The Rise Of Socialism In America

Candie Suarez

Author Bio.

Democratic socialism (aka communism) is sweeping the nation especially among young people who believe they are doing “what’s right”.  However, many are not aware socialism was introduced in the early 19th century within utopian communities such as the Shakers.

It was embraced by individualist anarchists like Josiah Warren and his mentor Robert Owens, a Welch, who sponsored and promoted utopian communities including one, in of all places, (New Harmony) Indiana. Then there were the labor activists who were mostly British, German, or Jewish immigrants who founded the Socialist Labor Party in 1877; with many of their decedents perpetrating the same ideology. And we see these people in today’s labor unions such as the NEA, SEIU, Teamsters, and so on. An enormous part of the problem came via the vast number of European immigrants after America’s founding and after reconstruction.  The lack of assimilation from those immigrants to American culture.

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By 1901, the Socialist Party of America was born. The U.S. has been dealing with socialism in our midst for (over) a century.  Because of our founding document known as the Constitution, and some then-principled statesmen in Washington, DC, we were able to thwart off the destructive effects of socialism and the fruit of its poisonous tree. That is until President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945, a Democrat, enacted Social Security Act.  This was for all accounts the beginning of the downfall of our Republic as it was intended under the Constitution of the United States, circa 1776.  Today Democratic Socialist of America (DSA), a 501(c)(3), founded by Michael Harrington is alive and well and making great strides in this take over of the United States of America.

The question begs, do Americans really understand what socialism is really about?

America had many years of growth, development and prosperity post-WWII, and if the act would have been repealed as it was supposed to be, once it reached its sunset, we would probably all be in a better place today. Unfortunately, when you accustom an otherwise prosperous people to being taken care of, it’s a magnet for complacency. Instead of saving our own money for our retirement, we give it to the government to manage. How is that socialism treating you folks?

It wasn’t enough that we enacted the Social Security monstrosity, we then also enacted a Medicaid, welfare, food stamp program, along with other so-called social services which only serves socialists. There have been billions of dollars in fraud in those programs since its inception, billions of dollars in fraud.  Americans have allowed it. I don’t blame the people who take advantage of and cheat the system as many do, that’s who those people are. I can’t say I even blame the politicians because they are staying in power by giving away these goodies and growing the government. I blame the American people. We allow it.

We allow it by electing corrupt, weak, thieving politicians and allowing them to remain in office until their retirement. Some die in office like the so-called Lion of the Senate, Ted Kennedy on the democrat side.  It looks like John McCain is going to be the Republican relic to go next.

Socialists are the most patient miscreants on earth. They slowly poison the society, removing more and more freedom from the individual while amassing more and more power to the state.  The lifers as I call them only pretend to be representatives of the Constitution but once they get in office and the power starts to show its glamour, they are hooked.  Among these well-meaning representatives, are the Socialists.  These people are the all-knowing advocates of social justice. Left to your own devices, you are naturally racist, greedy, selfish, unworthy of freedom, and in need of handouts. In the eyes of a Socialist, they are the ones that know what is best and by God, they are going to make you conform, like it or not.

People who are weak and feeble minded willingly cheer Bernie Sanders, they follow him like sheep to the slaughter. The ones that balk are immediately shut down, first by limiting your speech (like Facebook and Twitter do). That’s how it starts. You can’t say this, or you can’t say that, its racist, homophobic, anti-Muslim, sexist, misogynistic, and on and on. Then they work tirelessly in the taking of your gun rights.  Notice that in all socialist countries speech and weapons are the two rights taken from citizens before the conform part of socialism can be finalized. And you have Americans who allow themselves to be shut down, and for their gun rights to be dictated to by the same people who are working towards transforming America from a free society to a socialist hellhole. It’s absolute insanity.


Read Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals, this is the bible of the leftist movement that is funded by globalist such as George Soros, but also includes many members of Congress, lobbyist, and yes even Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush.  See if it does not sound exactly like what is going on right now. Open your eyes! We are at a crossroads folks; we are losing our country.

