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The War on Victory Gardensl

Let’s talk for a moment about the war on American gardeners and gardens. Did you know that growing your food is illegal in more and more places in the United States?

Consider the exclusive community of Miami Shores, Florida, which declared residential gardens off-limits to edible plants, but will allow ornamentals and fruit trees.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, city inspectors told resident Denise Morrison to dig up her 100 edible-plant garden which she used for food and medicine. Being both unemployed and not having health insurance, Morrison invited a police citation to prove her case legally.

“But instead of waiting for their day in court, city workers showed up at Morrison’s house with a bobcat and a riding lawnmower and cut down her yard as she watched in horror. She is now suing the city in a civil rights case claiming that a home garden is a civil right.”

Finally, an Oak Park, Michigan woman named Julie Bass, with six children to feed “faced up to 93 days in jail for refusing to take out the raised beds in front of her home and plant what the city deemed ‘suitable’ ground cover.”

What evil forces are behind this manipulative move? The answer is Big Agriculture. Astute observer Christina Sarich predicted correctly, back in 2015, that various laws being passed would ensure the complete control of food production by companies that control what we can and can’t see on food labels (like, “WARNING! This food has not been tested for safety”) and engage in genetic modification of plants – with unknown long-term consequences.

Trouble began to brew in 2010 with the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010 (S 510) which authorized the FDA:

“to dictate how farmers grow fruits and vegetables, including rules governing soil, water, hygiene, packing, temperatures, and even what animals may roam which fields and when. It would also increase inspections of food ‘facilities’ and tax them to do so. And, fulfilling the dream of a long line of agency officials, the bill grants the FDA unilateral authority to order recalls.”

Five years later, President Barack Obama signed into law the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015, commonly known as the DARK Act – Denying Americans the Right to Know. This cunning piece of legislation set US standards for labeling genetically engineered  (GE) foods, permitting Big Ag producers to overturn state-level decisions regarding truth in vending. Under federal law today, no state may require GE labels on food.

Some researchers, including Jeffrey Smith, suggest that GMO foods are dangerous – and protected from public scrutiny by the Federal Drug Administration.

Presidential documents, including Executive Order 13603 (March 6, 2012) state that meeting national defense requirements includes federal seizure of all forms of energy, usable water sources, and food – in fact, anything ingested.

Even in 2015, Sarich saw our future:

“The primary aim of these bills is to completely industrialize all food production in America. If these bills or future similar bills (like the DARK Act) are implemented, it would be illegal to grow food in our gardens, and even illegal to give that food away to our friends and family.”

Three years later, this is where we are today.  Life in the Know reports that people who only want some degree of sustainability by growing food are “being raided by swat teams and in some cases thrown in jail” – all in the name of protective zoning. Disgruntled neighbors say those big, green vegetables are such an eye-sore, don’t you know?

Making individual food production illegal on one’s own residential property smacks of fascist control. Our ability to remain independent from Big Ag and its anti-life products is at stake, and We the People are losing. The federal government has declared war on self-sufficiency and the human instinct to survive.

How far we have come, as a nation, from World War I (“the war to end all wars”) when, following Britain’s lead, Uncle Sam urged everyone at home to plant a “Victory garden” to support the troops abroad, as well as feed the hungry at home.

Victory gardens became so important during World War II – accounting for about 8 million tons of food in 1944, “the equivalent of more than 40 percent of all the fresh fruits and vegetables consumed in the United States” – that Mrs. President Eleanor Roosevelt proudly planted her garden on the White House lawn to set an example and show support for personal autonomy as part of a national relief effort.

Even if you live in a big city and have never seen a vegetable garden, surely you sense that depriving other Just Plain Folks of the joy of gardening vegetables is wrong, plain and simple. The federal government and major corporations are the only ones who stand to benefit from controlling national food production while hiding the truth about their dangerous genetic tinkering.

Fight back! Let your elected representatives know that Victory Gardens are part of our nation’s heritage, not to mention our civil liberty. Green thumbs matter!

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    The day the government says I can’t grow my food on my own country land is the day the government is going to have big problems with me.

    • Post Author

      Just what are you going to do about it? I am really curious. When most say what you wrote they are just talking… before you make such statements figure-out exactly what you are going to do when the time comes. What you say makes some people nervous and they write you off as a nut case to be watched. Be careful what you say and say nothing that you are not able to back-up…

      • Post Author

        You don’t have to be nervous if you have Jesus in your heart! Read your Bible. It helps you to know how to deal with anxiety in this crazy world we live in. Especially because this post is true and if you really want to know who the nut cases are, it’s leftists in government who are trying to take over as we already see massive amounts of lawlessness by most of the left in leadership that are supposed to protect Americans. It will get worse and there’s only One Person that will be able to save you, and if you have Him in your heart, that’s all you need to have in the end! But until then, we can only try to fight for our Constitution and what’s morally right!

