I Left my Filth in San Francisco


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“I Left My Heart in San Francisco” is still a popular tune – but a more accurate title these days might well be:

“I Left My Filth in San Francisco”

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NBC investigators rated the city “one of the filthiest slums on earth.” After surveying 153 blocks in the downtown area, “including some of the city’s top tourist destinations,” they discovered “a dangerous concoction of drug needles, garbage, and feces lining the streets of downtown San Francisco.”

Every single block surveyed by the NBC crew had trash littered about. 41 of those 153 blocks had drug syringes and 96 blocks were contaminated with human excrement.

One has to wonder why a city the size of San Francisco, with such a rich history and vital tourist trade, doesn’t pick up after itself?

The problem, as revealed by the San Francisco Chronicle and many other sources, is homeless people. It seems they just won’t use the public toilets or garbage cans provided by the city.

Things have gotten so bad that San Francisco mayor Ed Lee headed up a Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing, effective July 1, 2016. The Chronicle reported that the civic group “spent $275 million on homelessness and supportive housing in the fiscal year.” This year’s budget is $305 million.

Since its inception, city Public Works cleanup personnel have collected “more than 679 tons of trash from homeless tent, and collecting more than 100,000 used syringes from the camps in that time span.” That is a lot of garbage.

People are sounding off about the awful mess. In both 2015 and 2016, the city’s city’s 311 line got more than 22,000 complaints about needles and feces around homeless encampments.

Ironically, Channel 4 News steered us toward what might be part of the real problem:

“The city of San Francisco hands out millions of syringes a year to drug users but has little or no controls over how they are later discarded.”

Yes, San Francisco has so many folks with no place to live that they have built tent cities, a recent American phenomenon. According to a Yale Law School study published in March 2014, titled Welcome Home: The Rise of Tent Cities in the United States” gives the reason for the current high rates of homelessness experienced across the nation:

“Because of the economic recession and the financial and mortgage foreclosure crises, homelessness has increased and intensified in the United States over the past several years.”

Failed mortgages and unemployment during the Obama years have taken their toll throughout our once-great nation. Federal policy before President Trump has failed miserably to get people out of tents and into homes.

A 2017 “Homeless Census” put the exact number of destitute individuals to be around 7,500. The Guardian adds that “the waitlist to get into a homeless shelter is more than 1,000 names long.”

Is it merely coincidence that San Francisco is a proudly self-professed Sanctuary City which welcomes all the people mentioned on the base of the Statue of Liberty? Just to refresh your memory, the last part of the statue’s famous text (“The New Colossus”) goes like this:

“Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

This is indeed the creed that has made the United States the land of wealth, power, and opportunity that it is today.

But we just established that not everyone is wealthy or empowered or enabled to thrive, would you agree?

For those “wretched refuse” who make it all the way through the Golden Door to the Golden State, uncertainty awaits. But one thing is certain: San Francisco has turned into a pond full of bacteria-ridden scum.

Wondering just how long ago people began noticing a decline in public standards in San Francisco, we checked out some TripAdvisor reviews. It seems like everything was going great until 2014. A visitor wrote on May 10 of that year:

“SF has gotten so dirty, unfriendly, cold and uncaring of it’s [sic] tourists and of the upkeep of once such a gorgeous city!!”

Another July 16, 2015 opinion helps explain why San Francisco is winning awards now for slovenliness:

“Having visited San Francisco a lot during the 90s and loved the place, it has been a big disappointment to return in 2015 to find the city area very dirty. As well, aggressive homeless people putting on pressure for money and being abusive when none (or too little!) is forthcoming make a visit unenjoyable. We were also subject to abuse from a large African American man selling his music: when we didn’t meet his needs he abused my wife using foul language and threatened to put on her. No police in sight anywhere – no locals intervened.”

Perhaps the real solution to filth caused by human destitution is – get ready – get rid of the destitution. Create an economy with enough sustainable jobs to allow people without homes to get one, even a modest place. Educate the public about sanitation, counsel the druggies, install more toilets and trash cans, and let’s turn this sorry picture around!