Our Borders are porous and our immigration laws are antithetical to the Constitution and our American culture.  By the thousands Hondurans traveled through Mexico and arrive at our borders, bringing with them disease, drugs, illiteracy, and who knows what else. Why wouldn’t they migrate to a country that is more in kind with their culture?  Why not stay in Mexico?  Actually, why not fight for your own homeland?  Because that is not the point.  These are not poor migrant workers, these are people being brought here to overwhelm our already ailing system.  And like sheep, we allow it. They are winning because we are letting them. Every single American who cares about this county should contact their representative and tell them enough. Find out when your representative is in town and attend the town halls.  We can win this, we are making strides.  Let’s not continue being complacent.

I can tell you that not voting for strong Constitutional Conservatives because of your party affiliation or social issues stances is ludicrous.  We have to think outside the party box that we have been forced to check R or D.  No!  This is why Donald Trump won the election.  We are tired of the same ole same ole socialist garbage.  We have paid enough.  Too many people are living on our dime, doing nothing, contributing nothing.  And that’s the point of socialism.  It takes root when lazy and weak-minded people, no longer value their freedom; until of course they end up at the bottom of the pit they dug for themselves, and with the U.S. government lording over Americans like a perpetual dark cloud.


Do Americans really understand what socialism is about?  The answer is no.

  1. Post Author

    I don’t think you have a clue what you are talking about.

    • Post Author

      In fact I do. Who are you to tell me I don’t know what I am talking about? You have no idea what YOU are talking about. See how ignorant that sounds?

      • Post Author

        Actually you know the reality of the situation quite well. Read the manuscript, ‘The Neotech Discovery’ bu Dr. Frank Wallace. He terms the usurpations of liberal socialists, Neocheating. These people, like Bernie Sanders, use ‘good sounding’ ideas like universal healthcare, entitlements, etc to dupe the susceptible into following their insanity. The manuscript is available at Amazon.

      • Post Author

        You really have a limited grasp of economics and politics. Also name calling and dividing us into you guys who know everything, and us guys who are easily fooled, is beneath you. History as time and again proven that pure capitalism as well as pure communism cannot and will create an even dispersion if wealth and resources. Our constitution, our founding fathers would poke holes in theories and beliefs, just as anyone capable to understand the human condition of greed. But you are your kind know everything, and with that mindset there’s no room of growth, therefore we should all just return to agrarian economy of eighteen century America, right?

    • Post Author

      Looks like you did not read the editorial that’s why you make that comment. By the way, that’s how laziness (socialism) takes over the mind on an individual.

    • Post Author

      I think you don’t think at all…the author is dead spot on and if our forefathers landed at Plymouth Rock today…they would get back on the boat and leave.

    • Post Author

      No. it is you that hasn’t a clue as to what you read; you are obviously one of the suicidal useful idiots that this article describes! You are one of the leeches!

    • Post Author

      Thank you. Useful idiots surround us. Undereducated and unaware.

    • Post Author

      An obvious socialist who, as the author said, casts aspersions on those warning us of losing our freedom… wake up America!

    • Post Author

      It’s obvious you don’t have enough intelligence to put together an adult response. Do a little research and you will discover that the author is dead on target with the article.

    • Post Author

      You are absolutely correct. The only thing that is wrong, it goes deeper than what you have presented.
      Socialism leads to Communism and that leads to Genocide of someone, group, race or religion.
      The Progreive Socialist have infiltrated all areas of our society.

    • Post Author

      So, for how long the socialists have been ruling this country? When inept capitalists begin to fail because other nations begin to wake up, they blame it on the communists (political color of socialists). You should be ashamed of yourself trying to fool young people. I once met a prof. of economics who made a sick comment on Karl Marx saying that if he wrote a book on economics he would mention Marx only so much as in a footnote! The capitalists of this country have brainwashed the poor and helpless to such an extent that when they shoot at their own feet they don’t realize they did it themselves. Look at the present situation with Mr. Trump!
      P.S. Relative successes of capitalism and socialisms is altogether a different matter – all the more so with the rise of Chinese kind of of communism!

