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The Philadelphia Experiment, Part 3 of 3

Continued from Part 2/3 right here at The Daily Conspiracy!

Reviewing the strange-but-true account of the Philadephia Experiment, before continuing further, Al Bielek and his brother Duncan were specially trained Navy officers who participated in Project Rainbow, a World War II effort to make battleships invisible to enemy radar and visual sightings. The Navy went ahead with development of high-powered electromagnetic field generators, despite warnings from genius designer Nikola Tesla about the potential danger to the crew members’ sanity.

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When the US Navy destroyer escort Eldridge disappeared during the July 22, 1943 test, Al and Duncan Bielek were in the control room. They knew, within about 30 seconds, that something was very wrong. They tried to turn off the main power switches, but they wouldn’t budge.

The two brothers exited through the bulkhead door and went on deck. Crew members were milling around, but no one was buried in the deck yet. The Bieleks decided to jump overboard and swim ashore. Due to the dense field surrounding them, they could not see anything beyond the railing. They assumed they would land in the bay.

But Al and Duncan Bielek kept falling and falling. They ended up standing on dry land at night with their backs to a military chain link fence. A helicopter searchlight illuminated them. Of course, they had never seen a helicopter before, in 1943.

Military police appeared and took them to a building where they met an elderly, white-haired civilian man who identified himself as none other than Dr. John Van Neumann. Everyone else present seemed to be military.

Van Neumann said, “Welcome, gentlemen. I’ve been waiting for you.”

The brothers replied that they had left a much younger Van Neumann only an hour earlier, and this couldn’t possibly be him.

Van Neumann then revealed that he was, in fact, the same man, and the Bieleks were no longer in 1943, but in 1983. They were in Montauk, Long Island, New York, as part of the Phoenix project.

They remained in 1983 for 12 hours. Van Neumann told the two brothers they would have to be sent back to the Eldridge. This was possible because the project controlled space and time.

The brothers were returned to the Eldridge with instructions to smash the equipment. They did so using axes.

When Al and Duncan Bielek emerged from below deck, they saw the dazed crew “milling around,” two men buried in the deck, and then saw the two upright men buried in a bulkhead. One of them was their brother Jim. At that point, Duncan became understandably upset.

Al Bielek said of his brother Duncan, “He headed for the railing and looked back at me, like, aren’t I coming along?”

Al had gone over to Jim who was still alive and conscious, crying and sobbing. His head and shoulders were not buried in the steel, so he survived longer than the others who shared his predicament.

Meanwhile, Duncan jumped overboard and “went back to the future” to 1983 (as Al found out years later).

Unlike Al, Duncan Beliek was not aboard the Eldridge when it returned to its normal space/time. Al later told a Navy four-day inquiry board that both he and Duncan had been sent to the year 1983. The officers displayed their disbelief with blank stares.

Those surviving crew members began to die one to two years after the Eldridge experiment.

The Navy conducted a third test in the outer harbor at night around 2200 hours (10 pm), in late October 1943. Heavily damaged equipment had been replaced. This time, there were no crew members aboard. The test was initiated by remote control. Again, the Eldridge disappeared before reappearing some 20 minutes later – and again, it returned in smoking ruin.

At this point, the Navy abandoned their radar invisibility test program and stripped the Eldridge of its special equipment, and refit it for regular war duty.

To this day, no one can explain how Tesla figured out that a galactic zero time reference could be used to reference a target object launched electromagnetically through space and time, to be able to bring it back from hyperspace to where and when its journey started.

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Tesla’s system worked as expected, hiding the Eldridge from visible and radar sight as light bent around it. The force field created transported the destroyer through space and time.

And as Nikola Tesla had predicted, his invention, applied without the proper safeguards that he himself recommended, led to insanity and death of the Navy’s guinea pig crew.

As an intriguing footnote to this incredible tale of good-science-gone-horribly-wrong, Tesla died soon after the Eldridge disaster. It didn’t take the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) long to confiscate all of Tesla’s books and papers. For years the federal government denied that Tesla ever existed. There are still people today who believe the man is a myth

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    Good spooky story…true OR false

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    The 1859 Carrington Event proved that there are forces in our Universe that man has observed but not until after that first observation and realizing the force associated with it can he even imagine how to deal with it the next time it occurs. Man cannot stop that next Coronal Ejection that sends a gigantic Solor Flare that actually encounters Planet Earth and destroys 90% of Earths Population in the first 9 months after the encounter, but we can prepare. We no longer need Stealth War Ships but it would help if we counld build Faraday Enclosures to protect power generation and distribution in survival communities. Oops! Did I loose you. There is a way but no one seems to be concerned. Ask NASA how many narrow encounters we’ve had ove the past couple of years. No problem. Only 90% of Humanity will disappear over a 9 month period after the fact. There are alternatives.

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    is there any information on the Captain post the experiment. Was he every found? Also is there any information on what happened to Duncan after he jumped over the ships railing the second time?

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    who makes this crap up ?

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    Wow. Incredible if true, but how could you ever know one way or the other without repeating the experiment?

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    Good article.

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    I have listened to Al’s stories and although many sound unreliable the fact the project this article covers has nearly been proven to have happened and in lite of the projects now being done is would be ignorant to suggest it is a myth.

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    Yeah, right!

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    Read the comments by purchasers of Berlitz’s book. They say it all.

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    This is something out of a Koonz book. Scary, and extremely sad.
    Guess the government has been “Lying” to the American people for a very long time…..what else us new?

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    I met Al and Duncan many years ago. They seemed perfectly sane to me and as an engineer their story seemed plausible to me…………….

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    Very interesting story – seems more like science fiction than science, but it does all fit together and make sense.

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