  1. Post Author

    What can you really expect ! You have flaming Homosexuals, Idiot Leftist Liberals and Dispicable Homeless mental cases along with POS Drug addicts ! I would say that being a Democratic, Sanctuary City and fruit and nut state isn’t working for you ! Just goes to show, idiots can really F..k up a perfectly beautiful city and State !
    Sodom and Gamorrah should be the new name !

    • Post Author

      Many of those despicable mental cases, can’t help it. I would suggest you go a little easier on them my friend, remember one day that could be you. That being said, San Fran is one of the last places I would want to go to visit; they need to clean their act up before they invite in all the unwashed, druggy illegals

    • Post Author

      This is Obamaism at it’s finest. The problem is: let them all in seems to be a bad idea, don’t you believe? Anyway, the druggies need to get off their ass OBAMA and go to work and earn their way.
      All I continue to think about is our soldiers that never got to live a life and fought for our country
      to keep it free and protect the greatest nation in the
      world and today we should be ashamed and I mean
      all Americans that cannot think right, and have lousy ideas and terrible decisions and voted for a person that couldn’t even produce his birth certification.
      God bless US……

  2. Post Author

    This is what communism looks like, California is controlled by communist.

  3. Post Author

    That is easier said than done. For one thing there will Always be those who will continue to crap in the street, and those not interested in working.
    I noted you mentioned the Obama years, before Trump. Wow! A Trump Supporter.- How funny😂
    Let’s be honest. President Obama inherited the jobless economy and wars from Bush!
    If you are going to identify the large African American man, who scare your “poor little wife😞”
    Then mention all of those homeless whites, that beg for plenty of money, and sits on the street shooting their dopes in their arms and legs, that I am sure you encountered!
    Keep your racist butt out of San Francisco, and your political opinions to your narrow, darkened mind!!

  4. Post Author

    Gavin fucking Newsom is the problem

  5. Post Author

    You need to send your wonderful congresswoman Pelosi down to cleanup her own city. Maybe the rest of the United States of America will get lucky and she will step on a needle.

  6. Post Author

    One has to wonder why a city the size of San Francisco, with such a rich history and vital tourist trade, doesn’t pick up after itself?


  7. Post Author

    First things first, STOP the “sanctuary” foolishness. When you hand out needles to drug users you exacerbate the problem, stop that too. Deport the illegal aliens, criminals and drug pushers need to be arrested, no bail for 60 days. Elect officials who won’t allocate hundreds of millions of dollars that never make it to the problem but go into officials’ off-shore accounts instead. Let me be very direct, get rid of the demoncRAT officials and you have a good start on improving and cleaning up this city and many others!

  8. Post Author

    If you give them everything they want and need, they will sit there and wait for more. SF deserves what they get when they aid and help people who won’t try to help themselves. After Reagan was elected, people had to look for work in order to apply for welfare. One woman said ” I’m not supposed to have to work, I’m an American citizen . So the people who do work are supposed to take care of them. We don’t need a nanny state. We need real Americans not Socialists.

  9. Post Author

    I’m all for your solution. Obviously easier said than done. Please note: failed mortgages and unemployment were the legacy of the Bush II administration, not Obama.

    • Post Author

      Wrong! The failed mortgages are the legacy of the democrats in congress and their insistence on making mortgage loans to anyone regardless of their ability to make the payment. Get with the realities and don’t be an uniformed cretin.

  10. Post Author

    This is a great article.

  11. Post Author

    Even in the mid-70s if you got up early, you would see human feces and needles in front of the shops. I would see the shopkeepers hosing off the sidewalks every morning.

  12. Post Author

    You are dealing with a massive, failed population in every major US city. Evolution will take care of itself.

  13. Post Author

    The piggish street conditions of San Francisco is a direct reflection of the piggish Marxism they follow.

  14. Post Author

    i was born and raised in sf, at 1 time it was a clean great city people love to come here, but under liberals running the city it’s a slimy dangerous place for health reasons no tourist should come, the conservatives should run a advertisement don’t let this happen to you’re city.

  15. Post Author

    Socialism continuing to run amok. Just like every other city in this country. Just another of the long list of liberal catastrophes.