    • Post Author

      What will you do, topple the government?

      • Post Author

        It has been done in the past. History tends to repeat itself.

        • Post Author

          I AGREE even if a person has a good job and wants to save money so they cn get a bigger house
          A person NEEDS to grow their own food so they do NOT have to SPEND thousands of dollars to STAY HEALTHY

    • Post Author

      My garden My food Hands off Big Brother

    • Post Author

      I AGREE even if a person has a good job and wants to save money so they cn get a bigger house
      A person NEEDS to grow their own food so they do NOT have to SPEND thousands of dollars to STAY HEALTHY

    • Post Author

      none of this is true.

  2. Post Author

    Unless the government pays my mortgage and taxes I’ll decide what grows in my yard.

  3. Post Author

    Unless the government pays my mortgage and taxes I’ll decide what grows in my yard.

    • Post Author

      Gardening gives me peace of mind and helps me connect to the earth. I own the land and should be able to decide what I do with it, unless it is harming my neighbors. Stop this control and greed

  4. Post Author

    I can believe Florida would do this but I’m disappointed to hear that Tulsa did it I’ve always thought that Oakies had more common sense than that!

  5. Post Author

    And yet Michelle Obama went to great efforts to highlite the White House garden which was then destroyed by our current occupier and chief.

    • Post Author

      Why was she allowed to have a garden but the poor folks mentioned in this article were not afforded the same luxury?!?

    • Post Author

      But Obama signed the DARK act into Law. So it’s okay for them , but not us

    • Post Author

      The Florida thing was probably a Home Owner’s Association. When you buy a house in one of these exclusive subdivisions you agree to abide by the rules of the HOA. There is no such crap throughout Florida

  6. Post Author

    All the more reason to hang onto your guns.

  7. Post Author

    Over the years the Federal Government has slowly been taking away our human rights and before long our freedom of speech will be tested. Socialism is slowly moving through our society at a pace where it is hardly noticeable. We must all be alert and stand up and fight for our rights if necessary.

  8. Post Author

    DARK Act. Surrendering food control to Big Ag and making it possible to take food water and energy in the name of National Security. OBAMA. Thanks a lot for NOTHING.

  9. Post Author

    The right wing will always protect the corporations at the expense of the people, just like it protects the NRA at the expense of murdered children.

    • Post Author

      Both sides of the aisle are equally guilty of squashing (pun intended ) our sovereign rights, but Obama owns the 2015 DARK Act Lock, Stock and Barrel (pun intended )..
      Guns cause crime—Like fly’s cause garbage! Davi

    • Post Author

      I will bet the Lefty Loon with the NRA bash conveniently overlooks Planned Parenthood murdering more annually than wars combined. But, remember they are “all in it for the children”. Balderdash!!

    • Post Author

      Just like a lib to drag up gun control in a discussion concerning a totally unrelated topic. This asshat tipped his hands with “the right wing” BS thing. I’m surprised he didn’t throw a tantrum over Obama’s name being invoked without the due reverence he no doubt believes it deserves.

    • Post Author

      Boy are you ever missing the point. Remember who put the regulations in place? Obama did this behind our backs. Keep guns out of the garden issue. Guns will never go away, especially from the criminals. This garden issue may seem minor, but it’s just another area that government wasn’t designed to control and doesn’t need to be concerned about. If you feel the need to bring the gun issue into it, I may now decide to finally buy one, since the criminals and the government have become one in the same.

    • Post Author

      Did you read the Article?? Obama is the one that signed the Dark Act into law . If you go even further and click on the link of Denise Morrison it goes to an article that was written in 2012. That was your buddy Obama AGAIN! Apparently , Democrats like to blame the Republicans for stuff that they are guilty of doing.

    • Post Author

      Just a little update on your post: Obama was not a candidate that was supported by “the right”, in case you missed it.

    • Post Author

      the children would not be murdered if it was not for you lefties beloved “Gun Free Zones” which those intent on murder consider “Free Fire Zones” eg there wont be anyone there to stop them. the cops dont legally have to come to your aid if it is going to be high risk to them, that has already been ruled in court. you are on your own and they will come to draw a chalk outline around your or your loved ones that chose to be unarmed. your choice. arming the teachers that choose to go armed already and often train more than the cops do anyway is not such a bad thing

    • Post Author

      I was waiting for someone to somehow blame the NRA. It’s a cliche, guns don’t just jump off a shelf and kill someone. People kill people using a gun. And before this left wing assault on the 2nd amendment, the NRA taught gun safety in schools.

