Why Trump Nixed the Iran Deal


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Less than three years from its negotiation in July 2015, the “Iran Deal” is over, thanks to US President Donald Trump. This story is all over the news, but just what is this deal and why would America want out of it?

Germany allied with the permanent members of the United Nations (UN) Security Council – the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, and China – to hold Iran accountable for its nuclear development. The resultant Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) ended 12 years of deadlock and the threat of nuclear war in the Middle East, as The Guardian reported.

President Barack Obama represented the US and Hassan Rouhani led the Iranians. It took 17 days to broker the agreement.

In a nutshell, the deal was that if Iran would agree to limit its nuclear program, sanctions would be lifted. All parties involved took a long view for peace. Under this arrangement, as planned:

“The conventional arms embargo will last another five years, and restrictions on ballistic missile technology will last eight years.”

If Iran broke the deal, sanctions would automatically resume within 65 days, unless the dispute could be resolved successfully.

Binyamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, wasted no time in predicting the worst possible outcome from what he termed “capitulation” with their historical enemy nation:

“Iran is going to receive a sure path to nuclear weapons. Many of the restrictions that were supposed to prevent it from getting there will be lifted. Iran will get a jackpot, a cash bonanza of hundreds of billions of dollars, which will enable it to continue to pursue its aggression and terror in the region and in the world. This is a bad mistake of historic proportions.”

Was Netanyahu correct in his skepticism of Iran’s ability to behave and live up to the terms of the Democratic-driven framework?

On May 8, 2018, after Trump announced his administrative decision to quit the Iran nuclear deal, White House National Security Adviser John Bolton informed the wondering world that “Iran repeatedly violated the 2015 nuclear deal, contradicting statements by U.S. intelligence officials that Tehran was in compliance with the now-jettisoned accord.”

Bolton added:

“I think there are plenty of cases where we’re simply incapable of saying whether they’re in compliance or not. There are others where I think they’ve clearly been in violation.”

One example Bolton cited was that Iran repeatedly exceeded the limits for making heavy water (deuterium oxide) – an essential component of nuclear reactors and a primary fuel for nuclear weapons.

Iran is “almost in the heavy water production business,” Bolton added. “They sell excess to Oman. They’ve sold it to European countries. It’s a way of keeping the heavy water production facilities alive.”

Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the Iran nuclear deal was no secret. The Commander-in-Chief stated plainly that he would not renew the deal by its May 12 deadline unless the JCPOA was tightened up and made more effective in preventing Iranian nuclear proliferation.

Robert Palladino, speaking for the National Security Council (NSC), indicated that “Iran’s leaders also stated that they would not allow inspections of military facilities, a position that is clearly inconsistent with Iran’s JCPOA obligation.”

It turns out that Israeli intelligence agents stole Iranian documents that prove that Iran has kept all its nuclear weapons research while developing long-range missiles that could carry a nuclear warhead.

Bolton explained why Trump nixed the Iran nuclear deal:

“So recognizing that Iran has used the course of the negotiations, the lengthy period leading up to the deal to increase the capability and sophistication both of its nuclear weapons program and its ballistic missile program, and has continued to do so since the deal in 2015, the only sure way to get on the path of stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons and delivery capabilities is to get out of the deal. And that’s what the president has done.”

It comes as no surprise that US Democratic leadership is hating on Trump right now, calling for his impeachment. What else is new?

Any time President Trump shows some foreign relations backbone, the Donkeys find something to whine about. But look what just happened in North and South Korea – thanks to the Republican team’s diplomatic prowess and business-like attitude.

Speaking of which, a New York Times opinion piece revealed this shocking fact:

“Iran is under looser nuclear strictures than South Korea, and would have been allowed to enrich as much material as it liked once the deal expired.”

This is why President Trump backed the United States out of the JCPOA. In his own words to the world:

“The United States no longer makes empty threats.”

It’s about time.

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    John Bolton is a sexual deviant of limited intelligence so taking anything he says seriously is a huge mistake. Similarly, Netanyahu is a Zionist war criminal and a pathological liar. The NYT’s is a deep state rag sheet that very rarely has its facts straight on important foreign policy issues. It’s a propaganda sheet of the deep state. It’s very likely that any evidence of Iran’s nuclear capabilities is manufactured evidence as was that used to invade Iraq. Furthermore, there is nothing that the U.S., and its terrorist allies Israel, Saudi Arabia, et. al.in the Middle East can do to prevent Iran from getting nukes if it wants them. Russia will continue to use Iran, and Syria as levers, and it has proven it can kick the ass of the U.S. by what it has done in Syria, and Ukraine. On many, many levels Putin is playing along with Trump’s plan. The deviant Bolton is likely completely out of the loop, or collecting tid bits of info. from the very few people in the federal government that like him. He’s well hated because he’s a deviant, lying, creep.

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      Okay Barack, whatever you say

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      I see you’ve renewed your DNC membership.

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      Do you know how absolutely idiotic you sound. 1. The USA is in a very limited role in the mid-East. 2. the US kicked the shite out of the 4th largest standing army in the world in less than 100 hours. 3. the US would crush the Iranians…. and they know it. That is why they have yet to spin up the reactors. 4. Israel will never go to the furnaces again. They would whip the Iranians in a 1 on 1 fight. It would be over so fast due to Air superiority. Putin is not playing into Trumps hand. Trump is pulling him around like a dog on a leash. The Russian economy is on its last legs… even including the latest rise in oil prices. 5. The Iranians have no Air power… On the 3D Battlefield, Who ever is higher wins… ALL the time. I will not disagree that the NYT is a rag… It is the Globalist rag of choice! Bolton is a warmonger along with McCain and Lyndsey Graham. What else is new? We need all types in DC. He is on the Far right as Kelly and Mattis (those that have been to war) are on the far left.

