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Common Core is Rotten Education

There is something rotten in American education. It is called the Common Core State Standards Initiative, which claims it is “preparing America’s students for success.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. This snide lie hides the fact that the average person in the US is becoming increasingly ignorant, rather than knowledgeable, with a weak grasp of history, no basic math skills, and no ability to apply simple reason or logic. This trend in education is termed “dumbing down” by some critics.

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On the surface, having a national education program for kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12) that has a unified curriculum and measurable standards (metrics) sounds like a good idea. And it is. Just look at European countries like France and Germany which have had effective national standards for decades.

The Common Core website explains:

“The standards were drafted by experts and teachers from across the country and are designed to ensure students are prepared for today’s entry-level careers, freshman-level college courses, and workforce training programs.”

So far, so good. But does Common Core deliver the goods it promises? The answer, unquestionably, is NO. Research reported in June 2016 by ACT (which administers the ACT career and college pre-admission test in schools every year) “points to certain discrepancies between portions of the Common Core State Standards and skills some educators believe are most important for college readiness.”

Is there more evidence that Common Core does not prepare students to continue successfully in the pursuit of quality higher education, as it purports to do? Why yes. Yes, there is.

The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal quotes Common Core advocate Professor Jason Zimba as saying that the national academic standards program does not prepare students for acceptance by “selective” (read: good) institutions of higher education. Instead, it gets them ready “for the colleges most kids go to, but not for the college most parents aspire to.”

In other words, forget Harvard and Yale. Say hello to your local community college, dummy. (Hey, it’s not your fault you were robbed of a decent education. Please do learn how to read so you can vote out the bums who initiated this debilitating scheme to “improve” public education.)

One major short-coming of Common Core is preparing students for careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The Denver Post reported both in 2013 and 2016 that the state’s math standards do not include pre-calculus “and that high school graduates taught only to Common Core’s mathematics standards won’t be prepared to pursue a four-year degree in STEM.”

The Denver Post article cites James Milgram, a mathematics professor at Stanford University in California who wrote an article whose title says it all:

“Lowering the Bar: How Common Core Math Fails to Prepare High School Students for STEM”

But Common Core claims that:

“The mathematics standards lay a solid foundation in whole numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals.”

Here is a sample math problem posted on Facebook. The question is to “make 10 when adding 8 + 5” which is, in itself, perplexing. Why would one want to “make 10” for simple addition? The student explains, quite reasonably, “You can not make 10 with 8 + 5.” The teacher reproves:

“Yes you can. Take 2 from 5 and add it to 8 (8 + 2 = 10), then add 3.”

Is your head spinning from subtracting in order to add? If so, you are not alone. Concerned father Josh Crittenden commented on the above example of the Common Core approach to math:

“My son has come home with a lot of work like this. It is more confusing than anything.”

The fact is that failure to teach rote memorization of the multiplication table has led to the inability for younger folks to do math “in their heads” – which also means they can’t evaluate an answer to see if it is reasonable.

Have you ever met a sales cashier who could not make change for a cash sale when the register wasn’t working? Again, you are not alone.

Academic shortcomings aside, Common Core uses online testing – which failed due to technical glitches in March 2016, affecting scores for the Monroe County Schools in Tennessee. U.S. News reported that ” the testing technology was breaking down.”

The technical failures which plagued the Monroe County school system got so bad that “the online test was canceled and the entire state would instead administer a paper test to be given on a yet-to-be-determined date.”

Every student, teacher, and administrator in the entire state of Tennessee was stressed out and inconvenienced by this enforced “volatile testing atmosphere.”

The real culprit behind the travesty of education that publicly schooled Americans must suffer today is former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan from Chicago, Illinois who held this vital position from 2009-2015 under President Barack Obama.

After drafting the new national standards that would be responsible for the continued dumbing down of American youth, Duncan actually told Arizona Rep. Matt Salmon (who was concerned about this “federal takeover of curriculum”), in May 2013 during a budget presentation:

“It is not a black helicopter ploy. We’re not trying to get inside people’s minds and brains.”