    • Post Author

      Spoiler alert! Jesus and the righteous wins🙏

  2. Post Author

    The book for socialists (liberal damnocrats) by Saul Alinsky titled”Rules for Radicals” is dedicated to Lucifer by the author, so you see the connection between ungodly socialists (damnocrats ) and the devil.

    • Post Author

      SPOT ON! Just a paranoid rant for the ignorant and scared.

    • Post Author

      The Devil, what a supersticious crap!!

      • Post Author

        I am sure you will regret that remark when you finally meet Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12) in person, expect a very warm welcome by ruler Lucifer to his abode, his kingdom!

    • Post Author


    • Post Author

      Your paranoia, a very rabid one, is the paranoia of the right wing gun nuts, rednecks who know nothing about the rest of the world, or even their own country. You, like Trump, appeal to the most basic animal instincts of those people who Hillary Clinton called, very aptly, the Deplorables, the ones who live in fear of their own shadows and blaming the rest of the world for their own insecurity and ignorance. YOU are a danger to our society, clinging to old mantras that inhabit your deluded mind. You need an urgent treatment about reality and fantasy, paranoia and common sense., in other words, your illness is your own mind.

  3. Post Author

    The three most successful “socialist” operations in the US are the National Football League, the public library, and social security. It just galls predator-capitalists that the poor have a little pot of money that the predator-capitalist can’t get hold of. The Republican Depression of 2018 is proof positive of this.

  4. Post Author

    I can not believe socialism never worked
    And made everybody poor !!!

  5. Post Author

    The U.S. has been Socialist since Social Security, and Medicare were launched, and has increasingly become Fascist, which is corporate Socialism, after WWII when Prescott Bush, the sociopathic Dulles Brothers, James Jesus Angleton, and a crew of Wall St., and corporate thugs collaborated with the Nazis to bring large numbers to the U.S. in various corporate, and government capacities, building upon the work their predatory capitalist predecessors did to create the Federal Reserve banking cartel, which they then linked to another cartel they created, which is OPEC. Thus was born the modern reign of Fascist Democracy in the west.

  6. Post Author

    This author is a small minded greedy bastard concerned only with his/her own skin

  7. Post Author

    Spot on! It is happening right before our eyes!

  8. Post Author


    History of the Communist Party and 4 Questions.

    During the Second World War, when the United States and the Soviet Union were wartime allies, membership of the Communist Party in America reached 75,000. After the war the situation completely changed.

    The “Alien Registration Act” was used against the American Communist Party.

    On July 20, 1948, twelve (12) Communist Party leaders were arrested and charged under the “Alien Registration Act”.

    This Law, passed by Congress in 1940, made it illegal for anyone in the United States “to advocate, abet, or teach the desirability of overthrowing the government”.

    After a nine month trial, the leaders of the American Communist Party were found guilty of violating the Alien Registration Act and sentenced to five years imprisonment.

    The activities of the “House on Un-American Activities Committee” and “McCarthyism” also had a detrimental effect on membership, and by 1957 membership had fallen to 10,000. The “Daily Worker” also ceased publication in 1957.

    After his release from prison the General Secretary of the Communist Party ran for president in 1968, but received only 1,075 votes. He was also the party’s candidate in 1972 and 1976 when he obtained 58,992 votes. In 1984 the vote dropped to 36,386 votes, and in 1988 the Communist Party gave its support to Jesse Jackson in his bid to obtain the nomination of the Democratic Party.

    Question 1:

    Where is the Communist Party (in America) today?


    At the 2012 Democratic National Convention, by a voice vote, “God” was removed from the Democratic Party Platform, but the voice vote was overridden by a political maneuver.

    In 2016, Bernie Sanders, a Socialist, would have been the Democratic candidate for President, but removed by political maneuvering.

