What Happened To Crooked Hillary

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The world is nothing like you thought it was..

During the presidential race, Trump and his supporters put their sights on Hillary Clinton, not only as a political opponent but as a criminal chanting “lock her up” whenever possible. However, it seems now that Donald Trump is president Hillary is getting off the hook.

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Despite the recent buzz around Sessions looking into Clinton’s misdeeds, there have been no signs of action thus far. Which leads us to wonder… why the hell not?

As a recap let’s discuss Clinton’s illegal behavior…

To start the Clinton Foundation was by far the largest pay-for-play organization in the history of America, having raised (according to Wikipedia) over $2 Billion from U.S. corporations, foreign governments and corporations, and wealthy individuals around the world. This was done, of course, while Hillary Clinton was either in a position of power (SecState under Obama) or potentially in power as the leading presidential candidate.

Isn’t this enough to make your head explode? Someone only a handful of votes away from being the most powerful leader on Earth, openly and notoriously accepting money from any an all who might be in a position to benefit from her good will. The image in my brain is a queen accepting tribute from her subjects.

In the past few weeks, it was reported that an FBI informant Douglas Campbell has testified that Russia hired American lobbying firm APCO to  donated a total of $3 million to the Clinton Foundation, in exchange for facilitation with the Uranium One deal that put 20 percent of the U.S.’s uranium supply under the control of Russia.

“The contract called for four payments of $750,000 over twelve months. APCO was expected to give assistance free of charge to the Clinton Global Initiative as part of their effort to create a favorable environment to ensure the Obama administration made affirmative decisions on everything from Uranium One to the U.S.-Russia Civilian Nuclear Cooperation agreement.”

Hillary Clinton, of course, points out that many people were involved in the sale of these assets. My reaction is – Wow! – She expects us to believe that if the Secretary of State wants a deal to go through, that any of these others would go against her?

The Clinton Foundation has ceased accepting donations, which would have dried up anyway since she lost the election and therefore any influence that could have been bought. Not sure what is happening with the organization. Is Chelsea still receiving her $900K salary (or $600K, depending on who you ask)?

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We have a special counsel who makes news every single day because rather than investigate “Russian collusion” as was chartered, he throws his weight into examining Trump’s relationship with a porn star.

But still no special counsel investigating Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.

Perhaps the current administration should stop letting the Democrats distract them from their original agenda. How can anything in Washington change if these pay-for-play politicians face no real consequences?

It’s time to drain the swamp, and we need to start with Hillary.

  1. Post Author

    Clintons are all in the same boat except when Bill swims to a more attractive boat. CROOKED, UNETHICAL AND WILL DO ANYTHING FOR MONEY AND POLITICAL GAINS. Oh my, Hillary maybe put of the political area which she has trade for her Boo Hoo it’s not my fault tour.

    • Post Author

      We need to start with your conspiracy theory!
      Your fake news is why we have trump!
      Get off social media until u have time to make an impact that improves our country!

    • Post Author

      She has not been charged because Russian and right wing propaganda is not admissible in US courts!

  2. Post Author

    For sure we need all new people!

  3. Post Author

    After 27 YEARS of constant investigation of half-a-dozen dubious charges at a cost of $27 MILLION in tax funds, Hillary Clinton has been overwhelmingly deemed “not guilty” by ALL the investigation bodies. The Joint Chiefs of Staff even sent Rep. Trey Goudy a letter that they would no longer even attend his “Benghazi” hearings because all the “evidence” was pack of lies and no new “evidence” was ever presented. He became so embarrassed he’s leaving the House at the end of this term. Can’t you SOB misogynists find another dead horse to beat?

    • Post Author


      The reason some of these “investigations” failed to find any prosecutable crime is because it would have implicated many of those in high positions of government. If anyone thinks that this woman, after being in politics for most of her life, is free of any misuse of power or crimes, they are at best naive.

