The Collusion Illusion – Crossfire Hurricane

Candie Suarez

Author Bio.

The clock tickety tocks at 16 months since the (Russia) collusion fairytale started.  Of course, this does not mean it wasn’t planned prior to Donald Trump’s election. In fact, the Obama administration has been spying on then-candidate Donald Trump as early summer 2016.

The illusion of collusion was carefully orchestrated months before Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.  It even had a code name Crossfire Hurricane. That was the “insurance” Peter Strzok texted about to his paramour Lisa Page.  These two along with the entire Barack Obama DOJ and CIA were the colluders; they were the ones conspiring with Russia, the DNC, at the behest of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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They created a collusion illusion about Donald Trump so that their illegal acts would not be revealed.   And this included doing whatever it took to ensure they would not be discovered. In fact, the very investigators that went easy on Clinton’s email scandal were the very one investigating then-candidate Trump.

We have a dead DNC staffer, Seth Rich, whose killer has never been captured. Was it Seth Rich that provided Wikileaks all of the emails that came out revealing Hilary Clinton’s actions?  I’ve read many versions of what happened.  The Rich family quickly shut down Sean Hannity when he was questioning this incident.  We have a cabal within the FBI secretly investigating a presidential nominee.  These bureaucrats are bad hombres, and mujeres (women).  Colluding, conspiring, spying, lying, and yes, even killing political enemies.

Donald Trump came into the fold just in time.  They all had a chuckle when he announced his candidacy.  But as time revealed Trump would be the Republican nominee, all hell broke loose, and the Democrats started to plan and plot.

It was a pretty big shock to many people; even on the right that Trump won, especially among the never-Trumper folks who refused to vote for the President and felt the idea of a Trump presidency was repugnant. In fact, the man that is Donald J. Trump is precisely what the nation needed. My fear was not that he wouldn’t be elected, it was that there would be voter fraud.  The election was only won because millions that did not come out for Romney, came out for Trump.  That’s the difference.

Our electorate is vulnerable to fraud make no mistake about it.  This is part of the Democrats collusion to steal this country from the American people. The Departments of Motor Vehicles in some (if not all) states automatically register people to vote when they get their driver’s licenses.  Yes, you heard correctly.

There are only 4 states that audit driver’s license records and require proof of citizenship when obtaining a driver’s license or ID card. KS, AZ, GA, AL.  While VA, IA and FL tried to do the same, their Secty of State Departments were sued by the ACLU when they tried to do the same.  The FL Secretary of State then sued the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for allegedly failing to meet its statutory obligation to provide access to the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements Program (SAVE) database, a database of information necessary to confirm the status of potential non-citizens and help ensure the integrity of Florida elections.

How is this relevant to the Collusion Illusion?  That is because the integrity of our voter rolls is of the utmost importance.  When fraud or even the potential of fraud is allowed to exist within our voter rolls, our nation is in serious trouble.  We either make policy or elect our representatives to make policy on our behalf and those elections if compromised by voter fraud, will move this country to a severe constitutional crisis.

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This entire collusion illusion is a direct result of the monumental loss the left suffered in 2016 when even with their electoral tampering, Donald J. Trump easily beat Hillary Clinton.  State by state when red for Trump.  The Democrats, Leftists and Communists who are embedded within our government lost their collective minds.  We saw this with the Antifa riots, the “pussy” marches that were the cheapest form of protest the left could muster.  They pervert everything they touch, have you noticed?

Meanwhile, in the background, this president who is fighting with literally one hand tied behind his back, continues to push forward with the agenda the American people elected him to do.  I mean…never could the Democrats, RINOs or never Trump goons imagined the level of success, in the face of a daily beatdown by the media and all the geniuses that have brought us a bunch of scandals, lies and debt.  Let’s face it, we are hearing from the people that created the problem, how to solve it.

This collusion illusion has all been created by Democrats with the help of the Obama DOJ and CIA.  There was no collusion by Donald Trump’s campaign, that was the illusion.  The conclusion is that the Democrats, Leftists and the Obama administration are collective frauds.  If there is justice in this country, it will be applied to this cabal.  Gird your loins, a reckoning is surely on its way.