    In 2017, Antifa * (see note below), commonly identified as a “Neo-Communist” (Anti-Capitalist) Anarchist Group has been embraced by many Democrats.

    Question 2:

    What are the basic tenets of Communism?


    Socialism (Anti-Capitalism) and Atheism.

    Question 3:

    Is it possible that the Democratic Party is being secretly infiltrated?



    Question 4:

    What will you do about it?


    Fill in the blank: _____________________ !

    Note: See THE EPOCH TIMES newspaper; August 24-30, 2017 pages A1 and A12 – Issue 161 ( ). This article is entitled: “Communist Infiltration: The Communist Origins of the Antifa Extremist Group”, written by Joshua Phillip; and Christian Watjen contributed to this story.

  9. Post Author

    Very good article. More people should realize that “What the government giveth, the government can taketh away”. Best to be responsible for yourself.

  10. Post Author

    I may not agree with everything the author posted but big government is a socialism.
    It goes against the american why of life.
    We need to start caring more about who we vote into office. Demo-rats, the far left, are not the party that is looking out for the people. They want to control us through big government ..aka socialism. Schools are teaching this left wing attitude to our kids….it scares the hell out of me and it should you too.

  11. Post Author

    “ the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money “ for all the reasons you pointed out , and many you didn’t, it’s a death trap to herd and promote non-productivity, loss of freedom and living off others

  12. Post Author

    The problem with socialists is they understand everything about redistribution and nothing about production. Food, shelter, clothing, and services do not spring into being — someone has to create them. And creation requires analysis, imagination, judgement, industry, and, above all, risk. The entrepreneur is guaranteed nothing. We owe everything to the entrepreneur — and nothing to the socialist.

  13. Post Author

    My fellow patriot, I agree with you.. I saw this coming decades ago. Thank God more of us freedom loving ,God fearing people are becoming enlightened on how our rights are being taken away.
    Case in point; I tell people to study the last 500 years of the Roman Empire. Because that is what is happening here, but faster because of our technology.
    Secondly, I tell all that will listen to go live on the economy in a third world country for a year., they will kiss the American ground when they come home.
    I have lived in the Middle East, and Europe so I write with the knowledge of how disfuntional those cultures are.
    Everyday when I wake, I say “Thank God I’m not in Afghanistan!”.

  14. Post Author

    This was espoused by me in the 70’s. Don’t forget to lump in the commies hold on education. I was severly vilified for wanting to end public education. Look at the filth now. Please keep writing and getting the word out. All is not lost yet but it is very close. Dios Biendiga.

  15. Post Author

    Excellent, spot on article. I am continually amazed at the number of people who are unable to see this evil that is encroaching upon our nation. Keep up the good work!

  16. Post Author

    Brava, Candie. I’m a Libertarian/Objectivist and NH Free Stater, who grew up in Manhattan in the 1960s and 70s, when Murray Rothbard and Ayn Rand and Ludwig Von Mises lived there- I used to see Miss Rand all the time walking around the Upper East Side. I almost went to Murray’s high school, Birch Wathen, but went to Ethical Culture Fieldston instead- my high school girlfriend went to Birch! VIVA MISES. <3

  17. Post Author

    Education by conservatives is key…we have to force them to see the downfall of socialism in the USSR, Cuba, Venezuela.
    Most are clueless because of liberal education systems..we also need more conservative media like Fox, News Max, MY Post, etc. To compete with the overwhelming liver “fake news” press.

  18. Post Author

    Your whole post is simplistic and paranoiac. One could easily write a virtually exact statement about capitalism. It is complete hyperbole to call Social Democrats Communists? They are actually Socialistic Capitalists. And yes the two systems are not mutually exclusive but actually complimentary. We wouldn’t all still be working 12 hours/7 without labor unions? People who didn’t save for retirement wouldn’t be starving in the streets? With the incredibly high costs of healthcare, only the upper middle classes and above would be able to afford treatment. Are you actually one of those Libertarians that cheered “let them die” when the ACA was under attack? Am I reading posts written by a monster? And you actually had the nerve to bring up fraud. Fraud that is deemed to have come from socialistic purposes is totally dwarfed by those from capitalistic ones. The best system is one that has both socialistic and capitalistic ones competing and balancing each other. For example, both public and private schools would be worse if they didn’t have to compete with each other.

