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The Philadelphia Experiment, Part 1 of 3

One of the strangest-but-true “conspiracy theories” that the United States government denied and covered up for decades is known as the Philadephia Experiment. The grisly results of this high-tech research and development project have been hidden from public view for over seven decades!

In 1943, World War II was raging fiercely on land and sea. The United States Navy set up special projects to develop new technologies to help defeat the Nazis. One area of special interest was how to hide ships from radar or visual detection.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was a Serbian genius and rival of Thomas Edison. Both were inventors, engineers, and futurists who envisioned a world full of technological advantages. After working briefly for Edison, Tesla left after his boss refused to pay an enormous sum of money Edison had (jokingly) offered Tesla for an invention – which Tesla produced.

Tesla is most famous for discovering and patenting the rotating magnetic field, the basis of most alternating current (AC) machinery. However, he worked on a wide variety of projects, including the “Tesla coil,” which is still used in radio technology. His dream project, never realized, was to provide worldwide communication – for free.

Nikola Tesla and his MagnifyingTransmitter
Colorado Springs, Colorado – December 1899 (Publicity Photo)

Less known is Tesla’s work in light refraction and electromagnetism. He believed that it was possible to bend light around an object that emitted an intensely strong electromagnetic field, thus making the object invisible to direct observation as well as radar.

President Franklin Roosevelt chatted with Tesla about the feasibility of this promising military idea. Convinced that Tesla could deliver the goods, the Commander-in-Chief committed U.S. Navy funding to develop the ability for U.S. ships to sneak across the Atlantic Ocean without being detected by German U-Boats.

Tesla became project director and produced calculations and drawings to build high-power generators to install below the deck of a test ship. These huge generators would create an enormously powerful force field around the ship to “cloak” it and make it invisible.

As reported by Al Bielek, who, along with his brother Duncan, joined the Institute of Advanced Study project in 1940 as an engineer, the Navy had conducted several failed tests before succeeding that same year: a small Navy tender disappeared from sight and camera in September 1940 from the Brooklyn Navy shipyard.

Immediately, the project became classified and named “Rainbow.” Its goal now was to develop cloaking technology for seacraft as large as a battleship. Roosevelt had a test ship moved to the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Navy shipyard. That ship was the U.S. Navy destroyer escort “Eldridge.”

President Roosevelt said, “If you can make that ship disappear, you can make any ship disappear.”

Tesla’s theories were not being taught in universities. The mathematical physics used was advanced for its day, involving multiple realities, time fields, quantum physics, and Einstein’s unified field theory (which was still classified at the time).

The Bielek brothers official job was to report on a monthly basis to the Navy on the Rainbow Project’s research, development – and budget. The two Ph.D. physicists later learned they were also in training to become the non-Naval officers in charge of running the equipment during the planned test. Al Bielek said:

“They [the Navy] didn’t want a bunch of sailors running it and they didn’t want an ordinary officer running it who didn’t understand the theory because not only were you entrusted with this equipment and the ship, if it became a fully successful operation, you also had to know because, with the theory that was involved, that you ran the equipment rather carefully and followed certain guidelines. Otherwise, you could find yourself dropping out of time altogether…” [emphasis added]

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To Be Continued in Part 2/2 right here at The Daily Conspiracy!

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    Wow & ,thank you!

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    I read the book thirty years ago. I also saw the movie on TV about 20 years ago.
    Show me credible first-hand accounts, show me the budget, the Captains shipboard journal,
    the Joint Chiefs of Staff

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    I read the book thirty years ago. I also saw the movie on TV about 20 years ago.
    Show me credible first-hand accounts, show me the budget, the Captains shipboard journal,
    the report to the Joint Chiefs of Staff

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    I read the book thirty years ago. I also saw the movie on TV about 20 years ago.
    Show me credible first-hand accounts, the budget, the Captains shipboard journal,
    the report to the Joint Chiefs of Staff

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    This has always been a fascinating subject for me. I am sure much of what we know isn’t true, and much of what we don’t know is even stranger than the stories told.

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    Was it atempted,yes.did it suceed? No, the one person who witnessed and survived was buried in mounds of government concealment to the point the guys very existence is in question. Still a cool story , Can you imagine Einstein and Tesla conversing….there is your fly on the wall fantasy.

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    Edison, great inventor, was selfish, greedy and jealous, especially of Tesla, and stole numerous inventions from him. He was completely opposed to alternate current to the point that he electrocuted a horse on a stage to prove that Tesla invention was extremely dangerous. We think of Edison as the best inventor, but he never could have achieved what Tesla did, so he sabotaged every effort of Tesla to show the world that he was a charlatan. Some charlatan!

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    Can’t wait to see part 2– [email protected]

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    Edison DID owe Tesla an enormous amount of money for an invention Tesla created. Edison later said he was only “joking.” But Tesla had a signed contract to prove his claim, which Edison never made good on.
    And Tesla’s greatest unrealized dream had little to do with “free” worldwide communication as much as his desire to invent a way to transmit electricity itself through the air without the use of cables or wiring. While he never succeeded in finding a way to do so without electrocuting living beings, animal or human, his work provided the foundation for the microwave technology used for radar and for cooking.

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    Oh the suspense!
    An interesting article….i do dislike waiting for the rest of it. Well written thus far.

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    Very interesting.

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    Interesting. I had heard a little about this before reading your article! Now I’m looking forward to parts 2 and 3!!!

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    A little problem with your story. Tesla could not stand Einstein and he publicly stated several times that Einstein was a fraud. So I seriously doubt that Tesla would have used one of his formulas.

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    Highly interesting. Would like to read parts 2 and 3. thanks

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    The web page states 1 of 3 and the URL shows that it is in two parts. But anyway it is an interesting article. The Philadelphia Experiment, Part 1 of 3 – The Daily Conspiracy

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    I want to believe, bring on part two

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    Have you idiots been hacked? The Philadelphia Experiment was a story based on some scribbles in the margins of a science fiction book (not at all connected) by a certified schizophrenic. For researchers that have taken the time to do an serious investigation of the story, there is not a single ounce of truth to it. The Eldridge was never in Philadelphia Harbor. Tesla never worked on such an experiment. No seaman died nor went missing on the Eldridge in American waters. Surviving members of the crew have shown their records. It is all bunk. Why would you print such garbage?

    Further, you have one author going on rants pushing for gun control saying idiotic things like “its never been tried before”. Ummmm, yeah. Hitler. Mussolini. Russia. Europe today. Throughout history. Every single time it accomplishes two goals: crime explodes on a population unable to defend itself and tyrants take totalitarian control over their own people.

    I was willing to give you morons some leeway because you have published some good articles in the past. Now you’re just garbage. Deleted. Never to be read again.

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    this story had me intrigued when I was a teenager. this and quite a few more similar sci-fi based stories. this one in particular has been debunked by at least three different investigators, and documentarians. Do a search of youtube and Netflix. several pop up most of the time. The story was a hoax perpetrated by a psycho wanna-be. parts of the story are based upon actual generators used to push high currentl in a de-fluxing coil wrapped around the ship. this was to counteract the natural magenetic field displacement of the Earth’s field by the metal on the ship. Purpose was to make the ship “invisible’ to WW II magnetic detecting mines, so the ship wouldn’t blow up. that is all folks… Done on many ships, and specifically on mine sweepers.. Nice story but a real hoax….

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