Say whaaaaat? Given that we know that the federal government regularly uses denial/ridicule/distraction techniques to propel their propaganda machine, was Duncan really indicating that Common Core is, in fact, a CIA mind control program?

Here’s how Duncan defended Common Core by ridiculing the opposition after the national education standards program was first introduced in 2009:

“It’s fascinating to me that some of the pushback is coming from, sort of, white suburban moms who – all of a sudden – their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought they were, and that’s pretty scary.”

So now the fault lies with the parents, the “white suburban moms” – taxpayers all, who fund the very program that has failed the nation so miserably? Really?

Whose fault is it, then, that US history books are being rewritten to present downright falsehoods like this, also posted on Facebook:

“When the European settlers arrived, they needed land to live on. The First Nations people [native American Indians] agreed to move to different areas to make room for the new settlements.”

No, in point of fact, they didn’t agree to anything of the sort. The United States federal government set about systematically and with malice aforethought, to kill great numbers of innocent indigenous people with pestilent blankets and forced them off their lands. We must NEVER FORGET the brutal forced march of the Cherokee Nation known as the TRAIL OF TEARS!

Noted author and critical social analyst George Orwell summed up the current situation in American education like this:

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

Albert Einstein, one of the smartest people in recent history, said:

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

Why parents allow these dumbing-down programs to go on is beyond understanding – unless the parents, too, were victims of the dumbing down of American education.

  1. Post Author

    Common Core must go it is nothing but a huge disappointment and very confusing to everyone who actually attempts to understand it. Another Obama disaster at its finest.

    • Post Author

      Sorry, dude, but Common Core came from Republicans and notably started with George Bush’s “No Child Left Behind.” The testing rather than teaching was a Republican thing, yet many southern states chose to opt out of the Common Core Standards. Blaming President Obama is pathetic.

      • Post Author

        Sorry dude, the Common Core program was set up by Arne Duncan under Obama’s administration. The NO Child Left Behind (NCLB) testing was by the Bush administration. NCLB was an idealistic nonfunctional concept from the outset because neither children or people in general are equal in their abilities either mentally or physically. Common Core (CC) has taken the concept and test results from NCLB and futilely tried to force all children to learn in a single new way leaving no room for individuality. The implantation of this program has proven to be a failure as well as the program itself.
        Overeducated unrealistic liberals in both administrations are to blame for this travesty as well as these same people who are involved the education systems throughout the U.S. Actual teachers who were expected to administer this system knew from the outset that it was beyond ridiculous but nobody asked them for their opinions.
        This is a case of big government forcing their world view on people who are viewed as the uneducated, needy flock. This really smacks of socialism or communism but hyper liberalism at its best.

        • Post Author

          At the beginning of the article, the author(s) lament the state of knowledge of the average American. That is not the result of the meddling of liberals. It’s the reactionary conservatives who have preconceived notions about who should be educated that causes the “dumbing down” of America. Liberals try to bring education to everyone in order to level the playing field. The argument over teaching creationism versus evolution is a perfect example. It sure isn’t liberals who think that it’s all right to teach students something like that.

      • Post Author

        The testing is given too much weight. People like to pick on CC math, but I was taught math in a similar way in the 40s and 50s. In grammar school, we didn’t do modeling and we started using algebraic expressions later, but it’s not new. We have too many teachers who think they can teach for the rest of their careers what they were taught in credential programs. There’s no accountability.

    • Post Author

      Common Core plus passing students that should be held back is the new normal. Many teachers like myself left the profession when Commom Core and other “standards” were forced on the students. Your example shown is simply regrouping with a second step of subtraction. Common Core actually would have the student mark down 8 and the 5 tally marks, circle 10, and then add 3…1 group of 10 and 3 units of 1 is 13. This roundabout process doubles if not tripled the effort to solve a problem. I agree, memorize the multiplication tables and understand place value. No wonder education in this country fell from being at the top, to someplace in the mid-twenty rank in the world. The U.S. is fast becoming a “third world” power because of all this nonsense.

      • Post Author

        What you’re referring to is the added emphasis on mental math which is a broader understanding of number sense. In the 40s and 50s, we were taught multiple ways of looking at numbers and operations. It gave us an understanding of what math is. We didn’t just learn to get answers. The difference between then and now is that the processes are being taught as part of the curriculum not as an adjunct to the program. It’s much better to learn what math is than just to know how to get answers.

