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Government Run Healthcare Killed 270 Women

The next time you come across a “starry-eyed” Bernie supporter exclaiming the virtues of Socialism, expounding on how advanced and humane those European countries are in providing “FREE HEALTHCARE” to all, perhaps you should provide them with a dose of reality that “nothing” in life is free, someone always pays, and in this shocking instance over 270-woman paid with their lives accessing “FREE GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE” for all!

The shocking report was released from the government agency known as Public Health England, which is tasked with overseeing breast cancer screening for woman within the entire UK. In the report, the agency acknowledged critical letters warning woman that their screening for breast cancer (dating as far back as 2009) was done in error, and for them to be immediately re-screened WERE NEVER SENT, resulting in the deaths of over 270 woman between the ages of 68-71.

Moreover health officials were actually warned of the screening errors over one year ago, however, they FAILED TO ACT!

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt the government official who is responsible and apparently covered-up the shocking details for over 4-months until it was finally flagged in March of 2017 by Public Health England to the Department of Health in January of this year.

Forcing Hunt to finally admit the deadly health crises earlier this week in the House of Commons, and then admitting another shocking revelation that ½ million women had not been screened since 2009.

The issue regarding the letters not being sent was first reported as a “local issue” involving a computer glitch by the computer firm Hitachi Consulting.

However as in all things run by government, red-tape, and government bureaucracy becomes the norm, private physicians become government employees and spreadsheets with numbers, replaces patients names, until it’s impossible to distinguish the two.

And once the bureaucracy realized the full scale of the crises, it was passed along to yet other bureaucrats in March. Meanwhile, women were still left unaware they needed to follow up screening, which could save their lives.

Baroness Delyth Morgan from Breast Cancer Now said the “colossal systemic failure” was “totally unacceptable”.

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She continued: “It is beyond belief that this major mistake has been sustained for almost a decade and we need to know why this has been allowed to happen.”

The stunning reality is there were over 450,000 women within the UK who were denied breast cancer screening in 2009, resulting in the deaths (so far) of 270 woman.

However those numbers don’t tell the entire story, in that the so-called government “glitch” may end up claiming the lives of perhaps another 1,000 and upwards of perhaps 2,000 women who put their lives in the hands of nameless government bureaucrats, rather than physicians, in that computers get to decide who gets screened and who doesn’t.

America came dangerously close to mimicking the UK, with our own version of a government system known as The Affordable Care Act,  or ObamaCare, in which private citizens were forced to buy health insurance that eventually became too costly for average Americans to access, which thankfully imploded from within, as government exchanges were forced to close. It was governments attempt at overreach and attempting to take over 1/6th of our economy, which thankfully failed.

However look for Bernie and his clueless minions to once again push for universal healthcare in 2020, regardless of the fact that Vermont (Bernie’s hometown), almost went belly-up, with their own version of government-run healthcare a few years ago.

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    Looking at the ages of the women is very telling. Once the 60 year mark is achieved, one is considered a drain on the system. I don’t believe it was an accident. The quality of care is way below acceptable, demand government get out of our business and health, they only screw it up and make it more expensive. It is a total deception! Once control us achieved, your choices are gone, government will make them for you!

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    It’s alarming and sad that so many have suffered and died. It’s shocking that the Bernie-Americans never bother to educate themselves on history and truth. If they win, we all lose because of their stupidity.

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    Just for a ‘reality check’ on what all needs to be removed from decent health care, let’s do a calculation to see what would have happened if those half-million had been notified and got screened… Calculate the number sent off to chemo, with a 2% chance of surviving CHEMO, and I’d bet the death toll well exceeds the 270 by now…. so why don’t we recognize that it’s immoral and unethical to promote and pay for health care INSURANCE that kills so many with chemo for one… to the extent that you paid your premium, you provided the funding to kill so many patients, male and female, because a seriously major portion of your premium was sent to cover that chemo that kills and denies patients any quality of life as well… ttyl

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    What in the hell does that sad incident in England have to do with the Healthcare in the USA? Although the Healthcare in the USA is ranked very low compared to other countries, England problems are of very little interest to the US. The USA is the wealthy nation in the world and many US Citizens are dying from curable diseases and other medical problems because they do not have health insurance and cannot afford it. The Republicans criticize the Health Affordable Bill, but to date have NOT written a Healthcare plan that will give all Americans access to reasonable medical treatments. And, the greedy US pharmaceutical is charging outrage prices for drugs, that are only a fraction of the cost in other nations. The Black past President has attempted to do what the last five presidents fail to do. And, the Democrats are guilty also of not writing improvements to the present Affordable healthcare program. This article is nothing but fake news, slander of the US Healthcare system in the USA

    • Post Author

      You, unfortunately have fake brains – rationalize as you must but in the end our “Obama Death Care” will prevail too; you Leftists are political suicidal useful idiots!

