Holistic Doctors Dying in Droves


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One of the more bizarre theories bouncing around Conspiracy Street is that doctors who practice and preach holism are dying in disproportionate numbers and under suspicious circumstances. With official rulings of suicide, each death has involved violence rather than natural causes.

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What on earth is going on here? Let’s consider these facts:

Unlike traditional western allopathy, which treats symptoms as stand-alone and specific to a certain bodily system (digestive vs. endocrine, for example), holistic medicine concerns itself with caring for “the entire patient in all aspects of well-being, including physical, psychological, and social,” according to Dictionary.com.

Naturally, any medical discipline that threatens Big Pharma and the AMA (American Medical Association) is bad for their obscenely profitable business of keeping people ill rather than curing them. Is this why scores of holistic doctors are winding up dead?

The Healing Oracle counts 98 holistic doctors found dead, as of December 6, 2017!

The latest case in point is that of Dr. Norman Valdes Cotten Jr. (54). Police in Pontiac, Michigan found his burnt remains in a red Cadillac parked at the closed Webster Elementary School at 10 am on April 2, 2018, after Waterford Regional firefighters extinguished the flames. Identification had to be done by examining his dental records for a match since the unfortunate doctor had suffered extensive burns.

The local sheriff’s office concluded that the preliminary cause of death was due to thermal burns and smoke and soot inhalation. Whether it was homicide or suicide has not yet been established, pending toxicology results.

The autopsy indicated no signs of a struggle – but, oddly enough, a box cutter knife, its blade open, was found melted to the doctor’s right thigh. Two gas cans were found in the vehicle – and also missing from Cotten’s home. One gas can was in the Caddy’s trunk, and the other was Cotton’s wife told authorities that her husband was out of sorts the morning before his death. He had left home in a panic and forgotten to take his cell phone with him.

The first alternative medical doctor to die under mysterious circumstances was autism expert Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet (61) in 2015. His corpse was found in a river with a gunshot wound to the chest. Police ruled a suicide, but family and friends insisted that foul play was responsible. Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, The Alternative Doctor informs us that Bradstreet “was subject to a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raid shortly before his death, which police said appeared to be suicide.”

Dr. Scott-Mumby has provided a “short timeline” of other alternative medical practitioners found dead last summer:

  • June 19th – Dr. Bradstreet (well known for his work and research on Autism) found dead in a river with a gunshot wound to his chest in North Carolina. Self-inflicted?
  • June 21st – Dr. Hedendal and Dr. Holt found dead on the East coast of Florida. Dr. Hedendal died in his car and Dr. Holt’s death has yet to be determined.
  • June 29th – Dr. Theresa Sievers found murdered in her home. Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside goes missing. Reports say he just “walked away.”
  • July 10th – Lisa Riley found in her home with a gunshot wound to her head.
  • July 19th – Dr. Ron Schwartz found murdered in his home on the East Coast of Florida.
  • July 21st – Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez died as a result of a cardiac related issue.
  • July 23rd – Dr. Jeffery Whiteside is found shot dead in Door County with a .22 caliber gun close to his body.

Other strange cases include that of chiropractic doctor Glenn Layne Towery (56) of Victoria, Texas, was reported missing after he failed to show up for work after leaving his home in Goliad County on April 17, 2017 – a year ago today. Uncharacteristically, he missed patient appointments. Although police found his abandoned truck at a rural farm in southeastern Victoria County, Texas on May 7, 2017, he is still reported missing.

Also notable is the case of holistic doctor Glenn Scarpelli (53) and his wife Patricia (50) who, on July 28, 2017, “allegedly jumped to their deaths together from a ninth-floor office building in Manhattan. Their holistic clinic, located between Madison and Park Avenue, a few blocks from the Empire State Building, was where the remains of their bodies were found. Both were discovered with typed suicide notes in a plastic baggie in their pocket and they strangely left their two children (Joseph, 19, and Isabella, 20) behind in the building,” reported Honey Colony.

According to Healthy, Wild and Free, there is a common element that ties all the victims together and may account for their deaths:

“The alternative doctors that were killed were all studying and part of a huge discovery about Nagalase and its effect on GcMAF in the body…Nagalase is an enzyme produced by cancer cells that can cause immune deficiency and blocks the GcMAF activating factor in the human body.”

