So Crystal Clear: Yee and Gun Hypocrisy


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It bears remembering that, a little over a year ago, on February 24, 2016, former California State Senator Leland Yin Yee, outspoken gun grabber, was sentenced and went to prison for political hanky-panky and practicing the opposite of what he preached: gun control.

Yes, the Golden State Democrat who served the San Francisco area (District 8) from 2006 until his removal in 2015, pleaded guilty to felony racketeering charges for money laundering, public corruption, and bribery.

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Yee was no stranger to politics. According to Wikipedia, he had been “a California State Assemblyman, Supervisor of San Francisco’s Sunset District, and was a member and President of the San Francisco School Board. In 2004 Yee became the first Asian American to be appointed Speaker pro Tempore [presiding officer of a deliberative assembly], making him the second-highest ranking Democrat of the California State Assembly.”

Evidently, Yee was no stranger to political corruption, either. A March 2014 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) indictment detailed a gun trafficking scheme where the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), a Philippine Islamist extremist group, sold automatic firearms and shoulder-launched missiles to Yee and his associate Keith Jackson who, in turn, tried to sell those same weapons on (profitably, you can be sure) – to an undercover FBI agent. Busted!

San Francisco was shocked that their Senator was involved in unsavory crimes committed by Chinatown gangsters with names like Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow:

Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow (left) and Leland Yee (right), March 2011, San Francisco, California (Photo: Doublelife)

The arms deal conspiracy was one incident discovered by a federal investigation. Another involved Yee’s taking a $10,000 bribe from an undercover agent posing as a contract facilitator with the California Department of Health.

After levying these felony charges against their leader, the state of California fired Yee, suspending him as Senator on March 28, 2014.

On July 1, 2015, Yee filed a guilty plea to felony racketeering related to money laundering, public corruption and more bribery in a Chinatown mob crime case.

The Guardian listed other charges included in the federal indictment:

“He acknowledged accepting $11,000 in exchange for setting up a meeting with another state senator, $10,000 for recommending someone for a grant, and $6,800 for providing a certificate on California state senate letterhead honoring the Ghee Kung Tong.”

On February 24, 2016, Yee was sentenced to a mere five years in federal prison, which he has been serving, since March 25, 2016 at FCI Fort Worth. Considering Yee collected thousands of corrupt dollars in his lengthy political career, the case could be made that crime did indeed pay, for this Asian offender.

Yee’s legal defense was that he was a career “servant” with a sick wife.

What is even more important – and irritating about gun grabbers – is the dictatorial, pompous, parental posturing that pseudo-zealots like Yee blast over mainstream media. Many of us remember when Senator Yee pronounced on CBS News:

“It is extremely important that individuals in the state of California do not own assault weapons. I mean that is just so crystal clear — there is no debate, no discussion.”

What is now crystal clear is that Yee used his political station and influence to make big bucks fast the illegal way.

What is now crystal clear is that elected gun grabbers will do whatever they want, break whatever laws it takes, and laugh all the way to the bank, as they scorn the American people who put them in positions of public trust in the first place.

Haven’t We the People had enough of this evil, hypocritical crusade against our #2 Constitutional Amendment?

Apparently not. The BBC just reported that Florida caved after their recent false flag shooting event and has legislated more gun control. They intend to “raise the age to buy a firearm from 18 to 21 and require a three-day waiting period for most weapons.”

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Where one state goes, others may follow. The Democrat & Chronicle predicts that New York may follow Florida’s lead with a bill that has “‘extreme risk’ protective orders against people who have guns, a ban on bump stocks and an expansion of background checks.”

Isn’t it “crystal clear” that passing more laws is a Democratic feel-good measure that serves no real useful purpose other than to establish legal precedence for future gun restrictions? After all, the Democratic Dream is for no one but the police and military – our Trusted Friends – to have assault weapons.

Perpetrators of atrocious acts don’t know the law or disregard it if they do. Passing more laws is a political ploy to get the American public used to saying “Yes” at the polls when anti-gun legislature is put before them.

That public acceptance of liberal anti-2nd amendment propaganda, based on false flag events, leads down the slippery slope to fascist control, Dear Readers.

Is that where you want to go?

  1. Post Author

    Thanks for a well written piece, I believe you have covered all the bases!

    • Post Author

      Except the daily shootings and sensible gun control.

      • Post Author

        You talking about Chicago?

  2. Post Author

    Paranoia is the name of this article, gun nuts only care about the sacrosanct Second, children’s lives don’t matter and denial is their strategy.

    • Post Author

      Typical lefty, suicidal useful idiot – guns aren’t the problem, it is the sick people that your side is creating! Armr========================== ? – – – -, we’ll be needing them against you fascist idiots!

      • Post Author

        Like I said, PARANOIA, and you are the perfect example. Go shoot somebody, schools are open.

      • Post Author

        And BTW, MY SIDE is creating? You would not understand what my side is even if I spent days explaining it. The right wingers like you, the NRA (No Remorse Assassins) and the gun industry have created this monster that
        now is too late to stop. The so called liberals have been fighting against this for decades, but the GOP and nuts like you have fought tooth and nail in order to not have ANY type of regulations on your toys, so assault type rifles can be bought by people who later used them to massacre children in their school, with your blessings. The only enemy you have to defend against is people like you. Grow up.

  3. Post Author

    How appropriate that 2018 is the Year of the Dog. Perhaps “Year of the Rat” would be more appropriate, but that won’t roll around until 2020. Nonetheless, this POS doesn’t deserve time in a Federal Luxury Resort but rather in a “pound-me-in-the-a**” prison cited in the comedy “Office Space.” REAL federal pens are loaded with otherwise law-abiding FFL holders who failed to dot an i or cross a t on one of BATFE’s precious forms, and this rat-bastard gets a slap on the wrist. A pox on him AND his “sick wife.”

