Child Protection Services Profit from Pedophilia


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In another example of the fox guarding the henhouse – and selling the chickens for murderous profits – state-governed Child Protection Services (CPS) have been linked outrageously to extensive pedophilia-serving sexual child trafficking activities.

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A July 2014 report from the State Policy Advocacy and Reform Center (SPARC) states that “children and youth in the foster care system” are at grave risk from the very organization designed to nurture them:

“It is estimated that 100,000 children and youth are sexually exploited in the United States each year.” It “is clear is that many of the minors who are trafficked interact with the child welfare system at some point in their lives.”

In particular, SPARC identifies “a high correlation” between children placed into foster care homes and “victims of sex trafficking.” The numbers are staggering:

“A study by the Department of Children and Families in Connecticut found that out of the 88 children identified as sex trafficking victims, 86 had been involved with child welfare services prior to being trafficked.”

Northern California’s Alameda County found that a whopping 41 percent of 267 sex trafficking victims “were at one time part of the foster care system.”

The list goes on and on, state by state – to the point where former Director of the Baltimore City Department of Social Services Molly McGrath Tierney claimed in a TEDx Talk that the “Foster Care Industry” has turned their youthful charges into commodities that profit “doctors, lawyers, judges, social workers, advocates, and other organizations, an industry that can only exist by taking other people’s children, an industry that damages the very children it purports to be helping.”

Tierney defines child welfare as “the government business of protecting children. The primary intervention is to take kids from their parents and put them in foster care.”

Despite the “prevailing belief that this is the responsible thing to do for children who are abused and neglected.”

Taxpayers shell out billions of dollars to fund the 50 US state child welfare organizations. But Tierney made this shocking claim:

“There’s not a one among them that is reputed to be working well. Awful things happen to children in foster care.”

In a Molly McGrath Tierney interview hosted by filmmaker Sean Stone, Tammi Stefano who hosts the National Safe Child (NSC) Show said that the child and human trafficking business in the US generates more money than illegal drugs and illegal arms trades combined!

Clearly, the situation has gotten out of hand. Stefano cited an article in the Los Angeles Times that revealed that Los Angeles County’s CPS had approved 1000 convicted sex offenders as eligible to become foster parents.

Stefano also underscores the importance of calling law enforcement – not CPS – for cases involving alleged child abuse. This is because child abuse is a criminal activity (a crime) that warrants the expertise of trained law enforcement personnel. CPS workers have not been trained to investigate child abuse.

Once CPS is involved in a child welfare case, according to Stefano, bad things happen:

“The minute you call child protection services, you can rest assured that the investigation will not be done properly. Chances are the child will not be protected.”

What can we do to put a stop to the abusive CPS system currently in place? A group called has started a petition to the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights CRC – Committee for the Rights of the Child and 8 Others. You can start your own petition as well.

The United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has a project called “End Trafficking” which seeks to raise awareness about this vitally important issue. Their website confirms that child trafficking has spread throughout the nation:

“Cases of human trafficking have been reported in all 50 U.S. States; anyone can be trafficked regardless of race, class, education, gender, age, or citizenship when forcefully coerced or enticed by false promises.”

Contact your elected representatives at local, state and federal levels and let them know you oppose CPS, which is, according to Victurus Libertas, “a governmental agency, who basically answers to no one. They are running amuck, stealing children from their homes and selling the children into foster care…There is a law in place that actually pays the states cash bonuses to put children in the foster care system. They are paid even more bonuses for special needs children.”

The United States’ Child Protection Services are coming under increasing scrutiny as the extent of their evil deeds is surfacing. Before the 2010 election, San Diego, California Supervisor candidate John Van Doorn told a local newspaper that, if elected, he would “expose how local governments were amassing billions of dollars in annual reimbursements, in exchange for what amounted to legal abduction of children.”

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Van Doorn also said, in a separate interview:

“The single greatest threat to the people of San Diego County is our county’s (as well as the state’s) abuse of Title IV-D programs (Child Protective Services, Child Support Services, foster care and adoptions, VAWA, etc.).”

Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Start and sign petitions. Talk loud and long with influential people and organizations. Get your neighbors riled up.

Together, we can make change happen. Keep Child Protection Services away from our kids – and for heaven’s sake, stop giving them our hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

Our nation’s children deserve better care than this.

If not us, whom? If not now, when?