      • Post Author

        Seriously folk. I have no doubt that not one of you would be found totally clean if you had been investigated as much as the Clintons have over the last twenty five years. Anyone willing to put themselves to the test? Now as for Trump, we won’t need twenty five years. He’ll be lucky to see the year out!

    • Post Author

      Booo hooooo NO that dead horse ain’t quite dead yet. She’s fat fugly and ultra criminal. She MUST be put in jail FOR LIFE, along with her Howdy Doodie lock alike and her fake AIDS infected low life child molesting dog humping sc. Ummmm bag husband. He’s half rotted away from his drug use and AIDS, but still needs to be locked up for whatever time his Satanist life has left.

  4. Post Author

    Lock this criminal up!

  5. Post Author

    Back when Bill was governor of Arkansas, the Clintons became part of the Bush crime family. Hillary’s connections effectively give her immunity from prosecution for anything.

  6. Post Author

    Unless laws for non profit have changed since 1990 all non profits MUST keep their books open during business hours at their business office address to ALL people for COMPLETE INSPECTION . I’m sure an IRS Audit is called for and that improper use of donations, regardless of the donators approval of how the money was spent, it is still a MAJOR VIOLATION of US Tax Laws.

    Ex bisexual President and currently AIDS infected “I’ll hump anything, man boy, woman, child, or animal that stands still for at least 8 seconds,, Billy Clinton, his lesbian ‘beard’ fake wife and their unholy Howdy Doodie look alike daughter all need to be tried, convicted and executed for their dirty deeds against the USA, then JAILED for life. Hillary also needs to be sued by the families who she blew off and insulted after she directly caused their hideously brutal but torturing and murders, when she couldn’t be bothered to simply tell the Seals who were packed armed, locked and loaded who were standing by waiting for that fat butt low life, self righteous clown to simply say “go” that would have allowed them to go rescue OUR people in Benghazi, but Hillary was too busy to be bothered! What’s more important, saving Americans? Or playing with herself over the power she had over American Lives?

    Most likely she orgasmed upon hearing of their horrific Deaths.

    All 3 Clintons should meet the same type methods used to end the terror of Saddam Huisene. Beaten, tortured then dragged through the streets..

    I say this proudly as a US Army Vet and as a intelligent American who loves my Country but hates my Government and recognizes that even tell best President has never had a 100 % approval rating, and I don’t approve 100% of Trump’s actions, I absolutely approve of him being President because he is without a doubt THE best President since JFK!

    • Post Author

      Are you sure that during your army service you didn’t take a bullet in the head. Why are there so many bat shit crazy Americans!!

  7. Post Author

    Pay for Play is unacceptable and criminal
    Sell our Uranium is a crime

  8. Post Author

    I agree with everything you stated. I do not care what our president did as a civilian…..lets get back on track draining the swamp…..clean out the DOJ & FBI management.
    Get ride of politically movated judges….
    Lets as citizen take amercia back for us.

    • Post Author

      You think you’re draining the swamp? Really! Your barge arse POTUS brought his own swamp with him and is now drowning in his own filfth. No chance of this buffoon going anywhere but down!

  9. Post Author

    I think you’ve had too much Sun., too much conspiracy theories, and too much time on your hands to continue with an issue that died after 7 Rebuplican investigative committees and the Justice Dept. found no issue with her background, including her e-mail server nonsense. Time to hang it up and start reporting on the current turmoil

  10. Post Author

    We’ve been a banana Republic at least since 2008 when the Muslim-Marxist jihadist “Bath-house Barry” was implanted to do what he successfully did and even warned while campaigning: “TRANSFORM AMERIKA” into the third world banana Republic that we are! There is no Rule of Law anymore and the fact that this evil, bitch-witch, ole ugly commie political whore and the rest of her supporting cast escapes prosecution clearly points to this! The whole lot of the Communist Party USA, posing as Progressives/Democ-rats should and would be held accountable if we aren’t what I just said that we are; and due to this reality: REVOLUTION will be the ultimate SOLUTION – guaranteed! They are aware of this and that is why their NWO-FBI is carrying out all of these false flag, gun control mass shootings in order to terrify the dumb-(m)asses into giving up their guns – it’s working!

