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Question Authority

If you recall the Hans Christian Anderson story known as The Emperor’s New Clothes, two weavers promise to fabricate for their rather stupid monarch a new suit of clothes that is invisible to those who are unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent. For some reason, the Emperor thinks this is a great idea and pays handsomely for the one-of-a-kind attire that will allow him to separate the wheat from the chaff, as it were.

The conniving tailors stitch no fabric and pantomime delivering the “invisible clothes” – which they, of course, can’t see (since there is nothing there) – and the Emporer pretends to be able to see (so that no one realizes just how incredibly stupid he is).

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When the Emperor parades before his subjects in his “new clothes” – actually his “birthday suit”  – none of the adults dares to remark on the Royal Nakedness. They might be put to death for disagreeing with the Emporer who was “displaying” his new finery. Finally, a confused child blurts out the truth, “But he isn’t wearing anything at all!”

Out of the mouth of a babe came wisdom.

But was it right for the mythical child to question the Emperor’s authority? Regrettably, the story doesn’t mention what happened to the honest youth.

And why didn’t the adults question the Emperor’s authority? Simply because they feared punishment. The general public went along with the Voice of Authority, that of their arrogant and ignorant ruler. The story implies that contradicting the official party line could have dire consequences, and we wouldn’t want that, would we?

Still, opposing authority is a time-honored tradition that has spawned many a great tribe or nation.

Before we go any further, though, what exactly is an authority? Oxford Dictionary defines it as:

“The power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience; or  the confidence resulting from personal expertise.”

Without a doubt, our country was founded by Questioning Authority.

Every year US citizens celebrate our Great Nation’s birthday on the Fourth of July, marked by the signing of our Declaration of Independence. We explode fireworks which represent the “rockets’ red glare” of our American Revolution, when, in 1776, We the People won our freedom from British Authority, that being England’s King George III and his Parliamentary Government.

In the wilds of “New England,” “Old England” ruled by law throughout the Colonial territories. What British King George III said, went. He was a profiteer, with debts to pay from the Seven Years War with the French, so he imposed more and more taxes on the Colonists.

From 1765, the New Americans began to tire of British taxes on sugar and molasses. We weren’t paying up, in fact, due to widespread smuggling. In 1773, greedy, Authoritarian King George III proclaimed a brand new tax on his Colonial subjects: a tax on TEA.

One thing you surely didn’t want to mess with, in those days, was Tea Time. Most Americans today don’t understand that when British types don’t “take” (their term) their afternoon tea with some finger food – around 4 or 5 pm – they get grumpy and completely out of sorts before dinner. The modern-day equivalent of this tax on tea would be to add a $1 tax on a single can of a certain soft drink that rhymes with “Joke”. That would be $6 added to the price of a six-pack. Ouch.

Need I say that news of this new tax lifted quite a few white powdered wigs…on both men and women?

We the Colonists had had enough of British authority. We went beyond Questioning it and Disobeyed it. We overthrew the legal British monarchy completely, and divorced ourselves from Britain, becoming the fledgling One Nation, Indivisible.

Was it right for Us the Colonists to question the British government’s Authority? Do you enjoy the freedoms born of the Questioning of Authority that our patriotic forbearers fought and won for Us the People?

Hopefully, you answered “yes” to both questions.

When is questioning authority sane and justified? When is it inappropriate and even unsafe?

A curious 3-year-old named Heather questioned authority. Her mother had placed a lovely, large bowl of something steamy on the center of the dining table. “Don’t touch!” the mother warned and walked into the kitchen. With mother out of sight, the toddler managed to climb up on the table top and crawl toward the tempting bowl. Good things, like soup, made steam – or so she figured. The caring parent reappeared in the doorway just as her child leaned down, with nose jutting forward suggestively, directly over the Bowl of Tempting Mystery. “Oh Baby!” the alarmed mother exclaimed with urgency in her voice. “Don’t smell the bowl!”

Now, at age three, the only person in the world with more Authority than Mother was Father, and he wasn’t home at the time. Did young Heather question authority at the tender age of 3?

You bet your life she did! As Heather’s mom watched in horror, her beloved daughter swooped down and over the bowl, on hands and knees, closed her eyes, and inhaled deeply.

“Nooooooo!” the alarmed mother cried out as she rushed toward Heather.

A sharp, pungent and indescribably awful smell greeted the child’s tender, young nostrils, followed immediately by a stinging, burning sensation the likes of which she had never experienced, nor even imagined could exist.