    • Post Author

      I assume by virtue of the previous comment that there is no I.Q. test required to post. Let’s see, “John Bolton is a sexual deviant of limited intelligence”? I assume the poster has been peeping into keyholes in order to gain this information.

      And “Russia has proven it can kick the ass of the U.S…..”? Sir are you aware that there is a new administration and Commander in Chief in the White House? The Obama administration has been gone for more than a year.

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      Re: Post statement:
      What does using the term “..deviant.. “ have to with the voracity of John Bolton? More B.S. from the Post. The infamous group of ‘un-named sources’ confirm that the “National Enquirer” has made a cash offer to purchase the “Post”.
      The “Enquirer” has stated that the new partnership will fit with the demographics of their readers…., as well as the uneducated status of the Post Staff.. A perfect match!.
      It is Interesting that one Rag declares that another publisher is is a Rag. Birds of a feather?

      A new co- conspirator. I am very fearful for the future U.S. generations

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      Long on insults, short on facts. I suppose you think if you are wrong ( which you are ) “so what’s the big deal about another nuclear war?” I can’t engage an idiot in dialogue. I don’t speak stupid.

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      Sounds more like YOU’RE a “deviant, lying creep”. You have some type of ax to grind with John Bolton and President Trump who are working to MAGA with no help from the Dumb-o-crats. So, just keep spouting the libtard talking points.
      In the famous words of Ron White, “Next time you have a thought…let it go”

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      You are the one who sounds like a crazed deviant, do you know Mr. John Bolton personally?? Well I do, He is a relative of mine! Therefore, you have no clue about him… other than what you have made up in your sick twisted mind. I wonder what you would feel like if someone said such awful things about your loved one?? You are shameful!

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    Excellent top post comment – nothing to add but praise

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    Who do you think you are? I think you are a serious coward. To write such hateful things and leave your name missing! Shame on you. Dawn Poe

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    It is about time. Finally, a Pres. who doesn’t kowtow to the moneyed interests and deep state operatives.

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    I am so grateful that the citizens of America had the backbone to elect a Pro-American President. God Bless America!

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    Not going to happen.

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    Disregarding our own intelligence agencies and those of our allies to push a specific political agenda is disruptive and destructive to our own security and our critical alliances.

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    Putin wants to disrupt Iran’s oil supply to the world so the price of oil will go up and Putin will finally make enough money selling oil to prop up his faltering support within Russia. In pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal and renewing US sanctions on Iranian oil, Traitor Trump was again acting at the command of his puppeteer, Vladimir Putin, and against our national interests. Are we such fools?

  9. Post Author

    The above article is unsigned because the author wouldn’t want their name associated with such drivel. Isn’t it amazing how someone can prove their ignorance in so few words?

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    I must agree with the above and add my comment that Israel is not to be trusted!

    I remember all the hullabaloo over Israel’s past wars including the claim among Christians that God acted on His promise to call the Jews from all over the world back into Israel and re-establish her as a nation, this I find unsupportable by facts; they were called and still are being called to Israel by Zionists!

    Some people (especially Christians) really need to read their Bibles with a little more understanding instead of human emotions!

    In the Old Testament it is recorded that God brought the Jews back to Israel several times and He always did it by Himself and He did it peaceably, their latest return was definitely not peaceable by any stretch of the meaning of the word peaceable. Also, read Amos 5:26 and Acts 7:43 then read Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 note what is the symbol of the revived nation of Israel today a hexagram, a star which has 6 points, six lines and six triangles this should give Christian Israeli sycophants something to think about!

    One last observation, God’s ordained symbol for Israel was the 7 branch Menorah not a so-called star of David (not even of King David I have read more than a few explanations of the reason for the star). A star was the symbol of the pagan god Moloch (also many other spellings like Molech, the Ammonite fire god), Chiun meaning image, and Remphan meaning shrunken as in lifeless all of which, can be described in a single English word; worthless! Enjoy!

    Nuff Said!!!!

    In Christ Jesus

    • Post Author

      I believe you have omitted, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” and “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.”

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    Further indications of Trump’s ongoing support for war profiteering companies. Korea was not a viable war location, and one China likely nixed. This is no surprise. Who has the traction to stop Trump and his war-profiteering-friends?

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    Whoever wrote the above post is a Miscreant, Evil Anti American & should be shipped to Iran right now!

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    The lying creeps are the liberal democrats and definitely cannot be trusted

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    Did you have deviant sex with John Bolton? How do you know so much?

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    This is about the price of oil. Who benefits? S Arabia and USA the world’s largest producers.

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    Bull Sh*t

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    Nobody knows the truth; this is all endless speculation. Bolton’s sexual situation is irrelevant to whatever his intellectual abilities are, and it’s too soon to applaud Trump who hasn’t actually accomplished anything yet. However, the NYT is a reliable, honest and unbiased news source.

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    I have to laugh to keep from crying due to the fact that so many sheeple think that the Muslim-Marxist jihadist’s d(ST)eal was a mistake rather than the obvious ruse of rewarding his brethren and him and his regime with billions of dollars! Baa, baa, baa, we want Obaa-baa-ma bleat his suicidal sheeple!

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