  1. Post Author

    For many decades some people have been demonized, marginalized and ridiculed as tin-foil hat wearers, those wacky wanderers who can’t distinguish reality from fantasy…who see boogeymen behind every rock and door and mask. The progressive democratic socialists in the D Party [and media, gov’t, biz, etc] followed their “rule book”. One of Barry O’s fellow traveling BFFs said [paraphrasing -IIRC Van Jones- in a vid I saw a few years ago] stick to the narrative. When someone tries to tell truth that outs their control grabbing and locking in conspiracy [YES, it is], treat them like conspiracy nuts, even if everything they say is true…or ESPECIALLY if it’s true. Increasingly, those on our political left have become TWANLOCs by their own choice.

  2. Post Author

    I can not wait until all these scandalous scum bags are brought to justice.

  3. Post Author

    You covered it nicely, but you left out a couple of important things. One, it became so incredibly obvious to EVERYONE that the establishment news media in this country was in the tank for Hillary that probably no amount of denial on their part is ever going to get them the trust back as an impartial source. They have totally blown it. Secondly, now a lot of black people such as Kanye West are now starting to question the narrative of Republicans are automatically bad and Democrats are automatically good. In the future your going to see more and more blacks crossing over and supporting Republicans. The democrats are on their way out of national politics and will, assuming that things don’t change, be a regional power, mainly in the northeast, left coast and Madison Wisconsin areas.

  4. Post Author

    I’m tired of waiting.

  5. Post Author

    I pray for justice daily as I pray daily for President and his family safety. I have never been as fearful of anyone as Obama and admin! It grieves me that these Obama Hillary folks hate our republic as they do. RIP Seth Rich and I believe DNC murdered him and threatened his family.

  6. Post Author

    About time! It is what Trump said all along. …he had his finger on the whole corrupt mess and the public knew something was very bad as well. I hoe all go to jail for the rest of their stinking lives.

  7. Post Author

    This type of fringe propaganda sowing mistrust in our institutions with little substantiated fact is harmful to the principles and foundation of our democracy. Inherent in our daily lives is the fact that some things are hidden from view, but the manner by which you exploit this to benefit your egagerated conspiracy theories is exploitive and without consideration of its detrimental consequences. Having different points of view is a valuable attribute of a healthy democracy. What you espouse however is rubbish.

    • Post Author

      You are being a good little socialist as you sing the party line. Deny, obfuscate, claim every person stating facts is crazy and out of touch with reality. You need to live somewhere that allows you to be a nutjob…OH you do the USA.

  8. Post Author

    Very insightful Ms Suarez. Thank you for sharing the this thesis explaining the true nature of what the liberal democrats, RINOs, and communists are capable and culpable of doing to America’s democracy.

  9. Post Author

    Well said!

  10. Post Author

    Best article I’ve read in a long time 100 percent true

  11. Post Author

    Hallelujah! I can’t wait until Donald Trump, our great president drains this swamp! Put them in Jail were they belong for betraying the American people!

  12. Post Author

    More people need to stand up and be counted. It a fact we need all new people in government. I’m afraid we have too many people that can’t think for themselves. Poorly educated and can’t see the future. Barack Obuma was the poorest President to be elected and the richest coming out. The media and the rich people elected him all because people chose one party or the other instead of the best candidate. There are too many rich and powerful people. Poor people can be elected but we have to work together and quit believing the lies.

  13. Post Author

    Now this is what I call psycho babble. I give you credit …. you guys are really good at dreaming up fake conspiracy theories.

  14. Post Author

    When are we going to see some indictments on these issues?

  15. Post Author

    Never had a doubt about this !

  16. Post Author

    So let me get this strzight. The Democrats knew they were going to lose. So they created a ehole bunch of evidence that would prove the Republicans hsd colluded (conspired) with Rissia. But they didn’t release this BEFORE the election when it might have enabled Hillary to sin. No they cleverly waited until AFTER the election so Trump could win and take office Andvthey somehow arranged for the Trump boys to meet with the Russians duringbthe campaign to discuss potential damaging informsgion about Hillary ut not to collude or conspire go release it through Wikileaks. I sure apprecjsye you clearing that up for me.