“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” she shrieked uncontrollably, recoiling from the bowl. Tears were streaming down her face and she was hysterical from nostril pain. She ran around the dining table, screaming in pain. After a few turns, Heather began to tire. Her mother lifted her up and carried her to the bathroom, where she forced cold water up the frantic little girl’s nose. That must have been fun.

After the pain had subsided a bit, while her baby was still whimpering, the mother explained what AMMONIA is: great for cleaning, but bad for smelling – poisonous, in fact. She said it was her fault that she had left a mere child alone with the Bowl of Temptation.

The takeaway of this story is, of course, that the authority figure meant no harm, only good. Generally speaking, parents love their children. Yet, children sometimes act capriciously due to their lack of understanding and experience.

Heather questioned authority at age 3 and paid the price in pain, suffering, and having to listen to a lifetime of “I Told You So”s by her mother. Heather won no freedoms through her rebellious action, born of irresistible curiosity and total willfulness.

Fortunately, We the Colonists fared much better. But King George was no concerned parent. He had morphed into a Royal Pain in the Posterior and served principally His own interests. Our forebearers’ pain and suffering TRIUMPHED over tyranny, winning our nation’s independence so that we could grow up, as a nation, and make our own mistakes.

Question Authority? YOU BET, if you are prepared to endure the consequences of your actions. If you go to court to fight a police officer’s traffic citation, you are effectively being skeptical. In that case, a judge or jury will provide the answer to your question: charges dropped or pay the fine.

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But also, question the very questioning of authority: what will be the consequences of those actions? This is what conspiracy theorists and critics of governmental policy do on a regular basis because some Authority does not like to be Questioned.

The CIA allegedly assassinates people who ask too many questions about matters of “national security” and other “need to know” matters. Men in black show up in black cars with tools that make a murder look like a suicide.

Another faction reputed to “eliminate” people perceived as threats is the Clinton family. Check out this CBS Las Vegas list of “Clinton associates who died mysteriously.”

Adults need to continue challenging the official version of, basically, everything, demand honest from our leadership, and revoke trust from any government organization that demonstrates deceit or out and out treachery – because we can’t always get a child to do it.

  1. Post Author

    Ref your claim the CIA murders people who “ask too many questions”. Never was in the CIA, but worked side by side with them for many years, and I think you may have them confused with the Clinton Cartele, which is more likely to bump off people who they don’t like (e.g. Seth Rich)

    • Post Author

      Your hate for the Clintons is clear, but to use it to excuse the abuses and murders of the CIA is beyond stupid or ignorant. For decades and decades the CIA has assassinated people who they saw a enemies, they toppled duly elected governments to install our own dictators, puppets of our government. They murdered presidents and officials of countries that didn’t “obey” the dictates of our corporations in their land, from Iran to Chile, from El Salvador to Ecuador, all over Latin America. Please inform yourself before posting dribble about things you know nothing about. Obviously a Trump voter.

    • Post Author

      The CIA is the “hitman” for the Clintons and others who need a job done.

  2. Post Author

    Great example on Emperor’s New Clothes was Obamacare. Had Obama been honest (I don’t think it’s even possible) about Obamacare he would have said:
    If you like your Dr., tough luck because you can’t stay with them,
    Your deductible will quintuple
    The premium on a household’s insurance will go up $5,000 annually
    There will be no choices, you get what there is so again tough
    The government will control 1 of the most important components of your family’s well being & you will have less say than ever
    Young people who less need and want health care payments will not sign up
    There really be “death panels” due to limitations on health care

    If he had said any of these truthful issues, Obamacare would not have ever been approved.
    The 3rd biggest hoax ever

    1st Jesus’ disciples stole him away (He is God & overcame death)!
    2nd Man made climate change
    3rd Obamacare, government involvement will improve healthcare
    4th gun control makes you safer. Gun control has led to the annihilation & genocide of millions of innocent people

  3. Post Author

    The question is how do some like the Clintons and the Clintons themselves do things that can be proven wrong and get away with it. She sold influence and with the Uranium deal sold something we need and are buying now from our once owned company with Russia making profit. Her foundation got millions etc.
    Our legal system needs help when those with a lot of money get the best attorneys.
    Making more laws only adds to the complexity. One last item: TERM for all our leaders. Professional Politicians is now a greater threat than any of our enemies.
    The debt of now 21 Trillion has an interest that would almost give everyone better health care. Not to mention what happens when the bill comes due!!😩

