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US Declares Space War

If there’s one thing the United States government is good at, it’s waging war for profit. When economic times get tough, leave it to Uncle Sam to do the math and figure out how much money needs to be added to the defense budget to kick-start employment and raise returns on investment for corporate stakeholders.


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If you are doubtful about this, it might interest you to know that, since its founding in 1776, the U.S. has been at war for all but 66 years (according to Quora) – or even only 21 years (according to Global Research.)

Either way, do you think the fact that “America has been at war 93% of the time since 1776” is a sheer coincidence?

The US Government Spending website sets the historical context for current events:

“Defense spending stood at 6.8 percent of GDP at the height of the Reagan defense buildup. But, beginning even before the breakup of the Soviet Union it began a decline, reaching below 6 percent in 1990, below 4 percent in 1996 and bottoming out at 3.5 percent of GDP in 2001, about half the level of 1985.

“But 9/11, the terrorist attack on iconic US buildings in 2001, changed that, and defense spending began a substantial increase in two stages. First, it increased to 4.6 percent by 2005 for the invasion of Iraq, and then to 5.0 percent in 2008 for the ‘surge’ in Iraq.”

Yes, 9/11/01 was a good year for the military-industrial complex. If you recall, President George W. Bush announced soberly that the US would “have the opportunity” to “forge a New World Order” – and this is what we continue to get today from our national leadership.

The problem is that WWII German Nazi leader Adolph Hitler also touted his “European New Order” – and of all the phrases in our rich English language, do you not find it odd that both Bush Senior and “Shrub” (Bush Junior) re-introduced this idea of a “new order?”

Whatever a New World Order actually is (conspiracy theorists don’t all agree on the definition and composition of this group), it seems to be controlled by a group of war mongers.

In a statement that shocked the world, last month (March 13, 2018) US President Donald Trump told an audience at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, California:

“You know, I was saying it the other day — because we are doing a tremendous amount of work in space — I said: ‘Maybe we need a new force. We’ll call it “Space Force.”‘ And I was not really serious. Then I said: ‘What a great idea.’ Maybe we’ll have to do that. That could happen. That could be the big breaking story.”

Trump formalized his stream-of-consciousness remark this way:

“My new national strategy for space recognizes that space is a war-fighting domain, just like the land, air and sea. We have the Air Force, we’ll have the space force.”

The political and military thinking behind this novel idea is, evidently, that war in space is inevitable. If Korea doesn’t start it, someone else will. It’s just a matter of time.

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) chairs the House Armed Services Strategic Forces Subcommittee. He said, in a recent interview that war in space definitely will happen:

“It’s just a matter of whether it happens in the next couple of years or the next five or six years.”

The notion of war in space is not new. In 1983, President Ronald “Ray-gun” Reagan presented to the public an (SDI) – dubbed the Star Wars program – which was a “missile defense system intended to protect the United States from attack by ballistic strategic nuclear weapon.”

Thank goodness that never happened. (Unless it actually did happen in Hawaii during that “false” missile alert crisis they had last December 2017?)

However, not all space warriors will sport ray guns and spacesuits a la Buck Rogers. The most vulnerable targets in space are communications satellites, considered by the military to be our eyes and ears in the air (space). Cyberattack to disrupt the national communication system is perhaps even a more viable threat than a direct physical attack on any of the Air Force’s 31 GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites.


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Politico points out that American GPS, which provides services daily to about one billion people globally, from timing the New York Stock Exchange to helping map apps, is already under attack:

Saddam Hussein loyalists during the Iraq War used electronic jammers to interrupt GPS-guided munitions (bullets, bombs and such). Similarly, Russia deployed electronic jammers to block eastern Ukraine space communications.

The fact is, as reported by Defense News that when the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act was proposed last year, “The White House, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Air Force leaders lobbied against the idea…that a Space Corps be carved out of the Air Force.”

In February 2018, Reuters confirmed what we knew all along, that war is good business:

“Trump’s budget request for the U.S. government would provide the Pentagon $617 billion and an additional $69 billion to fund ongoing wars in fiscal year 2019. That is $74 billion more than in the budget for the previous fiscal year.”

If part of that money is allocated to building a new US Space Force, we may just have to update the words to the Marine’s Hymn from:

From the Halls of Montezuma
To the Shores of Tripoli
We will fight our country’s battles
In the air, on land and sea


In the air, on land and sea – and space!

  1. Post Author

    Yep, look for “someone” behind every tree and rock. Let Paranoia reign. This is BS/MS/PhD Translation: Everyone knows what BS is. MS is More of the Same, PhD is Piled Higher and Deeper.

  2. Post Author

    You write “America has been at war since…”
    From a wider perspective, humanity has been at war since our first parents favored the “advice” given by a serpent above the COMMANDMENT given by their Creator, a commandment given only for their protection and well being.