  16. Post Author

    Just go thru the area, round up those living on the street and send them back to Africa. They are of no obvious value to SF or America. Then clean up the garbage and sanitize the area completely. The area is a breeding ground for a virulent bacterial epidemic! This is your solution!

  17. Post Author

    So sad the city is still blind to its bad decisions!
    Calif has fallen from its golden status and still continues with democratic liberalism!
    Turn around this beautiful state, there is still time.
    I moved away from California 5 years ago for many of these same reasons.
    The exodus continues… wake up !
    Take back this state!

  18. Post Author

    Give them all “Moonbeam’s” and Nancy Lugosi’s home addresses and let this mess that they have in part created come home to roost!

  19. Post Author

    Liberal socialism is alive and well.If this is their end game all i can see is sociopaths with a disturbing agenda that is beyond my comprehension.I see nothing positive here,maybe that is the plan.degradation, remove all self reliance, …. lower a man …not raise him up? …a sewer,…Feinstein and Boxer SHOULD be tarred and feathered…useless leeches.

  20. Post Author

    No progress will be made as long as the extremist radical left runs San Francisco and California. In a very short period of time, SF will be occupied exclusively by homeless, gays and techies.

  21. Post Author

    Herd ’em all into a walled camp; try to straighten them out.
    Some you will be able to help, some will need mental care, some are just criminals.
    Relocate the criminals to Alcatraz…it still has facilities that can be used.
    Otherwise, BYE, BYE, TOURISM!

    But, what the heck? It’s California! Look what that state elects to Congress.
    Look at nut-job Jerry Brown, who they brought back to be governor after how many years he was already out of that office?

  22. Post Author

    Won’t work. They have been given and given so much, they expect it. Why work if they can get it free.

  23. Post Author

    Bernie Sanders wants to give all of them “gummint jobs” paying $15 an hour. As if anyone in SF can afford housing on that salary! Maybe they will have better tents?

  24. Post Author


  25. Post Author

    Just like you libs lame Trump for all the shit Obama did to ruin this country

  26. Post Author

    The result of liberal policies….when will they learn?

  27. Post Author

    Democrat run city …….whadiya expect, filth is synonymous with Liberalism.

  28. Post Author

    How the hell does it do any good for the city to distribute thousands of trash cans for these ne’er-do-wells when they won’t use them??? And if the city is giving needles away, why don’t they copy an old business model followed by Coca-Cola and Pepsi for decades by requiring these drug-addicted cretins to turn in their old ones before they can get new ones??? You could hand these worthless scumbags bundles of cash on a gold platter, and they’d simply piss it all away on booze and drugs, then stick their hands out and demand more!!! I say let these animals live in their filth (sleep in their own beds) and simply let nature take its course.

  29. Post Author

    Having lived there for 10 years from 1993 to 2003 I can tell you that the conditions in the city were pretty much the same back then under the policies of Mayor Willie Brown and the rest of the liberals running the city. Most local people avoided going into the city because of the homeless laying on the streets and in the parks doing drugs and assaulting people with aggressive panhandling. Combining that with the high cost of living resulted in a major exodus to more affordable places like Texas. This is happening in other high tax liberal states like Illinois and New York as well.

  30. Post Author

    I don’t care if you moderate my comment .Its the truth .When SAN Francisco became the sodomite capital of the world they began their own destruction.They hold parades that Hillary attends in honor of them .In those parades They have a person dressed as Jesus being sexually assaulted in the the rear .The last one had Our President’s look alike as well as Jesus being sexually assaulted .This place will burn because of their wicked vile agendas .

  31. Post Author

    All that will do is flood the city with more homeless people. Manny, if not most, simply like that life style and don’t want to work. It’s a proven fact that many who receive free needles, abuse the program by littering.. The same is true with public housing. Where is the accountability?