    • Post Author

      Speaking of education, your first sentence runs together with the second, and needs a period, so it can be read correctly. So yes, Common Core must go. It is nothing but a huge disappointment.

    • Post Author

      It is not confusing. Teachers are not doing the work they need to do to learn the new math that isn’t really new. Much of CC is like the Whole Language that they love but also misinterpreted and improperly implemented. We have too many under educated and under motivated teachers.

  2. Post Author

    This “dumbing down” began long before national standards and common core did; it’s been showing in the levels of our SAT and ACT scores for several decades. I was “fortunate” to be old enough to miss most of the “dumbing down” and national standardization, to have gotten my education before it really took hold. My graduating class from nursing school took the very first “national standards” state board exams ever offered, but we’d finished school before those were launched. It’s been going on in grade schools and high schools for several decades now however, before the term “common core” was ever introduced. My younger siblings got caught in the early beginnings of it in reading and math alike, even just a handful of years behind me in school. I’ve been out of HS over 50 years, so this isn’t new.

  3. Post Author

    One agent in the Triangles of Education project and an Alice Bailey (Theosophical Society cult originating with Blavatsky) disciple is Robert Muller, former assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and winner of the UNESCO 1989 Prize for Peace Education for his World Core Curriculum. The Triangles in Education partnered with other global groups on a project to create “a band of obedient workers and servers of the WORD,” in accordance with A Treatise on White Magic, Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Trust, 1934. This is strikingly similar to Charles Merriam’s description of a controlled humanity, bred to be a beast of burden. I did this research back in 2011. Our nation’s education system was first derived to teach children how to run a business and learn the Bible! The globalist Illuminati took control of Freemasonry and then the schools. The only way to raise a generation of true thinkers and problem solvers is to educate your children yourselves!

    • Post Author

      True, true.

  4. Post Author

    The dumbing down of Americans relies upon common core’s role in their indoctrination. The Dept of Ed should be renamed to the Dept of Indoctrination, or removed entirely as a seditious agency of propaganda. Cognitive thinking, reason, and independence of thought have been replaced with the forced study of islam including forced participation in it, re-written textbooks of lies, and a completely false history of America, and the world. This has been going on for so long that we are now experiencing the student victims of this indoctrination being used to promote the political and social issues of their slavemaster educators. Is there a way back?

  5. Post Author

    This Common Core has got to GO. Students should learn the basics first and then proceed to higher thought processes. What’s wrong with Arithmetic, Reading, Geography,History as we have learned it for years? They don’t even teach Geography anymore. I remembered in 5th grade, they taught us about Mesopotamia- the area where Iraq occupies. They taught us about different peoples and cultures. It’s not too late to get it right!!

  6. Post Author

    You need to dumb down the population if you want to make socialism make sense. The great American experiment of freedom, self determination, and hard work is teetering. Now we have self describe socialists running for office, unashamed, promising the freebies and social welfare at the expense of the rich. This attack on American education has been going on since the late 50’s. Thanks for printing your article.

    • Post Author

      Republicans are setting up public schools and students for failure. This is more about testing the schools and teachers by having kids fail due to being taught less and being tested more. Republicans have been wanting to destroy teachers’ unions and public schools, diverting taxpayer funds to failed charter schools, religious schools, etc. They are starving out the public schools and setting them up for failure, while not holding charter schools to the same strict standards that public schools are held to. This is all about REPUBLICAN GREED. They don’t like educated children, because educated people vote DEMOCRAT.

      • Post Author

        This post has so many logic problems that it is fairly easy to see this is a relatively educated person who does not know how to use any of the education. It is common sense that an overeducated person who can’t apply any of the knowledge is not much better off than an uneducated person. Overeducated people may vote democrat or republican but urban uneducated people probably vote democrat and not republican. The only reason the last presidential vote was close is the urban democratic vote. These people are for the most part on the dole and their living depends on the democrats having power. They know how their bread is buttered.

