Strange Disappearances in US National Parks, Part 1/2


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Something very sinister and creepy is happening in the deep, dark forests of the United States National Park System (NPS). Large numbers of people have gone missing with no trace – only to be found dead, sometimes weeks later, far from their last known location, often at a higher elevation, and sometimes, in inaccessible places.

Retired police officer David Paulides broke the story on these strange disappearances from many US national parks. He details some extremely bizarre events that are not being covered by mainstream media.

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The cases of missing persons in or near the boundary of the NPA are so numerous that the author first published a book titled “Missing 411.” As Paulides continued investigating accounts of people gone missing in North America, he then released “Missing 411 — Eastern United States: Unexplained Disappearances of North Americans That Have Never Been Solved,” followed by “Missing 411” books for the “Western US and Canada,” “North American and Beyond,” “The Devil’s in the Details,” “Hunters,” and “A Sobering Coincidence.”

With all this material on such an intriguing subject, small wonder that they made a movie with the same name: “Missing 411.”

Paulides, earned graduate and post-graduate degrees at the University of San Francisco. A proud father who values family bonds, his first career featured 20 years experience in California law enforcement. After retiring from the San Jose Police Department, Paulides then accepted “a job offer in technology making much more money” where he used his forensic skills to conduct due diligence for partnership development and acquisitions.

In 2009, while doing research for a funded, scientific study to prove or disprove the existence of Bigfoot, two off-duty national park rangers contacted Paulides in the middle of the night with information they felt was important he hear. Each ranger had worked at several parks in the span of their park service careers, and both had been part of many search and rescue missions for lost visitors.

The rangers were concerned because “they believed there was an inordinate amount of missing people and the park service was not conducting follow-up investigations, wasn’t tracking missing people and didn’t appear to understand the issues behind the disappearances.”

After an initial missing-person report flurry report would die down in the local media, the park service performed no further inquiries, letting these cases die and grow cold. This is odd, in and of itself, since a contingent of federally-trained park service law enforcement special agents are tasked to investigate crimes committed in the parks. They patrol, and are in charge of, 189 locations.

However, the rangers who confided in Paulides knew that the people they had tried to find had not fallen into creeks or off cliffs – they had vanished with no trace. The rangers asked Paulides to take a deep dive into this puzzling matter, which he did the following morning.

Paulides called some of his law enforcement sources. He asked them to see if there had actually been numerous disappearances at the locations indicated by the rangers, and to see if the numbers of people reported missing added up. The quick reply confirmed unquestionably that “a ton” of people had indeed disappeared from those very locations.

Paulides then “filed dozens of freedom of information act (FOIA) requests against the National park Service and other institutions.” The most famous of these asked the NPS “for statistics and documentation of missing people inside their system” on Yosemite National Park – the first one he filed after returning home after the two rangers tipped him off.

Paulides asked the NPS to provide lists of missing people for Yosemite and the entire park system, expecting a quick and positive response. Police departments post such lists on their websites and typically want to share this type of information in order to locate those missing.

About two months later, an attorney representing the federal land management organization wrote a letter – which is, in itself, an unusual response to this type of request – to inform Paulides that the NPS didn’t keep track of missing people in their parks, could not produce lists of names of missing people, nor dates or any numbers of how many people are still unaccounted for.

The shocker is that the NPS claimed it kept no such data for any of the 183 national parks in the system! This defies a federal mandate that any child that disappears in North American has to be put on the missing child database that is monitored and legislated by the government.

The NPS attorney told Paulides a list would have to be made up “by scratch” and the price tag would be $1.4 million for the park entire system and $34,000 for a list just for Yosemite.

Paulides’ law enforcement contacts all said there must be a reason the NPS wanted to suppress and withhold this information. His conclusion is that the NPS is faced with an unknown lethal threat, and doesn’t want to panic the public and hurt their tourist trade.

Thus began The CanAm Missing Project, “the first website dedicated to understanding the complexity and issues of searching, rescuing and investigating people missing in the wilds of North America.”

