Small Town Forced to Take Hundreds of Refugees

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The world is nothing like you thought it was..

The tyrannical EU strikes again.

This time forcing countries to accept refugees “out of the goodness of their hearts” despite many of the communities lacking the resources necessary to do so.

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The truth is most European communities are struggling to cope with the migrant crisis. Matters are only made worse when these communities are forced to accept refugees at the expense of their own citizens.

For example, the rural community of Lisdoonvarna, a tiny Irish town of about 300, is about to see a massive influx of migrants which unfortunately the community isn’t equipped to handle.

The European Union’s immigration policies are dictating that the town accept these refugees, even at the locals’ expense.

“We don’t know where these people are going to be from. They won’t tell us what countries they’re from. What religion they’re from,” said Michael Walsh, a resident of Lisdoonvarna on the Breitbart News Daily radio show on Sirius XM. “They just proposed to expand the population of this little village by what? Twenty-five percent? Thirty-three percent actually!”

Although 93 percent of the residents voted no to turning the local hotel into a refugee accommodation, the hotelier Marcus White still agreed, likely because it will end with him receiving millions a year from the government.

Up to 115 asylum seekers could be housed at the hotel.

“People in the village will be welcoming to a lesser number, but not 115. It is not about the asylum seekers coming, it is about the way in which the Government has conducted this, having no consultation and no facilities in place,” said Fáilte Paddy Dunne, chairman of Lisdoonvarna to the Irish Times.

If the village is not able to accommodate 115 people, so be it. I’m not going to do something to hurt this town,” said White before signing the contract.

“The hotelier who had publically said ‘if the people of Lisdoonvarna don’t want this I won’t sign the contract’ has indeed signed the contract. He’s now weaseled back on it,” said Walsh.

Walsh is concerned that his beloved town will be forever changed and he is fearful that his town’s residents will be called racists by rejecting the asylum seekers.

“Ireland is under the impression that these people will all become Irish, pretty much overnight, and everything will just continue on to be terrific. But, in fact, as history is showing us – in Sweden, France, and Germany – this is not necessarily the case,” said Walsh. “Very many people are concerned, but they’re also concerned about being called racist, and the town is in a real pickle right now.”

But his opinion, along with his other residents were not considered or was this discussed with the town.

“It has become very obvious over the past week that the community empathizes with asylum seekers but is opposed to them being kept in Direct Provision, which has been widely criticized by human rights bodies and civil society groups,” said Dunne. “Following three well-attended meetings the people have indicated that their main concerns are the scale of the project, the lack of proper community consultation before the decision was made and the wisdom of locating a large group of people in an area that already lacks essential services.”

Walsh expressed similar sentiments.

“It was all done in complete secrecy. No one knew about this until two weeks ago!” said Walsh.

The community only found out when the Reception and Integration Agency (RIA) responded to questions with that the contract was already signed and that “the addition of a maximum of 115 persons over the course of a year should not put an undue strain on existing resources and services”.

With the EU’s new forced relocation plans, the number of migrants making their way to Ireland will likely increase.

Should Ireland have left the EU with England?

“Apparently there’s no way to stop [the migrants coming to Lisdoonvarna]. The local [politicians] are all wringing their hands about it,” said Walsh. “It’s a good example of how Ireland was a colony of England… and now it’s a slave state again, of Brussels. It’s a very sad commentary on what’s happening in Europe.”


  1. Post Author

    I really feel for the citizens of this community, i’ll Pray the people that come there have some kind of common sense and the sense of thugs!

  2. Post Author

    I think it’s very wrong to not inform the community of who is going to be brought there. With all of the violence seen in Germany, and England, I would really worry about this small community.. The violence has been massive in the other areas and I don’t think it will be any different for this small community . This little town is in my prayers along with all the other communities that the influx of immigrants has taken over!!

  3. Post Author

    I think if we had gotten a Democratic President this could have been happening to one of our small towns!

    • Post Author


    • Post Author

      Years ago when the EU was begun I had the idea that it was done for a purpose. Now I see that the “purpose” is to switch up the world. And who knows what’s to come in the future.

      • Post Author

        The book of Revelations describes what will happen. The “beast” will be from Europe (king of the north), the king of the south will be from a muslim nation and the pope will be the false prophet.

