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Facebook is Losing its Value Proposition

There has been a lot of grumbling lately down on Conspiracy Street by people being sent to FaceBook Jail with no due process. As reported previously by this writer in “Facebook Bans Truther David Icke,” conservative posts – and posters – are being censored per the social media giant’s “community standards” and “human decency” policy (which is just ObscureSpeak for “extreme liberal bias.”)

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It seems that the view from the political right is not welcome on Facebook and will be eliminated without apology.

Facebook CEO (and evil boy genius, based on his actions to date) Mark Zuckerberg has been running offense on his political position: left of center. In case you had forgotten, by the age of 19, Zuckerberg had dropped out of Harvard College and founded Facebook, which offered stock to the public in May 2012. He still owns almost 17% of the stock, according to Forbes.

After Facebook became a major player among social media platform providers, Zuckerberg began to act more like the chief editor than the fiduciary leader of a Large Cap (Capital) company. He began to mix sound business decisions with his personal opinions about what constitutes suitable content on his profitable website.

This strategy can work until the corporate owners – other shareholders and the Board of Directors – lose money. If you sense some potent foreshadowing going on right about now, you are correct. Read on.

Today, the overly-confident Zuckerberg is playing defense regarding his totalitarian editorial bias. After news (as covered by MSN Money) that “data research firm Cambridge Analytica gathered data from 50 million Facebook profiles without the permission of its users,” his darling company’s stock value tumbled $20 (10%) earlier this week, from $185 per stock share to $165. We can’t say we didn’t see it coming.

Not everyone is delighted by Facebook’s leftist leanings and punitive measures against selected opposing-view account holders. Criticism has been mounting to the point where, last September 2017, Reuters revealed:

“Zuckerberg has been on the defensive for weeks over revelations that Russian agents bought ads on Facebook and created fake accounts to inflame political tensions in the United States ahead of the 2016 presidential vote.”

Even before that, in November 2016, Zuckerberg was quoted by The Wall Street Journal as rebutting accusations that Facebook allowed fake news before the US presidential vote:

“Personally I think the idea that fake news on Facebook — of which it’s a very small amount of the content—influenced the election in any way is a pretty crazy idea.”

Crazy, you say? Crazy like a fox. (Note, too, that Zucherberg’s qualification of the provocative word “crazy” with the diluting term “pretty” is a classic way of trivializing or denying this very serious charge. Some of us are not fooled by his linguistic dodges.)

Fake news does, in fact, exert powerful influence around the world. A CNN Tech article pointed out:

“Facebook has also been described as enabling ethnic cleansing in Myanmar and Facebook’s WhatsApp was cited as a cause of beatings in India after a fake news story went viral.”

Finally sensing the impending danger from his patent denial that there is no fake news problem on Facebook, on January 29, 2018, Zuckerberg announced his company’s new anti-fake-news tactic – in a Facebook post, of course:

“Starting today, we’re going to show more stories from news sources in your local town or city.”

Facebook’s goals, said its CEO, are to “build community” and ensure “the time we spend on Facebook is valuable.”

Spending time in Facebook Jail is not valuable. Considering that every other person (one out of two or 50%) voted for President Trump in the last election, Zuckerberg must be out of his capitalistic mind to attack half his patronage.

Furthermore, it turns out that Zuckerberg is, in fact, a bald-faced liar. He knew about Cambridge Analytics and covered it up. The situation has gotten so bad that he finally had to comment on the devastating economic consequences of his arrogant attitudes and actions by funneling this message to the world, through CNN. Zuckerberg admitted that the Cambridge Analytics scandal was “a major breach of trust, and I’m really sorry that this happened.”

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You bet Zuckerberg is sorry. Really, really sorry. According to Money headline:

“Mark Zuckerberg Has Lost $3 Billion This Week”

That’s what happens when you let a company like Cambridge Analytica collect the data “not only of the approximately 270,000 users who agreed to take Kogan’s personality quiz but also their friends, thus harvesting information on tens of millions of people without their knowledge or permission” – and those millions of victims of privacy theft find out.

Knowledge is power and the people have spoken: Keep your personal ethics and money-grubbing, anti-constitutional deals off your social media platform – or we’ll start calling it Farcebook.

  1. Post Author

    I can testify everything in this article is true, I have been in Facebook jail 6 times in the past 18 months, 6 times means I have been banned from posting for 6 months.
    My most recent transgression, Criticism of islam, criticism in Facebook’s opinion. I claim I was simply stating articles read in our local media about political islam, specifically that over 50% of moslims are inbred and subsequently retarded. My personal comments were along the line, that you have to be retarded to be a suicide bomber, and you have to be retarded to believe the rhetoric in the koran or the hadith.