  19. Post Author

    Thank you for this enlightening article. There are so many truths that you pointed out it’s crazy! As a Christian conservative we just fight now to take back our country before the left wing liberals take over and push us further into socialism!

  20. Post Author

    Socialism is death to America. These power mongers who want it do so that they can continue to skim and bilk billions from taxpayers. They want to destroy our country and freedom. A revolution is the only way to defeat them, they have poisoned the minds of young people who don’t know any better, have not the ability to think the consequences through to end result; slavery.

  21. Post Author

    How about a detailed description and history of failed socialist/communist governments and utopian efforts along with accompanying genocides? Nobody ever talks about that, especially in schools.

  22. Post Author

    Spot on. This article has offered a history of socialism in a few paragraphs. Any person could now do some research, a little reading and with an open mind, understand why socialism is the wrong path. I will be sharing this with my beautiful bride when she wakes up for discussion with our family. KUDOS to the author.

  23. Post Author

    The damage to our country and the American way of life starts with the Federal Reserve Act, which gave a banking monopoly to the international banking house of the Rosthechilds. No American can start a bank unless they become a member of the FDIC. The Federal Reserve is “private”, not a part of the government. Next is the income tax, which takes money away form productive entities and supports the non-productive thus eliminating the motivation to be productive. Even greater is, by definition, an impossibility and that is private property tax. If land is taxed, tax being a public affair, the land is no longer “private”. Mention must also be made of “universal suffrage”, allowing theft through the ballot box. Seems people want someone else to pay for their kids education. We must also look at the Civil War and stats rights. As a citizen of a sovereign state, no citizen of that state may be taxed, drafted or prosecuted without first going through that state’s government. Another protection for the American people. One last thing, “only” American citizens have “constitutional rights”.

    • Post Author

      Well spoken!!

  24. Post Author

    Socialism is not Communism stop misleading people

    • Post Author


  25. Post Author

    Is the train speeding towards a one world government going too fast to stop? Can you stop it? Will you stop it? No, only the second coming of Jesus Christ will stop it.

  26. Post Author

    “Believing that certain forms of the state or certain forms of governing are socialist and certain forms are ‘free’ is erroneous and a bit ridiculous. All governing states are socialist by nature. The state by definition derives its control and power to enforce its monopoly by confiscating and redistributing the resources of its populace. It cannot survive without acting in this manner. While it may not directly control the ‘means of production’, to ensure its survival and growth it will control the necessary proportion of the product of those same productive means.

    Attempting to try to ‘unsocialize’ the state is futile. One political party referring to the other as ‘socialist’ is hysterical. All politics that exist within the state monopoly are only variations on the question of who the wealth will come from and where it will go. This has always been the nature of the state.” “ Gene DeNardo

  27. Post Author

    So let’s just quit taking care of good, hardworking Americans who are barely making a living wage to make ends meet and implement dictatorship and a police state which causes these same hardworking Americans to buy up automatic weapons which then wind up in the hands of teens who then go out and shoot up schools because their said parents are too busy working 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet? Right? This is what I’m seeing

  28. Post Author

    I have grown up through the 50’s, 60’s and so on. I have seen how Socialism has crept into our schools, especially the colleges. I have seen how it has affected even my own children and it truly pains me. Today, people say Capitalism has failed; we have never experienced Capitalism. We have been living under Corporatism, which operates at the benefit of big business and the detriment of the individual.
    If true Capitalism was allowed to function, everyone would enjoy great prosperity, but we have been sold a bill of goods and now the same people that created these economic woes want us to think that government, the ones who caused these problems in the first place, has the remedy in Socialism. Who is going to pay for it? Name one nation that has ever prospered under Socialism? Things look good for a short time, until the money runs out and reality sets in. Venezuela is a prime example of country with great resources that thought socialism was the panacea for their nation. Look at them now. If that is your definition of a thriving political system, I’m sure they would be glad to have you.