  7. Post Author

    Don’t know their multiplication tables? The “Dumb Down” students don’t even know their addition tables. Or that it is called a decimal system and the characters are zero through nine. When they are told that computers use a binary system and the characters are zero and one, they are stopped in their tracks. Not everyone goes on to a career in computers or pro sports but everyone does need subtraction (additions tricky friend).

  8. Post Author

    If that can be a sort of consolation for you the same situation is in Europen Union what can best be seen on the example of EU politicians especially those in EU Parliament and other EU institutions. It seems that ignorance is going to rule the world.

  9. Post Author

    I am in complete agreement with this article and feel the government intentionally introduced this curriculum change to indoctrinate our children into thinking like an uneducated liberal. Common core math is a total joke and a complete failure. Thanks for the publication.

  10. Post Author

    Common Core is rotten to the core! People on the left do not know how to use reasonable logic to solve political questions, they seem to be stuck on complicating issues by jumping to conclusions rather than use rational logic. Their logic today is all over the place, it resembles the math problem in the above article, they can assemble a fact and reassemble a fact into any misleading statement or accusation they desire, which allows them to continually deny their mistakes and with a few changes in words they can then blame their opponents for their mistakes, it makes them feel righteous … but this kind of thinking is not what this country was built on! The USA is at a critical crossroads in our history as the left is trying to gain control of the voters by wanting to further lower the voting age, by open borders and letting illegals register to vote and to allow people who lost their right to vote to regain those rights. If the left is successful in accomplishing their goal, they will gain control of the courts by appointing liberal judges who like the liberals on the supreme court vote as a block rarely deviating from changing previously set law. Like Common Core education leftist liberals love to rewrite history to their own preconceived ideology and under their leadership the USA will quickly deteriorate into a Socialist State albeit a democratically elected Democrat despot one after another, but society will ultimately suffer under such rule!

  11. Post Author

    Poor me. I gradumicated from college be4 common core. Just a simple little engineering college with a degree in ME. Then an MS in metrology. The highest math was called DIF (differential equations) so I never got the edumicatshun offered by common core. I guess that’s why I can’t help my grandkids with math. Why it takes a full blackboard and box of chalk to divide 42 by 7 is beyond my skills. But they are taught that if the process is correct, and the answer is wrong, they get an “A”. Can’t wait to fly on an airplane designed by a common core educated injunear.

  12. Post Author

    I can relate to most of this article. Luckily I was trained by the rote method of learning in most subjects. However, I was given a “white-washed” and distorted view of American History (e.g. Columbus was welcomed by the Indians) and other such balony. It wasn’t until I attended Michigan State that I began to develop any type of critical thinking skills. BTW I am 72 years old.

  13. Post Author

    For decades and decades the rest of the world’s students have been thrashing our students in all types of contests. From math so science or geography, all because they have a comprehensive plan for their schools without interference by local districts or families who think they know something about education. We have been tinkering with our education system for more than 70 years, everybody has something to “contribute” and the result is, as the article clearly says, our students and our population in general are the dumbest in history. High school students who cannot find the United States in a map to people who, as it happened to me in “middle U.S.” who asked what state was CANADA!! Considering the actual President we have I don’t think we will be better off in the foreseeable future, his vulgarity and crassness will be the standard for everyone to follow.

  14. Post Author

    The math question is a bit stupid. You need to add 8 and 5, and subtract 3. The history is absurdly simplified (and incorrect, as this author points out). But the author’s history also is too simple as well. I am sometimes amazed at the ignorance of today’s youth. but at other times at their depth of knowledge. It depends on which youth we are observing! I am a true believer that we are capable of much more at an early age, if we are challenged to learn. School should not be a babysitting experience.

  15. Post Author

    Our family DIDN’T allow these dumbing-down programs to affect our children! We sent them to a high performance private school. It cost us an arm and a leg but we managed with both myself and my wife working two jobs. It’s sad that a lot of people are so dumbed down that they don’t even realize the public school system is the reason for it! Good article. You will not see it in the mainstream media!

  16. Post Author

    “Then add 3”. What the f**k!