    • Post Author

      I’ve never been on Facebook period. What Zuckerburg started he never thought it would develop into the plat form it is today. Just like the media that is 99% controlled by the Democrats. Not to be any clairvoyant person I told my family that Facebook is a Trojan horse into every persons mind in the world. Some strong minded will see through the BS. Let it be said this is not over not ever close. Kepp this in mind the Democrats have a world agenda and they want to rule the world. UN what’s guns to go away disarm America. They will walk right in

    • Post Author

      Wow. What a really retarded comment to make. Not surprised you were sent to the sin bin. But then again, we’re used to the rabid right confusing ignorant slander with fact!

      • Post Author

        You can pull your head out anytime, preferably before the next election.

      • Post Author

        It’s called free speech

    • Post Author

      50% of Muslims inbred? I am sure that Fox told you that! There is no limit to the ignorance and stupidity of the right wing rednecks. I don´t like Muslims because they think they should impose Islam on the world, but from there to say that 50% are inbred and retarded is a sure sign of mental deficiency.

  2. Post Author

    It was just a matter of time before the radical left began to consume itself. Hate will consume hate.

  3. Post Author

    I am currently on a 30 ban because I called Michelle Obama a tranny, had had made the same comments several times in the past WITHOUT any previous punishments until after January of this year.

  4. Post Author

    I have been repeatedly banned from Facebook every month and I always get banned for 30 days at a time for posting conservative views. Facebook is nothing less than a liberal propaganda machine

  5. Post Author

    This is great to see an article telling the truth and I got a 20 day suspension for this: “You may have posted something or you didn’t mean to post something that went across our community standards” I checked my posts from March 2, 2018 to January 1st, 2018 and saw nothing that was not coming under their community standards and asked them to prove to me the post they found for that temporary suspension and they never did. I hate Facebook and have gone back to Yahoo to get them to think about bringing back Yahoo360 to put Facebook out of business.

  6. Post Author

    I took everything that you posted very seriously until you wrote that 50% of Americans voted for Trump – which you know is not true. The popular vote went to her lowness – Hillary. . . but that doesn’t make Trump even close to having won the popular vote. He is not fit to be pres, & this from a Republican!

  7. Post Author

    I’m not on Facebook, but it seems you’re complaining about exactly what Fox News does everyday when anything negative re: Trump and his minions and toady’s is reported on one of the other news outlets; Fox just ignores it.

  8. Post Author

    Zuckerburg is a petulant little bastard of the first order, but that goes without saying judging from his past conduct. Moreover, nothing could probably be better for FaceBook (and for its patrons) than have his Board of Directors toss him out on his ass. It happened in 1985 when Steve Jobs was canned from Apple, but that wasn’t because of his left-leaning politics, it was simply because Jobs was a petulant little bastard, too. At least Jobs kept his opinions and his business separate and eventually led Apple to its position as the most valuable company on earth. Sadly, we can’t say the same thing for Jobs’ successor, “Cap’n” Tim Cook. Cook and Zuckerberg are cut from the same bolt of cloth.

  9. Post Author

    Now I hope all my family members and friends understand why I never signed up for “Farcebook” and recommended to them to protect themselves from this kind of exposure to abuse and misuse of their personal information.

  10. Post Author

    Tired if Facebook jail for agreeing with a post that I was sent this shit needs to stop zukerberg needs to be dropped from his company like Steve jobs Facebook us a social platform NOT a left wing propaganda machine if that’s what it is now it needs to be fixed it shut the dam thing down calling my lawyer today for blocking my freedom of speech I have a constitutional right to that !!!!!!

  11. Post Author

    Too bad Zukenberg shame on you for censoring the rights to freedom of speech. Eventually the truth prevails & catch’s up to you. God bless America & God bless President Trump.

  12. Post Author

    I’m currently in jail for posting a comment under a picture of FB’s newest little darling — David Hogg. The picture (which I did NOT post) was of Herr Hogg giving Hitler’s own salute, which is offensive in and of itself — that little twerp emulating Hitler, of all despots! So underneath, I MOCKINGLY wrote “Sieg Heil”. Bam — Facebook jail for 3 days. This is my second “stretch in the jar” in as many weeks, so I’ll likely delete my account once I’m paroled. Tired of the bias against Conservatives and HATE Facebook blatantly squashing our First Amendment Rights.

  13. Post Author

    Fraud Book is more like it. The CIA loves and created this in order to censor and find out who they need to re-educate once SHTF.

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