  29. Post Author

    Why do conservatives continue to vote for subsidies for cotton farmers to the tune of $12 billion per year? Why do conservatives continue to vote for special allowances to oil companies for so-calle “depletion”? Isn’t this socialism? Why don’t you denounce it?

  30. Post Author

    There is a thin line between helping people and or allowing others into the U.S.Without some of these programs,like SSI,many Americans would suffer.I am disabled..Probably from what the government has put in our foods,etc.Sad.I had panic attacks in my 20s’ I’m grateful for the having had extra help from the State.But yes,this is a thin line.I understand what you are getting at..We are screwed..

  31. Post Author

    This is hysterical!

  32. Post Author

    This swill I just read is nothing but paranoid blather and nonsense, every bit of which can easily be refuted, line by line, but I won’t waste my time trying to talk reason and sense into you brainwashed, fanatic fools.

  33. Post Author

    The bottom line is simple! Simple enough for ANY socialist to understand. “There is no such thing as something for nothing”, it’s just that simple. Socialism is FORCE and that’s why it never works! Socialism creates nothing. Capitalism, which has provided EVERYTHING useful, doesn’t operate with force. It doesn’t have to! Capitalism is invisible, you don’t know it is there. People go about their lives freely, without FORCE from government! Since capitalism is invisible, the morons around us don’t have enough sense to see it’s presence! Get it? Got it? Good!

  34. Post Author


  35. Post Author

    In order t make change you not only have to be against something, you need to be for something. How about a society that has spiritual awareness, gender understanding, and family focus?

  36. Post Author

    Great article, I happen to live in a. Country (Nicaragua) and witnessing first hand the way they destroy everything starting with family, economy, free enterprise. They confiscate me and my family, farms, houses, arms etcétera.

  37. Post Author

    Social Security was enacted in 1935; Roosevelt died in April 1945. SS was supposed to pay for itself; I’ve been paying in since 1966. The program has problems, but it has been a lifesaver for people who did not save enough to completely finance their retirements. Do you have enough money saved, or will you need to tap into your SS benefits when your working days are thru? Will you have adequate insurance or funds should you be struck with a catastrophic illness? Nobody is trying to take away your guns, but I for one would be pleased if assault rifles and other similar weapons were restricted to the military. No citizen has to have a machine gun.

    • Post Author

      Very obviously you and many of the moronic so-called liberals and conservatives out there do not know what an “assault rifle/weapon” is! They are just regurgitating what the news media says, what they are referring to are weapons that mimic or look like an assault rifle or weapon! I do know what an assault rifle/weapon is, 20+ years in the Army, two years in Vietnam, Infantry fighting my way through the jungles of S.E. Asia carrying and using an assault rifle/weapon.

      The morons want to ban all firearms making it illegal for a citizen to possess one! That’s what England (so-called Great Britain but there is nothing great about that island) did, recently they banned knives, swords, machetes etc. and people were required to turn their knives etc. in, even some kitchen and butcher knives were turned in. A machete is the favorite weapon used by Muslims and blacks in Britain, Africa and elsewhere! After all the knives are out of the hands of legitimate law abiding citizens in Britain, what will they go after next, rocks, bricks, clubs, dirt clods fists, feet etc.? Talk about ridiculously stupid, Britain must have earned the prize!

      This is the direction America is now headed, being led by misinformed wrongheaded morons educated (read here brainwashed)) in the public (read here government run and controlled) school systems! Is this what you really want, we in America are in trouble, the moral compass of America is broke! Claiming that guns kill people is like blaming a car or the manufacturer for drunk driving and that is exactly what some of these illiterates are doing!