    • Post Author

      I have read the posted comments and find them interesting, I totally agree with the comment about the Clintons. The comments concerning term limits, that is something that is desperately needed and not only for our Congress and Senate but especially the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). How many recall Nancy Pelosi’s comment about reading the Obama Care bill? She said (I’ll paraphrase here) you have to pass the bill in order to read it and know what’s in it! How can anyone trust the Washington crowd when they actually passed a bill they did not have the opportunity to read it, I forget how many pages it consisted of, it was monumental! The denizens of Washington DC do not care about the ones they are supposed to serve, the ones that supposedly put them in office (assuming the election process was on the up-and-up which is definitely questionable! All they care about is remaining in office and will do anything, lie, cheat, steal and some of them (Clintons) probably even murder to remain in office! Now just how trustworthy can people with that kind of mentality be trusted. Anyone with even a modicum of intelligence and honesty would refuse to sign any document until they know its contents!

      Nuff Said!!!!

      • Post Author

        Like the Patriot Act that war criminals Bush and Cheney passed without even knowing what was in it? Oh yes, I see, the Clintons are to blame

  4. Post Author

    Great article and spot on thanks for the bravery

  5. Post Author

    I totally agree with all of these statements. It’s so sad for our country that the voters can’t detect who is telling the truth. It’s very unfortunate that Obama was elected twice as president. He has done so much damage to our country I don’t know if we will ever recover. Unfortunately we have many more leaders that may be leading us down the road of ruin. Our debt is out of control and they just keep spending and ignoring our debt.

  6. Post Author

    There is a good lesson here. If you are not informed, if you do not know what your doing, it might help to listen to what your told instead of rebelling, at least until you have learned or researched what is the truth. The next is once you have the facts, then stand up and assert yourself. There is a video going around about bullying, done with the help of Burger King. In it boys are bullying another boy. Everybody sees it going on, only 12% did something, although most everyone knew or should have known. But, when the Burger King people smashed and tore their hamburgers and give them their order all smashed, then people stood up and called foul. When it happens to us, then we say something, when it doesn’t happen to us we let it slide.

    There is a parable i believe its called, it goes like this: they came for the man down the street but nobody did anything, Then they came for the lady across the street, but nobody did anything, then they came for my next door neighbor and I didnt do anything. When they came for me, Nobody said anything because there was no one left.

    Questioning authority is a slippery slope. If you question authority and you are on the losing side, you are the devil incarnate. If your on the winning side, it was a great call and you are all hero’s. A point in history, the Confederates were sure of their beliefs, enough so that they broke away and declared themselves another country. They lost, you still hear people call them traitors and evil people, because they lost. If they had won, it would be the Union that was the bad guy. In reality neither was bad and neither was good, they were people exercising their right to challenge and question authority. That is something that we need to keep in mind NOW with all that is going on. One side feels that the other is wrong and the other side sees the one side as evil. We as a people need to be able to hold a honest and meaningful dialog about the reality of the situation. Some one ask how did Clinton’s get away with things, two answers.; one they had or cultivated sources that protected them. They had those who choose to support and defend them at all cost. The other answer is they never let anyone see the real thing, they made it so hard to keep up and know the truth that it was or is hard to pin anything on them. They also used deflection and having a scapegoat to pawn anything or anyone that got to close to them, off on. Charisma can hide a bunch of wrong. Every huckster or snake oil salesman knew that having charisma and buffoonery could get them a great sale, it was the art to know when to leave before they were found out. The same way with the Clintons, charisma and the specter of doing good, led many to turn a blind eye to their ongoing shenanigans.

  7. Post Author

    Just being pedantic, the new America may have won independence from King George and the English parliament way back when. Americans did NOT win independence from the money system, the financiers, bankers, traders and those with economic muscle on both sides of the Atlantic still ran the show though with more freedom than ever before.. The money game and its most important players won freedom from political control with a profitable war that cost the common people’s blood and toil.
    Wisdom does not come from a child speaking the obvious truth, wisdom is being able to recognise the truth when the child speaks.

  8. Post Author

    Great article. Well said. I’ll be sharing this.

  9. Post Author

    “Question everything?” Benjamin Franklin said no such thing. That’s a quote from Dr Timothy Leary, the 1960’s LSD guru. And back when Bill Clinton started running for president, if anyone had gone to to Little Rock and chatted up the folks there, they would soon found out that the called him “Slick Willie.” Believe me, “slick” in that context, from Southerners, is not a complement. I wish all those trying to catch out Bill and Hillary in wrong doing, but I think they could easily find something better to waste their time on. Even if the do, so what? And I do mean, so what? “Stop the Presses! Politicians are found to be dishonest!” Wow!

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