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Bees Replaced by Robots

How’s this for a horror story concept: Evil Corporation kills all the bees and then manufactures patented artificial robotic bees to serve as pollinators – but incapable of producing their famous byproduct and benefit: honey.


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Does that thought send shivers down your spine? The bad news is that this horror story is reality as we know it.

A couple of years ago, ordinary honeybees began to die off at alarmingly high rates. Mainstream science and media simply could not figure out what might drive these essential pollinators and honey makers to extinction?

Then, a January 2016 a report released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) assessed “the risks of agricultural uses of imidacloprid to bees.”

Wikipedia tells us that “Imidacloprid is a systemic insecticide that acts as an insect neurotoxin and belongs to a class of chemicals called the neonicotinoids which act on the central nervous system of insects.”

Mother Jones identifies the culprit who manufactures Imidacloprid:

“The EPA’s long-awaited assessment focused on how one of the most prominent neonics—Bayer’s imidacloprid—affects bees.”

According to March Against Monsanto

“The EPA confirms that when bees encounter imidacloprid at levels above 25 parts per billion, a common level on farms, they suffer harm.”

Beekeeper Brett Adee lost over 6,000 bee hives from airborne neonicotinoid applied to a neighboring corn crop. Adee expressed his opinion without mincing any words:

“A defective product is being marketed. It’s blowing all over the willows and dandelions and not staying on the seeds.”

So the Evil Corporation in this real horror story is Bayer – with Monsanto coming in a close second, long besieged by lawsuits over the cancerous and other noxious effects of their crop-promoting products.

Pesticides, herbicides and other poisons have been banned in the European Union since 2013, including imidacloprid.

On January 1 of this year (2018), Maryland became the first U.S. state to ban the “sales of products containing the neonicotinoid class of pesticides”

Although several sources, including Modern Agriculture, are spreading the happy news that bee populations in the U.S. have been on the rise over the past couple of years – since the EPA report and sanctions, coincidentally – banning agricultural poisons may be 20 years too late. Let’s hope not.



The Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies gets right down to why honey bees are vital to the food supply, not only in the U.S., but globally:

“One of every three bites of food eaten worldwide depends on pollinators, especially bees, for a successful harvest.”

The story so far: Evil Corporation kills the honey bees. They struggle to make a come-back. Enter the Robot Bees!”

Nature abhors a vacuum and so does Walmart, evidently. The grocery and department retail giant has taken out a patent on “autonomous robot bees” – seriously, this is no joke.

Farm drones are the latest thing to modernize Big Agriculture, we are being told.

Exceedingly mainstream National Geographic is nothing short in their glowing praise and high expectations for replacement bees. Their video titled “Tiny, Robotic Bees Could Change the World” paints the rosiest possible picture of how programmable machines will save the planet.

But others are far less positive and far more skeptical regarding the rise of AI (artificial intelligence) and the unsavory implications of the potential weaponization of ubiquitous, every-day things – like honey bees.

In the Youtube video titled “Autonomous Robot Bees to be Deployed in Public” Professor Shashi Shekhar from the University of Minnesota “warns that fleets of robobees could be hacked or developed by militaries to carry chemical ‘stings’ as a weapon to attack humans.”

So there you have it. The horror story is right here, right now.

Bee forewarned.

  1. Post Author

    This is very earie.

  2. Post Author

    Government regulations have their place when an ecosystem is about to be changed by corporate greed and blundering. Every US state should ban imidacloprid and any toxin like it.

  3. Post Author

    Interesting. Monsanto was one of two manufacturers of Agent Orange. Agent Orange, a defoliant, was used in Vietnam. It was sprayed aerially over vast tracts of jungle and plantations. I and many thousands of others got sprayed either directly or indirectly from the wind-borne mist that resulted is many of us developing diseases directly related to our exposure to AO. Why Monsanto is still in the business of creating lethal substances that cause widespread harm to people and other vital lifeforms is a testament to the power of the almighty dollar regardless of the consequences.

  4. Post Author

    I hope bees aren’t too smart because the caption photo sure looks like a robot wasp.

  5. Post Author

    I’d look also at the chemical changes in the pollen and nectar which could have been caused by genetic modification.
    Since these are the bees’ only source of nutrition, even slight negative changes could affect weaker swarms – and even strong swarms in the long run.
    A bee’s lifespan is around 60 days, so while an individual might survive using tainted pollens, the young larval stage is entirely dependent on the food produced for it; and it’s possible that GMO pollens, and the honey produced from such plants is not entirely beneficial…
    I’ve seen no evidence that this has been studied – or even considered.

  6. Post Author

    Yep. What can you say? Only in America! Monsanto and co have a lot to answer for.

  7. Post Author

    That bee pretty stinging; but not the least surprising as the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls, a culture of death, want to depopulate the planet as their are too many peons using up preciuos resources that are to be allocated for them and their luxurious lifestyles that they must maintain!

  8. Post Author

    At 71 I thought I’ve heard almost everything. This is like something out of a modern day horror story.

  9. Post Author

    This is madness .Get rid of Monsanto and Bring back the Bees !!!

  10. Post Author

    let us destroy the planet we depend on for our lives! Never mind the risks think of the profits!!

  11. Post Author

    Wonderful!! Trust our (and others) government to screw up “Mother Nature”, … AGAIN!
    But I forget, why rely on nature to fix a problem (if there really is one) when we can make something that does the job, to h**l with the minor side effect of Killing off Humans. Oh, just so that you don’t think I am a raving lunatic tree hugger, (though I DO love nature) I was a Registered Professional Chemical Engineer for 32 years, and yes, I did look at environmental impact and write warning letters … that were ignored.

  12. Post Author

    And, of course, the elephant in the room is not mentioned: aluminum and barium and heavy metals and more, aerosolized for all to breathe.

    • Post Author

      Cell phone towers and Fukushima are the real culprits. Not that the chemtrails are not responsible also.

  13. Post Author

    Enter the robotic fly swatter for a real smack-down with mini EMP’s attached

  14. Post Author

    get rid of da right wing morons and maybe earth can survive like she was meant to be…..keeping her clean and peaceful and out with religion

  15. Post Author

    I can’t believe all the scientist we have and they can’t figure out a better way, of pollination than robotic bees, which can be turned into weapons. Why are people even going to college, if they can’t learn how to fix problems, like we have without robotics. our forefathers and people knew how to limit weeds and other things like insects naturally. Why can’t we still use these methods and get back to good health again? It is simply awful that these chemical companies are spewing out products, that kill people along with the insects. That is their way of business as usual, what are a few hundred thousand people dying, that is the risk of doing business. We will pay the law suits, it is a cost of doing big business is their motto.

  16. Post Author

    What need to be changed, are you saying this isn’t the truth. Why would anyone be afraid of publishing this unless they were sponsored by the chemical companies.

  17. Post Author


  18. Post Author

    The military already has the drones the size of mosquitoes which can gather intell on WE the People, and they also have the drones which are the size of wasps. I will miss the honey which has been God’s miracle healing liquid all of these generations though. Man is destroying the planet. So glad when Christ returns and makes all things new again!

  19. Post Author

    People need to find out how Monsanto makes their money, and then make sure they don’t make any more. Band together people.

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