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Is Abortion Black Genocide?

Imagine you are a woman who finds herself pregnant. For whatever reason, you don’t want to have the baby – perhaps you are single, want to focus on your career or save up funds to take care of a beloved child. If you are this woman, you have two choices: arrange for an adoption or have an abortion. The second option works as long as you have no religious, moral or ethical prohibition against solving what is, superficially, a medical problem.

Our mythical woman described above has two logical choices. However, logic can be overruled by ethical imperative. For women whose beliefs won’t allow abortion, having a live birth before adoption is the only viable solution. Unfortunately, some women who are opposed to the idea of abortion must have one after becoming pregnant, due to their young age or a medical condition.

The topic of abortion is loaded with emotional baggage, thanks to a general religious intolerance for it. Either choice a woman makes is difficult, both physically and emotionally. Pre- and post-abortion therapists are available for women who find themselves guilt-stricken or otherwise traumatized by the experience.

Mainstream society sends a clear message that abortion is bad and woman who have them (and their doctors who perform them) are “killers.”

Never mind issues like population control or the right of a woman to choose: there is a societal assumption that any woman who gets an abortion must not be quite right in the head. How dare she take control of her body and future? How dare she “play God” and decide who gets to live and who doesn’t? How dare she decide that she can’t adequately support a child in a healthy environment?

In other words, how dare any woman make a profound, fundamental, life-changing decision like abortion without consulting, or paying heed to, what a man wants, thinks and believes?

Keeping women “barefoot and pregnant” was essentially the stated goal before the Women’s Suffrage movement in the United States. Wikipedia tells us that the phrase is attributed to Arthur E. Hertzler whose 1938 autobiographical book titled “Horse and Buggy Doctor” described American medicine in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Dr. Hertzler famously wrote:

“The only way to keep a woman happy is to keep her barefoot and pregnant.”

This misogynistic phrase was repeated enough – and accurately reflected the male sentiment in the US – to the extent that, on August 27, 1963, Arkansas Rep. Paul Van Dalsem vented his frustration about the Arkansas Division of the American Association of University Women in a speech to a Little Rock civic club:

If a woman “starts poking around in something she doesn’t know anything about,” then “We get her pregnant and keep her barefoot.”

The media had a field day with that remark, and the phrase “barefoot and pregnant” still conjures up a very evocative image of a harried mother holding a baby while stirring a pot over a hot stovetop while her seven other children romp around the house, out of control. This woman is trapped, with no prospects for a better future. Her children bind her to a life of servitude with no way out. Any man in this picture spends most of his time outside the house in the “real world,” working, recreating with his buddies, and (presumably) enjoying the fruits of his wife’s labor when he gets home: meals, a tidy home, clean laundry – and, of course, sex on demand.

If there is a husband who provides financial and/or emotional support, that woman is fortunate compared to her unwed sisters who are on their own entirely.

Would it surprise you to know that the black community in the United States has a much higher abortion rate than white women? The Guttmacher Institute published a chart that shows abortions performed between the years 2000 and 2014 per 1000 women aged 15-44:

We see from the chart above that the abortion rate has dropped from 50 percent black women in 2000 (compared to about 17 percent for white women) to 27.1 percent black women in 2014 (compared to 10 percent for white women).

Another way to look at this situation, as reported in an article on Life Site, is this:

“While black women make up only six percent of the U.S. population, they account for 35 percent of abortions reported.”

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with Margaret Sanger? Here is her thumbnail biography:

“Margaret Sanger was a nurse in the poor neighborhoods of New York City when she founded the first birth control clinic in the U.S. in 1916. At the time it was illegal to publish and distribute information on contraception and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. An advocate for birth control and women’s rights, she founded the American Birth Control League in 1921. Later the organization became the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.”

Sanger was an outspoken advocate of eugenics, which, according to Wikipedia is, “a set of beliefs and practices that aims at improving the genetic quality of a human population.” A more crass definition of eugenics would fall along the lines of “selective breeding.”

All species, according to Charles Darwin, rise and fall according to how “fit” they are, not merely in strength, but in the ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions. People who agree that improving society’s genetic lines do not necessarily agree on how to achieve that goal. Sanger genuinely wanted to improve the quality of life for low-income, under-educated minority populations. In her day, that population was significantly black, and they were suspicious of this white woman who wanted to “control” their birth rate through “family planning.” (This is still the stated goal of Planned Parenthood.)