  1. Post Author

    As one intensive care doctor said, “We patch them up and you put them back with their parents and three months later they are dead. ” So you have complained but not given another alternative. Abused children SHOULD NOT GO back in the home with abusive people. Stop your complaining and come up with a better idea. People who take in foster children with special needs do get paid more money as it is much more difficult.

  2. Post Author

    It’s not “the system” that fails these kids, it’s the miserable human beings that call themselves their parents. These kids run away from situations that are full of abuse, both physical and sexual, extreme neglect which 9 times out of 10 results from parents far more interested in where their next fix is coming from rather than whether their children have a bed to sleep in or even a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter to eat! I have been a volunteer for CASA for almost 20 years and have seen first hand how drugs ravage families many times over. CPS is not perfect by any means, but ALL you ever hear about are the mistakes. You don’t hear about the hundreds, thousands of stories that do have a happy ending. the kids that are “saved” every day! Let’s try to put our focus on where the real blame should be. Not on the small group of individuals that are trying to make a difference.

  3. Post Author

    I know a teen age girl who was put into foster care. The family had a teen age son who raped her. He was never charged. The ADA did nothing to bring him to trial.

  4. Post Author

    As a social worker I can attest to the Truth I. All of this article; it is UNDERSTATED ! I KNOW that Child “ Welfare”. Is an ABOMINATION AGAINST CHILDREN AND FAMILIES that No one is able to do anything about !!!
    This has been going on for many decades !!! NO ONE IS EXEMPT !!!
    The highest and most powerful professionals are the very ones keeping this hineous and godless Child rape going on In foster homes every day with judges, police, lawyers, officials, foster parents, etc., raping the child of their choice daily and paying the foster parent !!! This is the Standard !!!

    • Post Author

      You need to come out of the closet, and blow the whistle on these people. Its bad enough for the children to be ripped from their homes, and then put who knows where, with who knows whom, to do whatever they want to the children!!!

  5. Post Author

    What an absolute DISGRACE!!!!!!! It is bad enough that these children have no home and have to go into foster homes, but now they are sold into sex trafficking. Where have our values and morals gone???? Don’t people KNOW that they have to answer to a higher authority (the Good Lord) someday????

  6. Post Author

    I know of one CPS agency that appears to have at least one, maybe more, but one guy who impregnates young girls, and has done it several times, who just turn 18, and possibly drugs them, and as soon as the baby is born, CPS shows up and scoops the baby and places in in a foster home then finds someone to adopt…….. must be money for all in this. I know people who have had this done to them, and it will not surprise me if the doctor and nurse in at least one case is also involved…….. because it went to smoothly.

  7. Post Author

    This is happening to my family now, my daughters son, has literally been abducted by CPS of Alamogordo New Mexico. They have dragged their feet in turning my grandson over to me. They say it would be in the best interest of the child if he stays where he is. This has been going on for the last year and a half or so. I inquired about a lawyer found 1 that would take the case for 5k with no guarantees. Don’t know who to call or talk with about my situation. I simply cannot afford a lawyer. Any, and all help would be appreciated in bringing my grandson home to his Family. He belongs here with his Family, not some strangers that could possibly harm and abuse him, or worse…..

  8. Post Author

    The UNICEF is not likely to be any better than the sorry CPS in America, to get a real down-to-earth understanding of why I say UNICEF will not do any better and possibly even worst than CPS, read up on the UN’s peacekeeping forces and their ongoing rapes of the very people they are supposed to protect!

    Nuff Said!!!!

  9. Post Author

    My God, thanks for bringing this to light in such detail. I would never have believed this could happen. My faith in people and my continued optimism are decreasing at incredible levels. I feel much more often now, that things are never what they seem and are usually the opposite of what one imagines at first glance. And they are the opposite in a negative direction.

  10. Post Author

    Trouble is police will just turn the kids over to children’s services anyway, in the long run as they aren’t equipped to care for them either. So there’s really NO help for abused children still.

  11. Post Author

    Just more revelations regarding the “Dark State” – Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad, NWO-elitist ghouls that will use any resource to quench their insatiable appetite of lust and greed! We are battling EVIL in these End of Age Days!

  12. Post Author

    Thank you so much for sending this report out by e-mail for me to receive. I did not know a lot of the information included in it, including that CPS answers to no one. All Americans should be aware so that we can make a conscious decision of how we want the issue of keeping children safe from child abuse addressed. The current system in place has never worked and needs to be completely replaced.

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