    • Post Author

      Honestly, why are there so many nut jobs in America! Are the commies putting drugs in your water?

  11. Post Author

    Our tax dollars demand that they be brought to justice, that Mueller and rosensteins witch Hunt be haulted and that illegals he stopped from invading our country’s borderlines!!! We pay the taxes we decide what happens in America if Congress can’t get it done they go !! A term limits bill must be approved to stop the career politicians who do nothing…. Pelosi Schumer Watters Fienstein and the rest MUST go to save America!!!!!!!

  12. Post Author

    she belongs in jail

  13. Post Author

    Everyone in America knows we have a law system to protects the political elite. There is a revolution coming by the people of America. They can only take being procacuted for protesting the dishonesty of those who supposedly lead this wonderful country.
    Being unknowing of law —– What ever happened to using false propaganda for insighting a riot being used for jail time? Trump could be known as the most helpful President since Lincoln if he didn’t have to fight the Dems and media .
    I love this country. I served in Vietnam Nam during Tet and was proud to do it.
    When I returned there was nothing but hate and cowards that ran to Mexico and Canada only to the failure of another leader in the form of amnesty. You want to know how to destroy a nation………. Buckle to cowards.
    You hate America and Capatlism …………the rest of the world awaits.
    God——– help us to become true Americans again.

    • Post Author

      Are you sure you didn’t take a bullet in the head while in Nam?

  14. Post Author

    Is it because Jeff Sessions has been a member of SES for 30 yrs? Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Obama and of course Bill and Hill all Deep State SES.

  15. Post Author

    According to fact check, 89% of charitable donations to the Clinton foundation went to charitable causes, which is pretty good for a charitable organization. Although the foundation employed 2000 people world wide, one form the Clinton family received a salary. Between 2001and 2015 the Clinton’s donated 23.2 million of their OWN money to charity. Just for comparison, Trump donated 3.9 million. Would you say this article is biased?

    • Post Author

      No, but what I will say is you’ve been fed, swallowed and digested the biggest pack of lies in the history of the world.

  16. Post Author

    There is no evidence that the Clintons personally profited from their foundation; it was set up to do good world wide. What has Trump, who surely is crooked, ever done anything that didn’t benefit himself?

  17. Post Author

    Sorry, that was supposed to be no one from the Clinton family received a salary.

  18. Post Author

    this is such a phoney web site. the reason why hilary has had no charges brought against her because she’s done nothing wrong.

  19. Post Author

    Your barking up the wrong tree, compared to Trump she is a saint.

  20. Post Author

    Nothing is ever going to happen to Hillary as long as there is a Democrat in the White House or any part of the Government. Claims have been made about bodies found on some of their privately owned land but they have never been named.

    • Post Author

      Claims have been made that you’re an idiot but you have never been named. Very suspicious!

  21. Post Author

    Anybody that tries gets suicided. Hillary and Bill are Rockefeller blood cousins, nobody will be allowed to take them down. Long list of victims to date.

  22. Post Author

    I agree, the real issue is the Clintons where Bill a welfare child and Obama another Welfare and single mom child all of a sudden become multi-millionaires and never work for anyone but the Government. I wonder why most Gov. employees cannot do that?

  23. Post Author

    She’s an embarrassment to America.

    • Post Author

      Your an embarrassment!

  24. Post Author

    Stop talking about hillary being crooked and talk about Trump damit he her 10 times over stop fulling yourself people

  25. Post Author

    Both Bill and Hillary are as crooked as a coiled snake, which they are! Most people in prison haven’t committed the murderous crimes that the Clintons have!!

