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The FBI Crackdown

It’s been known for months that the FBI and Obama misused the federal Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act [FISA] program to plot against then-candidate Trump and now action is finally being taken.

Although Attorney General Jeff Sessions didn’t officially appoint a special counsel to investigate the FBI, he has hired the Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber to investigate the alleged FBI misconduct.

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“John W. Huber, the U.S. attorney in Utah, can convene a grand jury, issue subpoenas, collect evidence and order witnesses to testify — all the usual powers a federal prosecutor has — as he delves into whether the FBI abused its powers when it sought permission and then carried out wiretapping of a Trump campaign figure, or whether it trod too lightly in pursuing questions about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton,” writes The Washington Times.

Several lawmakers have demanded that the FBI’s actions during the 2016 campaign showed bias and needs to be further investigated.

Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte was one of the lawmakers that asked for a special counsel to look into the misconduct of the FBI.

“We don’t know for sure and that, coupled with the fact that we really think this should be an investigation outside of the Department of Justice altogether, is why we continue to call for a special counsel,” said Goodlatte on Fox News’ “Cavuto Live” show on Saturday. “We’re very hopeful that he, working with the inspector general, will make substantial progress in this area,” said Goodlatte. “So we’re reserving judgment on his work. But, again, we think that ultimately a special prosecutor would be needed and would be best.”

Although this is a step in the right direction according to Goodlatte, he also points out he is concerned about Huber being part of the Department of Justice, instead of it being an outside researcher conducting the investigation.

“What he can’t do is what you mentioned and that is he can’t be outside of the Department of Justice,” said Goodlatte. “He is a presidential appointee, confirmed by the United States Senate. In fact, appointed first by President [Barack] Obama and then reappointed by President [Donald] Trump. So, he has that form of independence, but he still is a part of the Department of Justice and that, I think, is a difficulty unless he steps up and shows us that he’s willing to take on anybody here, including former senior employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

He argues that the recent material provided by the FBI has been so redacted and that they need to be removed “so we can find out the extent of what was going on in 2016 when the FBI in an astonishing manner conducted one investigation with regard to one presidential candidate, and bent over backwards not to prosecute her, and then launched another investigation where they definitely were leaning into it with insurance policies and secret plans.”

Sessions said right now there is no need for the appointment of a second special counsel and that he is confident in Huber’s research that apparently has already been underway.

“I am confident that Mr. Huber’s review will include a full, complete and objective evaluation of these matters in a manner that is consistent with the law and facts,” wrote Sessions. “I receive regular updates from Mr. Huber and upon the conclusion of his review, will receive his recommendations as to whether any matters not currently under investigation should be opened, whether any matters currently under investigation require further resources, or whether any matters merit the appointment of a special counsel.”

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“He will have the full authority of a federal prosecutor,” said Richard Painter, former chief ethics attorney under President George W. Bush. “If he looks at this and finds someone in the DOJ lied to a government official, he would be able to convene a grand jury, compel testimony and even prosecute them.”

Many individuals, on both sides of the aisle, support Huber stating he is fair, ethical, and known for always doing the right thing.

This move finally gives Sessions more control of the Russia investigation and could even expose misdoings by Obama and/or Clinton during the last presidential election.

  1. Post Author

    He will probably get one of Hillarys suicides it the norm now that needs to be stopped they all need jail time !!!!!!!

  2. Post Author

    I think this is a great idea. We have need a thorough investigation for a long time. It’s been a long time coming but the American People want to know what is going on & they deserve that as we are the ones paying for all this CRAP that is going on now. It has gotten out of hand & sometimes does not even relate to what the investigation was supposed to do but have been way off track on things.

  3. Post Author

    Let’s Get On With It! What Are We
    Waiting For?

  4. Post Author

    It’s about time we are dealing with everything Hillary got away with and the constant bombardment of Trump for trying to get us working ethically and efficiently. I would also like to see how the news media (ie CNN) was funded to keep their barrage of false news against Trump

  5. Post Author

    I no longer respect nor trust the three agencies, the FBI,CIA,DOJ. They have all shown that they are corrupt! I have heard stories about them in the past but non so blatant as now!

  6. Post Author

    I so hope that Sessions and whoever their will get to the bottom without calling a special counsel.

  7. Post Author

    Now he need to destitute Rosenstein.

  8. Post Author

    Only time will tell! Personally I am suspicious of anyone who is a part of the Washington D.C. swamp and especially anyone that has made appointments etc. to any office in D.C. a career and, I am even more suspicious of anyone appointed by Obama!
    President Trump has decided to do something that is a no-brainer and should have been done decades ago, put our military to guarding our own borders and not the borders of some foreign country half way around the world!

    What President Trump should do is, bring all the troops home and set them to defending the U.S. borders and not some foreign country’s borders, countries like Germany, Korea, Japan, Israel etc.! Let them take up the cost of defending themselves and save this country billions of dollars each year! Yes I did include Israel but, Israel does not have any nationally recognized or assigned borders. we have no defense or treaty agreement with Israel!

    Washington has established a permanent American facility within the Israeli Mashabin Airbase in Israel, it is defined as a base within a base and, Air Force Lt. General Richard Clark said, U.S. servicemen “are prepared to fight and die for Israel.” Also, they will likely be fighting under the command Israeli officers during combat. Our military has never been placed under the authority and/or command of a foreign military or military commander, at least not legally! Military law forbids the soldiers to even wear the patches etc. and serve under the command of any foreign military commander or country. There are exceptions for legitimately wearing a foreign medal but, that is an exception, and I believe the medal must first be approved by our government!

