IRS Paid Billions in Refunds to Illegals


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In more twisted Democratic “logic,” the United States tax collection agency, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been paying out millions of dollars in refunds to illegal residents who have never even filed a tax return.

This is fact and not fiction, if you believe FactCheck. In response to the question, “Does the IRS pay billions of dollars in tax refunds to illegal workers?” the answer may astonish – and anger – you:

“Yes. The Treasury Department’s Inspector General determined that $4.2 billion was paid in 2010, up from less than $1 billion in 2005.”

How is this possible, you ask?

For starters, consider the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), a tax benefit for low- to moderate-income workers that has been around since 1975 as part of the welfare reform movement of the early 1970s. Workers receive a credit equal to a percentage of their earnings up to a maximum credit.

Former President Barack Obama promised during the 2008 national election campaign to expand the EITC to include workers without children, taxpayers with more than three children, and to increase the credit for married people to eliminate the “marriage penalty” compared to single filers.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Obama’s economic stimulus bill signed February 17, 2009, did increase the three-children credit and get rid of the marriage penalty for the EITC. Everything bumped along until 2015, when Obama took executive action to offer amnesty to illegal immigrants. (The Dems favor illegal immigration which boosts their numbers, come voting time.)

2015 news sources like Forbes shared this shocking news with the nation:

“The IRS has reconfirmed that illegal immigrants can file and claim refunds for the last three years.”

The problem, as reported by Forbes, was this:

“Under President Obama’s executive action, an illegal immigrant can: (1) get a Social Security number; (2) claim the Earned Income Tax Credit for the three open tax years; and (3) IRS sends three years of tax refunds. No matter that you never paid taxes, never filed a return, worked off the books, etc.”

In June 2015, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen confirmed what many had suspected about the EITC: “illegal immigrants granted amnesty under President Obama’s new programs could claim back refunds even when they never filed returns to pay their taxes in the first place.”

Say whaaaaat? Koskinen’s exact words were:

“To clarify my earlier comments on EITC, not only can an individual amend a prior year return to claim EITC, but an individual who did not file a prior year return may file a return and claim EITC (subject to refund limitations under section 6511 of the Internal Revenue Code).”

Forbes clarified the scandalous matter of Government Waste, Fraud, and Abuse:

“illegal immigrants granted amnesty and Social Security numbers can claim up to three years of back tax credits.”

One of President Trump’s campaign promises was to stop paying illegals who game our tax system, as permitted legally by the former Democratic regime. Illegals who have filed income tax returns have received billions of dollars paid in the form of Additional Child Tax Credits (ACTC). The Center for Immigration Studies observed:

“Currently, an illegal alien, even with a shaky Social Security number or an ITIN (individual tax identification number), may claim the up-to-$1,000-a-head payments even though the kids only have ITINs, which are not proof of legal residence, as SSNs are.”

In addition to the free taxpayer money in the form of refunds from EITC and ACTC, courtesy the national organization in charge of collecting taxes – and chasing down evaders, illegals have been enjoying the benefits of the American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC). This credit pays eligible students’ qualified education expenses – up to $2,500 annually – for the first four years of higher education. In 2013, the IRS paid ITIN filers $204 million through this credit.

The Washington Times summarized the Trump administration’s plan to staunch the bleeding from the US taxpayers’ economy into the illegal population:

“The new GOP tax overhaul would strip illegal immigrants of the ability to claim several major tax credits, saving the government $23.1 billion over the next decade.”

Specifically, “immigrants covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program will no longer be able to receive the credit when their work authorization expires,” according to CNN.

Meanwhile, from the National Department of Further Incompetency, it turns out that, between 2011 and 2016, the IRS tracked 1.3 million cases of identity theft by illegals, and has done nothing about it. In case you weren’t aware, CNS News reminds us that “Using a stolen or fake Social Security Number is a felony.”

Evidently, the IRS is a felonious bunch of criminals. Who knew? In 2016, Forbes once again blew the whistle on the IRS, claiming the organization actually encourages illegals to procure and use stolen social security numbers for tax purposes.

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    Don’t worry – when the democRats’ control of the media enables them to retake both houses of Congress as well as the Presidency by 2020, all of these programs will return in a much amplified form. Can you say “economic collapse’?

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    Only non-citizens authorized to work in the US are eligible for a Social Security number. Those on a non-employment based temporary visa (like ESTA) without work authorization are unable to apply for one.

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    Can’t IRS now collect back the billions they paid fraudulently at least from the illegals who committed ID theft?

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    Your facts are missing a few screws but most reasonings by the right wing is ludicrous at best, most having lost their minds and hearts in the rarified air of hate. Fools!!

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    The video that accompanies this article is perfect as it shows Obama wearing two crossses….the perfect “double cross”

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    The video that accompanies this article shows Obama wearing two crosses…the perfect”double-cross” that he pulled on America. What a con job. He should go down in history as the greatest con-man of all time because his scam has to be in the trillions.

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    A very misleading article at best. Immigrants that are authorized to work in the U.S. pay the same
    taxes as we do. Undocumented immigrants pay
    taxes on purchases that they make and millions file tax returns each year when issued an ITIN number. These have been available since 1996.

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    This is not working.

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    just what you thought Obama administration couldn’t have done any worse. This Guy in time to come will be pegged as the worst president in HISTORY what and see

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    I don’t know why this should surprise me. The government continues to “screw” with the average American citizen. One day the American citizens will wake from their very long slumber and there will be “hell” to pay.

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