  5. Post Author

    If anyone thinks it is that simple then more fool you. It is not socialism or free healthcare that is the problem. It is the nature of the care. The UK uses mamograms for screening for breast cancer and research has shown these can cause more complications and are way to late in detecting cancer. Then there is the standard poison, burn or hack cancer ‘treatment’ to follow.
    The US ‘free enterprise’ model of health care means nearly a third of the population has no insurance cover, and maybe another third cannot truly afford to get sick. The US spends more on health than any other country bar none, way more, and ranks 35 out of the top 35 developed nations on health outcomes. Medical mishaps, slips, errors and on prescription drugs in total ranks third on the list of causes of death in the US. Most expensive with the worst outcome – not a good model I suspect.

    • Post Author

      You are seriously misinformed that mammograms cause problems and do not detect cancers. I know of many women who were saved because of early detection by mammograms. What’s your marvelous solution? These women I know were not burned, poisoned or “hacked”. They had surgery done by competent professionals. You are just making lame excuses to justify your love of socialism in all forms. For those who do not have health insurance here in the U.S., Obama could easily have provided them with insurance that would have been nowhere near the cost of “Obamacare” as I like to call it. I do not want government hacks deciding when I should be given treatment, or diagnostic tests. We all know that age will become a huge factor when these decisions are made by the government – Except for their fellow hacks, who will be given whatever they need (and we know Congress wasn’t going to be under the “Affordable Care Act”. Since it’s so wonderful, then why not? FYI – we now have 3 D Mammograms which see even more and if you go to the same screening hospital, comparisons are done from year to year. Maybe our health care is the most expensive partially because people actually GET treatment, unlike the socialist countries where denial and ridiculous waiting periods are the norm. I guess that would cut costs quite a bit.

  6. Post Author

    How many women died in the US because of poor access to health care??? Well over 270 I”ll bet.

  7. Post Author

    So, what’s new? As I recall, we were warned by at least one former leader in Canada about the Obama planned healthcare, even with some apparent changes it was and still is a $$ draining disaster! Will our so-called leaders ever learn? Very doubtful, the poor will continue to get poorer while the rich will continue to get richer and socialism will continue to advance here in a supposedly Democratic Republic of America!!!!

    In Christ Jesus

    • Post Author

      Hey DJH, paranoid much? Where is then Jesus when people die because there is no decent health care system in the USA? But the Pentagon takes over 60% of our budget, nice, Jesus Christ! Apparently he loves war more than people.

  8. Post Author

    Administrative errors happen everywhere , even in the wonderful USA which is reckoned to have the most expensive and inefficient health care in the civilised world. Generally our socialised systems work well and have saved and improved the quality of countless lives as people do not have to make a choice between going to the doctor or not if they cannot afford it or the consequent treatments. You cannot dismiss a whole system because of one error however terrible it is, that is as we say, throwing the baby out with the bath water. People also have a responsibility for their own health. I have annual health checks for example, nobody has to tell me to do it, even though under our system it costs me a sum of money to visit my GP, as do prescriptions; on the other hand I have had two major back surgeries and two other operations which did not cost me anything other than the hospital stay. Also I have regular consultations for glaucoma, for which the system sends me reminders so I do not forget appointments, As I said the system in this country is not entirely free but in my experience it works very well.
    Given a choice between our system and the laissez faire US with its exorbitant private insurance companies, I will take our system any day.

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    It’s hard for me to understand why Americans want the government to run healthcare. Look at the current track record of all the U.S. government programs and see the disastrous results.

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    You can’t blame the government. Women know if there’s something wrong with their breasts. If you’re talking about mammograms, women are better off without them. A mammogram can kill off the gene that protects a woman from breast cancer. I’ll say it again, people need to take care of their own health and quit looking to big pharma and the government to do it.

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    This will give the answers to the question was is a mistake, and what the connection is to US, very informative lecture:

  12. Post Author

    One of the most alarming pieces of BS I have read in a long time. Socialize medicine is not to blame for the ineptitude of doctors in any country, including good old USA where people die for LACK OF CARE, and since you know so much about this subject please tell us how bad socialize medicine is in Sweden or Denmark or Norway or Finland, or any other European country with good health care from the government, Of course you won’t even touch that subject because you either lie through your teeth or you are as ignorant as, I assume, your boss Trump about the rest of the world. Congratulations on your right wing pathetic rant.

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