  17. Post Author

    horrible how they want you to do math and how math is supposed to be done is ludicrous..this system of teaching children math is garbage..why this hasn’t been repealed and corrected is about a travesty

  18. Post Author

    Absolutely true .It has turned our sons and daughters into fluffy creatures who can’t think for themselves .Not only that they are teaching them that what they were born with in their pants was somehow a bad attempt at being something that the world wants them to be . The feminists are made up of Sodomites that want to replace men .And this agenda is spilled over into the education system .And with teachers pushing the Muslim agenda and the sodomite agendas and no history of their own country .What else can we expect except morons with degrees in nothing teaching in our schools .Why now you can get a degree in History without even studying history ..And what does that tell you ?

  19. Post Author

    Don’t understand why we would teach our students this bizarre method of education. Also don’t know why schools are so pro-computer. Very sad.

  20. Post Author

    As a retired teacher it is definitely pathetic that most of today’s high school students still can’t do simple add, subtract, multiple or divide without a calculator. They cannot read simple articles let alone write even a basic letter. Memorization of facts in math is critical then learning how to apply those facts is essential to today’s world.

  21. Post Author

    As a retired teacher it is definitely pathetic that most of today’s high school students still can’t do simple add, subtract, multiple or divide without a calculator. . Memorization of facts in math is critical then learning how to apply those facts is essential to today’s world.

  22. Post Author

    Wow, great and truthful articles. The “dumbing down” of American schools has been going on for quite some time. I have had to tell the person on the cash register , on several occasions, the change I am to receive. It’s a shame that this is allowed to happen in our great nation but I guess that was just one of the ways obama took pride in destroying America.

  23. Post Author

    Sickeningly true.

  24. Post Author

    Excellent now what’s going to be done about it. We can’t un-ring the bell of all students that have moved on. These children have lost the opportunity in life. Why and how did this happen. What are we going to do the fix it. This story only addresses the issue. NO CORRECTION NOW WHAT

    • Post Author

      Thank you for asking, what’s going to be done about it? I have three kids growing in this system, one of them is entering senior high, and personally, I can say that what she’s learned, is not what we learned. My two young ones are just entering the school system, and I’m terrified of what they’re going to learn in school. Common Core is only one of the threats, but it’s not the worst. I recently learned that gender bending explicit sex ed propaganda is making it’s way into our public schools as early as elementary, because there’s funding behind it by the LBGTQ, but you’re not going to hear about that on mainstream media of course, and the worst part is that, parents aren’t aware of what’s going on. They’re not notified about it because it’s not part of the curriculum. They’re doing this behind our backs! I don’t know how widespread it is in our country, but I’m not going to stand for this violation of not only our rights as parents to raise our children with the values and morals that we were raised with, but also the violation of our children’s right to their innocence. Those of you reading this, as a concerned mother, please, I beg you, help save our children from this threat. Forward this to anyone you know, who has children in school, so they can wake up. We need to protect our children!

  25. Post Author

    I have looked at some of the “history” books provided to our high school students. In addition to omitting lots of important information, they put a “political correctness” slant on much of the information that is included. In other instances, the books misstated crucial facts. For example, two of the history books allege that the Civil War was fought to end slavery. This is patently false: the Civil War was fought by the North for the sole purpose of forcing the seceding states to rejoin the Union. This was stated clearly in Abraham Lincoln’s letter to Horace Greeley. Moreover, the initial document that “freed” the slaves was the Emancipation Proclamation, which was written by Lincoln in September, 1862, about 1-1/2 years after the war had already started. Even then, it freed the slaves only in the seceding states, and only in the states that failed to rejoin the Union by January 1, 1863. Many Americans of African ancestry remained slaves in the non-seceding states until the 13th Amendment to our Constituion.

    Another course that I took in high school has been eliminated altogether from many K-12 curriculums. And that is Civics. Our graduates are lacking in basic understanding of the principles upon which this nation was founded.

    These are only a couple of points. We could discuss other mistakes and omissions for hours.

  26. Post Author

    Many people, myself included, find it difficult to do problems that were common curricula for grammar school children of 100 years ago.