In 1939, Sanger wrote a letter aimed at black leaders (specifically ministers) to calm fears about the family planning clinics she was opening in southern U.S. states. A Time article quotes her letter, in which she voiced her concerns about public perception of her new initiative:

“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

When placed in the context of a letter written to black ministers, Sanger’s concerns are obvious. Unfortunately, black leaders subsequently quoted Sanger out of context, charging her with a racist program of “black genocide.”

1984 U.S. presidential candidate Jesse Jackson had told a Jet magazine reporter that “abortion is genocide” in 1973. In 1977, he appealed to “the mind of a person, and the moral fabric of a nation, that accepts the aborting of the life of a baby without a pang of conscience? What kind of a person, and what kind of a society will we have 20 years hence if life can be taken so casually?” In 1980, Jackson accused women who believe they “own” their unborn babies (as private property) as operating “under the premise of slavery.”

With all this moral rhetoric spread by mainstream media, the real truth behind abortion statistics has been obscured. The reason black women – and other minority women – in the U.S. have more abortions is for the reasons outlined at the beginning of this article: these women, regardless of society’s opinion, really are not equipped to raise a child at the time they become pregnant.

It is a fact that higher-income women have more choices when it comes to raising a family. If they have to work, they can hire child care services. Likewise, they can contract other household help – cleaning, for example.

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When we remove the moral and religious filters placed on the subject of abortion, the statistics suggest that minority women are, in fact, empowering themselves by just saying no to male oppression. Not satisfied with staying “barefoot and pregnant” forever, modern women actually do have a choice regarding not only their present-day lives, but their futures.

It is only when we treat the issue of abortion as a social and economic dynamic rather than an ethical shortcoming that the numbers start to make sense and are actually encouraging: women with less money (and therefore, less opportunity) are deciding to take matters of life and QUALITY OF LIFE into their own hands.

There are two elephants in this room here, so to speak. The first is the underlying assumption that men know better than women what is good for women. The second is that the United States, and the world, do not have an over-population problem. Both assumptions are wrong.

Minority women should be applauded for refusing to submit to the yoke of male tyranny, rather than painted as victims of Planned Parenthood. Do not confuse eugenics (improving a racial population through intentional reproduction) with genocide (the destruction of an entire race of people).

Population control will be the biggest problem facing the human race in this century, and those who deal with it by limiting the size of their families – voluntarily – are heroes, not devils.

  1. Post Author

    I disagree because information about abortion statistic are not provided from private practice of physicians. So the information is inaccurate.

    • Post Author

      Is it fair or just to condemn any woman of any race or religion to a lifetime of unintended responsibility simply because they had a momentary lapse of judgement? Example; a 16 year old girl has a sexual encounter with a boyfriend and finds herself pregnant. She is neither old enough nor mature enough to carry on a productive life, regardless to what level of success she may be capable of. The statics do not tell the motivation behind the facts. If it happens that more African American women seek abortions that is a fact. No one is forcing any woman to have an abortion and if more thus the concept of “black genocide” is simply an attempt by some who are politically motivated to make this a racial issue rather than what it actually is, a social issue determined by individuals, regardless of race.

    • Post Author

      How about not getting pregnant in the first place? Birth control medications and devices are widely available and inexpensive or free. The fetus is a separate being, with its own right to life; it’s not a tumor or hangnail. The way to eliminate 98% of minority poverty is to follow three simple steps: 1. Finish school; 2.. Get a job; 3. Get married before having children. Unfortunately, that requires personal responsibility before the fact and eliminates the excuse of blaming others for one’s own lack of foresight. Cases of rape and incest are another matter, but they are only a small percentage of abortions.

  2. Post Author

    Those evangelicals who see abortion as the taking of a human life should attend a few miscarriage funerals and get back with us on that issue.

    • Post Author

      I’ve HAD a miscarriage AND a 2 1/2 month old daughter die. There are hundreds of families waiting for an adoption, so the argument for murdering a baby is STILL asinine…I personally know of 2 women who committed suicide after an abortion, and 1 woman who had a botched abortion that made her sterile. They will NEVER make abortion illegal again, because it draws in HUGE money for Pharma and the “Illustrious” beauty companies who have Billions of dollars invested in the Human Collagen that they harvest from the murdered babies. I DON’T see ANYTHING in this article about the “Big Bucks” that abortion creates. Noooo….it’s ALL about the poor woman and “HER” rights.