Another site, FirstImmune, adds this clarification:

“GcMAF is the best treatment yet found for tumor cancers and 50 other diseases. It is a human protein, a human right, the king of immunotherapies and has no side effects.”

It is easy to see that a super-cure like GcMAF is a genuine threat to mainstream (read: ineffectual) cancer research and treatments. There is big money in not finding a cure for cancer.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is very candid about their funding:

“NCI receives its budget from the United States Congress as part of the federal budget process through appropriations for the Department of Health and Human Services and NIH [National Institutes of Health].”

Reading further down the page we find the numbers for the 2018 fiscal year (FY) budget:

“The FY 2018 Consolidated Appropriations Act included $5.665 billion for NCI, a $275.471 million increase over FY 2017. NCI also received $300 million in FY 2018 for the Beau Biden Cancer Moonshot, which was authorized in the 21st Century Cures Act of 2016.”

Yes, you read that right: curing cancer would cost the National Cancer Institute over five and half BILLION dollars this year alone. No wonder holistic researchers are a clear and present danger to the allopathic medical machine.

  1. Post Author

    Those responsible will have their time of reckoning, and my they all get cancer before they do.

  2. Post Author

    GREED!!! Why is the Government not stopping this, population control??

  3. Post Author

    This is obviously foul play, and needs to be investigated ASAP

  4. Post Author

    I have believed for years a cure will never be found because the huge cancer research monopoly would be without jobs. It is a cash cow, milked continuously.

  5. Post Author

    So true now I do Reiki on people and animals a couple of yrs ago Massachusetts wanted to . Reiki people to get 300 hrs of Reiki but there’s no reason for that . The dr and medicine wanted license because they were loosing money thats the reason why. All about the $$$$$$$

  6. Post Author

    One would hope other DOCTORS might be on G UARD and capture one or more of the assassination team., Would such an event disrupt the EVIL BUREAUCRAT S?

  7. Post Author

    What is being done about this…?
    We are talking about murdering people who may save millions of prospective cancer patients. This is the height of greed..

  8. Post Author

    Just another affirmation of why I define the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls as such; they get a two for one, get rich while killing off the dumb-(m)asses that are using up precious resources that are to be utilized by them! REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION – guaranteed!

  9. Post Author

    When will all this stop Drain the swamp

  10. Post Author

    We are truly f*cked. Unless we come together and fight the Cabal by revealing the truth. We must spread the word anywhere and everywhere. We can not allow this kind of cruelty and greed prevail. Tell everyone you know. Am so disgusted with the medical community as I have an incurable disease (or so the doctors say). This makes me sick. What a f*cked up world we live in. Something must be done now to stop killing people and steeling tax payers money and keeping it themselves. Someone needs to bring the facts to Alex Jones and Infowars.com.

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    I wonder if those who are perpetuating these crimes realize that their loved ones (if they have any!) who may have cancer have just been given a “death sentence” by their criminal actions.

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    My father has had level-2 prostrate cancer for roughly a year. The cancer seems to be “under control” (whatever that means), yet, after a year of treatment through conventional means without the oncologist putting him on a special diet and has him popping Big Pharma pills – a concoction, to say the least. He has both Medicare and traditional health insurance; therefore, I “assume” he will be “maintained” at his current health-level as long as possible to ensure the doctor(s) frequent and prolonged income as those with no, or minimal insurance are most probably medically-neglected as to die sooner and open the appointment book for good-paying patients!

  14. Post Author

    Whenever something occurs that has an unknown perpetrator and a victim, I always follow the money. Just who in this case and in the past cases of strange deaths would benefit from such deaths. Follow that line of investigation and you will get your criminal.

  15. Post Author

    There are all kinds of remedies for cancer out there. Why people are waiting for big pharma to come up with a brew out of their chemistry vats is beyond me. Don’t wait for the medical community to hold your hand. Get proactive and find your remedy. It might cost you a few dollars, but it’s still a lot cheaper than what your medicare pays and it will be worth it.

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    Lovely just what I was looking for. Thanks to the author for taking his clock time on this one.

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