      I agree that the return of Jesus Christ will resolve all problems but for the present, God will not do for us what we can do for ourselves; Remember Lazarus (John Chapter 11), Jesus only did what man could not do and He told man to do what he was quite capable of doing! Jesus will surely return but all those wishers claiming He could return at any moment need to read and understand the Scriptures. Without going deeply into it, the final antichrist will stand in the resurrected/rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem claiming to be God (Read Daniela and what Jesus had to say about the issue) and the “great tribulation” will happen and after that, the “day of the Lord” will take place (Zeph. 2:3; Acts 2:20; Matt. 24:21; Rev. 2:22; 7:14 and many more verses)! Also, when the Apostle Paul speaks of the immanent return of Jesus Christ we always think in terms of humankind’s reckoning of time but perhaps it was in God’s reckoning of time being referred to and since a thousand earth years is equivalent to one day in the life of God (Psalm 30:4; II Peter 3:8) it has only been a little over two days since the resurrection and the return to heaven of Jesus Christ! If you are going to use Bible Scripture references kindly study your Bible first and know what you are talking about!

      Nuff Said!!!!

      In Christ Jesus

  38. Post Author

    Thanks for writing this. I’m going to share it on FB n Twitter. If I can figure it out I will also share it to

  39. Post Author

    What people fail to recognize is that while the Socialist/Communist decries the evils of Capitalism, hard core Communism is the ultimate Capitalism. This is what the Communist Party was. You had your card and that gave the carrier carte blanche to the good life while the rest worked for the state regardless of profession. Everything was owned by the state.

  40. Post Author

    The “unbiased’ media has already promised (through its reporting) to hand over our country to total (d) control by 2020, and then, the final socialist nail in America’s coffin will be hammered in. However, if true conservatives ignore the media and vote in ’18 and ’20, our country, for now, will be saved. So don’t stay home and cry “what happened” on election night.

  41. Post Author

    truly one of the worst examples of writing due to ignorance of the subject that i have read. Is this what it’s coming to right wing retoric as shallow and depthless as the socialist lefts. Hey maybe i’m missing something and you wrote this just to get a reaction. Being very conservative and at least understanding history a bit i would ask that you spend some time educating yourself before you set out to write half baked articles like this.

  42. Post Author

    Social programs are needed, when greed among the wealthy, over weighs a living wage for the common man. Socialism seems to work in the Netherlands, who are associated with being happy societies. I was a Bernie-Voter, because I care for all Americans, and have seen the tough choices, some families have to make, concerning; health education, dental care, etc..etc. Affordability is the key, and most average families must make tough choices, its a give and take process no American family should have to make, these are necessities for most folks in developed nations. Now thousands of American families are exposed to lead in their water, so were heading towards becoming a third world nation, sad but true.

  43. Post Author

    I do not expect to see Communism take full control of our country during my lifetime but, unless the people of this once great nation wake up, America will become a Communist country sometime if the distant, or maybe even the near, future!
    A Nigerian illegal alien Communist Muslim named Barack Hussein Obama (his chosen English sounding name) once made the statement that America was the largest Muslim country in the world. Now just how could he make such a wild statement? Simple, in some countries like in the Middle East (where Obama was apparently raised and educated) a country’s primary religion is dictated by its leader! If he is Hindi then the country is Hindi, an example being India, if Muslim then it is Muslim, an example being, Saudi Arabia etc., Barack Hussein Obama was a devout Communist Muslim who claimed to be a Christian (he belonged, for about 20 years, to a “Trinity United Church of Christ” in Chicago with an American hating leader named the “Reverend Right” his favorite saying is reported to have been “God d– America”) because at the time the American sheeple were not ready to elect a strict communist or Muslim to be the leader of America, instead they were offered and accepted a mixture of both!
    The leaders of America beginning with FDR (a Communist) have apparently been mostly Communist or at least Communist leaning and therefore, so also is America! Trump is the latest exception as was I believe John Fitzgerald Kennedy (they assonated him and may well do the same to Trump) and, Ronald Regan whom they attempted to assonate (there is always a fall guy, a patsy to blame it on, other Presidents have been either assonated or it was attempted in 30 cases with four sitting presidents having been assonated)! The time will soon come when America will no longer be Communist leaning but fully Communist!
    I expect this will happen when the sheeple of America elect a leader like FDR or his bosom buddy whom he called “uncle Joe”, the mass murdered (about 80 million trough various means including starvation) Joseph Stalin of Russia!
    For those that do not think that is possible, think back to 2008 and again four years later when the American sheeple elected an American Constitution hating Communist Muslim illegal Nigerian alien named Barack Hussein Obama president twice and, don’t think we and especially our younger college educated generations are not being prepared (brainwashed) to elect a blatant American Constitution hating Communist to be President of America in the future!

