to get behind Americans.

  14. Post Author

    If she broke the law, she Schuld go to jail like any citizen.

  15. Post Author

    This lady person, Schaaf, is also a criminal. She should join her illegal friends in the slammer!!! Maybe that would wake up some of the bleeding hearts that care very little about America, Americans, and the rule of law! I’ll put money on the fact that she is a very strong advocate for harsher penalties for ” drunk drivers” or drug dealers! Put her away!

    • Post Author

      with liberty and justice for all no one is above the law what are they waiting for

    • Post Author

      I Want her to be AVAILABLE for criminal elements to use her as a punching bag or worse…. I am pretty sure she may change her criminal appeasing views after that!

    • Post Author

      Great idea. Find a Felony charge if possible. Then she would not be able to hold office or vote.

    • Post Author

      I couldn’t have said it better myself, except for I want to know when she will be arrested for obstruction! Had you or I done this our hind ends would be sitting in jail right now!

    • Post Author

      Jail would be a perfect place for this so called up standing public servant

  16. Post Author

    She should be arrested for obstruction and endangering the the life’s of the officers and community.

  17. Post Author

    I hope they do put her in jail, send,a message to all the lawbreakers

  18. Post Author

    If there is a case that Schaaf broke the law she should be arrested and prosecuted.

  19. Post Author

    put the lawbreaking libb mayor in jail with the rest of the ilegals

  20. Post Author

    This stupid politician should be LOCK Up She is an accessory to criminal ACTIVITY!!!

  21. Post Author

    Don’t all elected officials take oaths of office? I should think any breach of oath should require dismiossal and possible criminal prosecution. Why aren’t politicians held to the same standard as ordinary CITIZENS!?!?

  22. Post Author

    Put her in the cell with her loving kind illegal criminals and see how they respect her. Ummm not going to happen she would be attacked just as the citizen on the street. Maybe she would not be so smug and arrogant.

  23. Post Author

    If one of those illegals kill somebody the mayor should be charged as an accessory to murder. l want to serve on the jury that hangs her.

  24. Post Author

    Unless I am in error, those who want to be “Sanctuary Cities” get the idea from the Old Testament (O.T.) “cities of refuge” where an innocent person could go after accidently causing the death of someone. An example given in the O.T. is someone felling a tree and the axe comes off and kills someone. The innocent person could go to the closest “City of Refuge” (there were six cities) and reside there until the death of the “High Priest” then he could return to his home. They was commanded by God to protect an innocent person from “the avenger of blood” who had the right to kill a murderer on sight. Today the title “Sanctuary Cities” is a perverted rendering of the O.T. “cities of refuge” which was for the innocent and not the guilty!
    These so-called politicians who are supposed to look out for the welfare of the innocent are evil, instead of taking care of the innocent citizens they have decided to sacrifice all of them for their political gains! They need to all be in prison!

    • Post Author


    • Post Author

      You are exactly right on where this comes from. The Old Testament. You know, it has really some great principles in how to lead your life and treat others!!! Too bad this country has gotten away from these beliefs!!!

  25. Post Author


  26. Post Author

    I feel that ICE should get a federal warrant for her arrest and lock her up in Leavenworth, and forget about her for about 10 to 20!!!!! And do the same to all of the politicians that feel that they are above the law!!!!! But the is only a pipe dream, because it will never happen in my life time!!!!!! It’s really a sad day!!!!!

  27. Post Author

    They are not immigrants! They are Illegal Aliens and the Mayor is harboring criminals therefore, a criminal herself. She will be arrested, convicted and removed from office, soon!

  28. Post Author

    there is no doubt she is hindering apprehension of convicts, illegals or anything else. that is clearly obstruction of justice and she should be brought to bear her decision to protect criminals or illegals. i am sure she is not speaking for all of the people that are residents of the city. actually she is probably going against a big percentage of the citizens. she is a public servant so she she supposed to represent the citizens and i am sure she is actually going against the wishes of a lot of the citizens seeing how a lot of the crime, rapes, murders are committed by illegals. she does not deserve to be in her official office at all!!!

  29. Post Author

    So why all the talk, why isn’t she in jail. If I was brought up on aiding and a bedding I would be in jail.

    Oh she is a Democrat, I see!