  3. Post Author

    Sad because most of us are excited to become a space faring species to get away from the ignorance of our governments. Sounds like they will already be there with bunkers stocked by the time we do. Wonder if they think they really want to go to war with an alien race that is clearly thousands of years ahead of us? My thought is the only reason we are not already out in space is because of our infatuation with war and killing and the aliens that are out there know this and refuse to have such despicable neighbors flying around killing everything they cant control like we have been doing on Earth since the dawn of man!

  4. Post Author

    My comment, offered minutes ago, is “awaiting moderation”.
    Do I detect another aspect of Earth’s “perpetual state of war”…. ?

  5. Post Author

    One thing for sure, developing space for war will give people jobs and that’s much better and giving it away to illegals

  6. Post Author

    One thing for sure, getting ready for a space war will develop jobs and that is much better than giving it to illegals.

  7. Post Author

    Total.idiocy. Much is true but you draw and conclusions. I do agree that Ryan wants a bad border law but he will never get it!

  8. Post Author

    Being prepared is not just good business it is a great survival strategy!

  9. Post Author

    What ever it takes to keep those who want to harm this great country and it’s citizens at bay and out of our back me a loser and I will show you a loser.there are no rewards for losers and no real honest to goodness trophies for second place in a war.always carry the biggest most powerful stick and some times you just cain’t walk softly.go big or go home.this is why we are the United States Of America and second to none.always live america.jgb

  10. Post Author

    If you think that SDI didn’t happen, consider who was in the WH during most of the 1980s and who was there immediately after. Reagan, who wanted and got most of SDI, followed by the former Director of the CIA G. H. W. Bush who finished the job. There’s lots of speculation that the reason for the NORK’s short, overweight dictator with the bad haircut having agreed to some disarmament talks is due to our recent decimation of his nuke facilities through deployment of a bunch of space based hyper-velocity kinetic energy projectiles.
    Prior to the retirement of the STS fleet, there were many “classified” STS missions, starting in Jan 1985 with STS-51-C and ending in Dec 1992 [just before G. H. W. Bush left office??] and included the unclassified mission to deploy the Hubble telescope which was apparently “nearsighted” and therefore “defective”. Hubble was fitted with additional lenses [which can still be removed from the light path remotely] to correct the mirror’s too short focal length.
    Other than the Shuttle, how would we have been able to put large, heavy payloads into orbit?

    AND how about the almost 4 years that Hubble wasn’t useful for deep space imaging by the scientific community, mostly during the time a former CIA Director was in the WH?

  11. Post Author

    “And remember, no stone is too small or odd to remain “unturned”. Your quote, by it’s self, holds merit. However, if the small “unturned” stone blocks a sewer drain, You’ll find very quickly how many “Rats” will emerge to steal Your treasures. A strong defense posture is essential. (sort of like the “Wheat & Tares” parable)

  12. Post Author

    You are one sick puppy, sir.

  13. Post Author

    That’s always been my thinking. Wars are money spinners, probably the biggest industry in the world is the Arms Industry.q

  14. Post Author

    I urge everyone to watch “UNACKNOWLEDGED” by Dr. Steven Greere on YouTube and get the truth about our upcoming war in space. Those UFOs being spotted around the world are most likely produced by the good old US of A. People who don’t believe in aliens and UFO’s are in for a rude awakening. Alien’s are most likely our creators and have been on earth for thousands of earth. Google Dr. Greere and Linda Molton Howe and start getting educated before it’s too late. Better yet, watch their videos on YouTube. This whole weaponizing space is just to keep the military industrialized complex alive. The very thing that President Eisenhower warned us against.

  15. Post Author

    I’m for this. I only question how we will afford it. We have people in soup lines…. our country is in deep debt.
    But if it can be done, I think we should do it. I guarantee that if we don’t do it, other countries will. I believe in God and readiness.

  16. Post Author

    How can anybody be a proud American when the United States of America since its inception has been in a war 93% of the time. The sad thing about America is that we have no problem investing in “death” instead of “life” giving programs such as a good health care policy, education, housing, transportation. These programs would make peoples lives much easier.

  17. Post Author

    Did we start the war?
    Syria gased little girls and boys! Should we stand by and do nothing? Remember evil men triumph when good men do nothing. Just because war opens up more avenues of income for a government, to jump to the conclusion that it’s all for the economy is a stretch. I realize that we have wickedness in government though. I also that President Trump is doing a great job and I have trust and confidence that he is doing his best to do the right thing.

  18. Post Author

    It is easy to waste other people’s (taxpayers) $$$ and even better yet, if you are unaccountable and there are no repercussions when you waste that $$$ foolishly! It is even better if you can make yourself and your cronies rich while spending someone else’s (the taxpayers) $$$! It becomes even better yet if you can arrange it so the people (taxpayers) do not realize you are wasting their hard earned $$$ or if they do realize what you are doing, ensure (through laws etc.) they cannot do a thing about it! If someone does realize you are wasting the hard earned $$$ of taxpayers, denounce them conspiracy nuts and ignore them!

    Nuff Said!!!!

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