The CanAm Missing Project has identified 34 clusters of missing people in North America. The biggest concentration is in Yosemite. HowStuffWorks estimates that “more than 1,000 visitors have disappeared while visiting a park, often without a trace.”

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To Be Continued in “Strange Disappearances in US National Parks – Part 2/2” – right here at The Daily Conspiracy!


  1. Post Author

    Perhaps CWP holders should be allowed to carry firearms into parks that have
    an abundance of missing persons. I would totally disagree that animals-the four legged kind-are guilty of the numbers of missing persons.

  2. Post Author

    Absolutely unbelievable!

  3. Post Author

    Truly bizarre, but to not keep track of missing CHILDREN! That’s unacceptable. Here’s hoping something comes of this

  4. Post Author

    This was also covered on Coast-to-Coast AM show a while back. The show is in the archives and can be found on the coast to coast website.

  5. Post Author

    This is pretty interesting. All kinds of theories and scenarios come to mind.

    • Post Author

      I concur on the grammar, etc.!

  6. Post Author

    I’m not surprised by this since the parks cover so many miles of unincorporated land.
    I would like to also add that your article has many glaring editorial and grammatical mistakes.
    I am an excellent editor and would like to offer my services to you in the future for a minimum fee, $10 per page.

  7. Post Author

    Holy cow! That’s incredible and obviously being covered up. This needs to be exposed, investigated and arrests made. That is way too many people to just disappear! Something is seriously wrong here and I don’t think it’s Bigfoot.

  8. Post Author

    The answer is very simple. US National Parks and Forest Service lands and shelters are increasingly being used by illegal drug manufacturers as safe and remote areas to combine dangerous chemicals into street drugs and not get caught. These same lands are also increasingly used by drug users to be closer to their supply and to erect shelters and forage the lands hide out from crimes committed. Drug sales, prostitution and other money making activities abound in the woods. Forest Service and Park Rangers are instructed NOT to touch any drug paraphernalia that they often find in or around shelters for fear of explosion or personal harm. This from a long time friend and Forest Service employee, and another friend who had long time service with the Dept. of Agriculture in my home state.

  9. Post Author

    Well this is just typical of the federal government which
    I assume is above the National Parks Service. All they
    seem to be interested in is collecting $ and of course this would cost them money. It is interesting you were going to work on bigfoot. Maybe these disappearing people found a better way of life. What makes me laugh is there so much land in PA and for some strange
    reason, they build nothing. Tipping hat to the hairy ones…..

  10. Post Author

    I’d like to know “ the rest of the story” ASAP… so I won’t forget – there are plans to visit National parks especiallt Yosemite Park.

  11. Post Author

    I remember listening to George [ Norry ] years ago about this same thing; it really sounded unsettling at the time. Something sinister must be going on for this to be covered up as it is being. Where are all the so-called reporters and the fake news when you need them? Nothing surprises me in these evil times!

  12. Post Author

    What kind of numbers are we talking about? Is it dozens, hundreds or thousands?

  13. Post Author

    Reading 7th book now, the stories are just WEIRD. Most interesting are some where people suddenly don’t know where they are, even tho’ they’re in an area they’ve been in dozens of times. Then time passes, and they are back on familiar turf. Also in Hunters, “Predator” like motion in trees… wth??

  14. Post Author

    Just re-file the FOIA with the limit of the last twenty years the crooks at the NFS cannot just stonewall the investigators because over that time frame the electronic data would contain the ‘missing persons searches’ data and be findable quick and cheap. then with that time frame accounted for and analysed it should be easier to see what’s going on and form a testable theory that explains the recent cases, which can then be applied to the older data, stage by stage to test/confirm the theory, cluster by cluster…

    The 20 years recent data on a pattern of 1000 missing people should have a decent number of cases to work on, considering that Teddy Roosevelt founded the NSF system, then the 20 is about 1/7th of yosemite’s history but a larger portion of the later parks… so roughly about 140 cases, a decent basis for study…..

  15. Post Author

    Are these the humans Hollywood is eating at their parties .Too many of them have videos telling how wonderful human meat tastes .I wonder why the DOJ is not on top of all of this .Possibly children are in the pedofile rings .

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