    Nuff Said!!!!

    In Christ Jesus

  44. Post Author

    While this article is well-intentioned and I agree with its purpose, the author should be reminded that seemingly “little things” can destroy all credibility the author might have and renders anything he writes as inconsequential.
    The author made a number of critical errors, and these must be corrected if he wishes to be taken seriously.
    First of all, FDR did not “enact” the Social Security Act, he signed it into law in 1935, not 1945. Moreover, the author writes “the act would have been repealed as it was supposed to be, once it reached its sunset, we would probably all be in a better place today”
    FDR proudly boasted upon signing the SSA into law that “the damned Republicans will never be able to touch it.” He considered it to be his legacy’s landmark achievement which would stand as a monument to himself in perpetuity. To compound the author’s lack of knowledge and understanding, there was never a “sunset” provision anywhere to be found within the text of the Social Security Act. I have a copy of it on my desk right now and have studied it extensively for many years. So did the act contain any provision whatsoever for its own eventual demise, by repeal or sunsetting? It did not. In addition, considering the Act’s convoluted wording and its intent, just how could this law not have been intended to be permanent?
    The other factual errors in the article should be downright embarrassing to the writer since this era of American history should be indelibly etched into the brain of any kid who even casually hit the books during school. The author writes “…the beginning of the downfall of our Republic as it was intended under the Constitution of the United States, circa 1776.”
    Excuse me, but it was the Declaration of Independence which was penned and adopted in 1776. The Constitutional Convention did not convene until May 25, 1787 after the failed government under the Articles of Confederation proved to be completely unworkable. And the intent of that convention was not to devise a completely new form of government, but to amend the existing Articles to make the federal government at least somewhat more effective. The convention adjourned sine die on September 17, 1787, a date which we half-heartedly commemorate as “Constitution Day.”
    The Constitution took effect on June 21, 1788 when New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the new Constitution.
    If arguments are to be presented to sway pubic opinion to “our way of thinking,” the author should take care that his ducks are all in a row. And this should include seemingly innocuous things like dates, and even more especially to matters of fact.
    And here are a couple more interesting facts, should the author be remotely curious. The final state to ratify the Constitution was Rhode Island on May 29, 1790. Interestingly, the RI state assembly was too cowardly to vote on ratification initially and submitted the matter directly to voters in a referendum, which the voters soundly rejected the Constitution by a vote of 2,708-237.
    Vermont itself had to apply for admission to the Union since it had never ratified the Articles of Confederation, and was legally never a part of the United States until it applied for admission and its Constitutional ratification on January 10, 1791.
    I happen to hold a doctoral degree in American history, so I kept up with such mundane matters like facts.
    It might also be of assistance to the writer if he would polish up on his English and grammar usage. Noun/verb agreements are particularly useful.

  45. Post Author

    I could say something but all the problems of socialism have been discussed here very well.
    And the fact we are so close to loosing our republic and the freedoms we were given under the constitution!!
    Wake up people before it is too late and you find yourself living under socialism or communism as Krushuff (msp) promised us a few years back!!!

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