  32. Post Author

    Reading some history of the early attempts to establish colonies in the North East United States, anyone can discover that when socialism was tried, people simply didnt work if they knew that they couldnt keep the results of their effort. There were always people who were content to live of the work of others and as long as the producers continued to support the non-producers then the food supply dwindled as did everything else upon which life depended….It’s not difficult to understand. It is , though , very difficult for a liberal to comprehend. Apparently

  33. Post Author

    Agreed with the article until you lied “Failed mortgages and unemployment during the Obama years have taken their toll throughout our once-great nation. Federal policy before President Trump has failed miserably to get people out of tents and into homes.” Majority if failed mortgages happened under Bush. Obama bailed the US out of a recession and prevented a US depression. Unemployment rate continually went down every year under Obama. In fact Obama handed off a solid economy with a stock market that doubled. Your suggestion of “Create an economy with enough sustainable jobs to allow people without homes to get one, even a modest place.” is a great idea except for the fact it’s not going to happen because President Trump and the GOP passed the worst ultra wealthy, no possible chance for sustainable job, wage or economic growth tax cut which will add 1 trillion to our debt, unless the GOP ridiculous 5% economic growth projection miraculously comes true. Try supporting you theories with facts. Unless your only objective is to spread falsehoods.

  34. Post Author

    Please do not bad mouth San Franshitco, I lived there for several years and loved the ambiance and aromas!

  35. Post Author

    Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Willie Brown, Gavin Newsome, Dianne Feinstein. Jerry Brown.

  36. Post Author

    When you have a city that is pro-people and willing to work with the homeless and destitute like San Fran, you will attract more down and outers, more homeless, more PTSD vets, more drifters than another. That’s no reason for city workers to ignore sanitation and housing requirements, but makes it more difficult to stay ahead of the curve. I’d rather live in San Francisco than another city with rock ribbed anti-people attitudes and laws and there’s a price to pay, like cleanliness. It’s a great city in a great state full of compassion, hope, accommodation and let’s hope the opportunities grow with a ‘better’ economy promised by Trump and tax cuts. But truthfully the congress gives with one hand and takes away with another including Trump’s boys. Shoveling so much money to the rich in the recent tax cuts doesn’t translate easily into more services for any city or other government. So let’s note the deficiencies and redouble our efforts everywhere to improve the lot of people, the raison d’etre for government.

  37. Post Author

    I lived on Stanyan St. a block west of Geary in ’75’-’77’ . Regular at ‘The Plough and the Stars’ Irish pub on Clement St. Great place to live back then, nicest city I’d ever been to. There were a few homeless I’d run into walking home from the pub even back then. Recently checked Clement St. out again via Google Earth street view and was literally amazed at the amount of oriental business establishments…they totaly dominate the whole area. The P&S was still there but everything else awash in a flurry of oriental writings everywhere. Could it be that the homeless are not the only problem?

  38. Post Author

    I have been told that many homeless people are happy where they are and don’t want any help.

  39. Post Author

    Keep voting in these communist crooks, you leftist useful idiots; the only real cleaning up that is being done is the tax payers pockets, it couldn’t be more obvious and yet the beat or rather beat-down goes on! Does it take all of those hundred of million of dollars to let bums and dope addicts piss and shit in the streets – WTFU, REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION; they know it and that is why their NWO-FBI is conducting all of these false flag, gun control mass shootings!
    The tin-pot leftist tyrants are so removed from the city behind their WALLED communities that they couldn’t care less about what the sheeple have to endure – and I don’t blame them for giving them a good fuk’n, as they deserve it as they make fools out of the sheeple!

  40. Post Author

    So, spend millions forcing people to be normal human beings.

    I think rather, it is a case study for eugenics.

  41. Post Author

    It used to be stunningly beautiful and elegant. I went back on vacation and stepped in poo, got smacked by a homeless guy and wound up going home early.

    Nice job liberals.

  42. Post Author

    Ship the homeless back to where they came from. The USA is already over-populated with people willing to work. They have families to support. Create jobs for folks with families, move the homeless left back to their own countries. If the country is at wat, they can join the military on either side and get fed, get clothes, get housing. If they get shot at it’s not anything that the USA hasn’t undergone for more than 100 year to be free and allowed to have what we now have. Let the homeless who don’t want to fight for their freedom become soldiers that serve in countries other than the USA. We have an armed force that spends our tax dollars could be used to train these people to defend our country. How many would run to another country if they knew their other choice was to serve in the military. If they don’t want to be trained, deport or imprision them like we do our own people. There are true Americans that would be more that willing to fill the ranks of our military. Another solution would be to ship them to the Mexican border and let them stop Mexican from bring illegal drugs into our country. They could build trups wall, many things they could do in other parts of the country. Pass a city or state law that if you have no permanence residence, you go. Why is this problem so hard to solve? These folks have put themselves into the situations they’re in because they chose to do so. I don’t have the right to abandon my family and live off of the charity of others, why should they?