    • Post Author

      Maybe it would be much better if those who encourage others to have an abortion were to witness an abortion where the baby’s body is slowly torn apart to extract it from the womb! They should be mandated and if necessary, forced to watch the procedure! If they could stand that then they ae actually less than human, they are on the same level as animals that tear s living creature apart to devour the flesh etc.!

      Nuff Said!!!!

  3. Post Author

    Then why in NYC are the illegitimate births STILL higher for blacks than whites? Why are there no white babies or children ( unless they’re handicapped ) in city foster care or adoption agencies? Just look at them in The Blue Books in those locla public libraries.

    • Post Author

      Yes, abortion is Black Genocide!

    • Post Author

      You are delusional!!!! Do you take a STUPID PILL everyday? I subscribe to a foster care website which covers a few states and I receive emails monthly with pictures of children who need foster parents or can be adopted. There are WHITE and black children. It’s just about even from my observation. Sometimes there are white siblings. Two, three or four siblings trying to stay together. You rarely see Hispanic, Asian, and other races. Get your facts straight and your GED.

    • Post Author

      There is so much wrong with this reply.

      The idea that there is such a thing as an illegitimate child is an outdated concept. Due to constitutional amendments (‘Equal protection clause’ of the fourteenth amendment for example) and common law changes, the status of children born out of ‘wedlock’ has changed, as society has matured.

      Children are not ‘handicapped’ unless society places a handicap on them. Many people have various disabilities but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are handicapped.

      Your statement that there are no white babies or children in NYC in foster care is patently wrong. I’m not sure what your problem is!

  4. Post Author

    Excellent article!

  5. Post Author

    I am Black and I had an abortion because I was in GRADUATE SCHOOL, not unable or not “equipped” financially (I am
    sure you meant financially) to take care of a child. I personally know 2 people who had abortions, and it was bad timing or they just did not want a child. Nothing to do with being unrquipped. Where do you people get all of your information from? Not just on this subject, all subjects. You always try to be the experts on other races while spreading lies and propaganda and ignoring your own wrong doings, historical violence, wars, hiding true history, cover ups, lies, stealing, and genocide against other races, and the things you still do in curent history. It’s called white supremacy and cognitive dissonance. How many Black people have you actually asked their for an abortion? Planned Parenthood? We all know what their hidden agenda is. It’s already been proven multiple times. Stop with your lies, assumptions, prejudices, and generalizations. Margaret Sanger was a racist. She is not a hero. I seems that you are an advocate of population control, so I am well aware of whom you follow and what books you have read. But, then you jump on the other side of the fence about population control. I am no longer surprised at anything you people do or say because it’s expected.

    • Post Author

      You make some pertinent points in your reply. Not sure most of the readership of this publication have the intellectual capacity to understand where you are coming from though.

    • Post Author

      “I am Black and I had an abortion because I was in GRADUATE SCHOOL, not unable or not “equipped” financially (I am sure you meant financially) to take care of a child.” Well, finally an honest person. You didn’t want the child, it was an inconvenience to you, so you killed it. Was actual use of some form of contraceptive too hard for you to do? Or maybe just another inconvenience as opposed to planning ahead and getting contraception, or “Oh My!!” not having sex? I begin to understand why some of my friends call the PhD “Piled Higher and Deeper” Use the brain you obviously have to actually THINK!

  6. Post Author

    Gee, why should women be burdened with moral concerns such as, oh, maybe, that what is growing inside her is a HUMAN BEING and that aborting that PERSON is the taking of a human life, as in homicide. Thanks to SCOTUS, it can’t be a crime to take the life of an unborn person, but simply a choice of property owned by the woman as a body part.

    All discussion about societal, economic, relational, legal, and psychological effects is irrelevant in light of the new PERSON’s right to live.

    • Post Author

      I agree with the comments, the unborn child is a human being else why are people being charged with murder in some states if their actions causes the death (note the word death) of an unborn child (note the words unborn child) they are charged with murder (note the word murder)? We grew up poor in the late 30s, the 40s and 50s, a total of 8 children and none of us ended up in prison nor were there any abortions. Many days and nights I went hungry I remember being told to go to bed so the pain would not be so bad also, dreaming about food but we had none! But mom raised us all, no abortions, after her husband died at a young age (30s) plus a 9th son after her last husband left her high and dry with liable income!

      As for Sanger, she has been accused of trying to eliminate the black race through abortion, this has been vigorously denied by the Planned Parenthood abortion mill and others, all I can say about this is where’s there’s smoke there is bound to be a fire!