    Nuff Said!!!!

  9. Post Author

    Can he really do his job properly where he is based? according to a judge on the news, he does not have the same powers as an investigator based in DC when it comes to subpoena’s, Grand Juries and scope of powers. Just curious.

  10. Post Author

    It is pass time to investigate. Clinton, Muller, And the D.O.J who appointed Muller. Maybe the American people will know that they are not above the law.

  11. Post Author

    put trump n jail and all followers who r changing laws to be able to do illegal doings

  12. Post Author

    Can the FBI legitimately investigate it self , this is total bullshit. Yet another Democratic dog and pony show , Another exercise in futility. Moreover this is actually insulting to the American public that A third party not connected individual neither Republican nor Democrat would be conducting a fair and unbiased investigation only looking at the true facts . It is very evident that after years of investigating prima facia evidence : none of the guilty parties will go to jail , ever pay back hundreds of millions of dollars maybe billions that they stole , no one will be prosecuted for obvious treason and no one will allow the swamp to be drained , because doing so will stop all the money that the congressman senators judges and lobbyists make. All the while the American public is the one that suffers . .

  13. Post Author

    Good I hope Obama and Clinton both go to jail for the rest of there life. That’s where they both belong.

  14. Post Author

    Oops they did it again … same story over and over, not a piece of creativity at all. Boring…

  15. Post Author

    Please inform your readers that U.S. Attorney John Huber is from Utah and has no judiciary powers in Washington, D.C. He must move to Washington, D.C. in order to convene a grand jury, issue subpoenas, collect evidence, order witnesses to testify, etc. If he stays in Utah, he can not impanel a grand jury in Utah to examine something that happened in D.C. All the evidence is in D.C.! The Utah grand jury does not have jurisdiction in D.C.

  16. Post Author

    It’s sad that this has been dragged out so long, while Mueller hires many more Democratic attorneys to help him try & scoop, prolong spend upteen thousands plus trying to find something, anything on Trump. Yet, true it’s a very costly unfortunate cost. No one wants to hire another prosecutor because of political caution!! Their prolonged ridiculous agenda are totally out of normal costs plus. The extreme expenses are long time out of the budgets. The Republicans & their causes could use that excess moneys that is needed on a wall, military equipment, military salaries upgraded again, etc etc. They have so much evidence on Obama, Clinton, Comey, etc etc etc lot more they’re aware of corrupt criminal behavior, actions, proof, why isn’t anyone yet prosecuted for prosecuting & taking immediate action. It’s so out of control it’s embarrassing & looks ridiculous to other people, countries & to the great USA.

  17. Post Author

    Huber’s inability to investigate anyone outside the employ of the United States leave a wide gap of areas and persons that should
    be investigated. Since Huber is so close to being like Mueller, why wasn’t a Special Prosecutor like Mueller appointed? Yeah, yeah, I know, Sessions doesn’t think one is necessary. Well I don’t agree. It will be less coverage than it should have been.

  18. Post Author

    Sessions should have appointed an investigation from the beginning, this has been long in coming and I hope Obama and his minions get what they deserve, prison! I still do not trust Sessions especially suspicious last year when he recused himself. Why? Does he know something he isn’t telling us, we the people?

  19. Post Author

    The combination of a vacuum of leadership at the top of the DOJ (is AG Sessions alive?) and the CORRUPTION of the rest of top and middle management at both the DOJ and FBI should be obvious. Its so obvious that somebody must have very detailed picutures of Sessions with a little girl! There simply is no other excuse for Sessions “DO NOTHING FOR A YEAR” actions.

    Trump MUST FIRE SESSIONS and the rest of the top management at the DOJ to send a message. It couldn’t be worse than it is, now! Just couldn’t!

  20. Post Author

    they should investigate the people that was in on all the FiSA who obtained information that was illegal, mainly the DNC and Hillary. the FBI was backing criminal Hillary and both were in on abusing the system under false pretenses to bring false information against Trump to try to sway voters which would have been totally against the law the way they were trying to do it. buying false information from a foreign informant was the bottom of the pit for Hillary and the DNC. i am sure they knew it was false information so everything they done from ground level till they received the false report was against the law. Mueller need to start at the tip where the money leads and start indicting the ones responsible for all these lies they obtained. he will get the right ones, not some peon at the bottom of the totem pole that may have delivered an envelope to someone who actually knew nothing of what was in the envelope. you get the responsible people that was behind all this and you will probably curb it from happening in the 2020 election cause the ones that were responsible for this time will still be in orange jumpsuits which does have a real incentive for them not to try it!! they are looking everywhere where the responsibility is not present. the ones that are responsible are walking around laughing under their breath right now.

  21. Post Author

    I do not believe that the utilization of a D.O.J. appointee to investigate both the FBI and the DOJ. First of all, I presume, but am not certain, that using a DIJ apointee to, in effect, investigate “itself” would be (or certainly should be) contrary to a potential conflict of interest under DOJ standards and/ir policies. Further, what we s needed is an “independent” investigator but one with the power to issue subponeas. Sessions should request Congress to authorize the appointment of such an individual already appointed and within one of the government agrncies other than the FBI and DOJ. Surely, such an unbiased individual exists. “We the people” are entitled to full transparency and disclosure. The laws must be fairly and equally applied to all. Not a select fes if thebfich and politically poweful. Disgraceful to act in any other manner.

  22. Post Author

    Everyone involved will probably die of old age before these investigations are completed. and will have cost us tax payers many millions of dollars

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