  17. Post Author

    So how many on Trump’s election committee, and maybe Donald, had communicated with Russians? Donald Jr. and the rest of his family?

  18. Post Author

    So why is it if I leave a comment that does not fit the narrative it gets rejected? Free speech ?

  19. Post Author

    Donald Trump was opposed by the Bush, and Clinton Crime Families, two of the most evil families to ever be elected to national offices, and Barack Obama, a hard core criminal from Chicago, who never organized a single community in my hometown of Chicago, and who was put up to run for office by many people, including one of his early funders, Penny Pritzker, the beneficiary of Chicago Jewish mob money. The entire Republiconartist, and Dismal Dollar Dimwitocratic Party machines,, and the corrupt, corporate media were mobilized to defeat Donald Trump. This mobilized machine included Zionist neoconartists thugs like Bill Kristol, and many others. Anyone with any common sense would ask themselves why all these criminals would oppose Donald Trump?

  20. Post Author

    Indeed it is and none too soon. The deception of the left is being exposed and will be dealt with, one way or another. There was collusion, all on the side of the left.

  21. Post Author

    So what are you doing about it?

  22. Post Author

    WOW! This takes the cake for all conspiracy at any time. Paranoia and misinformation are the main menu, and in order to please the throngs of Trump admirers it ignores the fact that long before this “conspiracy” the Trump campaign and his family were meeting all kinds of Russians in New York and Moscow, of course it was to discuss what kind of vodka they like!!!

  23. Post Author

    Follow the money. Research the 14 District Attorney races funded by George Soros of which his candidates won 12 of those elections. What else and who else is he funding.? Since the above mentioned sold their souls, who was buying?

  24. Post Author

    May God have mercy on America, and bring truth to the fore and justice to the enemies of America who have been colluding so long and soo deeply to destroy all that is good about America, and America herself. May there be a house cleaning, a gully washer and one complete draining of the swamp, without blood shed. But, by all means liberty is now cheap and must be paid for.
    May there be a real turning to The Creator mentioned in the constitution, and true repentance so God can come to our aid and bless us once again. He can and wants to but we are the hindrance by showing that we do not need Him, and doing so much against Him.
    May God have Mercy on America!
    May God have mercy on us each one. Even the idiots who are trying to destroy America God loves them, and has given them a choice,and possibility to repent and turn to Him.
    May God have abundant Mercy yet on America!

  25. Post Author

    I’m with you 100 percent. Who in their right mind not see the folly. If you have just one ounce of common sense one can see through this charade.

  26. Post Author

    Who furnishes both, left and right, political carnival barkers who misroute our US administrations contrived by fraud elections into the psychotic abyss?
    Antichrist successfully plotted this course for some 💯 years!
    IMHO a state that worships the Jews Holocaust above the holy Christ is doomed to the ultimate subjugation folks!
    Wake, look around yourselves:
    Have you not become Israhell’s and its sponsors’ bitches? Yeah, lock, stock & barrel (Adelson, Soros, Trump, Clinton, et al)?
    Tell me it ain’t so!

  27. Post Author

    What nonsense! Perhaps you’d like to restart the Know Nothing party from the 1840’s and use this crap as the basis of your campaign? Donald Trump will go down in history as one of the worst presidents in history along with Harding and Andrew Johnson, assuming he makes it through his first term. He scares the rest of the civilized world and has not only marginalized the USA but made us a laughing stock. Do we want China to be the nation the rest of the world looks up to?

  28. Post Author

    I guess you didn’t like my commentary on your nutso story so it was deleted. Did you ever consider that you might not be 100% right and perhaps consider other, more rational, points of view .

  29. Post Author

    OK, the cat’s out of the bag; we now know for sure, as I have asserted since 2008 that the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad, NWO-elitist ghouls passing themselves off as Democ-rats/Progressives have taken over this former free Republic and turned it into a third world banana Republic. As in all third world banana Republic’s REVOLUTION is the final SOLUTION – guaranteed! Armr==================================? – – – – – – – – – – – -, we will be needing them against Them and that is why all of these NWO-FBI gun control mass shootings are occurring at a rapidly accelerating pace – there will be more! WTFU!

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