    • Post Author

      It is happening here. Google Somali Muslims in St Cloud MN.

    • Post Author

      Agee completely

  4. Post Author

    When Africa and Asia arrive in Ireland, the Irish will become extinct.
    RULE: Help the beggar Africans and Asians in their home countries. Do not destroy Europe and North America to “help” the 90% of the population that lives in the Third World by exterminating the Whites in the First World.

    • Post Author


    • Post Author

      Too late, by a LONG shot!

    • Post Author

      So very true! As an American who loves visiting Europe, I can’t stand to see all the quaint, historic cultures destroyed. Ireland should stand with Britain & vote themselves out of the EU.

    • Post Author

      The EU AND the UN are globalists run by the ruling elite and want 2/3 of the earths population exterminated. Europe WILL eventually EVICT all muslims and that will probably be the reason for a “king of the south”.

  5. Post Author

    What is with Europe ?? Don’t they remember their history? Islamists tried to take over about 800 years ago, but were chased out, now they are inviting them to take over. STUPID..

    • Post Author

      These Are NOT “migrants” they ARE TERRORISTS & CRIMINALs, whom SOROS, the ‘GLOBALIST”, & Obama & Angela Merkel, both, VERY SOCIALISTS, ARE Forcibly SEND to European countries, to DESTROY EUROPE, which is mostly CATHOLIC !!-this IS NO ACCIDENT !!…..why are these”migrants” mostly MEN & Boys and some Girls, maybe few women. THe EU should be INVESTIGATED & Disbended, has done NO Good to its countries, except becoming POORER….look at France, ITaly, Sweden, NorwY etc., w African”migrants”, who DESTROYED first village they landed….and ALL of Migrants ARE RAPING the girls AND Women in All countries!!!

      • Post Author

        I agree completely! This is no accident; it is done with a dark purpose and part of this purpose is to wipe out Jews and Christians…this is definitely part of the purpose, true–the rest I don’t know but it’s dark and even Jesus said in the end days Christians, anyone who claims His Name will die for it! I WILL DIE for JESUS! I will stand to the end and ALL who follow any other will have their minds given over to believe the false idea that is from the pit of hell only! None will be able to escape the delusion that He, the Father will allow to overcome disbelieving people serving false gods and doing only EVIL. He, Jesus said even true Christians will barely be able to stand against this end and will have to remain STRONG in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to avoid the deception that definitely overtake all the world! The times are dark, indeed and false lies are already at work deceiving MANY. Put and keep our faith and trust only in Him, no matter what! Amen. Every Word of His is the only Truth now! Kathy Manos

        • Post Author

          Follow England’s lead and withdraw from those sorry excuses for human beings that is running the EU.

  6. Post Author

    Christians and Caucasians are being led to the slaughter by the EU suck-up’s to the UN, muslims are spreading and bringing death to “clean countries” with their islam and diseases. Arise now or be lost. Saladin would be proud of the muslim expansion, if the Vatican did not have a socialist pope he would declare a Holy War and Crusades to protect Christianity. muslims will attack Rome and take the Vatican, then march on Jerusalem next.

    • Post Author

      This pope will be the last one, he is a heretic and will actually become demon possessed.

  7. Post Author

    While his style may not be what we’ve become accustomed to, it looks more and more that Trump is right.
    Lets get back to our roots and welcome the newcomers who can contribute and who accept our values ethics and behavior..

  8. Post Author

    “Up to 115 asylum seekers could be housed at the hotel.”

    Think again, about 4 times that would be a conservative guess.

  9. Post Author

    I have been to Lisdoonvarna, it was a Beautiful place, now, being forced to take in islamic trash it will become a 3rd world pit just like the one they came from, and heaven forbid they actually work to support themselves. Ireland should pass a law that Christianity is the Official religion and the Only one allowed.

    • Post Author

      I second that motion for Christian ONLY!