  10. Post Author

    Give me a break! How did Gun Control end up in this comment list? Everybody in my neighborhood loves my garden!

    • Post Author

      Thank you SO much for that! We have a Community Garden in my little town, plus just about EVERYone grows their own. This “control” is pure BS. Watch for the sales of “grow-lights” and their prices, to skyrocket.

      • Post Author

        yes sorry i had to serve it back to that person. it is criminal what they are doing and it is treason. all public officials that try it need to be brought before a court and if that fails then hold a peoples court, outside the “legal” system. not everything that is legal is lawful. lawful is what is called common law and is only found with judge and jury with jury nullification in place. they have been trying to push jury nullification out for decades and if they have their way they will remove juries too. that is when a peoples court becomes the only option. i am in a arid part of australia where it is hard to grow a garden but i have plans that should enable it to happen.

    • Post Author

      Everyone in MY neighborhood loves their gardens AND their guns.

  11. Post Author

    We have a guaranteed right to provide for our families, including garden fresh food, i write books about guaranteed rights, we have about 1000 guaranteed rights, unwanted hands must stay off the veggies. We are not in Kansas anymore.

  12. Post Author

    Strange that Michelle Obama was encouraging everyone to grow a garden and had one on the White House lawn.

  13. Post Author

    Read Wickard v. Filburn, a 1942 Supreme Court case which broadly expanded the gubmint’s power in invoking the “interstate commerce clause.” The case upheld a federal statute which forbade a farmer for growing wheat on his farm for his own, his family’s and livestock’s consumption. Wheat production had been strictly regulated for years under FDR, and the Dept. of Ag. had strict, draconian quotas on production. Yet this man’s wheat was not for sale anywhere; in-state, out-of-state. ANYWHERE. The man’s production of wheat for purely personal consumption was ruled illegal because it “impacted interstate commerce.” Meaning: because he grew his own wheat, he did not have to purchase wheat elsewhere. By inference, this means that the government CAN force one to do business with another, even against your will. Just like Obamacare forces citizens into contracts with healthcare insurance providers against their will. We’re already in chains, brothers and sisters, and we have been for a long time. We just haven’t realized it yet, at least on a widespread collective basis.
    It’s a very sad day indeed when anyone can raise a crop of marijuana, but we’re bulldozed (literally and figuratively) for growing a few tomatoes and peppers.

    • Post Author

      FDR was an extremely liberal/progressive Dem President. In going through family papers I found information on what they could and couldn’t grow and how much during those years. There was a newspaper clipping (date and newspaper unknown) about a farmer who was in serious trouble for growing a bit more than he was allowed for his personal use.

  14. Post Author

    It appears that all of the people in this story had their gardens in their front yard which could easily appear to be unsightly. However the bigger problem is that through about 100 years of pollution from lead used in car gasoline the veggies raised in your front yard may not be safe to eat. The plants suck up the lead and you eat it. Sad but true.

  15. Post Author

    Oh shoot, I misspelled “flies”.
    I guess pencils cause spelling errors.

  16. Post Author

    Sounds a lot like the u.n. agenda 21 at work…..

  17. Post Author

    Vote out the officials who won’t allow a food garden. Of course some rules on smelly compost, fly/rodent attraction, rotted out boxes. Get the garden stores involved. Some cities even offer free compost sites which helps them green up their trash disposal.

  18. Post Author

    If compost is done right it won’t smell until you get very close to it and then it’s an earthy smell, the secret is to mix in new additions so they are covered. We need to begin writing letters, emails etc, now. Don’t wait until the garden police are at your door, that’s too late! Use back yards when you can, rather than front, and put the most decorative plants in front of the less glamorous.

  19. Post Author

    Calm down. The government isn’t going to take our gardens away and the government isn’t going to take our guns away. A few housing associations in a lot of communities want to retain control of the sterile, uniform look of their community. Just don’t buy a house in those developments and you can continue to raise a garden. I encourage you all to not go to extremes and see conspiracies from the left or the right.

  20. Post Author

    No surprise here that this all germinated with the former “Dick-taker-N-Thief” and Muslim-Marxist jihadist Bath-house Barry; this evil psychopath was true to form as with all communists – starve the people! This treacherous PUNK-A$$ would be facing a firing squad for committing treason if it was up to me!

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