    • Post Author

      That’s correct!
      When a Democrat breaks a law the other Dems stand behind them. However, when a Republican breaks the same or similar law the Dems insist on hearings and jail time.
      Dems truly believe they are above the law. It’s obvious. Just look at Hillary. She destroyed evidence that was under subpoena. She should have been prosecuted by now. If any regular citizen committed only 10% of what of crimes she did they would be in prison. All Martha Stewart did was lie once to the FBI and she was sentenced to prison.

  30. Post Author

    Lock her up.

  31. Post Author

    Lock her upput her in jail .

  32. Post Author

    She is in violation of US Code Title 8, Section 1324, Harboring and Protecting Illegal Aliens is a serious federal crime which is a Felony.

  33. Post Author

    How is it possible to have a sanctuary City when federal law says that that is illegal. A crazy perception of reality if I ever saw one.

  34. Post Author

    The lack of legal recourse against this mayor for publicly aiding and abetting with confessed premedicated obstruction of justice explains why so many of our citizens hold the leaders of this country in contempt as self serving politicians. God bless this country and the direction it’s headed with the hard working citizens being robbed relentlessly by taxes to pay for their misguided follies. More citizens should make it publicly known that we are not that stupid.

  35. Post Author

    Flood the AGs office with enails demanding justice, also WH, DHS, ICE.

  36. Post Author

    Where’s AG Jeff Sessions? Arrest this phony mayor. Make an example of her. People like her never suffer consequences, thus the situation is never nipped in the bud.

  37. Post Author

    Government employees & politicians holding office must be held to a higher standard than mere citizens. Afterall, it is their duty to not only obey, but also to enforce the laws (Executive branch duty)!
    Executive branch individuals MUST be held to a higher standard, certainly not immunity from the law, as is the case throughout California.
    Elections must be rigged. Not only the vote count, but allowing illegals to vote, not just once, but over and over. Not too long ago an admitted illegal gave a speech on TV saying that he voted 8 times in the last election. He said that is how they vote in Mexico.
    When do we get “elected” politicians that will both follow our laws and work for U.S. citizens? Not AGAINST citizens?

  38. Post Author

    Until we start putting these people in jail, nothing will change and we will lose this country.

  39. Post Author

    If only half had any sort of criminal record, what happened to the half with no record? Were they released never to be bothered again? And, of the half with a record, how many had records where violence was involved? Criminal records can be for jay-walking, traffic violations and truancy! Hardly dangerous offenses worthy of deportation. Sorry don’t support this kind of government endorsed terrorism.

  40. Post Author

    Why is it the Democrats are only concerned with the rights of non-citizens. They seem to spend Millions if not billions of dollars or non-citizens but do nothing to help actual citizens in his country. We really should just wage war against Democrats and shoot them all because they are the enemy they’re trying to man up illegal forces to overthrow this country

  41. Post Author

    She should be put in prison for the rest of her life. Who knows how many people will be victimized and killed because of her warnings to the illegals!! In my opinion that makes her an accessory to any and all crimes that they have committed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Post Author

    At least they got a few of them off the Grid .Mr. trump get the rest of them

  43. Post Author

    Where is Sessions AGAIN? Getting tired of him sitting on his butt being paid by those of us who pay taxes and not doing the work.

  44. Post Author

    She should be arrested and charged under US Code 1324, harboring illegal aliens.

  45. Post Author

    This lady should be arrested for treason and aiding and abetting. That no balls cop behind her should have cuffed her and jailed her a$$.

  46. Post Author

    She is breaking the law

  47. Post Author

    I agree with this except for one thing, moonbeam brown should have been the first to be charged.

  48. Post Author

    Are you telling me that a libby schaafted the American citizens of California?!!!! If it wasn’t so disgusting, it would be hilarious…………………………

  49. Post Author

    Well it’s apparent that the vast majority agree that any one (especially those in authority), who should be held to a higher standard , interfere with the enforcement of a legally mandated rule of law, should be charged and given their day in a (non-bias) court of law. Just as we all would have to. While these and many other current issues need to be addressed, keep in mind that these events are indicative of these last days prophesied in 2nd Timothy chapter 3 verses 1-5. We are here now, never with such frequency or intensity and the time is getting short, read it for yourself because it is what it is, TRUTH.

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