      The morals of this nation are at rock bottom and this can be properly blamed on the religious persons of this nation and SCOTUS. SCOTUS because of their “opinions” (note the word “opinions’) they were never intended to be law according to the writers of our constitution! Opinions are like anything else, they carry no weight and were not intended to be the law of the land! The religious persons have failed to stand up and vote, many have become so adapted to the worldly morals that they have virtually no morals themselves!

      As for religion, in the Old Testament if a man maliciously killed a person, this included an unborn child, his life was forfeit, therefore the death penalty that SCOTUS, in their opinionated way, while other judges have banned is based on sound principle. In America today people have more sympathy for a tiny fish than a human being especially an unborn human being.

      Nuff Said!!!!

      • Post Author

        About the only thing that makes any sense in your never ending doggerel is your comment ‘opinions carry no weight’. It’s a pity you don’t take any notice of your own opinions. But then again, I guess nobody else does either!

        Nuff Said!!!!!

  7. Post Author

    Ok so we got rid of 60,000,000 unwanted children so far since 1973 with the ‘miracle’ of abortion. By getting ‘rid of’ such a huge number of the ‘unwanted’, we should be living in the ‘Utopian States of America’. Instead, we’ve created a hell-hole of sin. And it amazes me that ‘Black-Lives Matter’ can’t wrap itself around this issue honestly. But then, it is funded by very evil white financiers who laugh at the gullibility of the black sub-human race.

    • Post Author

      Good points, if abortion was the answer and we have 60,000,000 less humans today (many more worldwide), what has it accomplished? Do we have more of everything? Is our world/country a better place?

      The Lord said to be fruitful and multiply. What if we all trusted in the Lord and had all of those “unwanted” children? I believe we would all be better off!

    • Post Author

      WOW! So you got rid of 60,000,000 unwanted children since 1973 and have created a ‘hell-hole’ of sin. Maybe you are getting rid of the wrong people. Why not try harder and be more focused. For example, you could make abortion retrospective in cases like your current POTUS!

  8. Post Author

    This is the most biased article I have read from this group, ever. Besides a few charts (which were read wrong, the first one is not percent of abortions but number per 1000. So a fifty on the chart is 50/1000 or 5%.) This is entirely an opinion piece which outright dismisses any and all religious and moral sentiments while stating as fact sweeping generalizations like all men want to oppress women and keep them barefoot and pregnant, women are better off when they choose to murder an innocent baby, and there’s a worldwide population issue. None of those are true. The author doesn’t even attempt to offer proof of their veracity. In fact many countries are facing huge population declines from decades of artificially low birth rates. Reducing birth rates is a goal of the NWO, is this author a hack?
    No one is better off when they chose to kill an innocent person, ever. That’s Satan’s lie to Cain—that he would gain from killing his brother. Again, that’s not true, he was cursed the rest of his life. Not all men are prolife with a goal to subject women. I’ve never met or heard of a guy who’s expressed this thought in modern America. An article written over 100 years ago is not proof of truthfulness! Most women like children and don’t look at them as hinderances to happiness or economic gain.
    What about adoption? What about more support for single mothers? What about the emotional scars of abortion that haunt women for decades??
    This article is pure rubbish from start to end.

    • Post Author

      Opinions based on facts do carry weight even though some ignorantly refuse to recognize this fact, just like all ignoramuses they judge things based on either their lack of knowledge or, on pro-abortion twisted facts spoon fed to them by the prostituted news media or other liberal sources!!

      What about no sex outside of marriage and, let us not forget the 60 million Americans who will not be donating to Social Security because they are not around to earn $$ and give it to our government to waste! Also, let us not forget that the government controlled retirement fund called Social Security is near broke and those 60 million, plus many millions of others over the years are not around to contribute and pour more $$ (hard earned income) into the soon to be bankrupt government retirement system!

      Where do I get my information, partly from Washington DC and a newspaper titled American Free Press, they report on news you will never hear from the talking heads of TV nor the local newspapers etc.!

      Nuff Said!!!!

    • Post Author

      I agree with this post. The article is rubbish and obviously slanted to somehow justify killing babies. It totally ignores the concept of not having sex without using birth control, or better yet, not giving in to ones emotions in the heat of passion. Have you ever wondered what talents those 60 million destroyed people might have had had they been born and grown up?

  9. Post Author

    With so many choices of birth control why not use that as your “Pro-Choice” rational.
    Also, your “Choice” ends when you spread your legs. Abortion starts with ignorance.