  27. Post Author

    Read ‘Dumbing Us Down’, by John Taylor Gatto, pub., 1992. The failure of the education system in the US of A is an old problem well identified and understood decades ago.
    For decades students from Germany spending a year in a US school to improve their English language skills found their US peers way behind on education. Most of the developed world knows most Americans have a very poor education, little knowledge of the world outside the US and very limited reasoning ability. BTW I know of only one school that actually teaches ‘Thin king’ as a course; in Moscow., Russia.
    There are highly educated Americans, equal to any, though they are the minority, a tiny minority. The rest are cheated on education as they are on so many things.

  28. Post Author

    I agree that dumbing down is occurring. And k-12,must be focused to STEM. But——- my IQ is 144 and I instantly got the question make 10 from 8+5. I did it as 5+5 with 3 left over. Make a small fruit salad from 5 apples and 5 bananas and 5 oranges. Just use 3 of each. How much is 1+2+3 ets all the way to +99? Easy way to add it in your head now!! Take the 1 and add to 99 then take 2 and add to 98 etc Each pair totals 100. How many pairs? and total them. So make the total of 1 through 99 added together wiukd be the common core way of phrasing.

  29. Post Author


  30. Post Author

    I learned the old fashioned way in elementary school. I am in my fifties and a teacher. I teach first grade in a Catholic school and my kids are learning their math facts! It’s a really good math program. However, I have witnessed common core and it’s awful! Kids are not memorizing their multiplication facts and they are learning ‘false’ history. I have witnessed this at the public schools. There was even a petition in my town that were against common core. Let’s stop confusing our youth!

  31. Post Author

    This is why I teach my kids the old way. I live in a city that I feel has a much higher standard of public education, which I know is not saying much. As a parent of two kids I try my damnedest to give them as much knowledge as possible, old school and the new crap that’s out there. The more you know the better off you’ll be is what I tell them. It’s just a damn shame the good ol USA has been deteriorating at the rate it has. Common core, new standard, old standard what ever the standard maybe everyone needs to take care of their own and pass down to the generations the knowledge and experiences you’ve been taught Lord knows the government is going to help you get a head in this world. They just want to control your moves with creative marketing and that damn you tube! Sorry thats a whole other issue….

  32. Post Author

    Good article and replies. However, no one is challenging the involvement of “authority” in this system of indoctrination. Everyone seems to assume that we just need to change or tweak the system. How about if we get rid of the system and let parents decide how their children will be educated, no, not educated but coached to learn. It doesn’t have to be home schooling. Like we do for day care, someone in the neighborhood could provide schooling in their home or it could be someone’s business. We would have many different style of learning and the best ones would thrive and be a competitive model thus raising the overall quality every where. First, get the federal out of education, health and welfare. Then attack the states’ involvement and bring it to the very local level. In my view, as long as authorities and their monopolies are involved, things are going to keep getting worse. It is working for them; they want obedient, docile little servant-workers.

  33. Post Author

    Did anyone ever taught or educate a kid how to ride a bike? No, we help them self learn by doing, falling, scraping their knees, etc. But they accomplish what they wanted. So it should be for “education”.

  34. Post Author

    Does anyone remember “outcome-based education?” That smelly critter was outed in the late 1990s for what it was: a master plan for the dumbing down of American kids. Like him or not, Rush Limbaugh was an important voice and instrumental in exposing this educational fraud for what it was.
    Common Core is the same bag of fleas on a different dog. Outcome-Based Education has simply been given a new suit of clothes.

  35. Post Author

    Another way to make 10 from adding 8 and 5 might be the following expression: (5*5*5) – (8*8) – (8+8) + (5+5+5), but perhaps that would not be acceptable?

  36. Post Author

    Common Core is a joke. The teachers and students don’t like it.

  37. Post Author

    Common Core is nothing more than Communist IndoctriNATION Camps turning out good little future comrades; this could and would not be happening if the sheeple kept their good little future commies out until they stopped this obvious agenda of the Godless Left!

  38. Post Author

    Do not approve Common Core!

  39. Post Author

    All I have to know is that the government is in charge. The government’s only ability is to spend/waste money. Term Limits!!

  40. Post Author

    Common Core is a Bill Gates & Foundation project. It is garbage. Nuff said……..

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