  43. Post Author

    Maybe Americans should ponder the line
    ‘The wretched refuse of your teeming shore’.
    Not everybody can be a financial success in USA somebody has to do the grunt work. When those jobs dry up what you see is what you get

  44. Post Author

    Keep the leftist politicians in power in SF and allow it to be the nation’s most sloven-est city. Let the liberal left keep feeding the human pigs hand -out meals along with freebie drugs. Those humans don’t deserve any tax payer aide. Jail all the slobs along with the liberals in Oakland.

  45. Post Author

    What happens when you pour water into a cup that is already full to the brim? The water spills over. Now what happens when you keep adding immigrants to a housing market that has very low vacancy rates?

    It’s a supply and demand issue, not one of a lack of more government funding.

    You can’t let in more than a million immigrants a year and not have a constant, ongoing housing crisis. If you can understand the game of ‘musical chairs,’ you can understand why we have so many homeless. There are always more people looking for housing than there are houses.

  46. Post Author

    The city should get off their dead ass and MAKE the homeless clean up the city, even at gun point. Tell the bleeding hearts that it is good for the health of the people who work and pay taxes

  47. Post Author

    This dystopian world is the one envisioned by deeply psychologically disturbed, fearful, greedy corporate socialists (i.e. fascists) who make their money by merging corporate, and government power, and contracts. These fascists are dirt bags like Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt, Bill Gates, Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, deviant groper G.H.W. Bush, and many others who live in gated compounds, and who pretend to care about America, and its poor when in reality they despise Americans, and our freedoms, and are working to eliminate them.

  48. Post Author

    Seattle is also a Sanctuary City and has become the same way as SF. I live way out in the suberbs and usually only go into the city for special occasions or when I have out-of-town visitors to whom I want to show off my beautiful city. No more! My family and I went downtown for Mother’s Day and was literally shocked at the filth, delapidated tents everywhere, the strong, pungent smell of urine, and needles littered the sidewalks where small children and families walk. Yet the City Council want to throw more and more big dollars away to try to get a handle on homelessness!!!??? It seems like common sense to me but how can they expect anything less when they invite them to our city with open arms and then wonder why they’re here?!?!? And no, they’re not ‘peacefull people just down on their luck’!! The majority of them are criminals, drug addicts, and people who don’t want a job because the city financially provides for them, protects them from being arrested, sets up places so they can shoot up heroin right next to a Balloon company or a Starbucks!!! It’s insane and the idiots of the Seattle City Council are the ones to blame!!

  49. Post Author

    San Francicko LIBERAL VALUES we can be PROUD OF!

  50. Post Author

    Here we go. That sign under the statue of liberty is a poem and nothing more. Yet this poem has become a self proclaimed motto for the USA and just like anything else you heard it enough one thinks it’s in our constitution. I have a lot more to say but it will distract from the point

  51. Post Author

    More toilets and addiction counseling and yes, even sustainable jobs cannot change what has existed in the hearts of Man AND Women from the beginning. Simply put, WE have outright and in your face rejected GOD ALMIGHTY and HIS MOST BELOVED SON, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, the One and Only Salvation available to us. And those of us who claim to represent Him have done a less than adequate job of doing so. Bottom line folks is we have a heart epidemic and we are too proud, too educated, too convinced of our own self-importance to change.

  52. Post Author

    Thanks Lightworker111. This article is so true and eyeopening. I too have been observing this change in SFO since starting visits in 1972. My visits nowadays are confined to Nobhill area and Golden Gate Park and the Avenues. The city needs new blood on its Council to institute real change!

  53. Post Author

    What a novel idea, stop spending money on needles and other programs that do not work and try educating the homeless in 21st century jobs. Then provide tax incentives for companies to hire them.

  54. Post Author

    Show me any City in utter decay and L’ll show you a city run by Democrats.

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