    • Post Author

      Can you advise one murderous crime the Clintons have committed ………..? I didn’t think so. Well I guess stupid people are entitled to their posts too!

  26. Post Author

    Fortunately, Hillary has become an amusing comic book clown and defused politically, at least for now. But lurking in the swamp grass are plenty of predators waiting to take advantage of voter apathy and blindness. We must support our “crazy Potus” (unquote) because he has shown that; crazy works in our crazy world.

    • Post Author

      Yes, and the biggest predator in the swamp is barge arse himself, the POTUS. And yes, ‘crazy’ works in America where crazy is currently in power. That’s what voter apathy and blindness has given you. Good luck with that! You weren’t happy before and I guarantee you’ll be totally miserable by the end of the year!

  27. Post Author

    On your search engine type the following “Obama+Clinton+Alinsky”, then for fun type “Clinton+MenaAirport+Contras”. You will learn about the Clinton power agenda.

    • Post Author

      Learnt nothing about any Clinton power agenda at that link but certainly learnt more about Republican and CIA illicit weapons supply for Nicaraguan Contras and the supply of drugs from South America to the US. All under the watch of both the Regan and Bush (Senior) administrations.

      Thanks for sharing the link to the Alinsky article. I wasn’t aware of this well educated, intelligent individual who contributed so much to the improvement of life for American battlers.

  28. Post Author

    Conservatives have been wasting oxygen, time and money pursuing the Clintons since the 1990’s and all they’ve come up with is yes, Bill did have sex with that woman. Well how many women has the current POTUS had sex with? And who cares! Time to move on and try and achieve something positive. For example, how much has a foreign power been involved in the democratic processes of America and other countries around the world. We know America has been interfering in the political and economic processes of other countries for ever but that’s not the point here. Anyone who believes in freedom and democracy needs to step up and defend the integrity of their sovereign nations. Trump’s policies are leading to increased national debt and future unemployment (handing huge tax benefits to major corporations) and his interference in free trade will achieve nothing positive for America or anyone else. We need to see to what extent he is underming the country through his belligerence, populist nationalism, economic naivety and inability to work cooperatively with anyone in government. His crooked and unethical personal behaviour isn’t the main issue here!

  29. Post Author

    You need to use commas, and employ a proofreader to catch several misspellings in your text. Other than that, it is rather lacking in proved substance, describing nefarious crimes that could would legally result in conviction.

    • Post Author

      Who’s text are you referring to regarding ‘misspellings’ and the need for commas? How about giving examples of the alleged misspellings, where commas are needed and the lack of proved substance you allude to. I see you have used a comma where it isn’t required (before and). As for the nefarious crimes you refer to, please explain. Your last sentence is appalling grammar and no one could be sure what you are talking about.

  30. Post Author

    well isn’t that calling the horse’s ass….your buddy trump is going to the dump, jail, along w/ u and the rest of u misfits. any person w/ a mind couldn’t cum close 2 thinking like all u redneck morons……

  31. Post Author

    She owns them she pays them all they are a bunch of greedy crooks

  32. Post Author

    We hear here are thousands of unsealed indictments, maybe she and her entourage are among these and Sessions is waiting until after the mid-term elections to see who comes up the majority. Remember, in DC, it is not who is guilty or innocent, it’s who is in control and who stays in control that is a deciding factor in their movements, it is not about America or her citizens/Constitution.

  33. Post Author


  34. Post Author

    As Judge Roy Bean would say, “Piss on Hillary and the horse she rode in on too!”

  35. Post Author

    Yes, why is Mueller not investigating what he was charged to investigate. The Democrats are pulling his strings and diverting the focus on Trumps past misdeeds, none of which are worse than anything Bill and/or Hillary did.

  36. Post Author

    Great article, my major concerns exactly. Anyway, why do they still deny Hillary a fair trial? Do they have dirt on the present admin, is that what the FBI raid on Trumps lawyers was supposed to gather?

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