Bill Cosby is a Very Funny Fellow – WRONG!


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In recent news, on April 18, 2018, comedian and TV star Bill Cosby has been convicted on three counts of aggravated indecent assault for drugging young women before having his sexual way with them.

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Some people are shocked by the verdict, but Cosby has been accused by many women of similar misbehavior, as revealed by USA Today. The legal problem facing the prosecution is to establish, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Cosby used illegal means to achieve a criminal end.

You can well imagine that Cosby was able to afford the best darned legal staff money could buy. This might explain why he has been acquitted so many times. More than two dozen women have accused Cosby of sexual assault going as far back as four decades.

Forty years ago, women who cried “Rape!” were not treated with the same credibility and respect as they are today. Each and every accusation was swept under the rug until recent years, when some of these women are renewing their efforts to get justice.

Here is a timeline of Cosby’s legal activity:

2005 – In a lawsuit brought by Andrea Constand, a former Temple University women’s basketball administrator, Cosby testified that in the 1970s “he got Quaaludes with the intent of giving them to young women he wanted to have sex with.” In the privacy of his own home, Cosby drugged and raped Constand.

We know this because the Associated Press brought suit to get the court documents. His lawyers raised an objection “on the grounds that it would embarrass their client.” Cosby settled that suit a year later for $3.4 million.

2015 – Ten years later, the investigation into Cosby’s predatory behavior was reopened in July. The Associated Press requested that a federal judge unseal portions of Cosby’s deposition testimony from the 2005 lawsuit. During this retrial, the jury interpreted the deposition as an admission of guilt.

June 2017 – After 52 hours of deliberation over five days, the jury reached deadlock and failed to deliver a unanimous verdict on any of three counts of aggravated indecent assault of accuser Constand.

April 2018 – Cosby’s own deposition from 2005 armed the retrial jury with the “smoking gun” evidence they needed to reach a guilty verdict. On an episode of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” 22-year-old juror Harrison Snyder said it was Cosby’s own deposition, in which he stated for the record that he gave drugs to women in order to have sex with them.
The drugs in question were quaaludes, a heavy-duty downer (the medical depressant methaqualone) that caused his victims to lose consciousness while he molested them.

Now 80 years old, Cosby, once a very funny fellow (“Riiiiiight!”), may not be amused by the prospect of spending the rest of his life in jail. That’s 10 years for each of the three counts as a maximum 30-year sentence.

CNN reported that:

“Cosby did not audibly react to his conviction, but erupted shortly afterward. Minutes after the verdict, prosecutors asked the judge to revoke Cosby’s bail. They said he is a flight risk and has a private plane. Cosby, who did not testify in the trial and has sat quietly through the proceedings, stood up and yelled in a booming voice: “He doesn’t have a plane, you asshole.”

Currently under house arrest in a Philadelphia suburb, Cosby is waiting for a sentencing hearing with Judge Steven O’Neill, expected in the next three months. The judge mentioned that Cosby might make arrangements through official channels to live in a home in another state, after being fitted with a GPS tracking device.

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Cosby was a member Temple’s board of trustees and their advertising poster boy. But no more. He resigned that position last December 2017.

Cosby continues to proclaim his innocence and his lawyers promise to appeal the court’s decision. But why would any woman subject herself to the intense scrutiny and embarrassment of accusing the lovable screen character that was Bill Cosby – unless something really awful had happened to her?

Speculation aside, one jury has delivered a guilty verdict. As a police officer observed when he pulled someone over for speeding, “If I caught you doing it once, there were probably a hundred times you did it without getting caught.”

Fame and fortune have a way of swaying a celebrity’s moral compass. Did Cosby succumb to the ultimate temptation of depriving his female companions of free will and the right to choose?

Regardless of what you believe, we can’t say the jury is still out – because it isn’t.

  1. Post Author

    I believe the jury and I are very disappointed in his sexual behavior. Sadly all the cast of the “Cosby Show” will suffer because of the cancellation of the reruns. But ALL the Receivers of he and his wife generous donations should not be quick to remove his name from any building or program. And if they also feel disdain about his guilt, then they should Return Every donation he has given.