  4. Post Author

    Senator Yee deserves to be in Jail and you deserve to be in an insane asylum ! You crazy gun nuts are partially responsible for the mess that you and the NRA have gotten us into. The Supreme Court (you remember them, right?) has ruled that it is NOT a second amendment right to buy or own automatic weapons. These weapons are meant to kill people , as is multi-bullit magazines, silencers, armor piercing ammunition, etc. Maybe you’ll come to your senses when one of your loved one is gunned down. Sick of all your nonsensical, self-serving arguments.

    • Post Author

      You gun nuts want to ban ALL weapons, not just automatic weapons, only you’re too cowardly to openly admit it. You try to use incrementalism to ban guns a bit here, a bit there. Chipping away at our liberty as you do in all things. That is why 2nd amendment advocates oppose Your do-called “sensible gun control” measures… we know you are lying, deceitful ideologies who will never be satisfied until guns are confiscated.

  5. Post Author

    From the comments, it is pretty apparent the gun grabbing nuts either totally missed the meat of the subject on Mr. Yee, truth is, he should have gotten a much stiffer sentence, like life without parole! When he does get out, he will still have the $$ he got for his evil deeds, everything he had should have been confiscated, how many people died because of what he did?
    I would like to point out to the ignoramuses who seem to be paranoid about what they insist on calling assault rifles and automatic weapons is not accurate. To begin with, they are neither assault or automatic rifles. I should know I carried one in the jungles of S.E. Asia, I was in the Infantry so, I definitely know the differences between assault rifles and automatic weapons. Sometimes a gun grabber will actually get it correct, when he/she refers to them as Assault Style rifles and that is where the similarity ends!
    They seem to have forgotten it was civilians carrying legally obtained or rifles that beat the British, Perhaps it would be best if these paranoid gun-grabbers would read up on the history of America. Also, it has been in Communist countries where guns were confiscated from the civilian population. Another point is, if I recall correctly, several years ago it was reported that Senator Feinstein of California (a radically paranoid gun grabber) made it a habit of carrying a concealed weapon in her purse also, she had an armed bodyguard.
    Many, if not all, of these high-ranking paranoid gun grabbers have or carry a “gun” and have personal bodyguards who are armed but us common citizens (serfs) do not have such protection for two reasons, one is the expense and secondly it would probably be deemed illegal for us serfs to have bodyguards. Do we need to have firearms? I say yes, dial 911 when someone is breaking into a home and the police take what seems like forever to get to the house and then, the SWAT team would probably put up several perimeter guards while someone gets murdered in their own home. This perimeter guard business comes from their military training, it’s something we did in the jungles of S.E. Asia, it was so we would not by surprised by an attack! So, why would the police need to set up perimeter guards when the danger is inside of their perimeter????
    For those gun grabber nuts who claim to be Christian, they should read their Bibles, Jesus did have something to say about weapons, I quote from the 1611 King James Version of the Bible “Lu 22:36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.”

    Nuff Said!!!!
    In Christ Jesus

  6. Post Author

    This is for the ones that say and cry about gun control!!!! I have been a life member of the NRA since I was a child and my father signed me up, and I am now 67!!!! I have been around weapons of all kinds since I was old enough to know what happens when you pull the trigger!!!! After reading all of the comments here the one that is so funny, I have to laugh really hard and hope that I don’t pee my pants!!!! Automatic weapons, as you call them, can not, and I repeat (CAN NOT), be bought are a gun store, or a gun show!!!! In fact, I really don’t know where you can buy them, except maybe on the street from people like Yee, or the gang members that have them!!! I own to weapons that I carry when I leave my house, but not both at the same time, one is a 9mm and the other is a 1911!!!! Both in the minds of the gun grabbers, can be classified as assault weapons, because I can insert magazines with the capabilities of holding more that the state allowance of 10 rounds!!!! So for right know I will try to do a little educating on what is an assault weapon and what is not!!!! An assault weapon that can fire more than one (1) round at the pull of the trigger!!!! Most weapons today, that are being classified as such, you have to pull the trigger for every round!!! Now back to my two weapons that I own!!! Both are fully loaded and ready 24/7, and YES, if the need does arise, I will not waste time, and not pull the trigger to protect myself and my family!!! As I stated earlier, I have been around weapons all my life and even served in the military!!! My two weapons, have not hurt, maimed or killed anyone!!!! So please would some one like to tell me, how being a member of the NRA, what to make me go to a school and shoot children??????

  7. Post Author

    Of all the terrorist acts perpetrated in the USA since and including the Oklahoma bombing NONE were committed by a member of the NRA. In fact ALL perpetrators except one (Dillon Roof) were LIBERALS or children of LIBERALS with the main weapon of choice being a gun. So therefore if we keep guns away from all LIBERAL MEN then all terrorist mass killings will end. Liberals don’t want the loonies locked up because they don’t like the accomodations in prison.

  8. Post Author

    without the 2nd amendment there would have
    been no militias at the founding of our country
    and no United States of America. if we allow the
    erosion of the 2nd amendment rights provided by
    the constitution, our country will cease to exist.
    the only reason obama and his hoodlums in the
    democratic party did not succeed in “basically changing
    the country” to their leftist utopia is the existence
    of privately owned guns & open carry laws in many
    states. obama himself admitted that the presidency
    was not as powerful as he had thought it was. in
    other words, even with his “pen”, he couldn’t

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