    • Post Author

      This reply includes some reasonable observations as well as some rubbish too.
      Regarding your correct observation that 50 out of 1,000 is 5% rather than 50%, one has to seriously question the research capabilities and statistical analyses skills of the writer. Your concerns for more support for single mothers is the direction this article should be heading. Children generally should be more supported by society. If young mothers to be had more confidence in the type of world we live in, I’ve no doubt there’d be fewer abortions.

      However, you make the statement that ‘an article written over 100 years ago is not proof of truthfulness’. This just after referencing an article written over three thousand years ago (and a fairy tale at that).

      Why do so many readers of this publication think that in the 21st century, the beliefs of people who lived over three thousands years ago, in a world they little understood, let alone the universe they were a relative insignificant part of, are some how relevant to us, with our accumulated knowledge in a significantly changed environment and with different needs, abilities and understandings. Why do the beliefs of an ancient people need to be accepted as universal, unchanging truths?

      Okay, so they needed to try and understand the world they lived in and had to set some sort of rules to live by. Remember, however, they lived in a small (the Middle East for example), flat world that was the centre of the universe. We live in a different world that isn’t the centre of the universe and we need to determine the rules and morality/ethics etcetera that enable us to cohabitate peacefully in a world of limited resources.

  10. Post Author

    I object to this post for other reasons. You are trying to make Margaret Sanger to have pure wishes for the well being of blacks. Instead she was quoted as saying the black garden needed weeding. Shall we say culling the herd. She viewed them as lesser beings. Women have been trying to control their own bodies since forever. Except for a very few we do not want to be barefoot and pregnant. Not financially feasible either. But I will never be a part of telling a woman that she is no more than a cow that has been bred and now has no choice but to bare young. And what’s between me and God is between me and God. You don’t have a say in this.

  11. Post Author

    Is abortion Black Genocide?
    Of course it is, isn’t that basically what the founder of PP stated?
    BUT, it is a gift to the big booties in the ghetto, get drunk at the local juke joint, screw a different dude every night, have enough kids to live off of food stamps and welfare programs and then flush the next “good night knock up”, down the toilet………..
    Life is good…………………………………………………….. until judgement day.

  12. Post Author

    I do like getting your articles and want to continue but you struck out on this one. What a bunch of liberal feminist drivel.

    • Post Author


    • Post Author

      Yes, not like that right wing, reactionary, misogynistic, conspiracy theorist polemics we’re used to. Maybe it’s just a very poor attempt at trying to restore some balance.

  13. Post Author

    The author makes light of Margaret Sanger’s writings, using only one – out of context. When one considers ALL the evidence against Sanger and the group she oversaw, including her interview with Mike Wallace in the early 60s, the ONLY conclusion which can be drawn is that this is Eugenics at work against “negroes and poor whites“ to use their own words!!! There were many internal memos and other evidences of their plan. The UN continues Eugenics in its programs to limit African populations. This is war against a race! And, we must bring it into the light – expose it!!!!

  14. Post Author

    Black women comprise 7 percent of the US population with only half being of child bearing age (3 percent) . 72 percent of all black babies are born out of wedlock ( no responsible father to support the mother and child) So the mother has to make a choise for her future. She wouldn’t be in this position if she would have kept her legs closed and not fallen for the jive of the irresponsible black male.

  15. Post Author

    Nothing you wrote is researched. It is all opinionated hearsay. All of the judges who passed Roe v Wade were white men. When a fetus has separate DNA and separate organ systems, not only does this show they are these fully human and living (human beings) but they are not part of the woman’s body. This is not a religious argument, but a biological and ethical one. Few of the presuppositions you have about the motives surrounding anti-abortion are true, based on the above facts. Also, Planned Parenthood facilites are intentionally placed by poor, black neighborhoods to make it easier for women to abort, which follows Sanger’s philosophy. A true feminist believes a woman is strong and capable and can find the financial resources she needs to support her chikd and still succeed in her career. That’s confidence in a woman’s power. Otherwise, you are branding her a victim of life’s circumstance, while at the same time, calling her “empowered.”

  16. Post Author

    Be careful about having an abortion. It might be the only child you will ever have. A friend of mine, who’s partner had an abortion, is approaching 60 and has no children. His only close family is an aging father. I think that’s sad. Young women need to delve into the potential ramifications of having an abortion, such as breast cancer. You will never forget the due date of your child. You could be haunted by nightmares. You will never forget this child. You might be able to physically get rid of it, but you will never forget it, unless your heart is cold and callous and beyond feeling. The writer of this blog, is definitely promoting abortion as a means of population control. Who died and made you God?

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