  2. Post Author

    He is a PERVERT ( My Opinon )

  3. Post Author

    Only God now will know the rest of his story and the true facts. One day each and every one of us shall be standing before Him accounting for every moment of our lives. I just hope and pray that God can look at me and say “Well done my faithful servant, well done.”

  4. Post Author

    Sick POS!!!!!

  5. Post Author

    What ever happened to the art of seduction which to me was more rewarding than the sex; what a bunch of sicko’s!

  6. Post Author

    What ever happened to the art of seduction which was more fun than the reward as far as I am concerned! These powerful reprobates are really a bunch of sicko’s!

  7. Post Author

    This is so sad. I really liked this actor. The deal is when you do wrong you have to answer for what you did. The convincing was admittion to doing these things. You have many women who never met or knew each other all coming up with the same complaint. As a guy and not a big time famous lover still had several girl friends and never had to dope or drug or get them drunk. I rest well every time it was always with consent . If she said no then on to some one else. This is a blessed time for women of the world no more threats, no more abuse and no more rape. After hollywood scandle this has gone on to long. Could you help with a question and help a answer, That former sherrif from Arizona says he has the ultimate proff that the former president is not a U.S. citize and never has been. He says is going to reveal that prove . When is this going to happen.

  8. Post Author

    Your first statement is inaccurate— it was convicted of assaulting one woman—not “women.”

    Secondly the statute of limitations for this crime is unusually long. This makes it most difficult to for a defendant to prove his innocence.

    Thirdly, in the first trial the judge allowed one additional prosecution witness. If this was proper, why did he allow four women to testify against Cosby in the second trial?

    Finally, there are 3.4 Million reasons why the prosecuting witness the settled with Cosby in 2005. Obviously that payment by the defendant, was intended to be the conclusion to what happened between her and Cosby. No way Cosby settled for the outcome the defendant caused in 2018.

  9. Post Author

    I agree he’s getting what he had coming. But then let’s go after Bill Clinton who was accused of rape or molestation by several women.

  10. Post Author

    GUILTY-GUILTY-GUILTY. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Post Author

    Guilty as charged.!!!!!!!!!!!.

  12. Post Author

    He was convicted by a jury and must go to jail. If it was me, mr no money, I would go under the jail. No cushy jail, maximum security. Send him to the worse prison in the state. He can wash dishes for 0.30 cents an hour.

  13. Post Author

    What good is this going to do by sending Bill Cosby to prison at 80 years old? Any jail time for Bill Cosby would be no different than a death sentence. I pray that he don,t go to jail. In Jesus name I pray.

  14. Post Author

    America’s two favorite black men;

    Bill Cosby

    O.J. Simpson

  15. Post Author

    “Absolute star power, corrupts absolutely”

  16. Post Author

    I knew the guy was likely to be guilty of all accusations, when all accusers were saying essentially the same thing. And then instinctively struck me that he did appear like an uncivilized Homo Sapient man, who went after woman in his savage garments or just thinking.

  17. Post Author

    Me thinks there’s a lot more to this story than what’s come out in print or court. While totally ignorant of his alleged sexual exploits, I predicted that Cosby would have his character assassinated the 1st time I heard him speak to black people to berate them for not holding up their end in the fight for equal economic and social status in the USA.

    That was a direct attack on the Great Society’s Democrat Plantation built with numerous welfare programs which made it very difficult to escape from that plantation. The plantation was easy to justify with sympathy for the poor and especially their children and allowed the democrats to look heroic and buy vote’s with taxpayer money.

    If the people on the plantation were disenfranchised the democrats would quickly lose their sympathy for the poor and their children.

  18. Post Author

    You ask: “Did Bill Cosby succumb to temptation…….:?”
    No. He’s a predator and he’s a rapist, and he should spend the rest of his life, in prision and with the republican of being the most prolific rapist in U. S.. history. let him die behind bars and in the company of other deviates. Hey

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