    • Post Author

      You are right! I agree with everyone here saying the truth about Christianity and Christians and Jews. All who serve Jesus Christ will be put to the test to find where our hearts and where our faith and trust are truly serving. It is so easy to even deceive our self! I recently had a very bad experience and it took everything I had in financial situation and I fell apart–it was a sudden, sharp attack! On one day, boom, the car broke down, the computer was hacked and my bank accounts emptied! I was overwhelmed and it took 3 days to find the deceptive files still open in my computer to get them out! But the point is; I did NOT run to Jesus like I believed I would–I was distraught, overwhelmed and mad at Him (in my true heart I have to admit!) until I was able to calm down and truly get to my knees and He showed me where my faith and trust truly was—Jesus told us “the human heart is deceitful above all things…” I was shown in one week what actually COULD have happened and could not have been fixed in a week or a day or EVER if it’s too late–when these days come; and they will come because Jesus said they would, where will our minds, hearts, wills, desires and faith really be? In what or in whom will we turn for help? I found or was shown because I had been questioning the Lord about my true heart!! HE showed me with a small disaster–it did not seem small; which is just like what will happen to the unsuspecting, unrepentant world when the darkness HITS and the deception is before us all! I found it took a few days to remember where my real Lord and Savior is…sad to admit and I truly went to my knees to ask forgiveness and ask Him to renew a right spirit and mind and body within me! Our faith in Him is everything–eternity is a LONG LONG time! Who do we really serve? I am thankful and grateful for the small disaster that overtook me and it showed me I and we have to be constantly vigilant to be able stand (we can’t but the God we serve, Jesus Christ CAN!) stand against the wiles of evil that are constantly prowling around us looking for whom they can “steal, kill & destroy” devour and kill! The small mustard seed of faith that the Lord gave us who believe in Him and in His Word of Truth will grow when we continue in Him! His Word is alive and it has the power to divide body, soul and spirit and to transform a repentant heart for conversion to believe the Truth! I was shown by Him–a small miracle in answer to my request for His help to show me where my heart really lies and I was shocked at the answers I received! Delusion and even self-delusion is easy to fall into unless we stand aware, alert and in prayer With Him only! Like I said; we cannot on our own, but He CAN and HE WILL when our faith and trust is in HIM! Thank you for listening this is a true tale that happened very recently to me. Kathy Manos

  10. Post Author

    The Irish should not give a hoot if they are called racist. Most people in the US don’t want Muslims in our country. We have enough problems without a bunch of fanatics over here. Those people have been fighting and killing one another since the beginning of time and will continue to do so till the end of time.

  11. Post Author

    This is tyranny at work with your tax dollars and don’t think it isn’t happening in the USA, it is . Thank God, we still have our 2nd Ammendment!

    • Post Author

      Praise GOD and pass the ammo!

  12. Post Author

    The citizens must stand at the entrances of the town & when the “refugees” come just use by whatever means to eradicate the invasion!

  13. Post Author

    Here’s another thought. All the citizens move out of the town & burn it down!

    • Post Author

      Better yet repay the traitorous Hotel owner. Burn the building down (with refugees locked in).

  14. Post Author

    Quote from Honourable Wnston Churchhill:
    “Islam to man is like Rabbis to a Dog”

  15. Post Author

    If true, the story is a shame for the people of that unlucky town, but the bigotry and ignorance exhibited by the previous commentators is what’s really scary . The vast majority of these refugees would stay in their home countries if conditions hadn’t become hell on earth. Try doing some basic research before spouting off!

    • Post Author

      Ya, right keep thinking that right up till the time you get gang raped and murdered. YOU’RE the one who NEEDS to research before opening thy mouth and inserting thy foot.

  16. Post Author

    Third world countries and their immigrants are like a cancer that keeps spreading. They immigrate to white countries and then slowly destroy it from within. Because they won’t assimilate and become a working or educated group, they will destroy the towns and countries they immigrate too.

    • Post Author

      Blame the EU and UN among NUMEROUS other ‘globalists’, oh yeah lets not forget the esstinking bankers (ie. jp morgan et al) Rothschild’s, killery Clinton, bilderberg group etc. they want the world to ‘burn’ while they fiddle…

  17. Post Author

    There is an Afghanistan “colony” in San Diego. They sell Afghanistan opium & openly carry automatic AK47s.
    Feds told local police they have no jurisdiction; only Feds.
    Locals let “refugees” (aka CIA drug runners) run everything the way that they want.
    U.S. immigration laws would never allow this to happen ANYWHERE in U.S.
    Our fearless leaders (aka traitors) knowingly avoid following proven, tested, lawful, immigration laws. Put them in prison!

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